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Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors in India: 2021 Reviews

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Worried about how to protect your mattress from spills or stains? Mattress protectors are the best solution. There is the thin layer that comes on the top of your mattress which covers all the 4 sides completely and gives you the best protection to your mattress.

Below are few things to look for before you buy the mattress protector

Size: The size of your mattress determines the size of the protector. It is always best to take the measurements of your mattress before you buy protectors. Always prefer the protector that fits your mattress perfectly.

Material: Fabric of the protector is also important; there are different fabrics of protectors present in the market. Protectors come in Cotton, polyester, polyurethane and vinyl types of materials.

Few protectors are just made up of single type of material, as other features upper and bottom layers. Upper layers are cotton or polyester, whereas the bottom layers are waterproof material like polyurethane and vinyl.


There are three types of protectors available

Fitted: This type fits you mattress same as the fitted sheets. With the pocketed corners you can tuck the protectors under your mattress

Encasement: This type is closed with zipper and gives 100% protection from top to bottom to your mattress.

Elastic strap: The elastic strip wraps around the four corners while the protector lies on the top of the mattress.

Breathability and hypoallergenic are rest of the features you have to look up before you buy the protectors which are clearly given in our “Buying Guide“.

Furthermore, we have selected few products to help you to find the best product in the market. We hope our research fetches you way for a good purchase, instead of wasting your quality time and effort on clueless wandering on products.

List of Best Mattress Protector in India

Mattress ProtectorMaterialSizeWarrantyBuy Now
Wake fit Waterproof Mattress ProtectorTerry Cotton King--Check On Amazon
Amazon Brand  Mattress ProtectorTerry Cotton King--Check On Amazon
Trance Home Linen Waterproof Mattress ProtectorsTerry Cotton King--Check On Amazon
Dream Care Mattress ProtectorTerry Cotton King2 years

Check On Amazon
Cloth Fusion Waterproof Cotton Mattress Protector PolyurethaneKing6 monthsCheck On Amazon
SleepyCat Bed Mattress Protector Terry Cotton King1 year Check On Amazon
Manish Cotton Dust proof  Waterproof Mattress ProtectorCotton Queen--Check On Amazon

Top 7 Best Mattress Protectors Reviews in India 2021

1. Wake fit Waterproof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector – King Size

Wakefit Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector

During chilling winter months, you need to give warmness to the body. It is done by adding Wake fit mattress protector to the bed. It is one of the finest quality mattress protectors that come with flexible options like comfort, breathable and noiseless.

In contrast with the above mattress protector’s brands, Wake fit is available at cheap rates and comes in different sizes to match with the customer needs and deeds.

TPU – Thermoplastic Poly Urethane film makes the protector absolutely a waterproof and allows the air to circulate freely. It helps you to protect against the bacteria, pollen, dust particles, and other fluids.

Terry cotton layer provides smooth feel and keep the sleeping surface cool. It even absorbs the moisture and offers the best ever sleeping experience. You can hold the protector using the cotton lycra case with the elastic strap.

To conclude, the performance of Wake fit king size mattress protector is excellent and best to use on big-sized beds. It is a hypoallergenic protector that prevents allergens like pollen or dust mites from entering the mattress.

What we love 

  • Machine washable mattress protector.
  • Does not contain PVC, Vinyl or Phthalates.
  • 862 grams of mattress protector’s weight.
  • Made of 200 GSM terrycloth mattress material.
  • Protects against bacteria, pollen’s, and dust mites.

What we hate

  • No disclosure of warranty services.

The Wake fit mattress protector is available in Single and Queen Size

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Amazon Solimo Water Resistant Cotton Mattress Protector

Amazon Solimo Water Resistant Cotton Mattress Protector


Apart from being the leading online shopping platform, Amazon also manufactures household products of top quality and sells them at affordable prices. Its Solimo mattress protectors prevent any kind of spills and stains from damaging your mattress.

This protector comes with an elastic band for easily slipping your mattress in it. With dimensions 78 by 72 inches, it fits perfectly for standard-size mattresses and has a thickness of 4 to 9 inches. Its snug fit ensures no lumps and smooth spread on the mattress.

This mattress protector is an ideal choice for households with little children. Families with

children know how often mattresses can get spillage and stains.

The mattress protector is made of terry cotton cloth layer on top which absorbs the spilled liquid quickly. The bottom of the protector, which is waterproof polyurethane, prevents your mattress from getting wet or stained.

You don’t have to put much effort into washing this mattress protector. It can be easily washed in a washing machine.

What we love

  • Economical price
  • Terry cotton top
  • Waterproof polyurethane bottom
  • Elastic spandex that provides a snug fit
  • Machine washable & easy to maintain

What we hate

  • Warranty is not mentioned

The Amazon brand- Solimo mattress protector is available in various sizes of single, queen, and king beds.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Trance Home Linen Waterproof King Size Mattress Protectors

Trance Home Linen waterproof mattress protector can be purchased at a discount of 40% which is like never before offered.

Buying a mattress isn’t enough, you should also have Trance home linen protector to cover the bed and have restful sleep.

What made so special is it uses 200 GSM+terry cotton fabric material which is more absorbent and gives a comfortable feel while you sleep.

This decent quality mattress protector is available in multiple colors – brown, blue, grey and ivory yellow at reasonable prices. You can also pick the right size – king, queen, double, single to match with the bed size.

The top layer is made using ultra-absorbent cotton material to regulate the body temperature and keep it cools, noiseless. It protects against the allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, etc. and greatly supports to the elders when they change their sleeping position.

Zipper style design helps to protect the 6 mattress sides and you can access it anytime depending on the home needs. The protector is 100% waterproof and designed using Airflow technology to offer proper air circulation.

Wash the mattress protector once in a month to keep the device fresh and hygiene. You can wash manually or put it in washing machines using a mild detergent/liquid soap.

What we love 

  • Noiseless fabric.
  • Easy to wash and maintain.
  • Absolutely a machine washable.
  • Best waterproof mattress protector.
  • Eco-friendly and breathable options.
  • Protects against bacteria and dust mites.
  • 200 GSM of hypoallergenic terry cotton material.
  • Airflow technology facilitates the air circulation. 

What we hate 

  • Takes time to dry the mattress protector.

The Trance Home Linen Trance Waterproof Mattress Protector is also available in Queen Size and Single Size.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Dream Care Waterproof Mattress Protector

Dream Care Waterproof Mattress Protector

Ensuring your peaceful and cozy night sleep, Dream Care designed its mattress protector with high-quality components. It protects the mattress from accidents and unwanted microbes and gives you a sterile sleeping environment.

The surface of this protector is terry cotton which is soft, smooth, and does not make any sound. While allowing air & heat to pass, this layer absorbs any fluid spilled on it and keeps the mattress cool & dry. As an extra step in protection, this layer is backed with a waterproof TPU layer.

The mattress protector acts as a hypoallergenic barrier that keeps harmful microorganisms away from you. It traps all kinds of dust mites, skin cells, and allergens on the surface which you easily wash.

This 10-inch thick protector has 360° elastic gripping that is easy to stretch & fits perfectly under the base of the mattress. You won’t find any lumps and you won’t even hear any noise while rolling on the bed.

The Dream Care mattress protectors can either be machine-washed or hand washed with mild detergent and tumble dry with low heat or air. It is advised not to bleach, iron, or dry clean.

What we love

  • Waterproof protective layer
  • Rich terry cotton surface
  • 2-year warranty
  • Extensive colour options
  • Hypoallergenic barrier
  • 360° elastic gripping
  • Easy to fit
  • Easy to wash

What we hate

  • The cotton surface is rough unlike what was advertised

Dream Care mattress protector is available in various sizes of King, Queen, and single beds.

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Cloth Fusion Waterproof Cotton Mattress Protector – King Size

Cloth Fusion Waterproof Cotton Mattress Protector

To keep the mattress free from stains, dust particles one must have Cloth fusion mattress protectors at home. It is made of cotton materials and is highly waterproof nature. Hence, we’ve given top priority in the list of best mattress protectors in India.

This mattress protector is available in 3 layers i.e. cotton quilted surface, microfiber sheet and a PU laminated waterproof sheet to protect against allergens, bacteria, and dust mites. Further, it absorbs the moisture and helps you sleep comfortably at night times.

Airflow technology promotes air circulation throughout the protector, keeps 100% waterproof, and help to repel liquids. It is absolutely machine washable and make sure the detergents does not contain bleach while washing.

Apart from the comfort and luxury options, the product manufacturer offers 6 months of warranty services from the date of purchase.

Overall, this amazing product is available in king size with 78*72 inch dimensions. It is available in different sizes and colors to match with the customer’s requirements. So, choose the right one that perfectly fits for home interiors.

What we love 

  • Very economical to buy.
  • Comes with 3 layer protection.
  • Available in maroon color, king size.
  • 6 months of manufacturing warranty.
  • Made of polyurethane and cotton materials.
  • Suitable for kids, youngsters, adults, and elders.
  • Waterproof and dust proof mattress protectors.

What we hate 

  • Services are n’t good.
  • You won’t get pillow covers.

This Cloth Fusion waterproof mattress protector is available in Single and Double Size.

Buy Now From Amazon

6. SleepyCat Ultra Soft Mattress Protector

SleepyCat Ultra Soft Mattress Protector

SleepyCat is reviewed as one of the best retailers in recent times focusing mainly on mattresses. With several innovations and unparalleled integrity, the SleepyCat brand supplies mattresses that let you lose yourself into a completely restful sleep. Its ultra-soft mattress protector prevents damages to your mattress and gives you a peaceful sleeping environment.

The mattress protector is made of a terry cotton layer on top that gives ultra smoothness and keeps your mattress cool. This layer is combined with a non-toxic waterproof TPU layer which allows air to pass but absorbs liquids.

It is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic so it prevents dust mites and all kinds of allergens from bothering you by blocking them on the surface. You can easily get rid of them while washing.

It is suitable for mattresses that are up to 10-inch thick and come with a fitted sheet-style elastic grip that snug fits around the mattress. It does not require much effort in cleaning as it can be gently washed in your washing machine.

What we love

  • 1-year warranty
  • Anti-microbial & hypoallergenic
  • Easy to wash & long-lasting
  • Terry cotton layer
  • Non-toxic TPU layer
  • 10-inch thickness
  • Waterproof & dustproof

What we hate

  • Available in only one colour
  • Customer service can be better

SleepyCat Mattress Protector is available for King Size beds

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Manish Cotton Uppercut Dust proof  Waterproof Mattress Protector -Queen Size

Manish Cotton Uppercut Dustproof Waterproof Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is a thin and removable piece of bedding that can be set on top of a mattress. It not only extends the mattress life, but also improves the quality of sleep by enhancing bed comfort.

If you are looking for a budget friendly mattress protector, then it’s good to have uppercut dust proof mattress protector at home.

We’re impressed with the lifespan which is bit higher than other branded mattress protector models. It comes in a lightweight design, easy to maintain and is machine washable using a normal detergent.

Airflow technology and side panels are designed specially to circulate the air. Moreover, it helps to stay fresh and sleep in a comfortable position. Using the elastic bands, you can easily fit the protector on mattress.

It is made of soft fabric cotton material to dissipate the body heat to create a comfortable sleep and is available in queen size with 72*60 inch dimensions.

You can buy mattress protector online without having a second thought because it is backed with a breathable membrane to protect the top and sides of your mattress from fluids, stains, dust mites and allergens.

What we love 

  • Comes at affordable prices.
  • Queen size mattress protector.
  • Machine washable, easy to use.
  • Suitable for asthma and allergic patients.
  • Available in maroon, white, grey, beige colors.
  • Offers quick sleep by dissipating the body heat. 

What we hate 

  • Easily fade away.
  • Wrinkles on the sides.

This uppercut dust proof and waterproof mattress protector is available in Single and Queen Size

Buy Now From Amazon


Many of us are unaware of mattress protectors that play a prominent role in improving the sleep quality. Once you get to know the surprising benefits of mattress protectors, you will love the product. It is suitable for all age groups – kids, toddlers, youngsters, teens, adults, and elders and provides a peaceful sleep.

As per our choice, we have picked Cloth Fusion Mattress Protector as the best because it is available in 3 layers to deter bacteria, dust, and other harmful particles. It is available in king size to support single, double beds due to the flexible options.

Was the information provided in the above article helpful in choosing the right mattress protector for your home (i.e. matching with the bed size)? Which one of them did you choose? Which mattress protector were you using earlier? Share your experiences and queries in the comments section below. We are more than happy to help you.

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