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Are you looking for a replacement for your showerhead? Is your showerhead clogged, broken, or just do not like the previous one. There are thousands of choices available in stores or online. Please take some time and get an idea which type of showerhead is best for you, and you are most satisfied with the product.

You need to look out at several factors before actually buying one. In this section, we have discussed all that you need to know about buying the best showerhead. Go through this and then make your final decision.

1. Showerhead types:

You don’t have any idea how many types of showerheads are there in the market. The different types are listed below:

Showerhead types

  • Fixed: This is the kind that is attached to your shower arm that sticks out of the wall. Like different showerheads, you can replace the fixed showerhead with some simple steps. You just need to unscrew the old one and screw the new one. You must remember to hold the shower arm while changing the showerhead so that your shower arm does not break. It comes with all different features like water-saving, rain, and massage.
  • Hand-held: This type of showerhead is placed in a cradle when you are not holding it in your hand. It is attached to a long hose. When you lift them off the cradle, they can be used similarly to the fixed showerhead. They can be used for even more purposes like washing children, bathing pets, and cleaning tubs.
  • They come in several sizes, but the hose must be a minimum of 84″ long to meet with the ADA compliance. For an average home, hoses between the range 60″ and 72″ work well.
  • Spray or massage pattern: In the case of massage type showerheads, there are several types of spray patterns. Jet, pulse, aeration, mist, and rain are among a few. Nit every spray pattern is convenient or effective as others.
  • Rain Shower: Rain showerheads are mostly seen as an overhead style. This means that you need to stand directly beneath it to get the best outcome. They distribute water evenly and lightly from above your head. Having an oversized showerhead is best for getting a wide distribution of water. For the best outcome, you should use rain showerheads where the water pressure is high.
  • Dual (hand and fixed): You are confused and want to go for fixed as well as hand showerhead? These come in several sizes and shapes. Some of them are even made in such a way that it looks likes only one showerhead, but the inside part works like magic. They come in different patterns of spray, so you get the best of everything.
  • Body sprayers: In some of the custom showers, you can find these body sprayers. A special kind of shower valve and spray bodies are required to be installed on the wall’s insides. So, these are usually installed at the time of construction or when the phase of remodeling of the bathroom is going on. These can work independently or be turned on together. But if you wish to have them installed, then also get ready to go through several complications.
  • Slide bar: Slide bar showerhead is arranged on the shower walls. They can be rearranged to the height of your showerhead quite easily. This is a great option as a showerhead, where you may require to alter the showerhead for different family members.

2. Installation types

A showerhead does not have different types but they also have different installation types. The different installation types are listed below:

  • Wall mount: These showerheads hold out directly from your walls through a flange or arm. Arm style is available in several styles, with offset, standard, and extended can be considered among the most popular.
  • Offset: These shower arms offer an extra room for you when you rinse. They extend from the walls and then curve in the upward direction. This design gives them a unique look.
  • Standard: These have a simple design. They just extend from the walls, and then it is angled in a downward direction.
  • Extended: The shower experience is different from this one as they are at a distance from the walls. A separate showerhead is attached to the arm to give you a wonderful experience.
  • Ceiling mount: These kinds of showers are the ones that directly hang above your head. This is installed in your ceilings and allows the water to have an even flow over your body. The installation process is a bit more complicated than the wall mount installation since the piping needs to be installed from the ceiling as well as the walls.

3. Showerhead Designs

The shape of a showerhead comes in different styles that determine if your choice is traditional, modern, or transitional.

  • Round & oval: Be it modern or classic, oval and round showerhead styles are the most versatile.
  • Square & rectangular: If you have a contemporary bathroom, square and rectangular showerheads are ideal. They provide rainfall experience because of their flat and wide shape.
  • Irregular shapes: Showerheads that are uniquely designed bring an interesting change to your bathroom’s look and are ideal for custom projects.

4. Showerhead nozzle types

The different types of nozzles way go beyond aesthetics. Generally, three types are mentioned below:

Raised nozzles: This kind creates a powerful, downward, and streamlined spray. The nozzles may be removable, which makes it very easy to clean the showerhead.

Flat nozzles: A flat face is present in the showerheads, presenting a linear look for the bathroom giving minimal aesthetic. Cleaning can never get easier than clean this one.

Silicon nozzles: Rather than brass or plastic, these feature small silicon nozzles. They are clog-resistant. Therefore it requires minimum maintenance.

5. Water-efficient models

Each showerhead modes are made to go through some tests to check its stream, different settings, how easy it is to adjust, and different factors. These measurements are done in the lab that checks the rate of flow of water and water temperature at different conditions.

It was found out that the models that are known to save water achieved mediocre scores. But it has also been noticed that some of the inexpensive models were stimulating as well as refreshing despite the modest flow of water.

6. Don’t look at the price

If you feel that only those showerheads can be effective and worth a fortune, you are wrong. Some showerheads that are cheap in the market can give you the expected results that some showerheads worth thousands of rupees are incapable of providing.

7. Choosing the right one for water pressure

It has been observed that showering is a high-volume affair. It has been noticed that 8 gallons of water are used per minute by the old showerheads. If you have an old showerhead and are confused if you should give up or not, you can go for a new one. The new ones are certified using 2.0 GPM or less.

Low-flat showerheads dramatically reduce water use by introducing aeration or creating certain illusions of the better water flow by the increasing pressure of the water or by quickly pulsing the streams. While many also use the laminar flow of water that practically shoots out several small streams.

These considerably provide a better feel than the aerated flow of water, but if the water’s pressure is high, you may feel that the water is stinging on your body.

It is best to find a showerhead that comes with a pressure-compensating regulator, which lets the water flow be customized with the actual pressure at your place.

8. Blistering, shower shock, as well as temperature troubles

There is not only one issue with aerated showerheads. Another issue that you must consider is heat loss. Enough cool air that the bathroom has, adds to the water flow, and after that allowing it to proceed a few feet to your body can effectively decrease the temperature of the water when it touches your skin. It will be comfortable or not, or even noticeable, all depends on your household.

Although flat showerheads can be proved to be great, they can also pose a great threat of thermal shock. Most of the houses that are built after the 1990s are equipped with ATC valves. You may not have ATC valves if you have a hot and cold handle.

If your showerheads have a low flow, the problem you can face is that since a small volume gets discharged from the showerhead, a sudden rise in the temperature can be felt severely and immediately. The only option to guarantee that the installed water heater’s outgoing temperature is by installing a thermostatic mixing valve on the outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do all showerheads fit the same?

Pretty much all the showerheads have a similar connection. A standard showerhead can fit almost any shower arm that has been fit by your plumber. It does not matter if the shower arms come out of the wall or are hanging from the ceiling of your wall; you can choose any showerhead that you wish and mount the showerhead you wish.

2.What is the best showerhead?

There are thousands of showerheads available in the market. After conducting thorough research and talking with customers and reviewing the products, we have concluded that Aquieen H2Micro Round 3 Function Watersaving Mist & Rain Overhead Shower is the best in the market. It gives you luxurious shower experiences and elegant functions. It is made up of sturdy materials and easy to install. The high-pressure stream comes out of the shower, which makes your experience premium at an affordable price.

3.How often should showerheads be cleaned?

All showerheads should be cleaned, removed, and if necessary, even descaled, and disinfected once in every three months. Regular cleaning of the showerheads ensures that the showerhead’s water flow is even and lasts for a longer time. Disinfecting showerheads are important since aerosol and fine spry both are an ideal origin for legionella bacteria.

4.What is the best way to clean your showerhead?

There are two ways that you can clean your showerhead. The first one is you can take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar and wrap it around the showerhead around secure it with a tape or rubber band. Another way is you can rub the flexible nozzles. You can either simply massage each nozzle through your finger or by gently scrubbing the nozzles with the help of a toothbrush.

5.Can shower heads increase water pressure?

If the issue is not related to plumbing, then some showerheads are designed to increase the water flow in areas where you can increase the water pressure.

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