Different Types of Showerheads

To rejuvenate your morning work routine or to make yourself relax after a long evening work, you have to use the right type of showerhead.

Before installing a new showerhead or replacing/upgrading your existing showerhead with a new one, you have to consider a few factors like water pressure, type of water, heating system, size of the bathroom, budget and pattern (single or multi-function shower attachments).

There are various kinds of showerheads available in the market. Here are a few different kinds of showerheads that make your shower a more effective place. Have a look at some of the most popular types of showerheads along with their pros and cons.

Types of Shower Heads:

1. Wall Mount Shower Head / Single Spray Shower Head:

Wall mount showerhead is a most common, ergonomic and cost-effective type. It is easy to maintain and has easy availability of its parts. It has a spray pattern and can be found usually in hotels and public shower facilities. Choose a multifunctional showerhead that let you change the water spray pattern to have a luxurious experience.


  • Consider as the best option for those who are on a budget.
  • Hassle-free Easy to maintain
  • It is 5-inches maximum in size.
  • A few models allow you to change the direction of water spray.


  • Comes with a fixed height of the shower and not to be adjusted.
  • Usually have contractor grade.

2. Rainfall / Waterfall Showerhead:

One can mount it on the ceiling or wall that sits above the head and thus pours water down like a rainstorm. Its arm can extend up to 12 – 15 inches and provides a stress-relieving and relaxing experience. But make sure to check the water pressure and size of the bathroom before choosing this rainfall showerheads.

It is a bit expensive and somewhat difficult and the labour-intensive showerhead. So, prefer to use a long neck showerhead that raises and extend the showerhead from the wall, as an alternative to this rainfall showerheads.


  • Looks elegant
  • It is very soothing and relaxing shower experience.
  • Allows you to have a rainfall – like a shower.


  • Less adjustability of spray patterns.
  • Somewhat difficult to install than other showerhead types.
  • With its low-pressure showerheads, it is harder to rinse off.

3. Handheld Shower Head:

Are you tired of adjusting your showerhead to rinse your hair? Then choose this handheld showerhead. It is flexible, easy to use and affordable. It is also handy to give bath to your kids or wash your pets. They come with a flexible hose of metal or plastic. You will get a bit higher pressure and a massaging feel.


  • Allows you to rinse off your hair or body easily from any angle.
  • Increases water pressure while using it close to the body.
  • It is flexible, and affordable showerhead.


  • More prone to leaks and problems.

4. High / Low-Pressure Shower Heads:

Depending on the level of water pressure in your area, you can either choose a high-pressure showerhead or low-pressure showerhead.

Living in a low water pressure area? Then choose a low-pressure shower head, which works in low water pressure and provides a soothing spa-like experience. It is costlier to install but reduce your water bills.

Are you one among those who take two showers daily? Then simply prefer this high-pressure showerhead. With its powerful and steady stream of water, it will relax you after a long day of work or revitalize you in the morning before heading to work. It is easy to rinse your hair and body by massaging gently.


  • High-Pressure Showerhead – Easy to rinse off and feels great on the skin with its gentle massage action.
  • Low-Pressure Showerhead – Uses less water to provide a soothing effect and works well in low water pressure areas.


  • High-Pressure Showerhead – Uses more water and thereby results in higher water bills.
  • Low-Pressure Showerhead – A bit costly to install

5. Filtered Shower Heads:

Living in an area where the water contains more chemicals like chlorine, minerals or sulfur from hard water, then this filtered shower head is the best option for you. It is specially designed to filter the impurities from those hard water. With this filtered water, it is better for your skin and hair that makes you feel healthy and nourished rather than dried or flakey.


  • It filters all the chemicals/impurities from hard water.
  • Reduces hard water spots to make it better for your skin & hair.


  • Don’t offer multiple features or functions
  • Has to be replaced for every six months (depending on your water condition).

6. Shower Panels:

To enjoy an ultimate shower experience, you have to choose the shower panels. They offer various features like temperature control, LED screens, water spurting randomly from various directions. It includes multiple spray nozzles in different positions. Also, they are handheld and provide enough water to have a thorough rinse and massage.


  • Its unique design will make it not to clog.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Has multiple spray nozzles and can be adjustable.


  • A bit expensive to purchase.
  • It is difficult to install and may require to hire a professional.

7. Dual Showerhead:

The combination of the handheld showerhead and rain showerhead is called a dual shower head. Simply, you can grab the benefits of two different types of showerheads as one showerhead. Most of the people will prefer to use this type of shower experience.


  • Offers two types of showerheads in 1 unit – rain showerhead up top and handheld is attached.
  • Multiple spray patterns to choose
  • Flexible and easy to use.


  • Space consuming when compared with other types.
  • Not considered as the best choice for cramped shower stalls.

8. Ceiling Showerhead:

This type of shower head is mounted on the ceiling, similar to rain showerhead. One can feel the experience of rain while using this showerhead. It is less expensive and most commonly used type of showerhead that spreads water flow over a large area. Plumbing can be done as per your requirement.


  • Mounted easily on the ceiling
  • Makes your experience of rain.
  • Affordable and easy to install.


  • Just a normal showerhead with less features.

9. LED Showerhead:

Do you feel bored with your regular showers? Then simply consider an LED shower head, as it offers colour changing LED lights and provide some ambience to your shower & bathroom. It is simply installed in multiple types of showerheads and thus provides some versatility in selection. The light will change as per the water temperature – red when it’s hot and blue when it’s cold.


  • It comes in multiple spray types and aids in versatility in selection.
  • Color changing with its temperature.
  • Provides ambience to the shower and bathroom.


  • A bit expensive.

10. RV Showerhead:

One can make the adventures more enjoyable by purchasing and mounting on the RV. The RVs utilize less water even with high-pressure spray with its narrow spray cone. Hence it doesn’t clog and easy to rinse off. The user can benefit by lowering the water bills and enjoy your showers.


  • Resists clog from hard mineral deposits in the water.
  • Provide high – pressure water spray with its narrow spray cone.
  • It won’t let you waste water.


  • Narrow spray cone.
  • Expensive but worth buying.

Maintaining a clean showerhead is another effective task. To make it easier, you can check out How to Clean a Showerhead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Showerheads expensive to buy?

Quality showerhead will ensure less water wastage and saves several gallons. So, even if you spend more money now but it will save your water bill and let you enjoy the benefits.

2. Shall we use two types of showerheads?

Yes, of course. One can easily install two different types of showerheads to create a spa-like experience in their bath. They can be operated on the same valve or independently.

3. How far one has to place this showerhead from the wall?

The standard height to install this shower head is 80 inches, without any codes or regulations. However, it will vary depending on the type of showerhead you are installing. For instance, handheld showerheads are installed lower to reach everyone but rain showers to be installed higher to have a full effect.

4. Where to place the rain showerhead for an effective shower?

One can install this rain shower head either at the back wall or on the top of their ceiling. It depends on the size and design of their bathroom or shower. So, one has to consider more strategic showerheads to make their shower time more comfortable and relaxing.

Final Words:

One may be overwhelmed at the numerous types of showerhead available at the market. It is somewhat hard to determine what kind of showerhead you want. So, to help you make it easier, we have covered all these types of showerheads with their pros and cons.

Hope you get clear information about showerheads and can easily decide which one is the right option for your shower. Still, having any queries on type of showerhead? Feel free to share with us in the below comments section.