How To Use A Drilling Machine

Power tools like Drilling machines are very compact and everyone should have one in their homes as they are highly helpful in fixing multiple things. Whether you want to fix a broken window or want to build a work desk or any furniture by yourself, a drilling machine can be highly useful in such cases.

Although drilling machines are very easy to use, one should not think of it as a toy. However, with a little practice, you can master the art of using a drilling machine.

Hence, if you are seeking to learn using a drilling machine, then, you should follow up on this article until the end. Because we will be discussing the proper way to use a drilling machine so that everyone can learn to use it safely and keep themselves safe from any injuries.

What is a Drilling Machine?

Before we proceed further and tell you how to use a drilling machine if you are not aware of what a drilling machine is. Basically, a drilling machine is a powerful tool that is used to make holes in hard materials like rocks, wood, concrete, etc. The holes created by using a power drill can be used in multiple ways depending on the project you are working on.

How to Prepare for Drilling

Before you pick up the tool and start using it, there are several precautionary measures to take which are quite important for your personal safety. So, what are those essential safety gear and tips that are recommended by the professionals? Let’s see!

Always have Eye Protection and Safe Clothing

That’s one basic tip that you will get from every one, no matter what type of power tool you use. In the case of drilling, safety clothing and eye protection are very important as when you drill into something, your body slightly leans on the machine to exert pressure. In this stance, wearing baggy clothes can lead to accidents. Moreover, safety goggles for your eyes are equally important to keep your eyes safe from the hard and fine particles of the material in which you drill.

Ear Protection is Important too!

Apart from wearing safe clothing and eye protection goggles, you should also cover your ears as well. Power drills might seem like a small machine but the loud noise they make while being used is not at all tolerable.

We have often heard cases about people losing their hearing power as the noise from a working drill can reach almost over 90 decibels and cause some serious damage to your ears.

Don’t forget to wear a Mask!

As we suggested you wear eye protection to keep yourself safe from the hard and fine particles that come out while drilling a hole. The same particles are fine enough that anyone can inhale them too while breathing.

If you are working on a wooden window or a concrete wall, you should protect yourself from its dust in every way possible. Exposure to such kind of dust for prolonged hours can even cause respiratory diseases. That’s why everyone is advised to cover their nose and mouth with a mask while operating a power drill machine.

How to Use Drilling Machine

Pick the right Drill Bit

First of all, we should plan the size of the hole we want to make. Accordingly, most drill machines come with various drill bits of different sizes and materials. While the standard HSS bits can be used to drill through materials like wood, PVC, and light metals. On the other hand, bits coated with materials like Black-Oxide, Titanium, Cobalt can be used to drill through hard metals like Steel. So, depending on the material you are working on, you should pick the right drill bit first.

Fitting the Drill Bit into Chuck

Chuck is the clamping object which is responsible to hold the drill bit tightly. So, once you have selected the right drill bit to use, we will have to fit the drill bit into the chuck. Make sure the drill is in the off state while you fit the drill bit. First, rotate the chuck enough to loosen the clamps so that the drill bit can easily sit there. Then, simply rotate it back and tighten it so that the drill bit can get fixed in one place.

Drill Pilot Holes

Whenever you start to drill a hole into an object if you aim to make a larger hole, start with making smaller ones first. Generally, we call them pilot holes as they guide and help you to keep the drilling machine steady and stop it from slipping. To drill a pilot hole, mark the object with chalk or use a masking tape. Then, use a smaller sized bit to create a thin hole. Later on, change the drill bit and pick one of your desired size, and drill into the same hole once again. This helps reduce the chances of accidents and also helps you do a clean job.

Keep the Pressure Steady

To use the drill in the perfect way, you should always keep the pressure steady. You are not supposed to push it too hard into the object, neither too gently. The pressure should be constant and good enough so that the drill bit can slowly move inside the object. If the material is too hard, and it feels difficult to push the drill more into the object, you can also adjust the clutch and increase the torque of the drilling machine.

Let it cool down

Using the drill at higher speeds continuously can cause it to overheat as it creates a lot of friction while drilling into objects. The drill bits can even get red hot and can bend as well. So, make sure you turn off the drilling machine on regular intervals to let it cool down. Also, you can prefer to pour some water in the hole to keep the drill bit’s temperature in control.


That is it, these were some of the essential safety tips that we wanted to share with you all. Not only while using a power drill, but these safety tips will also be useful for you while handling any other power tool. Also, we have mentioned the right procedure that will help you to use a drill machine safely and efficiently. So, we hope you would follow all the steps carefully and keep yourself away from injuries and encountering any accidents. If you still have some doubts in mind regarding the use of a power drill, you can leave your queries down in the comments section, we will try to revert back to you as soon as possible.