Mixer Grinder Problems and Their Solutions

A modern kitchen is difficult to imagine without a mixer grinder. Your mixer/ grinder is a savior of your kitchen’s battlefield. Without your food processor or your mixer grinder, not a lot can be accomplished unless you are to revert to the old method of mashing ingredients with stones and hands. 

When your mixer grinder malfunctions or gives you performance troubles, your first instinct is to call the warranty number on the back. But what if your warranty has expired or it’s just a minor problem that might prove expensive if a repairman is called? In such cases, you would want to troubleshoot and repair the machine yourselves. 

Today in this article, we are going to cover all the minor damages, inconveniences and repairs that you can conduct on your mixer grinder. We are also going to talk about the common problems, troubleshooting techniques and of course, the frequently asked questions.

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Now, back to the article, we will be listing down the individual problems that you would usually face while using a mixer grinder or a food processor. Let us begin with the problems of a Jar.

1. Jar Based Problems

The jar of a mixer grinder is one of the most problematic of all. Sometimes it may leak or get stuck or just rust; in case of it being made out of steel or metal. Let us explore two of the most common problems with mixer grinder jars. 

a. Jar Leakage

Jar Leakage

Let us start with one of the most obvious issues of all time. The leakage of the jar. Jar leakage could be due to either of 3 reasons. 

  • Jar cracks: One of the foremost and obvious reasons for leakage is simply a broken jar. There is no repair for a broken jar but to replace it. While you could use some putty or something else (in the case of a steel jar), it is inadvisable to do so which might end up causing stress to the motor, or cause damage to the food being processed inside the mixer. 

Jar Cracks

  • Loose blades: When your jar has loose blades, it leaves room for air to pass or anything that you place in the jar to pass down and leak out of the jar. In such cases, by simply tightening the blade with a basic screwdriver, you can resolve the issue. 
  • Leakage due to rubber gasket: The rubber gasket is also one of the major issues that contribute to jar leakage. If you are within your warranty period, then go for a complete rubber gasket replacement. If not, you can always buy a new rubber gasket from a hardware store.

b. Jar getting Stuck

Another problem with the jars is that often they get stuck with the mixer grinder. This is because the bearings of the jar may be corroded or damaged. 

Jar Getting Stuck

If there is any sort of leakage from the mixer blades, essence from the food or liquid that’s being mixed may seep below the blades. This may lead to corrosion and thus a jammed jar. 

To rectify it, all you need to do is place the jar upside down, pour some oil near the motor coupler. Let it stay for a few minutes and then twist the motor coupler using a plier. Now after it is fixed, run the mixer on empty for a minute and then run it with a small cup of water. Throw the water away, wipe the jar with a soft cloth and you are good to use the jar again.

2. Problems with the Blades

After jars, Blades are the most notorious to have problems. They are the core elements of grinding as they chop, crush and churn the foods and liquids. Let us now look at some of the common problems that are associated with the blades of a mixer grinder/ food processor.

a. Blade stops working (or not rotating)

Sometimes, when at full speed, the blades of the mixer grinder stop working or are very slow in motion. This could be either irritating or give you poor performance or improperly ground food. 

Blade stops working

This could either be due to the fact that food has stuck in the blades which may be one of the reasons for the blades to get stuck. Apart from food particles, anything that slowly builds up below the blades can cause the slowing down of the blades or eventual stopping. 

The best way to resolve this is to switch off the mixer, remove the blades, wash it with warm water and remove the junk. Once it is clean, reassemble it and it works well as new. If the issue still persists, then the problem should either be with the rotor or the motor itself. Get it checked up. 

b. Blunt Blades

Another issue that comes up with grinders is that the blades turn blunt after a while of use. The best way to sharpen your mixer grinder blades is with the help of rock salt. 

Blunt Blades

All you need to do is pour some rock salt in short jar and spin the mixer for a few minutes. Make sure to give a few seconds break and continue. Be sure to close the lids tightly while you are grinding rock salt to prevent any kinds of injuries. 

Apart from rock salt, you can also use sharpening stones or rods for sharpening the blades. 

c. Coupler Breaking

Overloading of a mixer grinder can be one of the leading reasons why the blade couplers break off. This may also be due to the fact that you overuse the mixer grinder. You cannot repair couplers. The simple solution is to replace the coupler. If your product is under warranty, then you can ask for a free replacement as couplers come under warranty. If not, it is best to call up an authorized professional to replace it instead of doing it yourself. 

Coupler Breaking

3. Shut down of the grinder due to overload

Many new mixer grinders come with a safety feature that shuts down the machine when and if there is any overload. This is due to the circuit breaker switch that is present in it. While it may give safety to you and your grinder, at times, it may be frustrating.

Overload Shutdown

Low capacity motor based mixer grinders often face auto shut off problems. This is because the mixers getting easily heated up when you use them for longer durations of time. 

This can also be caused if you are happening to put a lot of material to grind in the jar. In such cases, try and reduce the material. Grind two times instead of getting it done in a single go. If you feel that the material is too thick, dilute it (most preferably with water). Also, make sure that you are giving a certain cooling-off time between a batch and another. 

If the shut down is due to overload, then reduce the load on the mixer grinder. The load does not mean the quantity but the usage. Maybe give it about 30 minutes of break before you go about for another bout. If the motor is not that heated up, you can just give a few minutes of a break like said previously.

Also, the air circulation and movement of air within the machine could also lead to the grinder not cooling down or easily getting overheated. For this, make sure you are placing enough space between the mixer grinder’s lower surface and the place where you keep it. This will facilitate some airflow so that the grinder can function easily.

Regular cleaning and maintenance (oiling etc.,) of the grinder also ensure that the condition of the grinder is good. If the issue persists, maybe replace the circuit breaker switch which is easily available from any hardware store.

Often than not, a lot of mixer grinders shut off even when the load is low or lesser than the max. In such cases, it is possible that your grinder has incurred some servicing problems. Try approaching a technician to get it diagnosed and promptly repaired.

4. Shut down due to Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is also one of the major reasons why a lot of mixer grinders shut down as well. While cheap build could be one of the reasons for wiring problems, long term usage and over usage could also lead to wiring problems. 

Faulty Wiring

The diagnosis would include opening the mixer grinder and then inspecting if all the wires are intact. If not, work towards changing the wiring. Usually, the problem would be near the wiring of the motors which, if done right can be replaced by anyone. 

But if you seem to be confused with the wiring, then it is suggested that you approach a professional technician. They will understand more about wiring and mixers and suggest if not give you a solution.

5. Problem with Buttons

The buttons on Mixer Grinders also give you a lot of trouble. More notorious are the dried up food, batter, or liquids on the buttons that cause jamming or stickiness. When liquids, batter, or other types of foods spill on the machines, they end up in between the space of the buttons. This will cause the buttons to get stuck or get sticky and difficult to press and operate.

Problem with Buttons

You cannot directly wipe the machine or the buttons while it is plugged. First, unplug the appliance and clean it with a slightly damp cloth. Then when the smudge is gone, wipe it again with a dry cloth. If the damp cloth is unable to remove the smudge, you can use an old toothbrush or even a strong twig too. 

Wrapping it up:

A mixer grinder is a very important appliance in your kitchen. While you may not be able to fix a totally broken appliance, we hope that this article has given you enough knowledge and prepare you for any sudden failures. While self-repair is an easy, fast and simplest way to go about, it is always recommended that you ask for professional assistance and support from the brand you bought the appliance from. 

Did we answer all of the possible questions? Did we miss out on anything? Do you have any specific problem that we did not address here? If you have any further question or query regarding repair, troubleshooting or just anything about mixer grinders, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to check out our buying guides where we have listed out the best of vegetable choppers, stand mixers, mixers-grinders, blenders, electric choppers, hand blenders, Wet grinders, juicers and also food processors.

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    While grinding light is coming inside the plastic of machine boby and light smell of burning also coming in my mixer what should I do

    • We recommend to take your mixer grinder to any service center to get it checked by professional.

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