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The 5 Best Kent Water Purifiers In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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For a decade, Kent has been providing remarkable and exceptional water purifier models. It has acclaimed several awards, certifications and even ranked as the #1 brand by Brand Trust Advisory in the water purifier category.

The outstanding performance, latest technologies, and attractive designs have made Kent popular among Indian consumers. It provides a wide range of water purifier models in every price range.

Today, in this article, we will explore 5 best Kent Water Purifier models with detail descriptions. And along with that, we have provided “Buying Guide” for Kent water purifier. This helps you understand how to choose the best water purifier.

5 Best Kent Water Purifiers In India

Kent Water PurifiersType of filterWarrantyBuy Now
Kent New Grand Water PurifierRO + UV + UF + TDS1 yearCheck On Amazon
Kent Maxx Water PurifierUV + UF1 yearCheck On Amazon
Kent Ultra Wall-Mountable Water PurifierUV1 yearCheck On Amazon
Kent Ultra Storage Water PurifierUV + UF1 yearCheck On Amazon
Kent Gold UF Water PurifierUF1 yearCheck On Amazon

5 Best Kent Water Purifiers In India Reviews

1. Kent New Grand Water Purifier

new kent

The New Kent Grand Water Purifier comes with RO + UV + UF + TDS. If you are looking for a water purifier for your small family then it is a perfect choice. This purifier comes in two model ranges, one offers 15L/Hr and 20L/Hr filtration speed.

The TDS control limit is 500-2500, before buying a water purifier you must check the TDS of the water source. The manufacturing company provides your free installation. When you are installing the water purifier always keep in mind that the water source and the purifier should not be more than 3 meters.

The multi-stage purification of dissolved and undissolved impurities such as bacteria, viruses, salts, and chemicals. The purification has RO + UV/UF and has an inbuilt TDS controller that retains essential minerals in the water.

The mineral RO technology provides the mineral booster to water and enhances the taste of water. The water tank has 8 liters of storing capacity that ensures continuous filtration of water. Then, it has ‘Save Water Technology’, that helps in reducing the water wastage. The controlled computer feature helps in recovering more water as to the purified water.

It has a water level indicator that keeps the track of water available in the tank. Whenever you find that you do not have water purified then switch it on.

The water purifier is versatile because it purifies any type of water like a brackish, tap, or municipal corporation water.


  • Good storage capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Enhances the flavor of water
  • Value for money
  • High Durability
  • One-year warranty and 3 years No service charge purification


  • A lot of water wastage while purifying

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2. Kent Maxx Water Purifier

kent max

Everyone has a different demand from a water purifier. If you have a small family then you must go with this product. The purification process that goes through UV and UF called Double purification which removes the bacteria, viruses, and cysts from water.

The water purifier has a computer-controlled operation that gives alarm for filter change and UV lamp for safety concern.

It happens many times that for maintaining hygiene in your water you want to clean the tank but the storage tank is attached permanently to the water purifier. In this model the tank is detachable.

The storage tank is made of ABS Food grade plastic that helps to keep the water purified and the push-fit design prevents any leakages.

It gives you fast water purification as it filters 20 liters per hour and the water storing in the tank will be fresh always


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Good storage capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Taste enhancer
  • One-year warranty


  • Avoid using in more TDS value

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3. Kent Ultra Water Purifier

Kent Ultra Water Purifier

Get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, impurities, dust, insects, and pesticides from your drinking water by bringing home the finest Kent Ultra water purifier.

This efficient home appliance can be mounted onto a wall and save so much space. You don’t have to strain yourself by moving all your other appliances to place this friendly-sized utility.

This water purifier uses a prominent multiple purification process of inline sediment, inline carbon, and inline UV chamber to supply the purest drinking water.

It comes with a powerful 11W UV lamp that immobilizes all microorganisms ensuring the safety of the water.

The purifier has the highest purification capacity of 60 liters per hour which means you will be supplied pure water at a faster rate and at a higher volume.

The advanced appliance has a computer-controlled operation where it immediately notifies you when the UV lamp becomes ineffective.

It is made of polypropylene food-grade plastic for a longer life span and erosion-free service.

There are more than 1500 Kent service centers across India to provide its customers the most reliable after-sales service.


  • Wall-mountable
  • Multiple purification process
  • High purification capacity
  • Computer-controlled operation
  • Polypropylene food-grade plastic


  • Does not affect the TDS of water

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4. Kent Ultra Storage  Water Purifier

kent ultra

The Kent Ultra storage is a wall-mountable that has UV + UF water purifier. This type of purifier is called double water purification, the UF membrane filters out the dead bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

The computer-controlled operation has two features that are filter change and UV fail alarm. The filter change alarm notifies for the user to change the filter and the UV fail alarm tells when the UV lamp becomes obsolete.

Note: When water is purified, for every liter 650 ml of water is thrown out, it is advisable to store the water in a container so that it can use for cleaning utensils or washing clothes.

It is suitable for low TDS water because it is based on UV and UF technology that will not remove the undissolved impurities.

The size of the water purifier is medium as it is easy to install in the kitchen with wall mounted. The tank storage is high-quality plastic that keeps water pure and prevents leaking.


  • UV + UF filter
  • Good storage capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Enhances water and minerals
  • Durable
  • One-year warranty


  • It does not have a booster camp

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5. Kent Gold UF Water Purifier

kent gold

Kent Gold UF purifier has an Ultra Filteration tube through which the water passes and filters the impurities. If your water has a low TDS level then, this is the perfect choice for you.

It has a carbon filtration cone, from which the water passes through which is also called Gravity Based Water Purifier. Then, it passes through a hollow fiber Hydrophilic UF membrane with 0.1 Microns that protect bacteria to get into purified water.

The package gives you a syringe shape cleaner, using that you can clean the UF membrane for quick filtration. The purifier has 20 liters of storage capacity as it stores 7 liters of raw water and 13 liters of purified water. The plastic tank is made of food-grade plastic that ensures long life and durability.

There is no use of electric and chemical purification which is highly beneficial for your health.


  • Easy to install
  • Non-electric
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • UF purifier
  • One-year warranty


  • It is not used for more TDS value places.

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Kent RO Water Purifier

Water pollution has become a very serious issue these days. To avoid any health issues or complications, it is important to drink clean water. Common impurities present in water are bacteria, pesticides, TDS, harmful chemicals and heavy metals. And apart from that, water passes through rusty pipes and stored in unhygienic tanks. A perfect purification method to remove all these kinds of pollutants and impurities is RO technology.

Water purifier with a combination of RO and other purification technologies (UF + TDS control) provides 100% clean water. This purification process is capable of removing dissolved impurities as well that include fluorides, rust, pesticides, arsenic and other microbes that make water unsuitable for drinking.

RO water purifier is capable of cleaning water, regardless of the source. Kent Elegant Plus can clean water even if it is brackish, tap water or municipal corporation water.

1. Mineral ROTM Technology

Mineral ROTM technology from Kent is designed for retaining natural minerals in the purified water. And with the help of TDS controller, you will get tasty and clean water suitable for drinking. Below is the process how this water purification technology works…

  • Sediment Filter

This is the first defense in this water purification process. In most of the models, it is present outside the water purifier device. The water coming from the outlet will move through this filter for removing large particles.

This will reduce the turbidity of water before it enters the RO filter. Apart from eliminating the large impurities, it will reduce the pressure on RO filter purification. This in turn increases the lifespan of RO filter.

  • Pre-Activated Carbon Filter

Next the water will pass through the second filter that is pre-activated carbon filter. It will remove organic impurities and unpleasant taste. The output water from this filter will be further divided into two parts – one passes through RO filter while other passes through UF filter.

  • Reverse Osmosis Stage

This is the most important part of the purification process. Here, all the TDS (total dissolved salts) will be eliminated. Some of the TDS impurities removed in this stage are toxic molecules like arsenic, lead, mercury and others. The output from this stage comes in two separate parts – pure water will pass though TDS controller while impure part will be discarded out of the purifier through drain pipe.

  • UF Membrane

The second part from UF filter will pass through UF membrane. It has tiny pores which will trap microscopic pollutants and soluble solids. The output water coming from RO and UF membrane will be mixed so that enough TDS levels are maintaining in the purified water.

Note: Water that has no TDS or very less TDS levels is also considered good to your health.

  • TDS Controller

This component is responsible to control the TDS levels of output water. In the RO purification stage, along with impurities, essential minerals like magnesium and calcium are also removed. TDS controller will retain sufficient amounts of minerals in the output water.

  • Ultraviolet Purification

Micro-organisms that are less then RO membrane pores will easily pass through it. To eliminate them, the purified water will pass through UV (ultra-violet) chamber for final purification. This chamber contains high-intensity UV bulb which will kill virus, bacteria, parasites and other micro-organisms to deliver safe drinking water.

  • Post-Activated Carbon Filter

The UV filter may kill the bacteria and viruses but it doesn’t remove their dead bodies. Sometimes, certain organic impurities may manage to sneak through the filtration process. To eliminate the dead bodies of microorganisms and any remaining organic pollutants, water is finally passed through post-activated carbon filter. This filter is also responsible for eliminating any bad odor from RO purified water.

2. Zero Water Wastage

Kent Grand+ RO water purifier has a unique feature – it ensures water is not wasted during the purification process. This is the most common issue faced with other RO water purifiers. This model purifier will re-circulate the rejected water using its own pump into the overhead tank.

3. Retains Essential Minerals

Another unique feature of Kent RO water purifier is TDS control valve. No other RO purifier is the market has this feature till date. TDS control valve lets the user to control natural minerals in purified water. To say in short, water purifier will remove impurities and pollutants present in the tap water and retains essential minerals at the same time, making the output water 100% pure.

4. Save Water Technology

Kent Grand water purifier is equipped with latest save water technology which ensures less water wastage. It uses computer-controlled process which recovers more purified water. Rejected or impure water is stored in a separate tank which can be used for mopping or washing utensils..

5. Smart Design

Kent water purifier can be installed either as table top or wall mount as per your convenience. Some of the water purifiers have detachable and transparent storage tank which can be cleaned or removed anytime without any professional help.

6. Digital Display of Purity & Performance

Smart RO water purifiers come with digital display which lets you operate it conveniently. It provides information on filter life, purified water quality and RO flow rate.

7. In-Tank UV Disinfection

Kent water purifiers come with in-tank UV LED which disinfects the storage tank and maintains the water free from any contamination for longer periods of time.

8. Alkaline Water

Ace Extra water purifier from Kent will ensure the pH levels of output water ranges within 8.5 to 9.5. So, you will get alkaline and pure drinking water.

9. Auto-On/Off Operation

When the storage tank is fully, purification process will automatically stop and when the storage tank falls below the maximum level, it will re-start the purification process.

10. Computer-Controlled Operation

Kent RO water purifiers come with computer-controlled operations like Filter Change Alarm. This will indicate the user when filter needs replacement. A UV fail alarm will notify when UV lamp doesn’t work. This will ensure safety and convenience.

11. World’s Best Quality Certification

Kent is the only water purifier with several best quality certifications. It also has been certified by Internationally renowned Gold Seal of WQA and Certification from NSF, (USA).

12. Most Trusted and Awarded

Kent’s amazing growth in the industry and acclaimed awards are testimonial for their acceptance by global consumers. It has been awarded and recognized by several national and international quality assuring organizations.

KENT UV Water Purifier

Kent UV water purifiers come with a high power 11W UV lamp. It will emit UV rays that will kill the virus, bacteria and other viruses present in the water. It is suitable for purifying tap and municipal corporation water.

1. Multiple Purification Process

In these purifiers, water will pass through several filter starting with UV filter. After that, it will pass through UF membrane with hollow fibers. UF filter will remove the dead bodies of bacteria, cysts, virus and other microorganisms that are killed in UV filter. So, final output will pure, tasty and suitable for drinking.

2. Activated Carbon Pre-Filter

Some UV water purifiers come with activated carbon pre-filter will remove bad taste and odor present in the water. So, you will receive tasty, safe and pure water.

3. In-Tank UV Disinfection

UV LED disinfection light is provided in the storage tank which makes sure the purified water will not be contaminated by any micro-organisms, virus other microorganisms.

4. Computer-Controlled Operation

Ultra UV water purifier from KENT comes with computer-controlled operations like UV Fail Alarm. This feature will indicate the user when UV light doesn’t work or needs replacement. If the UV light is not repaired on time or if it stops working altogether, then power supply will be automatically disconnected to the water purifier so that impure water is not supplied.

5. Auto On/Off Operation

Kent Maxx water purifier comes with fully automatic auto-on/off functionality. When the storage tank is full, then purifier will automatically shut off. When the water level drops below maximum, the it will restart again.

6. Elegant and Compact Design

Kent UV water purifiers come with elegant wall-mounted design which blends into all kinds of Indian kitchen interiors. As it has a compact design, it doesn’t take much counter space and it is convenient to install as per your requirement.

Kent Gravity Water Purifiers or Ultra Filtration

These are the most cost-effective water purifiers available in the market. They don’t consume electricity so you don’t have to worry about electricity bills as well. Kent Gold water purifiers are suitable for houses with tap or municipal water source. Because, they have low TDS (total dissolved salts) levels. Below, we have mentioned feature available in gravity water purifiers.

1. Gravity-Based Water Purification

It comes with superior UF (Ultra Filtration) technology. UF membrane contains hydrophilic hollow fibers that have 0.1 microns’ pore size. This filter ensures bacteria, cysts or any other microorganisms don’t pass through it. So, you will receive 100% microbe-free water.

2. Activated Carbon Filter

Some gravity filters come with activated carbon filter as well. Apart from disinfecting the water, it will also remove any bad odor present in it. So, you will receive only 100% pure water.

3. Non-Electric and Chemical-Free Purification

It doesn’t require any power or use any chemicals like iodine, bromine or chlorine for purifying the water. So, you will receive safe and healthy drinking water.

4. Smart Design

Gravity water purifiers can be installed either as table top or wall mount as per your choice or convenience. They come with detachable and transparent storage tank which makes it easy to clean.

5. World’s Top Quality Certifications

Some of the water purifiers come KENT have been tested and certified for quality and performance by world’s renowned laboratories like WAQ. These certifications are testimonials that ensure you will receive purified water only.

6. NSF 42

To ensure safety of products that treat drinking water, certain requirements and guidelines have been developed by NSF International protocols. Certification from NSF represents that the water purifier has filter that reduces impurities like chlorine and taste/odor as well. These water filter can be used as whole-home water treatment system or point-of-use like water pitcher or under the sink.

7. CE Certified

This certification represents that products tested by them have their vigorous tests and comply with testing standards.

Few Words to Conclude…

Due to increase in pollution levels, water purifier has become a must-have appliance. Drinking safe and pure water has a great impact on our health and immune system as well.

Among several water purifier brands present in Indian market, KENT has been acclaimed as one of the trust-worthy brands. Their models have passed through several tests and certified to be best in quality and performance.

KENT provides different water purifier models in a wide price range. Based on the water and budget, you can surely purchase a model suitable for you. In this article, we have mentioned some unique feature that differentiates Kent from other brands.

As per our research, we recommend “KENT New Grand”, because it has RO + UV + UF + TDS, faster water purification process in 15 liters per hour and used in high TDS area.

If you still have any queries or concerns, write to us in the comment section below. We will try to reply at our earliest convenience.

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