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Mattress Size Chart & Dimensions – Choose the Right Size

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For a good night’s sleep, it is very important to have a comfortable mattress. Along with texture and feel, size is also an important factor that influences major part your purchasing decision.

Analyzing this factor isn’t as easy as it looks. You have to consider several things like bedroom size, enough legroom and many others.

In this article, we are providing a detail guide on the mattresses size and dimensions in India. Read it carefully to analyze which mattress is perfect for you and your bedroom as well.

Mattress Size Chart in India

Unless, you have customized requirements to fit into the required space, most of the mattresses available in the market come in some standard sizes. We have mentioned these sizes below for your reference.

SizeDimensions (inches)Dimensions (Feet)
King XL72 x 846 x 7
King72 x 786 x 6.5
Queen XL66 x 785.5 x 6.5
Queen60 x 725 x 6
Double XL48 x 784 x 6.5
Double48 x 724 x 6
Single42 x 783.5 x 6.5
Small Single30 x 722.5 x 6
Crib27.5 x 552.3 x 4.6

Note: The sizes can vary from brand to brand, but the variation is not much than the mentioned dimensions above.

Mattress Size Chart Small

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#mattresssizechartinfoMattress Size and Dimensions in India

Here find the detail description of each size.

1. King XL Size Mattress

King XL Mattress

Mattress Dimensions – 72 inches by 84 inches or 6 by 7 feet

Recommended Room Size – 12 feet x 12 feet

Can Accommodate – 2 adults and 1 growing child

Among the sizes available in the market, this one is the longest mattress. Compared to king size models, it is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower. This means that the mattress is longer but a little bit short as well in width. However, it is still 12 inches more in width compared to queen size mattress. The extra length makes it suitable for tall people who are 6’ to comfortably sleep.

The California bed has enough space to accommodate two adults comfortably. And sometimes, an extra sleeper (may be your kid) can sleep on it as well. This is a good option for families. These mattresses are also available in split option (two equal parts). So, you can use the mattress according to preferences and work with adjustable beds.

2. King Size Mattress

King Size Mattress

Mattress Dimensions – 72 inches by 78 inches or 6 by 6.5 feet

Recommended Room Size – 12 feet x 12 feet

Can Accommodate – 2 adults and 1 child

This mattress is suitable for people who like to sleep with their kids or pets or just want some extra sleeping space. The room size has to be at least 12×12 to place it comfortably. Its larger size is a bit difficult for moving it around. So, box springs are split to make it easy to carry them around and move. Actually, king size mattresses are more expensive. Because of the enough space, couples can sleep in all different sleeping positions.

3. Queen XL Size Mattress

Queen XL Size Mattress

Mattress Dimensions – 66 inches by 78 inches or 5.5 by 6.5 feet

Recommended Room Size – 10 feet x 10 feet

Can Accommodate – 2 adults and 1 infant

Olympic queen size is slightly larger than the queen size. It is 6 inches less in width compared to regular queen size. It is suitable for taller individuals but cannot go for a king size mattress.

4. Queen Size Mattress

Queen size Mattress

Mattress Dimensions – 60 inches by 72 inches or 5 by 6 feet

Recommended Room Size – 10 feet x 10 feet

Can Accommodate – 2 adults

This size is long and wide enough to accommodate sleeping requirements of any individual. It is suitable for almost any individual. If you want to share it with your spouse or another person, then it can be a bit tight. Compared to twin or full sized mattress, the ability to move around can become restricted. However, if you have a large bedroom, then this cannot be an issue.

5. Double XL Mattress

DoubleXL Mattress

Mattress Dimensions – 48 inches by 78 inches or 4 by 6.5 feet

Recommended Room Size – 9.6 feet x 10.6 feet

Can Accommodate – 1 adult and 1 infant

Full size mattress is usually referred as standard double. It is sufficient enough for adults that need more room than twin bed can offer. If you share your bed with your spouse or any other individual, then this may not be the right option. If you have a pet or child that has to sleep next to you, then consider a wider option.

6. Double Size Mattress

Double Size Mattress

Mattress Dimensions – 48 inches by 72 inches or 4 by 6 feet

Recommended Room Size – 9.6 feet x 10.6 feet

Can Accommodate – 1 adult and 1 infant

If you want a standard size mattress to fit in your dorm room or studio apartment. If provides enough room for a person to stretch or roll or any other sleeping requirement. They are also suitable for people who are taller so their legs will not hang while sleeping on it. They are easy to maneuver and economical as well.

7. Single Size Mattress

Single Size Mattress

Mattress Dimensions – 42 inches by 78 inches or 3.5 by 6.5 feet

Recommended Room Size – 7 feet x 10 feet

Can Accommodate – 1 youngster

It is suitable for kids who start to keep on their own or in their own bedroom. It provides adequate space to stretch for solo sleepers during their teen years. However, it is a bit short for an adult. They also work fine to place them on bunk beds. The small size makes it easy to move around as required. They come at smaller price tag which is easy on your pockets to invest for your growing kids.

8. Small Single Bed Mattress

Small Single Size Mattress

Mattress Dimensions – 30 inches by 72 inches or 2.5 by 6 feet

Recommended Room Size – 7 feet x 10 feet

Can Accommodate – 1 kid or 1 youngster

If you want a bed for your growing kid, then this is the right option. It provides enough space for kids to sleep comfortably even if they roll over a lot.

9. Crib Mattress

Crib Size Mattress

Mattress Dimensions – 27.5 inches by 55 inches or 2.3 by 4.6 feet

Recommended Room Size – 7 feet x 10 feet

Can Accommodate – 1 kid

These mattresses are specifically designed for cribs. It can also be used as toddler bed once they outgrow the crib. For safety purposes, crib mattresses are designed and developed to be a little firmer than adult mattresses. Some crib mattresses are much easier to clean and portable as well.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size?

If you want a mattress that is big and comfortable enough for you, then you have to choose the right size. For that you have to consider several factor which have been mentioned clearly below for your reference.

1. Number of People Sleeping Bed

If the bed is just for yourself, then you can choose any one as per your preference and budget requirements. However, if you are going to co-sleep with your spouse or kids, then you should consider their sleep preferences as well.

For adults, especially couples, queen mattress is the smallest option. Double XL mattresses don’t provide enough room for couples to sleep comfortably on it. If you like to have extra space while sleeping, then king or king XL is a better choice.

For single sleepers like college students or older teenagers who have extra space, it is recommended to choose Double XL or else a Double size mattress. For toddlers and children, Single, Small single and Double is the right choice.

2. Body Type

Height also plays an important role in choosing the right mattress. People with 5 feet 5 inches height or taller, we recommend a mattress at least 80 inches in length. This will prevent your legs from dangling over the bed’s edge without disrupting your sleep.

3. Room Size

Before purchasing the mattress, you should also consider the bedroom size as well. Larger mattress means it will take more room size. You should also consider the space to move around the bed or any furniture. Overcrowding the room with bed and other furniture can be stressful to sleep. So, measure the room size for to know the exact size of mattress that fits in perfectly without compromising with space.

4. Sleep Position

Preferred sleep position can also provide insights on which mattress suits your needs perfectly. If you toss and turn a lot or sleep spread-eagle, then you will need more room or space on the mattress. So, you have to choose larger sizes even if you sleep alone.

5. Budget

Larger mattress sizes are a bit expensive compared to smaller mattresses. Apart from this factor, you should consider the quality as well while weighing the price you may have to pay.

Types of Mattress Sizes in India

Mattress Size Chart

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Double XL size bed is large enough for two people?

The answer to this question depends on the individual’s preference. A double XL size mattress provides 24 inches of space for each person which is almost same width as the crib. If you want to choose a Double XL size bed because of limited space or money, then you may have to check in with your partner for space and length constraints. For short persons, this may be sufficient but it can be a bit problem with taller sleepers. As mattresses are not one fit for all, we recommend to focus on which one works best for you.

2. What is the commonly purchased mattress size?

The most popular and common mattress size is the queen. Because the size provides balances space for two people and it is easy to move it around and through narrow doorways and staircases. When it comes to price, it is present in the middle grounds. However, don’t let this this reason affect your purchase. We recommend to understand your requirements, do you research and consider all the factors before making the purchase.

3. How do I know which mattress size is suitable for me?

Mattresses come in different sizes from single size to king XL size. If you have a non-standard size cot, then you may have to customize according to your requirements. Whether it is customized or not, for purchasing the right mattress, you have to understand your requirements. For that, you have to measure the cot along length and width. Based on that you can purchase the mattress.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

Purchasing the right mattress size is a very important decision. And it is not easy as well because of the several options available in the market.

To help you out, we provided this detail guide with all the information related to mattress sizes. We hope this information is enough for you to make the decision.

If you still have any doubts, then write to us in the comments section below. We will clarify them as soon as possible.

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