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Best Mini Fridges in India Reviews 2021

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A mini-fridge is very useful in storing milk, water, beverages, and other food items. Unlike traditional refrigerators, it does not even take much space. However, you cannot use a mini-fridge to store regular grocery items.

They are portable and can be kept anywhere making it ideal for use in bedroom, gym, small shops, etc.

The capacity of mini refrigerators ranges between 50 liters to 120 liters. These types of fridges are best for 1-2 people. Some mini-fridges even come with a freezer compartment.

You can easily get a good mini-fridge at Rs. 7,000. However, energy-efficient mini-fridges might be a bit expensive.

Before buying a mini-fridge for your home, you should check for factors like size, storage capacity, energy efficiency, and many more. Read the “buying guide” below to learn more about these factors.

We have shortlisted some of the best mini-fridges available in India. This list can help you buy the best one for your home. Let’s have a look!

Best Mini Fridges in India 2020

Best Mini FridgesCapacityWarranty
Buy Now
Haier Mini Fridge52 liters1+5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
LG Mini Fridge45 liters1+5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Mitashi Mini Fridge46 liters1+5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Whirlpool 46 Litres 3-Star Mini Refrigerator46 liters1+10 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Croma 2-Star CRAR0218 Single Door Refrigerator50 liters1+1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Koryo Mini Fridge45 liters0+5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Kitchoff Mini Fridge50 litres1+5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Mini Fridges

1. Haier 52 Litres Mini Fridge

Haier 52 Litres Mini FridgeHaier 52 L is designed perfectly well which fits your cooling needs with its advanced direct cool technology and this mini fridge occupies less space while offers the best services equivalent to that of a big refrigerator. It is often addressed as mini bar refrigerator because of its clean back & premium look.

Capacity:- 52 liters, a single person or two can easily use it.

Other Best Features in Haier mini Fridge

  • Best in Storage:- You can store bottles of any size in the fridge.
  • Separate Ice Zone:- It helps you to store your ice cubes in a separate box for all purposes.
  • Compact size:- 45 cms height gives it the room to be stored anywhere in the house even inside a cupboard also.

Warranty:- It comes with 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor.


  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Low Noise and Vibration Compressor – 32 dB super mute & low vibration compressor
  • Most energy efficient- 3-star rating
  • Anti-Fungal Gasket- to clean easily
  • Wired Shelves – adjust it according to your needs
  • Separate ice zone
  • Spacious as it has 52 liters’ capacity to hold


  • There is no light inside the fridge
  • Icing takes time.

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2. LG 45 Litres Mini Fridge

LG 45 Litres Mini FridgeLG has been ruling the world of home appliances since ages and this mini fridge is capable of giving you optimum cooling including enough space to store water bottles of any size, fruits, and medicine. Its ready-to-use manual churns out the set-up troubles by offering you the freshest and healthiest experience.

Capacity:- 45 liters, 1 or 2 person can effectively use.

Other salient features of LG 45 L are

  • Storage:- Its large door basket enables you to keep the bottle of any size.
  • Separate Ice zone:- has a separate freezer for ice storage.
  • Compact size:- It is 50.8 cms in height which can be kept anywhere in the house
  • Door lock:- You can control the lock anytime and anywhere.

Warranty:- 1 year on product, and 5 years on the compressor


  • Compact & Stylish in look
  • Stabilizer free operations- no need for a stabilizer
  • Large door baskets
  • Best product for a bachelor


  • Deep freeze water comes out
  • Less spacious

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3. Mitashi 46 Litres Mini Fridge

This mini refrigerator allows you to set the temperature in the freezer section with its inbuilt thermostat without plugging out. It comes up with a user friendly manual to give you a healthy future with its advanced cooling technology.

Capacity:- 46 liters which can suffice 2 people easily.

Other best features of Mitashi 46 L are

  • R600A refrigerant:- it causes less harm to the environment & ozone depletion potential.
  • Manual defrost:- saves 40% of energy consumption and regular ice build-ups can be avoided through this.
  • Compact size:- Its height is 49.3 cms which can be kept anywhere in the house either kitchen, bedroom or under shelf.
  • Lock & key:- prevents the kids from touching the fridge.

Warranty:- 1 year on the product and 5 on the compressor


  • Wired Shelves
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Spacious as it holds 46 liters of area
  • Adjustable legs
  • Ideal for bachelors


  • Low energy efficiency- two star rating on energy.
  • No light or bulb inside
  • Water leakage problems

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4. Whirlpool 46 Litres 3-Star Mini Refrigerator

Whirlpool 46 Litres 3-Star Mini Refrigerator

The Whirlpool is one of the best manufacturer of refrigerators and other electrical home appliances. It is a direct cool refrigerator with capacity of 46 liters and has enough space to store water bottles, fruits, food or medicines. It has 7 adjustable cooling modes, which makes it perfect for all your cooling needs throughout the year.

Capacity: 46 liters, quite enough for a single or two persons.

Other Best Features of Whirlpool Mini Fridge are

  • Cooling Modes: Its 7 adjustable modes will provide perfect temperature for all your cooling needs throughout the year.
  • In-built Ice Maker: Get fast ice anytime with its easily accessible ice-tray available in refrigerator and has a separate freezer section.
  • Wide Storage: It can even store up to 30 cans (300 ml) or 11 bottles (500 ml) or 90 tetra packs (200 ml) to get chilled and ready to serve cold beverages or juice packs at any time.
  • Door Racks & Chocolate Tray: It has 2 dedicated easily accessible spacious door racks for spreads, sauces, juice packs or cold drinks. Also, it has removable tray to store chocolates, cheese, butter, etc.

Warranty: 1-year on product and 10 years on compressor.


  • Energy efficient
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Compact and ideal for usage in bedroom (or) suits perfect for bachelors.
  • Have toughened glass shelves
  • 7 adjustable cooling modes to provide perfect temperature for your cooling needs.
  • Comes with wide storage space and has door lock feature.


  • A bit pricier
  • No light
  • Requires manual defrosting.

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5. Croma 50L 2-Star CRAR0218 Single Door Refrigerator

croma mini refrigerator

This Croma stylish compact refrigerator has PCM finish outer body, mechanical temperature control thermostat and defrosting feature. It keeps food items in frozen state due to its separate chiller compartment.

Capacity: 50 liters, suits best for 2 – 3 persons.

Other Smart Features in Croma Mini Fridge are

  • PCM Finish Outer Body: The phase change material (PCM) provides anti-rusting to fridge and increase its longevity and thereby provides a high gloss finish.
  • Separate Chiller: Helps to keep ice trays or freeze food items like meat/fish in this compartment.
  • Mechanical Thermostat: This temperature control thermostat will let you control the inside temperature of the fridge and set it as per your requirement (among 7 adjustable modes).
  • Steel Wire Shelf: It can withstand a wide temperature range.
  • Defrost Feature: It heat up the evaporator coil and melts the frost formed on the food items. This water will drain out through duct (from the back of refrigerator).

Warranty: 1-year warranty on both product and compressor


  • PCM finish outer body
  • Separate chiller compartment to freeze food or keep ice trays.
  • Comes with manual defrost feature
  • Mechanical temperature control thermostat to set the interior temperature.
  • Steel wire shelf
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Ideal to use for bachelors (2 – 3 people), gym or small office.


  • There is no light inside the fridge.
  • Low energy efficiency – only 2-star energy rating

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6. Koryo 45 Litres Mini Fridge

Koryo 45 Litres Mini FridgeKoryo 45 L’s eco-friendly r-600A refrigerant makes it stand out from other mini refrigerators. Its glasses are designed keeping in mind the requirement of heavier vegetables or bottles and hence, it can bear 120kg load without collapsing.

Capacity:- 45 liters, it is designed to suffice 2-3 people’s need.

Other best features of Koryo 45 L 3 Star are

  • Most efficient in energy:- 3 star rating
  • Toughened glass:- it can bear up-to 120kg without collapsing
  • Compact size:- It is smaller in size and hence, can be kept anywhere in the house.
  • Separate zone for Ice:- Ice cubes can be stored simultaneously for all needs.

Warranty:- 5 years on the compressor


  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Best product for a small family
  • r-600A refrigerant- eco-friendly technology
  • Instruction manual- no confusion


  • No light
  • It requires manual defrosting

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7. Kitchoff 50 Litres Mini Fridge

Kitchoff 50 Litres Mini FridgeThis mini refrigerator comes up with the technology of compressor and absorption and is designed to keep the energy of your home, office or hotel efficient and eco-friendly. You will not have to go for a demo or installation as everything comes with ready-to-use quality.

Capacity:- 50 litres, is suitable for bachelors, home, office or hotel use.

Other salient features of Kitchoff Rectangular are

  • Metal adjustable shelf rack:- you can easily clean and adjust it.
  • Solid aluminium body:- helps in giving support and prevents germs and bacteria.
  • Compact size:- its small size is capable fit for storing it anywhere and at any place.
  • Solid gasket:- helps in maintaining the cool air inside and prevents fungus.

Warranty:- 1 year on product and 5 years on compressor


  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Energy efficient
  • Ideal for bachelors, 2 to three people, hotel or office use
  • Can bear loads


  • No separate ice zone
  • No lighting inside

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