Best Smart Home Devices in India for All Budgets: 2020 Review

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In the last few years, smart appliances, gadgets and home automation has become quite popular in India. They let you manage regular mundane things using voice commands or your smart phone.

These little gadgets also make great gifts to friends and family members. With an increase in usage of smart home devices, several brands have started making them. Now, they are available in all price ranges.

If you curious to use these gadgets in your home and wondering where to start or which one to choose, then this article is here to help you. There are a wide range of smart home devices to choose from. We have listed some of the popular ones often seen in Indian homes.

1. Smart Speakers

smart speakers

When it comes to home automation, voice assistants are probably the most popular ones. It is an intelligent personal or virtual assistant which performs tasks as per the commands or questions asked. Using them, you can know the weather forecast, scores of any games, control other smart devices installed at home, ask jokes, play music and others. Google Home and Amazon Echo/Alexa are the virtual assistants available in India.

2. Smart Bulbs

smart bulb

Lights are the most common things seen in every home. Well, with the new smart revolution, bulbs have become smart too. Latest and advanced smart bulbs are equipped with AI compatibility which lets you operate them without moving from your chair or place. Using your smart phone or voice-enabled commands, you can turn them on/off, change its colors according to your mood and others. Some of these smart bulbs can customize the brightness settings or special modes according to your preference. Some of these bulbs are equipped with motion sensors as well which will turn on/off when they sense a motion. These bulbs can be used both indoors and outdoors as per your interest.

3. Smart Sockets

smart sockets

If you want to add some smartness to small appliances in your home, then smart plugs are the right choice. Some of these appliances include coffee makers or lamps. These smart plugs will be powered with Android or iOS operating system which can connect with AI technology of Alexa or other smart speakers in your home. So, you can provide voice commands to these plugs which will turn on/off the connected appliances. You can also monitor the energy consumption of these appliances as well.

4. Smart TVs

smart tv

TVs are the most important forms of entertainment in any house. In the last few years, televisions also become smart. They are powered with android or other operating system that provides more services than traditional TVs do. You can control them using voice commands. They also let you directly connect with several OTT platforms through internet. You can also use these televisions for playing games by connecting it with a console or use it as a desktop by connecting it with a CPU or laptop.

5. Smart Watches

smart watch

Watches are no longer just for checking the time. Latest ones can much more that which includes tracking fitness goals, receiving calls, messages, and several others. Smartwatches are equipped with a small microprocessor which provides the abilities to handle the smart works. When it comes to fitness aspects, these watches let you track the heart rate, number of steps you have taken, save the details and revisit whenever required. They come in different sizes and shapes (dial of watch). So, you can choose exactly the right one as per your requirement.

6. Video Door Bells

video door bells

One of the best ways to prevent home invasion, find out stalkers, and unwanted solicitors is to install a video door bell. It is actually the first line of defense for homeowners. It lets you speak with the person outside without opening the door. It also records the footage of visiting people when you are away or cannot answer the door. Some of these devices come with Wi-Fi streaming which lets you access several additional features that include motion detection, interoperability, video storage, cloud video storage and others.

7. Smart Door Locks

smart door locks

Digital smart door looks are the perfect and safer alternative to traditional locks. Compared to traditional locks, these are harder to break. It not only provides security but also flexibility as well. You can control the locks from your smart house. So, you can check the locks wherever you are. When it comes to installation, they are similar to regular locks. You can also monitor who entered the house, at what time and other details on your phone. You can lock and unlock using the App in your smart phone. Other unlocking ways are using a code or fingerprint.

8. Smart Ceiling Fans

Smart Ceiling Fans

While upgrading your home with smart devices, forget to add smart ceiling fans. Though they may look like a luxury item, these fans are especially designed to do much more. These fans are equipped with WiFi compatibility which lets you control them using your smart phone. Some of them come with remote control option as well which lets you operate the ceiling fan. Some of the best features of smart ceiling fans are preset temperature, sleep mode, and several others. You can also control these ceiling fans using voice commands.

9. Smart Display

smart display

Smart displays are the latest innovation in the consumer electronics section. They are an upgrade to smart speakers with an addition of screen. Most of the people are already aware of smart speakers and use them regularly for controlling smart devices in their home or others. But with addition of a screen you can do even more like make appointments, track data, see calendar or shop visually.

10. Smart AC

smart ac

Unlike traditional air conditioners, smart ACs can be controlled using your smart phone or voice commands. You can also control the AC when you are not in the home. For example, in case you forgot to turn off the air conditioner while going out. Using your App, you can turn off the air conditioner. You can schedule the timings when the ac should be turned on or off.

11. Smart Wireless Cameras

smart wireless caamera

Wireless security cameras another great way to secure the outdoors of your home. Previously, security cameras used to have a lot of wires. If there is any fault with wires or if the burglar cuts the wires, there is no scope of securing the place. But with wireless security cameras you don’t have to worry about that. These wireless cameras are equipped with WiFi which lets you access them using your smartphone. You can check the live video feed, get alarms when there is any motion detected, store the video and several others.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

Day-by-day people are starting to prefer smart home devices and home automation. From being luxury, some of these devices have become necessity for security reasons. Controlling appliances or device using voice commands is also more convenient and comfortable as well.

There are several gadgets/devices available in the market which provide a varied range to choose from. We have mentioned some of the common smart home devices in this article. If we have missed any, write to us in the comment section below.

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