How Electric Shaver Works – The Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to dry shaving, nothing can beat an electric shaver. This tool helps you achieve a smooth and clean shave without abrasion or cuts, on top of that it is very easy to use and does not require additional shaving accessories.

After the invention of this fantastic tool, personal grooming for men became easier and till today we are sincerely grateful for this machine. But have you ever wondered how it actually works and gets you ready in just a few minutes?

In this article, we want to talk about the mechanism of an electric shaver to help you learn how this machine works. But before we jump directly into the main deal, it is important for you to know the types of electric shavers available in the market. So here are:

Types of Electric Shavers

There are mainly two types of electric shavers or electric razors in the market – rotary electric shaver and foil electric shaver. Let us discuss each type in detail.

1: Rotary Electric Shaver

A rotary electric shaver is a good choice for those who want to get rid of their facial hair on a regular basis. These types of shavers are very easy to identify due to their distinct design. The shaving portion of this device comes with 3 round heads making a triangle.

The spinning head of the device makes it quite handy to clean more difficult parts of the face like the neck and chin. This trait makes it a very effective shaver if your facial hair grows rapidly or thickly.

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of a rotary electric shaver is that it allows flexibility of the movement to reach difficult parts of the face and helps you achieve a quick and clean shave.

The downside of this electric shaver is styling your facial hair is very tough as precision shaving is not possible with rotating motion.

2: Foil Electric Shaver 

Foil electric shavers come with a thin layer of foil that covers the swinging blades in the head. This engineering helps to deliver clean cuts without irritating the skin. So, yes it is much gentler than a rotary shaver.

The foil electric shaver can be maneuvered in a liner motion just like a conventional razor to shave the facial hair. Due to the mechanism installed in this type of razor, you have more chances of getting a close shave, plus precision shaving is also possible.

Pros and Cons

One of the biggest advantages of using a foil shaver is that you will get a close shave without irritating your skin. Moreover, precision shaving is possible and you can achieve your desired style.

The limitations in this type include not getting enough flexibility to shave hard nooks. It will be tough to shave if you have a very angular face structure.

The bottom-line – both types of shavers come with their own pros and cons but are equally effective in their usability. And at the end of the day, it depends on your personal preference, lifestyle, and styling.

Now that you have learned the two types of electric shavers, it is time for you to understand how these machines actually work.

How They Work

The electric shaver is a very useful machine for men who wish to rock their facial hair in order to be presentable or stylish. In either case, the mechanism and functioning of the shaver remain unchanged. But how does it shave off the unwanted hair from the face? Well, let’s find out.

Electric shaver, as the name suggests works from the electricity that could be obtained from any external battery sources or directly plugging it in the socket. When the shaver gets the required electric power the blades in the head start a scissor-like action to cut the hair off the skin.

Bear in mind that the mechanism of electric shavers are designed in such a way that the blades come in the least contact with the skin. When you move the shaver in your face the perforated segment of the shaver takes in the hair and then the moving blade chops them off.

The movement of the blades in the shaver may be different in foil shaver and rotary shaver. The blades in a foil electric shaver move back and forth inside the thin foil. The mechanism in the foil shaver lifts the hair up and cuts them off according to the adjustments.

The blades in a rotary electric shaver are also under the foil but they have a spinning motion to cut the hair. As the user circulates the shaver in the face, the hair enters the perforations and goes to the rotating blade, and comes out chopped from the hollow part of the machine.

In both types there is minimum contact with the skin, this means the possibilities of cuts, abrasion, and irritation are very low. Almost all the modern electric shavers come with features like water-resistance, multiple-adjustments, and rechargeable batteries for the best shaving experience.


If you have a very busy lifestyle that also demands proper grooming then an electric shaver can save a day. Besides, being a very useful invention in shaving (close shave), it also helps you to style your beard – a goatee, mutton chops beard, anchor you name it!

However, a proper selection of the electric shaver is a must in order to achieve the desired look. There are two types of electric shavers Rotary and Foil. We have discussed both the types along with their pros and cons above. So, make sure to read that section.

That said, an electric shaver functioning is quite easy to understand. The electric motors installed in the shaver runs from electricity. When the motors receive the current, the blades start moving in a scissor-like action. The hair from the perforated segment comes in and the moving blades cut them and they (hair) go out from the hollow opening of the shaver.

There you go, this is how an electric shaver works. Hope you have learned something valuable from this page. Good luck!

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