Epilator Vs Shaving – How to Choose the Right One for You?

Personal grooming and styling have become essential these days. From several years, most women investing their time, money and effort to remove their unwanted hair. Now there are so many options available to get rid of unwanted hair on their body, but choosing the right method is somewhat difficult. Are you one among those who are unable to find which one suits best for you?

Today, we will discuss two modern options that most women prefer to use for hair removal at home – epilator and shaving (electric shaver or razor).

We hope this information will help you make the right decision about which hair removal gadgets you’re going to purchase.


Epilators are getting popular these days. This electric device will remove the hair directly from the roots. It can even pluck the shortest of hair follicles (0.5mm) effortlessly using small discs or tweezers. Its available options include wet and dry models. One can use this epilator on different parts of the body.

How do they work?

When you turn on the device, the head spins and those powerful tweezers open and close in a rapid cycle. It will grip, pull, extract, and discard hairs to make your skin soft, smooth and hairless. Since it is a painful process and results are long-lasting (about four weeks).

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Benefits of Epilators – Hair regrows thinner and slower, leaves smooth hairless skin for a longer time, suits all skin types and can be used on any part of the body.

Drawbacks – Painful process, a bit expensive product, ingrown hairs, skin redness and discomfort after using.

Electric Shavers:

Electric shavers look similar to epilators but they work differently to remove your unwanted hair. These are quite older and have been using longer than epilators. It is fast, pain-free, effective, and one of the most common hairs removal method. It is used effortlessly in any part of the body like face, arms, bikini line, and legs. Available in wet or dry models.

How do they work?

Its functioning is simple, as hair enters into tiny holes on a foil element and the rotating or oscillating blade will cut the hair. It comes with multiple cutting elements and also offers advanced motor and foils. It will cut even the stubborn hair, which is close to the skin. It cut the hair from the surface but not from the root/follicle.

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Benefits of Shaver – Affordable, less likely to get ingrown hairs, easy, quick, and painless process.

Drawbacks – Faster hair regrowth, blades to be replaced, leave itchy skin, and has a high risk of cuts & scratches.

Difference Between Epilator and Shaver:

Have a look at the difference between epilator and shaver in some common factors. This will help you in deciding the correct solution for your hair removal.

Effectiveness – Epilators leave softer and smoother skin with long-lasting results of about 3 – 4 weeks. The hair grows back thinner and slower. The shaving leaves slightly rough skin. The hair regrows thicker, quicker and needs to use it frequently to maintain hair-free skin.

Hair Removal – Epilators can remove the hair completely from the follicle, whereas, the electric shavers will just cut the hair from the surface.

Hair Length – How long the hair their remove successfully is another consideration. Generally, epilators are effective to remove hair of at least 0.25mm in length. Whereas, the shaver can easily cut the hair at any length even closer to skin.

Suitability – Epilators are not suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. A few people experience ingrown hairs, redness and discomfort after epilating. Whereas, shaving suits for all skin types without any side effects.

Working Mechanism – One has to know whether the hair removed is above or below the skin level. Epilators use tiny, rotating tweezers to remove hair at the root (below the skin) and thus leaves a smooth skin. The shavers use cutters to cut the hair at skin level (above the skin) by leaving the root under the skin.

Area of Application – Epilators works greats on arms and legs but a bit painful while removing hair in the armpits or around the pubic area. A shaver is used in any place (both normal and sensitive skin areas).

Operating Speed – It has to be taken into consideration while selecting the right hair removal gadgets. Here, shavers are a bit faster than epilators why because, one has to hold the skin and device carefully while epilating, but for shaving, you can shave it quickly without much effort.

Cost – A disposable razor won’t cost more and can be used for a couple of times. If you’re using an electric lady shaver, which costs more but considered as a one-time investment. The epilators are more expensive than electric shavers but offer value for money, as it is used for a longer time without replacing its parts.

Ease of Use – Electric shavers are quick and easy to use but need to be careful while shaving around sensitive areas. Epilators are hassle-free and easy to use when compared to waxing. Just use an epilator with proper attachment to remove the hair from roots.

Comfort While Using – Using epilator involves a painful process, as it pulls out the hair from the root. But when once you bear the pain, it eventually reduces the discomfort level. Shaving is a painless procedure to remove the hair. Since, it won’t pluck the hair from follicles but cut above the skin’s surface.

Ingrown Hairs – Shavers won’t cause ingrown hairs after shaving your skin, whereas Epilators can result in ingrown hairs. To get rid of this problem, you have to exfoliate the skin and moisturize it daily.

Risk Involved/Side Effects – The most common side effects of using an epilator include skin redness, pain, irritation, ingrown hairs and tenderness. The risk involved with using a shaver is nicks and cuts if you’re shaving quickly or carelessly.

Final Verdict:

We hope this article gave you some idea about epilator and trimmer and how they work to remove unwanted hair. Both considered as the best hair removal methods, and it’s your personal preference to choose the right one to enjoy a smooth and hairless body.

If looking for long-lasting results and smooth finish, prefer to use an epilator. Searching for a pain-free hair removal option, then opt for a shaver. Also, a few epilator models offer 2 in 1 epilator and shaver combo, in which a shaver attachment/cap is placed on epilator to shave/trim the hair in sensitive skin areas.

Do let us know which one you’re going to choose? Feel free to share your experience with us in the below comments section.