The 7 Best Wireless CCTV Cameras In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Nowadays, it is common to keep an eye on your house and office, for that you require wireless WiFi CCTV camera that maintain security of your home. Home technologies products are increasing in the market, and nobody wants to compromise with the security concern.

These CCTV cameras are also known as Webcams that take a little space of your room and gives you an overall view. When you plan to secure your home, you have to look for two important factors

  • Rotation: Usually, you want the camera to rotate in all the directions so that it becomes easy for you to see the surroundings. Look for better rotation of the camera, with instructions such as left, right, up, and down.
  • User Control: The app connectivity helps you to connect with your webcam and access the live streaming of the room. The web camera will keep you active and allow you to get the recording on your phone’s screen.

These were the necessary points to consider, and as you will read this article, you will also find a Buying Guide for Wireless CCTV cameras that will help you to take better decision. Out of many products in the market, we have selected 6-products for you.

Here is an overview of the products in our list.

7 Best Wireless CCTV Cameras In India

Wireless CCTV CamerasCamera Lens
WarrantyBuy Now
Mi 360° WiFi Smart Security Camera26-monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Royallite Wireless Security Camera21-yearCHECK ON AMAZON
TP-Link Wireless Security Camera21-yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Srihome Wireless Security Camera26-monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
D3D CCTV WiFi Wireless Security Camera22-yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Sricam Wireless Security Camera16-monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
ProElite IP01A WiFi Wireless Security Camera21-yearCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Wireless CCTV Cameras In India Reviews

1. Mi 360° WiFi Smart Security Camera


Mi has emerged as a global company in manufacturing electronic devices. The Mi 360 WiFi Smart Security camera has got the most reviews from the customer because they provide best security of your home.

The camera has a 110-degree angle that gives an overview of the particular area, apart from that it has a 360-degree horizontal view and a 96-degree vertical view. This rotator angle feature covers a wide area of the space. And, the design helps the camera to give a smooth and silent rotation.

The picture quality comes in 1080p HD that makes it look precise and clear. With the low-light feature you can get the full-color picture of your area at night.

The camera follows a set of algorithms in the network software device that makes the camera determine accurately whether there is an intruder in the home or not, and you get an alert on your phone.

Through a mobile setting, you can install the Wifi CCTV camera at your home. Keep in mind to change the default setting to maintain a more secure network.

Connect with loved ones using the camera setup as it has a talkback two away audio exchange feature through which you can connect to your child or maids when you are out for work.

The Network Attached Storage (NAS) used for storing the files in the SD cards. The encoding technology gives smoother streaming of videos and handles bandwidth along with no comprise on detail.

For installation, you can DIY (Do it by yourself) on the ceiling or wall of your room. It has a rotating base that makes it easier to place on a table and window as well. Also, keep in mind that you have to change minor things in the camera settings.

Install the camera in all parts of your room, be it your kitchen, parking, garden, entrance, and get the view of all the cameras on your phone. Picture-in-picture mode allows you to operate your phone device without closing the application.

Record your videos on the smartphone and tablet with playback. You can also fast forward the video with a speed of 2x/4x/16x speed.

Warranty: The camera has a warranty for 6-months.


  • Easy to use
  • Good picture quality
  • Great night vision
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth rotation motion
  • Motion detection
  • App connectivity
  • Two-way audio talk
  • 6-months warranty


  • There is no cloud storage available.

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2. Royallite Wireless Security Camera


The Royallite company provides security solutions in homes and offices for the last fifteen years. The Royallite Wifi CCTV security camera provides a 360-degree angle solution.

The camera has a 110-degree tilt angle and a 355-degree pan angle which, gives wide coverage of that area.

The two-way audio wifi camera helps you to communicate with your loved ones in one room to another. You can talk to your child while you are at the office and keep a watch on them. The night vision helps you to see in night visibility up to 10 meters. As there is an automatic switch from color to night vision mode.

The motion detection alerts signal you if there is any intruder entered into the premises without your permission.

If you want to store more videos in the WiFi CCTV camera device, then you can put an SD card for expanding the storage capacity. The DIY (Do it by Yourself) let you install the camera easily anywhere.

Also, you can connect the WiFi CCTV camera with your mobile phone application. For that, you have to install the CareCam app and perform the Wi-Fi settings through which you can access the camera easily.

Warranty: The WiFi CCTV camera has a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • 4x zoom for the videos
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision visibility
  • Two-way audio talk
  • 1-year warranty


  • The camera faces connectivity issues with the Wi-Fi.

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3. TP-Link Wireless Security Camera

tp link

The TP-Link is the world’s top WiFi networking device provider across the globe. The TP-Link WiFi CCTV camera is providing indoor security to many homes with its special features.

The camera quality is 2mp, along with a horizontal range of 360° and a vertical range of 114°. Then, the camera captures the image and displays it in a 1080 p definition that shows clarity in the quality. During night time as well, you get a view up to 30 ft distance from the camera.

There are other features such as motion detection, which sends you alarm on the mobile phone when an intruder enters the house without your permission. Also, there are light and sound alarms that keep unwanted visitors away from your house.

For viewing the video, you can easily access the live-video from anywhere you want, along with a two-way audio exchange to keep on the check of your baby boy. Then, switch to privacy mode if the camera is available so that you can enjoy your time. You can share the CCTV footages recording on social media platforms as well.

Warranty: The company gives a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Motion detection
  • Live-view mode, privacy mode
  • Night vision visibility up to 30 ft
  • The 1080 high definition picture quality
  • Tech support
  • 1-year warranty


  • There is a configuration problem of WiFi networks, such as Airtel.

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4. Srihome SH025 Wireless Security Camera


The wireless security camera is a necessity for every house due to put higher security at homes, and the SriHome SH0202 Wireless Security Camera assures you of safety with multiple features.

The Advanced camera gives you four camera angles view. Also, you have an auto-tracking option with a humanoid alarm. You can set the privatize mode whenever you feel like.

The camera quality is 2-mp that captures the high definition quality of 1080 P video with proper color and lives video, which view on various platforms such as laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. The wide camera range covers the room area with an angle of 350° pan, 90° tilt and 75° broad view.

It has two-way audio communication that helps you to connect with your baby boy who is at home while you are at work. There are in-built speakers and microphone that performs the transmission. The WiFi CCTV camera stores up to 128 GB SD cards.

The motion detection helps you to detect the room if there is an entry of an intruder. With the infrared LED that makes work easier to get a clear display up to 10 meters at night.

Warranty: The CCTV camera comes with a 6-months warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Good picture quality
  • Night vision visibility
  • Motion Detection
  • Two-way communication
  • Auto-tracking
  • 6-months warranty


  • Creates unwanted noise during connection establishment

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5. D3D CCTV WiFi Wireless Security Camera


D3D company manufactures electronic devices that give home security into your comfort. D3D Full HD CCTV Camera provides you security at your doorstep.

The camera has smart home automation and sensors that connect to the WiFi and provides you the home footage easily. The high definition 1080 p gives you a clear display of the video. Even you can view through your camera live on your phone or any other smart PC.

The device tracks the motion and moves in that direction if it detects a moving object, and it automatically turns the camera and record. Even, you can alert your family members if they are in some other room and you have to give any message.

The camera operates with Alexa’s support you can give your command for various instructions like live view, turn left, turn right, and up and down view. The night vision ability makes you visible in low light with 850 NM light with up to 32 ft distance.

The SOS siren triggers an alarm if it observes any unexpected action. A loud siren will start, and it will alert everyone in the house.

Store your recorded videos safely in the device, with SD card option having storage up to 128 GB, along with 1-month free cloud storage with the company facility.

Warranty: The company gives you 2-year of warranty


  • Easy to install
  • Clear night vision visibility
  • High picture quality
  • Motion detection
  • 360-degree view
  • High build quality
  • 2-year warranty


  • WiFi setup glitch

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6. Sricam Wireless Security Camera

The Sricam company gives the customer security solutions for home and offices. The best part of the CCTV camera is that it is waterproof that makes it different from the rest of the products.

As it mentions about the waterproof system, it means the camera is durable and access in any of the weather conditions. The night vision camera visibility helps you to capture the distance up to 15 meters. And, the camera captures the peripheral views and send you the pictures on the smartphone on email, which will make you aware of surrounding happening.

It gives a high definition picture quality with 720 p, and a 1-mp camera lens that is suitable for home recording. The camera connects easily with the WiFi network, which makes it interactable anywhere from the world.

For better connectivity of the WiFi security camera, you have to install the app and switch on the WiFi surveillance. Select the mode by yourself.

Record the videos on the SD card slot, as it supports up to 128 GB.

Tip: You can download the SRICAM app on your android or iPhone device, then register along with your email address, and check the DEMO to understand the working of the WiFi CCTV Camera.

The camera has two color options that are black and white.

Warranty: The company provides you a 6-months warranty.


  • Easy to setup
  • Night vision
  • Two way audio
  • Waterproof
  • High storage recording
  • Mode selection
  • Pan/Tilt digital zoom
  • Convenient Back-Up
  • 6-months warranty


  • Many times, reset of the camera.

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7. ProElite IP01A WiFi Wireless Security Camera


ProElite Wifie CCTV camera is the best-selling product in India. The ProElite IP01A provides you live recording of your home security to keep an eye on every action at home.

The camera has a simple and easy Wi-Fi setup through an android smartphone with a mobile application. You can access the camera anywhere from your smartphone on your mobile network.

The rotation camera feature lets you see the 360-degree view throughout as it has an inbuilt rotary motion. You can record the videos and store them on the SD card that has storage capacity up to 128 GB. The camera records when there is any motion detection.

The night vision visibility allows you to see through in darkness up to 16 feet. The two-way audio communication simplifies your work and helps you to communicate with your loved ones who are at home. The audio communication has an inbuilt microphone.

Verdict: The camera works with 2.4 GHz Wifi of any type of network provider.

Warranty: The product gives you a warranty for 1-year.


  • Easy to install
  • High Picture quality
  • Night vision visibility
  • Highly Durable
  • Motion detection recording
  • Sound quality
  • 1-year warranty


  • Connectivity issues with the wifi.

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Buying Guide For Wireless CCTV Cameras

Security is a concern for anyone. For security purpose you need CCTV Camera and If you own a shop, you require it because that keeps an eye on all your customers who have entered into your. Or you have left your child at home when you go out for shopping.

Buying a CCTV camera is an easy task, but when it comes to looking for features as per your convenience, it becomes difficult to decide which one to choose. There are some essential features that you must keep in your mind whenever you are buying a CCTV camera.

There are two types of CCTV Camera that are:

  • Wired CCTV Camera: The wired CCTV requires a plug to run the camera, and the setup or additional features are similar as compared to the wireless one.
  • Wireless CCTV Camera: The wireless feature requires battery backup, and you cannot run it at one go. Firstly, charge your device and then install it wherever you want. Usually the charge remains from 6-months to 1-year depending on the battery capacity.

Features Of Wireless Wifi CCTV Camers 

1. WiFi Connectivity

If you want to track the video of your CCTV camera then, it requires a WiFi camera setup that helps you to connect directly and a network provider. You can have any of the network service providers. Using a WiFi setting, control your camera as per your command.

2. Mobile App

The mobile application is the guide of the CCTV cameras. As per the alert feature, it tells you about the intruders through the live cam. Customize your camera options with notifications, sound, and motion detection.

3. Motion Detection

When you are out on vacation, and you want to monitor your home. Then, when there is motion detection in the empty room, it might be possible that intruders have come inside. The camera triggers its recording and begins capturing the moment.

Tip: These sensors are sensitive; you can experience unusual recordings of the opening window or moving curtains due to air. For that, you need to customize the setting options to deal with the false alert.

4. Night Vision Detection

The night is for a good sleep, and it happens that at night the intruders plan to break-in into the house. The night vision camera has the infrared LED support feature that captures the video in the darkness.

There is a specific distance up to which this works most commonly it is 20 ft to 30 ft of distance

5. Position Set

Various positions are Tilt, Pan, and Swivel. Tilt gives the vertical movement, and pan has horizontal movement. It helps you to adjust the lens of the camera, do settings on your phone and check its working.

6. Camera Resolution

The high definition resolution makes the recording shown in the standard frameset. The standard ones are 720 p and 1080 p for the best picture quality. You can avail of an option to have a zoom feature as well.

Tip: High-Resolution display requires high-speed internet or good WiFi bandwidth along with great battery life.

7. Schedule the time

You can schedule any activity on it, as you receive a notification when your kids come home. The scheduling reduces false alerts. It automatically changes from a secure network when it catches that you are going out and switches off to maintain privacy when you are at home.

8. Secure Network

A secure network sets a proper protocol so that no outside network can intervene. Look for a camera that has a WPA2, within a encrypts internet transmission of all your details.

Tip: Always change the default ID and password before installing the camera.

9. Two-way audio communication

The two-way audio communication lets you communicate with your loved ones when you are out. It has a microphone that intakes the voice and makes it audible on the other side. If you have left your small girl at home, and observe her making a milkshake, then you can guide her.

10. Angle

Wide-angle coverage gives you a wider view of the room. The camera has a viewing angle of around 130-degree that is enough for a small room. Also, along with the rotation feature, it gives you an overall 360-degree view of the room.

11. Accessibility

Connect with your app, or a smart TV, and enjoy the multiple screen accessibility of the camera.

12. Wireless Range of Camera

The wireless camera has a benefit that they can move freely in any corner of the room. Some of the cameras have an ethernet port, using which you can connect through handwriting. Also, some camera supports the power-over-ethernet that removes the requirement of an AC adapter and works only with one cable.

When you are installing a security camera out of the range of the WiFi, then you can connect the device on the same LTE network, which makes your smartphone depends on it. If you compare it to the regular one, then you will find it more expensive.

Benefits Of Wireless CCTV Cameras

  • Easy to install: The Wireless WiFi Camera helps you to install the device easily as you do not need to get wires. Fix a place, be it the table of your room or ceiling.
  • Highly Portable: These cameras are lightweight and do not require any support to balance. You can even take them anywhere with you.
  • WiFi Signal: With a WiFi connection, you easily set up the link with the radio transmitter and store the recordings on the cloud storage or the phone device. It helps you to get access to the camera with live streaming as well.
  • Reduction in maintenance:There are no wires available on the CCTV camera, and you do not have to spend money on it.
  • Best for Renters: If you have rented your house, then you can check the open area for how your tenants are keeping the home.
  • Does not depend on the power outages: These are battery dependent, so if there is any power cut, it will still work on and record your surroundings.
  • Online Cloud Storage: The wired ones require a DVR recorder, whereas there is no limitation in recording with the wireless device as it saves on cloud storage.

 Drawbacks Of Wireless CCTV Cameras

  • Battery Recharge: The batteries need to recharge periodically. They save energies by going in sleep mode or battery saver mode.
  • Depend on Wi-Fi signal: The working depends on the bandwidth of the network provider and the strength of the wireless network.
  • Hacking Risk: Data security is the priority nowadays when you install the wireless wi-fi camera it is necessary to look at its security. Generally, hackers hack these types of devices and can access the movements of your house and enter into your privacy.
  • High Cost: As compared to the wired devices, the wireless is expensive and not in the budget for many people.
  • Interference: CCTV camera sometimes gives you false alert, signal drop or lost video connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How the wireless camera gets power?

The wireless camera has batteries. These batteries are Li-Ion that require frequent recharges to run.

2.How long the battery of the wireless security camera lasts?

The power lasts longer that depends on the capacity of the battery. As the capacity of 6000mAh lasts for 6 to 8 months. Hence, battery capacity increases the life of the camera also increases. It is easy to replace the battery of the camera the same as you replace the battery of your watch.

3.How does the wireless security camera transmit the data? 

The wireless security camera transmits data through broadcasting between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. The radio transmitters send the data over the wireless network and reach to you.

4.What is the range of wireless wifi camera?

For the two types of ranges, the signal strengths come for a distance as mentioned
For 2.4 GHz the range is 600 – 700 ft
For 5.8 GHz the range is 2000 ft
But when you install the camera, the strength also depends on the distractions in between the walls.

5.Where does the recording save?

The camera recording is captured and stored either in the camera or in the cloud storage. In the camera, you have an SD memory card, which you have to retrieve to get the recording. And, in cloud storage, all the information stores in the online server that you can access through ID and password.

6.Is the wireless camera prone to hacking?

The wireless camera is prone to hacking if you do not set your setting strictly. Experts advise changing your default setting when you install the wireless camera. For more security, you can set ID and password, do not keep your WiFi network open.


The Wireless Wi-Fi CCTV camera makes your life secure and convenient. In the article, you must have understood the features that you must consider when you want to buy the wireless CCTV camera, apart from that you get to know the advantages of it above the wired cameras. We have tried solving all the queries.

As per our recommendation of choosing the Wireless Wi-Fi camera, we advised you to choose “Mi 360° Smart Security Camera” as it provides better security, durable in all weather conditions, in budget, and other features makes it at top. You can also select the other Wireless Wi-Fi CCTV cameras because they serve you the same function. We hope this article helped you to choose the best for you.

Stay Secure and Safe!