LG vs Samsung Refrigerator

When searching for the best refrigerators in the market, the two brands which always come on top are LG and Samsung. These two confuse us with their almost identical design, features and cooling technologies.

LG and Samsung, two South Korean home appliance brands, are each other’s, head-to-head competitors. They keep coming with new modifications and technologies almost every year to compete with each other, making it even more difficult for us to set our mind on one.

Finding this confusion common in half of the buyers, we have decided to compare them in detail to give you a better direction towards making your choice.

Today, in this article, you will get to know about LG and Samsung refrigerators, their best features, drawbacks, some common and unique features.

A Quick Introduction to LG and Samsung Refrigerators

Today Samsung is the world’s largest electronics company. The brand holds a larger share in  the home appliance market, typically refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioners, compared to most renowned brands like Whirlpool and GE

Samsung refrigerators are mostly favoured due to their top-notch build quality, design and user-friendly features.

On the other hand, LG is the only brand that can compete with Samsung. LG takes price in making innovative and feature-rich refrigerators. LG also has the best and the largest customer service across India.

Refrigerators from LG or Samsung with similar price tags have almost similar designs and cooling systems. However, there are some unique features, and some are better than others.

Door Configurations of the Two Brands

Usually, refrigerators have 4 types of door configurations, which are:

  • Top-freezer refrigerator: The most common type with the freezer on top
  • Bottom-freezer refrigerator: The freezer is located at the bottom.
  • Side-by-side door refrigerator: Double door refrigerator with two doors that opens side by side
  • French-door refrigerator: The latest trend in refrigerators with two or more refrigerator doors and a bottom-mounted freezer.

Door Configurations of Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung has the following door configurations:

  • Top freezer
  • Side-by-side door
  • Bottom Freezer
  • French Door
  • 4 Door French Door
  • 4 Door Flex Refrigerator

Door Configurations of LG Refrigerators

LG has slightly different door configurations

  • Top-freezer
  • Bottom-freezer
  • Side-by-side freezer
  • 3 door side by side
  • 3 door and 4 door French door refrigerator
  • 84-inch tall built-in refrigerator

Which has the Better Design?

While LG takes the lead in making innovative features and technologies, Samsung puts more effort in making better designs. All their refrigerators will appear better than LG in terms of style and design. Some Samsung refrigerators come with handless designs ( pocket handles) which look extremely good in any modern room.

Talking about the style, while choosing any fridge make sure it matches with the rest of the room. You can pick contrast colors if you like. The fridge should neither look too big nor too small compared to the room size.

Both LG and Samsung have refrigerators of various colors- steel, platinum, black, blue, red, purple, copper, white, digital prints are also available with both the brands. The higher end models, side-by-side door and French door have fingerprint resistant colors, black, stainless steel, Tuscan stainless steel etc.

Which has Better Storage/ Convenient Shelving?

LG double-door top-freezer 260L refrigerator capacity has

  • 3 Shelves
  • Vegetable box
  • 1 convertible box
  • 1 bottle rack for 2L capacity bottles
  • 1 regular size rack
  • Egg tray(holds 6 eggs)
  • 1 pull out tray

The freezer has

  • Ice tray
  • 2 tiers for meat, fish etc
  • 2 shelves for cheese, yogurt, desserts etc

Samsung double-door top-freezer  253L refrigerator has

  • 2 shelves
  • 1 vegetable box
  • 1 fresh room
  • 1 easy-slide tray
  • 1 large water bottle rack of 2 L
  • 1 multipurpose rack
  • 2 Egg tray

The freezer has

  • Ice tray
  • 1 shelf
  • 2 racks for storing frozen canned food, cheese etc.

As you can see, both refrigerators have well organized shelving but LG  is slightly bigger in capacity. There is a lot of space in the LG refrigerator. LG has three shelves where Samsung has only 2.

One drawback for LG is the egg has, which can only hold 6 eggs. Also, due to the larger space LG costs a few thousand more than Samsung.

What are the Unique Features?

LG being more innovative packs their refrigerators with many features. Some of them are Dual Fridge, Smart Diagnosis, Auto Smart Connect. Higher end LG refrigerators have mind blowing features like Instaview Door, Auto Door Open.

Dual Fridge can turn the freezer into a refrigerator which will give you more storage space. Auto Smart Connect feature can connect the refrigerator to the home inverter so it can operate during the power cuts also.

The Instaview door which comes with LG double door and French door refrigerator, is a feature that lets you see through the glass door with just two knocks. LG signature models like LUPXC2386N automatically open the door when you step in front of the device.

Samsung is left far behind by LG if you compare in terms of features. Samsung Smart Inverter Connect feature comes with higher-end refrigerators. There is no Smart Diagnosis App like LG. Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant comes with the most expensive refrigerators so is the View inside feature.  If you are willing to pay a hefty amount, Samsung refrigerators do come with a screen, speaker and of course internet connection.

Which Saves More Energy?

The energy efficiency depends more on the model than on the brand. Energy efficiency is rated by BEE star rating where 1 is the poorest and 5 is the best at saving power consumption.

However, if we dive in, LG is significantly better at saving energy. Almost the same capacity LG refrigerator’s early electricity consumption is 590 KWh which is around 621 KWh for a Samsung refrigerator.

What are the Cooling Systems?

Both the refrigerator brands have very efficient cooling systems. Both are equipped with several cooling technologies. Apart from the multi airflow cooling vents, LG refrigerators offer linear cooling, ice-beam cooling, door cooling, smart cooling, Freshshield cooling and innovative cooling methods. LG linear cooling keeps the temperature fluctuation within +-5C limit. Ice-beam cooling ensures 35% faster cooling and LG door cooling balances the temperature gap between the doorside and the inner side.

Samsung has Powercool technology,  All round cooling, Twin cooling, Triple cooling, Twin Cooling Plus, and metal cooling which works as LG’s door cooling. Twin cooling technology uses two compressors and three evaporators to boost cooling. Twin cooling is present in almost all Samsung refrigerators but triple cooling comes with high-end models.

Small budget refrigerators don’t come with all the cooling technologies mentioned above, but they do come with more than one cooling method to ensure fast and efficient cooling.

Connectivity Options

LG has better connectivity options than Samsung, there is no second thought about it. Almost all LG refrigerators ( except single doors) are compatible with LG ThinQ App. With this App the refrigerator can do a smart diagnosis of the system. This will not only help you solve the problem but will also provide you useful information about using and maintaining the refrigerator.

In case of Samsung, the brand has their own voice assistant however, it is only reserved with high-end models. Also, most of the LG refrigerators are connected which means you have more options to have a connected refrigeration system around the house.

Higher end models also come with Wi-Fi options. This might be helpful for people Hope Samsung will bring some apps soon to solve this problem.

Customer Service

LG provides the best customer service, compared to Samsung or any other brand. The brand has a wide network of customer service centers all over India. If you live in rural areas you are likely found at least one LG service centre around your location.

Samsung’s service team is the second best after LG. However, They are working hard to improve their after-sales services, but it still is a long journey for them to match their standards with LG.


Coming to the end, let’s make things more clear. Both LG and Samsung refrigerators are almost similar in terms of price and value and both have their pros and cons. If you are looking for better looking refrigerators with the best designs and seamless appearance then go with Samsung. Opt for LG if you value innovative and user-friendly features.