The 5 Best LG Water Purifiers In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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LG (Life’s Good) is one of the leading brands across world with headquarters in South Korea. They provide a wide range of consumer products in Home and Kitchen section. When it comes to water purifiers, they provide reliable, energy efficient and safe models in a wide price range.

Water purifier models from LG brand are tested and certified by Water Digest Awards in the years 2017 to 2018. This award organization is supported by Central Water Commission, Ministry of Water Resources and Central Ground Water Board.

LG water purifiers are equipped with different water purification technologies that include RO, UV, and UF. RO water purifiers are suitable for localities with high TDS values. For more information on what is TDS and how to measure it, CLICK HERE.  

Every model that its own unique features and specification. Choosing the right one that suits your particular needs can be a tough job. We have provided the Best LG Water Purifiers in India after a thorough research and analysis.

You can read the “Buying Guide” that will help you to buy your water purifier. 

5 Best LG Water Purifiers In India

LG 8-liter RO Water PurifierRO1 -yearCheck On Amazon
LG WW151NP RO+UV Water PurifierRO + UV10-yearsCheck On Amazon
LG WW182EP Water PurifierRO + STS + UV + UF10-yearsCheck On Amazon
LG WW172EP 8-Litre RO+ EverFresh Water PurifierRO10-yearsCheck On Amazon
LG Puricare WW140NP RO Water PurifierRO + UV10-yearsCheck On Amazon

5 Best LG Water Purifiers In India Reviews

1. LG 8-liter RO Water Purifier

LG 8-liter RO Water Purifier

This 8-liter purifier from the most trusted brand LG has every feature that would make your living more hygienic and healthy.


  • True RO Filtration: This Reverse Osmosis purification separates heavy particles and unwanted molecules from the water resulting in safe and clean drinkable water.
  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank: The stainless steel tank keeps the water fresh and prevents the growth of bacteria and algae. And, the water is safe from any unwanted alien microbes entering as the tank is sealed with dual protection.
  • Digital Sterilizing Care: This unique method smartly purifies the tap water and turns it into a natural disinfectant with the process of electrolysis.
  • Mineral Booster: This efficient booster, equipped with mineral filters, adds essential minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium into the water along with retaining other healthy minerals for added health benefits.
  • Filter Change Indicator: After a long uncompromising service, if the purifier has reached the point where its filter must be changed, the smart indicator will let you know ahead so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted pure water supply.


  • Complementary true maintenance package
  • 8-liter storage capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient indicators
  • 1-year warranty


  • After-sales service needs to be better

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2. LG RO+UV Water Purifier

LG WW151NP RO+UV Water Purifier

Added to the list of the best water purifier, this model WW151NP, with a large capacity of 8 liters, uses the best purification techniques for healthy and safe drinking water.


  • True RO Filtration: Most prominent purification method purifies water by eliminating ions, harmful molecules, and unwanted particles from drinkable water.
  • Mineral Booster: The essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium are added to the water through the mineral filters with this booster which also makes sure you receive all health benefits by retaining other minerals in the water.
  • Dual protection Stainless Steel Tank: The tank is made of stainless steel that keeps the water fresh and safe without allowing the growth of any bacteria or algae. To protect the water from dust or any other harmful microbes it is sealed firmly with dual protection.
  • EverFresh UV Plus: This effective technology shines UV rays into the drinking water and kills microorganisms and their ability to reproduce without affecting the taste.
  • Digital Sterilizing Care: You are assured of receiving the purest water from the purifier as it uses the most efficient electrolysis process to kill off pathogens.


  • 10 years warranty
  • Mineral booster
  • RO + UV purification
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy water spillage
  • After-sales service can be better

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3. LG WW182EP RO+STS+UV+UF Water Purifier


The water purifier helps you to select the health of your family. This type of water purifier is the perfect choice for a middle-sized family. It has an advanced multi-stage reverse osmosis system that gives safe drinking water and removes contaminants.


  • UV Plus: It ensures that the water stores in the tank are safe to drink.
  • Five Stage Purifier: All LG purifier comes with five-stage purifier which offers the main filtration process when water enters into the tank. The five filtration stages are Outside Pre-Filter, Sediment Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, RO Filter, and Mineral Booster with Post-Carbon Filter.Post-Carbon filter makes water cleaner like crystals.
  • Dual Protection: It is hygienic than the plastic tank because it ensures dual protection in the stainless-steel. It adds value to the water and eradicates the growth of bacteria and algae.
  • Installation: It is easy to install as you have to make a call on the customer service number and they will come to your house with the equipment for wall mounting the water purifier.
  • Mineral Booster: It makes water healthier and tastier.
  • Filter: The filter has authenticity from the LG developers, and it increases the efficiency of the product.
  • Smart Display: It is an indicator that displays the time to change the filter and its water level in the tank.
  • 2 in 1 Water Solution: When the water filters, the impure water that is reusable, gets drain in the sink but, in case for LG water purifier you can use the water to do your remaining works like rinsing vegetables or clothes.


  • Easy to install
  • Good storage capacity that is 8 liter
  • Easy to use
  • Indicator Alarm
  • Provides good flavor
  • Value for money
  • 10-years warranty


  • Not fruitful for TDS more than 600

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4. LG RO+ EverFresh UV Plus+Mineral Booster Water Purifier

LG RO+ EverFresh water purifier

The model, WW172EP, is a stylishly designed appliance that would elevate your class and ensures that you drink the safest water at the same time.


  • RO Filtration: The enhanced RO filtration this model provides eradicate all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals without leaving any trace with advanced multi-stage reverse osmosis.
  • Digital Sterilizing Care: This innovative method is considered to be the most hygienic as it sterilizes the water, water path, faucet, and even the tank without using any harmful chemicals.
  • Smart Indicators: The machine lets you know when it needs to be serviced. You will be notified of filter change, UV sterilization, and water level with its unique and smart indicators.
  • UV LED: The water remains untouched by any microorganisms with the constant emitting of effective UV rays.
  • Smart Display: During the day or the night you can always check the status of the purifier with its sophisticated smart display that shows, the water level, the services needed, and any errors that block the purification process.


  • Easy to install
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 10 years on the water tank
  • Digital sterilizing care
  • Advanced Multi-stage reverse osmosis
  • 8-liter large capacity
  • UV purification


  • After-sales service must improve

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5. LG Puricare WW140NP RO Water Purifier


The LG Puricare is an 8 Liter capacity RO water purifier. The basic function of the RO water purifier is to filter the impure water and provide you the pure form of it after eliminating the contamination of water.


  • Five Stage Purifying System: This system helps in removing viruses and bacteria. The stages are named as follows:
  1. Outside Pre-Filter
  2. Sediment Filter
  3. Pre-Carbon Filter
  4. RO Filter
  5. Mineral Booster and Post-Carbon Filter
  • Plastic VS Stainless Steel Tank: The Stainless-Steel tanks win as it is free from impurities and the best storage for water because of the protective seal. It maintains the freshness of water and reduces the growth of algae.
  • Mineral Booster: Water is the best body purifier as it removes toxins from the skin, helps you to get glowing skin, creates higher metabolism, and keeps your mood better. Mineral booster enhances the taste and gives all benefits of water.
  • Digital Sterilization: It has a unique and hygienic way to sterilize the water path and keeps the water away from any harmful chemicals.
  • Filter: The filter is authorized and gives higher efficiency.
  • Smart Display: It indicates the power, alarm for when to change the water level in the tank.
  • Installation: The best place for installing a water purifier is in the kitchen because it occupies less space and makes the kitchen look modern. Wall mounting is the best option.


  • Easy to use
  • UV Plus
  • Better Sterilization
  • Durability
  • Value for money
  • Flavor is good
  • 10-years of warranty


  • High annual maintenance  

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How To Choose The Best Water Purifier For You?

Water purifiers from LG are equipped with some unique features. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

1. Multi-Stage Filtration

When it comes to purity of water, LG water purifiers can remove impurities as small as 0.0001 micrometers. Its multi-stage filtration also ensures removal of virus, bacteria, and heavy metals. So, you can be assured that only pure and safe water is provided by these water purifiers.

LG water purifier models have 5-stage RO filtration system.

Pre-Filter -> Sediment Filter -> Carbon Filter -> Reverse Osmosis -> Mineral -> UV LED lamp (based on model)

Responsibilities of Each Filter:

  • Pre-Filter – This filter is responsible for removing rust stains, big dirt particles, mud, hair, and other impurities.
  • Sediment Filter – This will eliminate residues and other pollutants present in the water.
  • Activated Carbon Filter – It will remove residual chlorine, fine particles, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and others.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter – It will filter dissolved impurities, heavy metals, virus, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, others.
  • Mineral Booster – It is responsible for adding minerals into purified water without adding impure water.
  • UV Lamp – The UV rays emitting from the lamp will kill the bacteria, virus and other microorganisms present in the storage tank. This will make the water safer and tasty for consumption.

2. Every Fresh UV Plus

Usually, RO filter removed bacteria, virus and other microorganisms present in the water. Because of this, the need for UV filter has decreased. However, if the water is left in storage for long time, then microorganisms can grow in it. To prevent this, LG purifier recycles the water present in the tank using UV lamp (in-built). The water will be purified for 75 minutes once in every 6 hours. This process is often referred by LG as Preservation Stage. It is present only in LG water purification models.

3. Stainless Steel Tank

Unlike water purifiers from other brands that provide plastic storage tank, LG models come with stainless steel tank which is more safe and hygienic. It will maintain the water contamination free and decrease any chances of algae and bacteria growth.

According to the tests conduction in labs, stainless steel water tank that is available in LG models have shown 94.4% less E.Coli growth in 24 hours compared to plastic water storage tanks. Multiple safety measures that been considered while designing this storage tank. For example, gasket around the side of the lid and multiple locks. This safety features are often mentioned as Dual Protection Seal that will keep water sage for consumption even if water is left inside the tank for a long time.

4. 2-in-1 Care

Some LG water purifiers come with UF (Ultra Filtration) which provides water suitable for cleaning vegetables and fruits. LG water purifiers with this feature will have two outlets. The secondary outlet is available through pipe present in the right side. Water from this outlet can be used for washing vegetables, fruits and raw foods.

Outlet will not use RO filtered watered present in the storage tank. The inlet water will pass through three stage filtration and released through the secondary outlet. The 3-stage filtration process include Pre-filter, sediment filter and ultra-filtration filter.

5. Smart Display

With circular digital display, it is very easy to know the purifier mode and water level in the storage tank even at the night or dim lighting conditions.

  • Blue light represents the purifier is on drinkable water filtration mode or UV sterilization or both.
  • White coloured light represents that the purifier is in standby mode or tank is full or there is no water input supply.
  • Amber light represents the purifier maintenance time.

6. One Touch Hot, Cold & Normal

With LG water purifiers, you can now enjoy hot or cold water instantly. With just one touch, you can get cold water (at 5-degree centigrade minimum) and hot water (at maximum 90-degree centigrade) instantly. So, now you can prepare cocktails, smoothies, plain punch, coffee or tea by just clicking a button.

7. Digital Sterilization Kit

Most of the LG water purifiers come with sterilizing kit which ensures proper maintenance of the device. It will sterilize entire water path, tank, and faucet without using harmful chemicals.

8. Flexible Installation

LF water purifiers can be installed as per your convenience. You can either wall-mount them or place them on kitchen counter top.

Advantages of LG Water Purifier

Compared to other water purifiers, LG models have two main benefits. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

Most of the water purifiers take bypass route for adding minerals back into RO purified water but this is not appropriate method. LG models don’t have any bypass route. They come with mineral booster which will add back minerals into water. This is the appropriate way of boosting minerals in purified water.

Usually, water purifiers don’t work well in areas with low water pressures. In such cases, service professionals from other brands cut off LPS (low-pressure switch) which will force the motor to work all the time. But LG water purifiers can run even with low water pressure.

Why is ultra-filtration filter not used in some LG models for drinking water filtration?

Actually, UF filter doesn’t have any role in drinkable water filtration system. Many brands in the market add another fine pore sized UF filter at the end of purification system just to market their models as best based on the number of filters. But once the water passes through RO, there is no need of any ultra-filtration process. It’s like passing the water from fine filter (RO purification) to coarse filter (UF filter) which doesn’t make any sense. So, placing a UF purification after RO purification is just a marketing tactic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How long can one store water in the purifier tank?

As the company uses food-grade plastic to build the storage tanks, still, it is better if you consume the water within three days of purification.

2.Which purifier is better electric or non-electric?

The functionality of both the purifier is the same. The only difference is that it comes with different flow rates, types of filter, and storage. RO + UV filters work best with TDS but, RO purifiers waste a lot of water. The non-electric ones save more water but can only be used where the TDS level is low.

3.Hardness and TDS of water are the same?

Hardness of water represents the amount of calcium and magnesium salts in water. The hard water lefts impurities in the tank down the below. The TDS is the mixture of total dissolved and undissolved salts of both organic and inorganic.


Water contamination is a matter of concern. Water is necessary for natural life existence, and it is important to drink healthy water to keep away from water contaminate diseases. 

Out of the five products we recommend you to choose “Lg 8 ltrs Water Purifier”, because it is having five-layer protection, also in budget as compared to other purifiers. Other purifiers also provide a similar filtration with some additional features so, this guide will help you to select one for you. 

We hope this article helps you to select water purifier to your choice. Water is life, and you must consider all the features to confirm your decision of buying purifier.

Keep yourself safe and hydrated!

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