6 Best UV Water Purifiers in India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Drinking water that is contaminated from bacteria is not safe to drink and can lead to water-borne bacterial diseases.

UV water purifiers are capable of destroying 99.99% of harmful microorganisms from water without adding any chemicals to it or changing the taste or odor of the water. It also gets rid of a wide range of pathogens that are resistant to chlorination.

The UV light present in the filter mutates and/or degrades the DNA of these microorganisms so that they cannot reproduce and function at all.

Some important factors that you should consider before buying a UV water purifier for your home are:

Flow Rate:

The water requirement of each family varies. The flow rate of UV water purifiers is generally around 1-2 liter/minute. You can select one as per your requirement.

Bulb Lifespan:

The lifespan of the bulb refers to how often the UV lamp needs replacement. It depends on the working hour that ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 hours. A longer lifespan is always better.

Apart from these, there are some additional factors that you should check before buying a UV water purifier. They are explained in the “Buying Guide”.

After a complete research and going through the reviews of users thoroughly, we have listed out 6 best UV water purifiers available in India.

Best UV Water Purifiers 2021

UV Water PurifiersFlow rateLife of UV LampWarrantyBuy Now
Eureka Forbes UV Water Purifier2 - Ltr/ Min5000 Burning Hours1 yearCheck On Amazon
Kent Maxx UV water purifier60-Ltr/Hr5000 Burning Hours1 yearCheck On Amazon
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard UV Water Purifier2- Ltr/Min8000 Burning Hours1 yearCheck On Amazon
 Kent ultra UV Water Purifier60 Ltr/Hr5000 Burning Hours1 yearCheck On Amazon
Eureka Forbes Aquasure UV Water Purifier2- Ltr/Min5000 Burning Hours1 yearCheck On Amazon
HUL Pureit MarvellaUV Water Purifier1 to 2 Ltr/Min10,000 Burning Hours1 yearCheck On Amazon

List of Top 6 Best UV Water Purifiers 2021

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aqua guard UV Water Purifier

Eureka UV Water Purifier

The Aquaflow DX is the best choice if you are planning to buy an electric water purifier. This is designed with dual cartridge and it can eliminate suspended particles, organic compounds and odour from water and make your drinking water sweet.

This smart water purifier gives you 2 litres of water in a minute. During the fluctuations of voltages this purifier ensures you to work perfectly as there is built in voltage stabiliser.

It has smart indications; it monitors the working of the UV bulb life, cartridge life and indicates if there is any issue so that you can immediately schedule your service calls accordingly.

Warranty:  This purifier has 1 year warranty

Things we liked:

  • It provides safety and healthy drinking water
  • It also offers odour less and crystal clear drinking water
  • It is suitable for municipal water

Things we didn’t like:

  • It has reported quality issue

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2. Kent Maxx water purifier

KENT UV Water Purifier

Kent maxx water purifier is wall mounted purifier and it uses double purification technology of UV and UF which gives you safe and pure drinking water. It is designed with the transparent detachable storage tank which is helpful in easy cleaning.

This purifier is suitable for any type of water source like underground water, municipal water. It has smart indicators like filter change and UV change alarm. For our safety and convenience this alarm indicates the replacement of filter and UV lamp.

This purifier is designed with high storage capacity of 7 litres, It ensure the continuous supply of water even when there is power cut.

Things we liked:

  • Free installation
  • Per hour this purifier purifies 15L of water.

Things we didn’t liked:

  • It does not work if the water pressure is low
  • Not suitable for groundwater purification

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3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes UV Water Purifier

Eureka forbes Aquaguard crystal plus UV water purifier is suitable for the areas where there is low TDS in water.

It is designed with the unique e- boiling technology which eliminates diseases causing bacteria, virus and protozoa ensuring every drop of water is safe and pure that is equal to 20 min of boiling.

Warranty: There is 1 year warranty for this purifier.


  • It is made of Food grade plastic
  • It ensures to work in voltage fluctuations as it is designed with voltage stabilizer.
  • It come with backflush

Things we liked:

  • If there is any fault in purification process the Advanced Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) ensures safe water by scanning the water continuously and shuts the machine off.
  • To keep the filter clean, blackflush removes the stagnated water.

Things we didn’t like:

  • On low pressure water supply this purifier does not work.

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 4. Kent ultra water purifier


Kent, one of the leading organisation in purifiers, it came up with UV technology based water purifiers.  The kent ultra can purify 60 litres of water per hour which is perfectly suitable for large families.

This fully automatic water purifier comes with fully automatic mode of operation which cuts off the power supply when UV stops working, this saves electricity and also prevent from getting impure water.

Warranty: There is 1 year warranty.


  • This purifier is suitable for areas where there is low TDS water supply.
  • It provides 100% pure water as it works with the combination of sediment filter, activated carbon filter and UV disinfection.

Things we liked:

  • It has high power 11 watt UV lamp and it deactivates all the micro organisms from water.
  • The purifier comes with long life and high durability as it is designed with ABS food grade plastic.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The output flow of water is very slow

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5. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure UV Water Purifier

The Aquasure is the perfect choice if you are looking for compact and light weight purifier for your home. This purifier is designed with glass holding space where you can place the glass and fill the pure drinking water.

It is designed with 3 stage water purification that ensures you get pure drinking water. Its water flow rate is 2 litres/ minute.

Warranty: This purifier comes with 1 year warranty

Things we liked:

  • Reliable filtration
  • Energy saving mode

Things we didn’t like:

  • Basic protection from impurities

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 6. HUL Pureit Marvella Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Water Purifier

HUL pureit come up with the Marvella water purifier that provides you pure and germ free drinking water. This water purifier has an elaborate purification process that includes different technologies and filters which provides you the best.

The sediment filter separates particles and sediments from water later on it passes the sediment filters for the removal of any residual impurities.

Things we liked:

  • low-cost maintenance
  • It is efficient and have power saving feature

Things we didn’t like:

  • Poor customer support

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Things to Consider While Purchasing a UV Water Purifier

The water usage or requirement of each household is different. Even the water resource for each house is different. Thus, to help you buy a UV water purifier that meets your requirements, here are the most important factors that you should check for.

1. Check Water Quality:

There are some contaminants that can scatter or absorb the UV light. This affects the transmission of the UV rays through water, thereby reducing the amount of UV radiation that reaches the microorganisms.

These types of contaminants are generally found in surface water supplies that include manganese, iron, fulvic and humic acid. Hence, in such cases, disinfection with UV is effective when the filtration process removes these contaminants.

Some microorganisms are also protected by suspended solids or shadow of diet, or in some form of floating debris.

Thus, it is very important to know the types of contaminants present in the water so that your UV water purifier works effectively. There are some parameters that the water must meet. If not, you will have to install a pre-filter.

Some of these parameters are:

  • Hardness < (less than) 120 PPM (parts per million)
  • Iron < (less than) 0.3 PPM
  • Manganese < (less than) 0.05 PPM
  • Turbidity < (less than) 1 NTU
  • Tannins < (less than) 0.1 PPM
  • UV Transmittance > (greater than) 75%

2. Flow Rate:

When it comes to water usage, the requirement of each household is different. For example, the water consumption by a family with 1 or 2 members is much lesser than the consumption by a family with 4 or 5 members.

You should select a water purifier that offers a flow rate that is suitable to meet your water requirements.

To figure this out, take an estimate of the water consumption at your home and then buy a purifier that exceeds the number that you have calculated in the flow rate.

3. Bulb Lifespan:

Even though most of the UV bulbs last for a very long time, they don’t last forever and need to be replaced at some point. Hence, it is very important for you to figure out how often will you have to replace the bulb and how much will be the replacement cost.

You can include this replacement cost in the overall cost of the water purifier. In some purifiers, you will have to replace the bulb every few months whereas, in other units, the bulb works for over a year or more without any replacement.

If you are looking for a purifier that needs minimal maintenance and minimal after-purchase expenditure, we suggest you to buy a unit that features a UV bulb with a longer lifespan.

4. Storage:

The storage capacity of most of the UV water purifiers is not too high. Thus, before buying a unit, make sure that you have a continuous supply of water at your home.

This helps you in getting safe and fresh drinking water every time.

However, if you don’t have a continuous or constant water supply at your home, you should buy a non-electric water purifier.

5. UV Fail Alarm:

This is an important feature that is very helpful in the future.

Since the UV light is invisible, It is almost impossible to figure out whether the lamp has stopped working or not. If it has stopped working, the purifier will no longer purify the water. The UV fail alarm feature notifies you beforehand whenever there is a need to change the filter.

It is a convenient feature that lets you drink safe and pure drinking water always.

6. Wattage:

To generate an accurate amount of UV-C and short-wave radiation, the ballast should be of certain wattage. For most of the houses in India, a 55 W, 120 V water purifier system works fine.

7. Mode of Operation:

Always check if the water purifier is easy to use or not. In purifiers with an automatic mode of operation, the UV bulb automatically turns off whenever the machine is not in use. This is helpful in enhancing the lifespan of the UV bulb and the overall purifier. It also prevents you from spending on a new bulb frequently.

A UV water purifier should be easy to use so that you get the drinking water just with the touch of a button.

8. Installation:

It is important to buy a water purifier that can be installed as per your convenience. While some water purifiers need to be wall-mounted, others can be placed on a table counter. You can buy the model as per your preference.

Installation of the water purifiers is not an easy task and is better if it is done by professionals only. Make sure that the brand provides a free and quick installation service to you.

9. Certifications:

The water purifiers generally don’t need to pass a certification process. Hence, it becomes even more important to buy it from a reliable and reputed brand.

If you are opting for an uncertified water purifier, make sure that you do enough research from your part and see if the brand is good and if it has positive reviews from the customers or not.

10. Customer Support:

It is always a great idea to buy a water purifier from a brand that provides excellent customer service as it is a costly investment. Before buying a particular model, go through the reviews of the users to figure out what issues are they facing and are these issues covered under warranty. Also, check if the brand is helping the users in dealing with their common issues.

11. Added Features:

One of the most common additional features that you should look for in a water purifier is the LED indicator that notifies you whenever the filter needs a replacement. Some brands even offer a touchscreen display, flow meter, and a shut-off valve that can be equally useful.

12. Price:

The UV water purifiers are easily available at a price range of Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 10,000.

We suggest you to not fall in the trap of cheaper units as they might not offer the best results. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the costliest models are the best.

You should check the pros and cons of each unit properly and then make a decision, keeping your requirements in mind.

13. Warranty:

Most of the reputed brands offer a manufacturer warranty of 1 to 2 years. It is always better to buy a purifier offering the maximum warranty period. Also, you must check what all services are covered under the warranty.

How do UV Water Purifiers Work?

Ultraviolet water purification is considered as the most effective water purification method that helps in disinfecting viruses and bacteria from the drinking water.

The water is run through a chamber that contains a UV lamp and this is where the disinfection is done. As the water flows through this lamp, all the harmful microorganisms get a dose of UV light (254 nm wavelength). This light attacks their DNA and eliminates their ability to reproduce.

The UV dosage is the measurement of energy that is calculated in mJ/cm² offered by a UV water purifier. The more the dosage is, the more energy will be delivered by the purifier to treat the contaminated water. At a certain intensity, the energy provided is sufficient enough to inactivate most of the virus or microorganisms present in the water.

Advantages of UV Water Purifier:

Some of the most significant advantages of buying a UV water purifier for your home are as follows:

  • UV purification is very effective in purifying water. It can destroy up to 99.99% of microorganisms present in the water, making it suitable for drinking. When compared to chlorine, UV is more effective in fighting against viruses.
  • UV is user friendly and environmental friendly. Thus, UV is considered as a green alternative to chlorine without any disinfection by-products. It does not involve any risk of overdosing and does not even include any harmful chemicals.
  • The UV filter does not change the odor or taste of the drinking water. Unlike other chemical disinfecting methods like chlorine that changes the taste and odor of the water, UV does not do any of these. Hence, the chemical structure of the water remains the same as it was before UV treatment.
  • The maintenance of UV water purifiers is pretty easy and simple. It requires periodic cleaning and you might have to replace the UV lamp once in a year.
  • It takes care of a wide range of pathogens than the chlorine filtration system – including protozoa such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium that are resistant to chlorination.
  • The power consumption of UV filters is very low.
  • UV water purifiers are very economical.
  • The purifiers work fine with other methods of water purification too.
  • When compared to the RO water purification method, the UV water purification does not waste the water.
  • Unlike other purifiers, the water here is only exposed to light. It does not come in direct contact with the bulb.

Disadvantages of a UV Water Purifier:

Even though a UV water purifier offers so many benefits, there are a few disadvantages too. Some of them are:

  • The UV light only deactivates the living microorganisms and prevents them from reproducing. Thus, the purifiers need pre-filtration to get rid of loose particles.
  • The UV light can remove only microorganisms. It does not remove other harmful contaminants like chlorine, salts, TDSs, and heavy metals. Thus, you might need a combined system like a reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system along with a UV filter so that it removes the maximum amount of contaminants from the drinking water.
  • UV filtration is effective only when the water that is being treated is clean. If the water supply is from well that contains floaties or other particles, the water needs to be pre-filtered before you treat it with UV light. Most of the time, the UV light does not reach the microorganisms as they are blocked by particles. In this case, the water treatment is not effective.
  • If you are not using the water and if the water remains in the chamber for a long time, the UV lamp can heat up the water.
  • It requires power for operation. In case of a power failure, the purifier might not work at all.

How to Maintain your UV Water Purifier?

Even though water purifiers last for years, they require timely maintenance like any water treatment system. Nevertheless, UV water purifiers are very easy to maintain and can offer the best performance for years.

Some of the maintenance tips are as follows:

  • Replace the UV lamp once in a year. The UV lamps use mercury vapor as fuel to ignite the UV wavelength. The mercury inside the lamp dissipates over time and thus, needs to be replaced. A UV lamp lasts for around 375 days or 9,000 hours (if the purifier is on all the time).
  • Clean the quartz sleeve. There is a glass quartz sleeve that is surrounded by the lamp. You need to clean it regularly so that the UV lamp works effectively. Whenever you are replacing the lamp, remember to clean the quartz sleeve too.
  • Replace the quartz sleeve at least once in two years. Since the quartz sleeve is fragile, it is always great to keep an extra sleeve handy at your home.

Are UV Water Purifiers Safe?

UV water purification treatment makes it safe to drink the water. It does not use any harmful chemicals while purification and hence, does not even alter the composition of the water. Its low-to-no sodium-free solution makes it safe to drink the water purified by the unit. UV water filtration is even approved by the FDA.

Ultraviolet light treats water even for protozoa that are not removed while chlorine disinfection. When compared to other systems, maintaining a UV system is much easier. The water here is safe to drink than the ones offered by other chemical disinfectants.


A UV water purifier uses UV-C light while disinfecting. The UV-C light is equally harmful to humans as it is for microorganisms. Unless you touch or look at the UV bulb while the machine is on, there is no danger of exposure.

What is Inside a UV Water Purifier?

A UV water purification system consists of 4 main components namely:

1. The Reactor Chamber:

The reactor chamber of a UV purifier contains the UV lamp and the quartz sleeve. This chamber is responsible for controlling the flow of water that is passing through the system. The reactor chamber is generally built using stainless steel. However, some brands even use other materials like plastic to make the chamber.

2. The UV Lamp:

The UV Lamp inside the purifier generates UV-C radiation that is known as germicidal. The UV lamp contains a bead of mercury that helps in producing UV-C light rays. UV lamps contain filaments that produce an electric current that heats up the mercury. This causes evaporation in the air space inside the UV lamp. The evaporated mercury then creates electrical arcs that help in producing UV-C with different intensity levels which help in disinfecting water.

3. The Quartz Sleeve:

The quartz sleeve is a long and cylindrical-shaped tube that is made using quartz glass. This quartz sleeve helps in protecting the UV lamp that is placed inside from touching the water directly. The UV lamp transmits the UV light to the water via this tube. As the contaminants can settle over the sleeve, it is very important to clean it whenever you are replacing the UV lamp. This helps in the proper functioning of the water purifier.

4. The Controller Unit:

The controller unit is the brain of the UV water purification system. This unit is responsible for controlling the electrical output of the UV lamp. It also powers the lamp to generate the UV-C radiation that is required to kill the microorganisms. In terms of complexity or usage, the controllers can vary depending on the system’s requirements.

While some models have a simple cap fitting over the end of the lamp, others can have extra elements like low UV alarms, lamp-change timers, and trouble indicating lights to alert the users whenever there is a system failure.

How To Choose Water Purifier Based on Water Quality:

Water QualityTDS level(PPM)Suitable water purifier
Very soft water0-80UV
Soft water80-150UV
Hard water150-400RO
Very hard water400 and aboveRO+UV

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What all Does a UV Filter Remove?

The UV disinfection system works on deactivating living microorganisms. It does not remove any particles from the water or add any chemicals to the water that can change its taste and odor.
It treats water for:
*Dysentery bacilli
*Mycobacterium tuberculosis
*Some viruses

2. What amount of UV dose is required to kill viruses and bacteria?

It requires a particular dosage of UV energy from the UV lamp to inactivate certain contaminants.
This energy is measured in millijoule per square centimeter or mJ/cm².
For contaminants like Giardia, E. coli, and cryptosporidium, it requires a UV dosage of 10 mJ/cm² to get inactivated.
Most of the UV water purifiers are certified by NSF “A” and are rated at 40 mJ/cm². These are best for use at commercial places or applications.
30 mJ/cm² is considered as the most accepted standard.

3. Which purifier is better – RO or UV Water Purifier?

Most of the users are okay buying a standalone UV filtration system for their home. If you want to get rid of only bacteria and other microorganisms and if you are not worried about the heavy metals or chemical contamination in your drinking water supply, you can buy a standalone UV filter without any additional filtration.
But, if the water supply at your home consists of a wider range of pollutants or contaminants like lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and TDSs, you must buy a combined system like a reverse osmosis filtration system along with a UV filter so that it removes the maximum amount of contaminants from the drinking water, This makes it safe for you to drink the water.

4. Which is better – UV or UF?

UV water purifier kills viruses and bacteria and provides clean and purified water. UF water purifier, on the other hand, blocks viruses and bacteria in the UF hollow fiber membrane. This blocked virus and bacteria can act as an obstacle to the passing water, eventually slowing down the water purification process. Thus, it is recommended to clean the UF membrane at least once in a week.

5. How effective is a UV water purification system?

UV purification can destroy up to 99.99% of microorganisms that are present in water. It is more effective in dealing with viruses than chlorine treatment.

6. Can UV light also destroy E. coli?

Yes, UV is highly effective in killing E. coli. Apart from this, UV can also destroy bacteria and a wide range of viruses and water-borne parasites

7. Is UV water safe to drink?

Yes it is safe to drink as it removes heavy metals, chlorine, volatile organic compounds by teaming up with other carbon filters.

8. What do you mean by TDS?

TDS abbreviation is total dissolved solids, these are the salts, minerals, and metals mixed in water. PPM is the measuring unit of TDS.

9. How frequently should the filters be changed?

Once in a month the sediment and activated carbon filters need to be changed, after two years RO membrane should be changed, the advance technology comes in the most of the filter which indicates for replacement of filters.


UV water purifiers help your family from different types of water born diseases such as cholera, typhoid, etc by killing bacteria and germs from water. There are different types of UV water purifiers available in market, hope our article helps you in deciding the best purifier for your family.

Our suggestion would be Eureka Forbes Aquasure UV Water Purifier as it comes with dual cartridges and can eliminate suspended particles odour from water. It also has smart indicators and it will fill the tank faster, 2liters of water in a minute.

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