Best Mini Fridges in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Precisely, mini-fridge does the same work like a refrigerator but it only comes smaller in size. It keeps the food fresh by preventing them from any kind of bacteria.

It saves space and is portable that is, it can be carried anywhere and kept anywhere either in kitchen or bedroom.

Single people who stay away from home usually go for these fridges.

Well, there are many benefits which mini-fridge provides but before going for a purchase, you might want to take a look at these parameters:

Capacity:-It comes under the capacity of 40-100 liters and is ideal for single or two persons.

Price:-On an average, it starts from 8,000- 20,000 and a fridge which serves all purpose would be the best fit.

Types:-There are usually five types of mini-fridges-

  • Drinks:-you can only store drinks, beverages or cold water.
  • Counter-high compact:-also known as under the counter and has lot of space.
  • Mid-sized:-Large shelves, more space and, separate ice-zone.
  • Cube:-Reversible doors, smaller to others and has enough space.
  • Travel:-lighter, smaller, can’t be used for longer time and cheaper than others.

If you want to explore more about how these mini fridges work, you can read our “Buyer Guide” below.

Here is the list of top five mini-fridges which our team has compiled after a lot of research.

Best Mini Fridges in India 2020

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Best Mini Fridges

1) Haier 52 Litres Mini Fridge

Haier 52 Litres Mini FridgeHaier 52 L is designed perfectly well which fits your cooling needs with its advanced direct cool technology and this mini fridge occupies less space while offers the best services equivalent to that of a big refrigerator. It is often addressed as mini bar refrigerator because of its clean back & premium look.

Capacity:- 52 liters, a single person or two can easily use it.

Other Best Features in Haier mini Fridge

  • Best in Storage:- You can store bottles of any size in the fridge.
  • Separate Ice Zone:- It helps you to store your ice cubes in a separate box for all purposes.
  • Compact size:- 45 cms height gives it the room to be stored anywhere in the house even inside a cupboard also.

Warranty:- It comes with 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor.


  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Low Noise and Vibration Compressor – 32 dB super mute & low vibration compressor
  • Most energy efficient- 3-star rating
  • Anti-Fungal Gasket- to clean easily
  • Wired Shelves – adjust it according to your needs
  • Separate ice zone
  • Spacious as it has 52 liters’ capacity to hold


  • There is no light inside the fridge
  • Icing takes time.

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2) LG 45 Litres Mini Fridge

LG 45 Litres Mini FridgeLG has been ruling the world of home appliances since ages and this mini fridge is capable of giving you optimum cooling including enough space to store water bottles of any size, fruits, and medicine. Its ready-to-use manual churns out the set-up troubles by offering you the freshest and healthiest experience.

Capacity:- 45 liters, 1 or 2 person can effectively use.

Other salient features of LG 45 L are

  • Storage:- Its large door basket enables you to keep the bottle of any size.
  • Separate Ice zone:- has a separate freezer for ice storage.
  • Compact size:- It is 50.8 cms in height which can be kept anywhere in the house
  • Door lock:- You can control the lock anytime and anywhere.

Warranty:- 1 year on product, and 5 years on the compressor


  • Compact & Stylish in look
  • Stabilizer free operations- no need for a stabilizer
  • Large door baskets
  • Best product for a bachelor


  • Deep freeze water comes out
  • Less spacious

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3) Mitashi 46 Litres Mini Fridge

This mini refrigerator allows you to set the temperature in the freezer section with its inbuilt thermostat without plugging out. It comes up with a user friendly manual to give you a healthy future with its advanced cooling technology.

Capacity:- 46 liters which can suffice 2 people easily.

Other best features of Mitashi 46 L are

  • R600A refrigerant:- it causes less harm to the environment & ozone depletion potential.
  • Manual defrost:- saves 40% of energy consumption and regular ice build-ups can be avoided through this.
  • Compact size:- Its height is 49.3 cms which can be kept anywhere in the house either kitchen, bedroom or under shelf.
  • Lock & key:- prevents the kids from touching the fridge.

Warranty:- 1 year on the product and 5 on the compressor


  • Wired Shelves
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Spacious as it holds 46 liters of area
  • Adjustable legs
  • Ideal for bachelors


  • Low energy efficiency- two star rating on energy.
  • No light or bulb inside
  • Water leakage problems

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4) Carysil 46 litres Mini Fridge

Carysil 46 litres Mini FridgeCarysil 15 is the best compressor type wine cooler and holds the capacity to store around 15 bottles of wine (can be easily guessed by its name). This model controls the functions mechanically and is designed with a transparent look.

Capacity:- 46 litres, widely being used for wine.

Other salient features of Carysil 15 are

  • Metal racks:- helps you load heavy items
  • Mechanically control:- saves time as manual requirements are less.
  • Compact size:- It comes with a dimension of 445 x 473 x 498 mm which can be placed anywhere in the house.
  • Compressor technology for cooling:- same as the big refrigerators


  • Can serve multiple-purpose- you can store vegetables and fruits also.
  • Transparent door
  • Ideal for a mini bar at home


  • No light inside
  • Specifically designed for wine chilling only
  • No warranty
  • No anti-defrost facility

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5) Koryo 45 Litres Mini Fridge

Koryo 45 Litres Mini FridgeKoryo 45 L’s eco-friendly r-600A refrigerant makes it stand out from other mini refrigerators. Its glasses are designed keeping in mind the requirement of heavier vegetables or bottles and hence, it can bear 120kg load without collapsing.

Capacity:- 45 liters, it is designed to suffice 2-3 people’s need.

Other best features of Koryo 45 L 3 Star are

  • Most efficient in energy:- 3 star rating
  • Toughened glass:- it can bear up-to 120kg without collapsing
  • Compact size:- It is smaller in size and hence, can be kept anywhere in the house.
  • Separate zone for Ice:- Ice cubes can be stored simultaneously for all needs.

Warranty:- 5 years on the compressor


  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Best product for a small family
  • r-600A refrigerant- eco-friendly technology
  • Instruction manual- no confusion


  • No light
  • It requires manual defrosting

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6) Kitchoff 50 Litres Mini Fridge

Kitchoff 50 Litres Mini FridgeThis mini refrigerator comes up with the technology of compressor and absorption and is designed to keep the energy of your home, office or hotel efficient and eco-friendly. You will not have to go for a demo or installation as everything comes with ready-to-use quality.

Capacity:- 50 litres, is suitable for bachelors, home, office or hotel use.

Other salient features of Kitchoff Rectangular are

  • Metal adjustable shelf rack:- you can easily clean and adjust it.
  • Solid aluminium body:- helps in giving support and prevents germs and bacteria.
  • Compact size:- its small size is capable fit for storing it anywhere and at any place.
  • Solid gasket:- helps in maintaining the cool air inside and prevents fungus.

Warranty:- 1 year on product and 5 years on compressor


  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Energy efficient
  • Ideal for bachelors, 2 to three people, hotel or office use
  • Can bear loads


  • No separate ice zone
  • No lighting inside

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Best Mini Refrigerators in India Buying Guide

A mini refrigerator is the same as a conventional refrigerator except that it is smaller in size. Even though the basics are same, there are restrictions on certain features due to its size cut. There are so many different types of mini refrigerators available that are tailor-made for specific applications. Hence, if you are buying a mini-refrigerator for the first time, you will be confused about which one to buy to fulfil your requirement.

On top of that, you will definitely want the best mini refrigerator within your budget so that you get the best value for your money. Therefore, you must go through this buying guide before you check out the mini-refrigerators in India.

What Are The Different Types Of Mini Refrigerators In India?

1. Based On Working Model

Mini refrigerators come with different types of technology and working principle. These technologies and working principles deliver effective performance in their own ways. Therefore, one can segregate the mini-refrigerators in terms of their working principles. The different types are listed below along with their benefits and drawbacks.

  • Thermoelectric Mini Fridges

Thermoelectric fridges can be ideal for people who don’t want excessive noise. This technology requires a pump for sucking the heat out and dispense it outwards. It heats the outside items and keeps the inside area cool. This type of fridges come with pump and fan for venting out the heat without making much noise.

They have the ability to keep the inside warm, and you can easily configure the action in a reverse way. This will give you the advantage of using it according to your needs as it can transfer the heat from the outside to the inside.

However, this type of fridge consumes a lot of energy. This technology is affordable and is common in small fridges. This is not suitable for long-term use as the noise level tends to rise when the fridge decreases making them noisier.

  • Compressor Mini Fridges

Akin to thermoelectric technology, compressor technology is popular in full-sized fridges. This comes with compressor liquid on the interior that vaporizers and pumps through multiple pipes that connects the interior of the fridge. The gas present in the vents absorbs the heat on the inside and makes it colder. The compressor fridges are mostly silent and rely mostly on the vents and pipes that run on the interior.

Even though the compressor technology makes noise and consumes low energy, it makes the fridge heavier. Another great disadvantage of this technology is that the fluctuating temperature on the exterior. Also the thermostat needs frequent changing for accommodating the above-mentioned factor. This gives you a risk of freezing the food or making it too warm.

  • Absorption Mini Fridges

Absorption fridges constantly evaporate by using liquid ammonia. It takes the heat away from the fridge’s interior and eliminates the need for having a motor. This operates in a silent way making it a very suitable product. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations.

Despite offering a remarkable performance, absorption technology can be very expensive. It can cost you more when it comes to maintenance, making it unsuitable for common people. Another disadvantage is that it is unable to carry around. It has to sit in an upright position to make the ammonia absorb the heat for the proper functioning of the fridge.

2. Based On Purpose Of Usage

Mini fridges are tailor-made to serve different purposes and meet the different needs of the users. Some of it provides fast cooling for a short time, whereas others can store your food with consistent cooling. Many have the ability to store your delicate beverages, and some can easily freeze your items.

You must know your purpose before making your purchase. A refrigerator that does not suit your purpose will not be an ideal buy. Here is a list of mini-fridges based on their applications, benefits and disadvantages.

  • Conventional Mini Fridges

If you are looking for a refrigerator for only preserving raw materials and food along with a freezer section, then it would be better to go for the one that can store more food. It will be an ideal choice as it can accommodate more food items. Again, if you don’t want frozen foods or make your own ice, then it will not be necessary for you to have a refrigerator.

It will occupy your space and offer you a separate section for improved cooling. When you look for a fridge with this facility, then you must always go for a properly insulated fridge. So that you do not end up in getting all the contents of the fridge completely frozen!

Additionally, a fridge that does not require switching off for defrosting would be highly recommended. The change in the temperature can melt the ice along with refrigeration area.  Thus making it a suitable breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms that can spoil your entire food! For that reason, it is highly advisable to go for a mini-fridge with a double door. You can easily check out the best mini fridges with freezer having different functionalities.

  • Beverage Mini Fridges

The main purpose of the beverage fridge is to keep your beverages in a considerate temperature so that you can serve it chilled. Usually, it comes with a clear glass panel on the front. It also includes multiple numbers of shells and racks allowing you to store more items. This will give you the convenience of having chilled beverages at any time you want.

However, you must know that unlike regular mini-fridges, this type of fridge does not include a separate freezer section. And the temperature is unsuitable for storing food as well. You can opt from the one that can cool beverages and stores food for a short amount of time. Look for solid panels rather than wire meshes that let you clean it when there is any spillage.

  • Wine Mini Fridges

Similar to the beverage fridges, a wine fridge comes with multiple shelves. It is ideal for holding wine bottles and including sections for white wine and red wine. These types of fridges have different temperatures for different sections. This helps to preserve the taste of wine in a particular way.

It also includes a tinted front panel to avoid sunlight to pass through the wine and cause any harm to the liquor. Reliable wine fridges include the feature of automatic temperature controls. It reacts to the temperature of the surrounding area for preserving the wine’s taste.

  • Travel Mini Fridges

Travel fridges offer ample storage space for carrying your food when you are on a trip. They act like a picnic basket that has cooling abilities. It offers you better convenience, and you can easily take it anywhere you want. It is affordable and comes in a portable design making it suitable for any drive or camping. However, it can consume more power and is not perfect for long-term use. Another disadvantage of travel fridge is that it can be very noisy.

3. Based On Size

Apart from the working principle and application, the mini-refrigerators are segregated in terms of their size and shapes. There are exactly three different types of mini refrigerators available in this space.

  • Cube Mini Fridges

This is the highest-selling mini-fridge as it is highly portable due to its size and shape. Besides, it is relatively inexpensive. However, the capacity is quite limited and due to poor insulation, the power consumption is more. It is perfect to fit it in a very confined space. Besides, some of them have reversible doors which can be opened from any side.

  • Mid-Size Mini Fridges

This mini-fridge is larger than a cube mini-fridge and therefore, it is more spacious and has optimal size. Besides, there are going to be more shelves, and the freezer section is going to be larger. There can be a thermostat control for regulating temperature as there is a separate freezer section. Moreover, it comes with good internal insulation to ensure no ice formation around or outside the freezer area.

  • Counter-High Mini Fridges

This mini fridge has the same height as the counter of your kitchen. So, sometimes referred to as under-counter mini-fridge! You can place them under the counter, and they have a capacity from 3.5 to 5.5 cu ft. This type is popular for its energy efficiency, thermostat control, and double door design. However, these are the most expensive of all mini-fridges and not quite portable due to its weight and size.

Things To Consider While Buying A Mini Refrigerator

1. Energy Efficiency Rating for Cheaper Bills

Before you can buy any large electrical appliance, you should watch out for the energy efficiency rating (ERR). This rating varies from one star to five stars. The more the stars, the higher is the energy efficiency. Therefore, in the long run, you can save a lot on the electricity bill. However, the price of the mini-fridge with more number of stars will be higher. The following is an illustration of how much you can save a year with the regular use of a mini-fridge.

2. Direct Cool Vs Frost Free

The latest mini-fridges come with any of these two technologies, and you need to understand their benefits and disadvantages.

  • In the direct cool system, the cool air is circulated through the natural convection process. There is no external device involved, and therefore, it consumes less power and is more economical. However, the air distribution is uneven! This leads to the forming of ice which is not desirable under normal circumstances.
  • On the other hand, the frost-free models do not lead to ice formation as the air is circulated evenly using external fans. Therefore, the items you have stored do not get frozen and hence, stay refreshing. However, due to the use of external fans, the power consumption is more and such mini-fridges are more expensive.

3. Door Type for Better Temperature Control

The mini-fridges come with different types of door designs, and you have to buy as per your requirement. The cube mini-fridge comes with a single door. But that door can be reversible and therefore, can be opened from both sides. However, there are mini-fridges like mid-sized or counter-high ones that come with double doors just like the conventional fridges. In such a case, you may have a thermostat control to regulate the temperature of both the compartments.

4. Consider Noise for Better Usability

There are various reasons why some mini-fridges make certain noise. A quality mini-fridge from a popular brand should not make detectable noise unless you are too close. However, with continuous usage, there can be some noise due to lack of proper maintenance, uneven placement of the fridge, and likewise. So, while buying, you have to check the specifications to see the noise level the company has mentioned.

5. Consider the Warranty for Headache-free Usage

Just like conventional fridges, the mini-refrigerators from popular brands come with a warranty period. There are certain relatively new brands that do not offer any warranty but only offer return period. It is better to avoid them even though they are cheap price tags with a plethora of features. You should opt for the one with a minimum of one year of warranty.

Some models from popular brands come separate warranty period for the product and a longer warranty period for the compressor. It is needless to say that such products should be your first preference and the higher the warranty period, the more confidence the company has on its product.

Additional Features

  • Safety Lock:-A safety lock is a must for any fridge so that you can keep the items inside the fridge safe from the children. The kids in the house should not be able to open the fridge door continuously affecting the performance of the fridge.
  • Adjustable Shelves:-It is true that a mini-fridge has limited space, and if it comes with fixed shelves, space becomes more limited. However, there are certain mini-fridges available that have adjustable shelves. So, you will have the flexibility to adjust the height to the shelves to accommodate items of different sizes. This is always very convenient!

What Are The Benefits Of A Mini Refrigerator?

There are distinct advantages of having a mini-refrigerator at your possession, and they are as follows

  • Quick Cooling:-Most of the mini-refrigerators cool quicker than a conventional refrigerator. Therefore, it will stop ice cream from melting even when you have not turned on the fridge beforehand.
  • Compact:-Since the refrigerator has a certain limited size, you can put it anywhere in the room. It can fit it at any corner of your house and therefore, it will not take unnecessary space and look awkward if you have small to medium-sized rooms.
  • Portable:-Due to compact size and less weight, the mini-refrigerators are highly convenient to move from one place to another. Not just from one room to another, you can take them in the back of your car for select models and take them to your travel destination.
  • Less Maintenance:-It is very usual that a mini-refrigerator needs less maintenance than a conventional refrigerator. You can clean it easily in a very short time and therefore, you can expect a mini-refrigerator to last longer than a conventional refrigerator as you are likely to clean it more regularly.
  • Specific Purpose:-You can buy a mini-refrigerator specifically to fulfil your requirement. There are some who wants to keep only beverages like cold drink and beer and wine bottles, and for them, there are beverage mini-refrigerators available. Some may want to keep frozen food like ice cream and want to make ice cubes; there are dedicated mini-refrigerators for that purpose only.

Similarly, if you have limited space or budget and you want something similar to a convention refrigerator, there are mini-refrigerators available with freezer and even double door.

Tips For Cleaning A Mini Fridge

Here is a detailed cleaning guide of a mini-fridge. First, Always unplug the mini-fridge before cleaning.

  • Clean the outer surface with soapy water and then wipe it off with a soft cloth and give it time to dry.
  • To clean the inside, you have to remove the trays and wash those trays individually by keeping them dipped inside a soapy water bucket.
  • After dipping them for some time, you need to take soft cloth or sponge and wash them thoroughly to remove any stain.
  • Then wash them with clean water and soak the water droplets with a dry cloth. Allow them to dry off naturally.
  • As for the inside of the fridge, you can wash with vinegar solution or warm water and baking soda solution. You can wash with a soft cloth to remove any stain. Avoid electrical parts completely.
  • After washing, absorb the excess water with a dry cloth and let the interior dry overnight with door open.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the popular mini refrigerator brands in India?

The most popular mini-refrigerator brands are LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Haier, and Bosch.

2. Why is my mini refrigerator not getting cold?

There could be various reasons for which your mini-fridge may not be cooling as expected. The most common reason is the clogged coil. If you can clean it, you should do it regularly. If not, opt for a maintenance service.

3. Should one opt for annual maintenance service for a mini-fridge?

Yes, even if you do the monthly maintenance yourself, your mini-fridge requires a professional annual maintenance service! This is to extend its lifespan as well as to ensure peak performance.

4. What is the average life span of a mini-refrigerator?

On average, a mini-refrigerator can last 14-17 years. However, it totally depends on your usage and maintenance. Depending on those, it can last 10 years or even 20 years.

5. Is it safe to keep a mini refrigerator in a bedroom?

Ideally speaking, you should not keep a fridge in your bedroom. It does make some noise, and it has the capability to heat up the bedroom air for a couple of degrees.

6. How much does a quality mini refrigerator cost?

With a budget of around 10000 INR, you will be able to buy a conventional mini refrigerator from the popular brands in India.

7. What is the advantage of double door mini refrigerators?

With a double door mini refrigerator, you will have separate compartments where you can keep items to get frozen. You can keep the usual items to keep them cool at a certain temperature. Therefore, it is more versatile in application than a usual single door mini-refrigerator.

8. What are the precautions to maintain while using a mini-fridge?

  • You should position the mini-fridge away from heat sources like oven or sunlight.
  • Place the mini-fridge on even surface all the time.
  • You should not overload your mini-fridge. Otherwise, the fridge may malfunction.
  • Ensure that the mini-fridge is dry before you place items in it.
  • You should defrost the mini-fridge regularly.