Best Emergency Lights in India: Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Emergency lights can be very helpful during power cuts. They are quite handy. These lights are engineered in a way to provide bright light when there is no electricity and when the inverter’s battery is also gone. It can save you during many emergency situations.

Almost all the emergency lights are rechargeable. They are often powered by batteries to provide light for longer hours.

Emergency lights with LED bulbs are quite popular. They offer high light intensity with longer battery life and consume low power. Before buying an emergency light, there are some factors that you should check.


The brightness of emergency light is measured in lumens. It is always better to opt for lights with higher lumens as they will provide better brightness.

Backup Time:

It is very important to check the backup time offered by the emergency light. You should buy one that offers a runtime of at least 8 hours or more.

Charging Time:

While some rechargeable batteries take a short while to recharge, others take a long time. The average charging time of an emergency light must not be above 10 hours.

There are some other factors too that you pay attention to such as build quality, charging options, and light source. We have explained them in detail in the buying guide below.

To help you buy the best emergency light to meet all your requirements, we have shortlisted some of the best options available in the market. Let’s have a look!

Top 7 Emergency Lights in India

Emergency LightUnique forNo. Of LEDsRecharging TimeBackup Time
(on maximum brightness)
WarrantyBuy Now
Wipro Coral Emergency Light360 degree lighting ability84~8-10 hoursUpto 12 hours6 MonthsCheck the Price
Philips Ujjwal Plus Emergency Light 2 in 1 Lamp and Torch with automatic power36~8 hoursUpto 4 hours6 MonthsCheck the Price
Wipro Amber Emergency LightSlimmest Model36~8-10 hoursUpto 1.5 - 15 hours6 MonthsCheck the Price
Eveready HL52 39-LEDs Home LightLongest Charging Time24~4 hoursUpto 14 hours6 MonthsCheck the Price
Philips Emergency LightLight weight12~9 hoursUpto 4 hours6 MonthsCheck the Price
Amazon Basics Emergency Light360 degree lighting ability84~8-10 hoursUpto 10 hoursNo WarrantyCheck the Price
Pigeon Lamp Radiance Budget Friendly2~6 hoursUpto 4 - 8 hoursNo WarrantyCheck the Price

Best Emergency Lights For Home in India With 2021 Reviews

1. Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light

Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light

The main reason for listing in the list of best emergency light kits is due to the exceptional built-in rechargeable lithium LED battery life i.e. 50000 hours and makes objects visible clearly at night times or at power cuts.

It features 84 LED pieces that are highly efficient, quickly turns on/off (as per the given input) and have longer lifespan than other incandescent bulbs. The LED light can spread the intensity in a room i.e. 360˚ direction as they are surrounded by toughened transparent glass.

The brightness of a light can be adjusted using the rotary switch. When battery gets fully charged, there is an automatic cut-off protection stops the power supply to prevent overcharging. And when the battery is low, it may take 8-10 hours time to recharge fully.

To recapitulate, the performance of Wipro rechargeable emergency light is good and best to use at power cut times. Additionally, the product is backed with 6-months of warranty from the date of purchase.

If you are looking for something to take along with you while travelling then Wipro Emerald Rechargeable Emergency Light should be your top priority. It has come with unique design and easy gripping handle to take anywhere you want.


  • 360 degrees light.
  • 84 bright LED lights.
  • 50000 hours LED life.
  • 6 months warranty period.
  • 8-10 hours recharging time.
  • Foldable hook for easy usage.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Cut-off overcharge protection feature.
  • Adjustable brightness levels using rotary switch.


  • Battery drains fast on high brightness
  • The plastic body could have been of slightly better quality.

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2. Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable Emergency Light

Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable Emergency LightSecond on our list of the best emergency lamps is the Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern which comes with a unique automatic ON option. A company dedicated with a history of manufacturing and developing lighting technology, Philips promises a 127 year trust with all of its products.

The looks of the Philips Ojas is that of a typical emergency lamp.There is nothing big or novel about the looks but it is more focussed on its operations. Coupled with a 30 LED bulbs in the emergency section, there are 6 watt bulbs in the torch section.  Thus this is not just an emergency lamp but also has a torch. A 2 in 1 utility.

One of the best features of this device is its ability to turn on automatically making it perfectly handy in cases of unexpected power cuts. A perfect and ideal device to be used in study rooms and kitchens, the device has a deep discharge and also comes with an over charging protection. It is well charge protected from any voltage fluctuations.

Philips LED emergency light contains a lithium ion battery which gives you half the power time compared to the time taken for charging. This means that with a requirement to be charged for over 8 hours until full charge, the lamp could function for a while of 4 hours in cases of emergency.

With a manufacturer’s warranty of 6 months for any malfunctioning, the device is a perfect buy for immediate and emergency usage.


  • 2 in 1 feature. Lamp and Torch
  • Automatic Power On
  • Deep discharge
  • Over charging protection
  • Uses lithium ion battery for a long life
  • Portable and light in weight
  • Best used for kitchen and studying applications
  • 4 hours operation and back up time
  • 8 hours charging time
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty


  • Should improve the product build quality. Product cannot survive if fallen from a height.

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3. Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern

Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern

Wipro amber rechargeable lantern is another popular model that is made of poly carbonate material to withstand in unpleasant conditions, last longer and ensure durability.

It spreads the strong light up to 1.5 hours and 20 hours of dim light that can be adjusted as per your needs and deeds. It is done using a control knob on the emergency light which further ensures maximum efficiency without loss of power.

Plug in the power source in charging indicator to minimize the battery usage which is of 3000 mAh.  The comfortable handle at the top makes easy to carry from one location to another and can easily be suspended on walls, doors etc.

A robust on/off switch locate on the device makes easy to operate and handy. Besides, the manufacturer offer 6-months of warranty as mentioned in the invoice.

In a nutshell, Wipro emergency light is a good quality, handy torch with a highly focused LED light that spreads the intensity in a particular direction. Like other emergency lights, it does not come with a 360˚- feature which is a major drawback.


  • 36 pieces of LED’s.
  • Very economical to buy.
  • 3000 mAh of battery capacity.
  • Made of polycarbonate material.
  • 8-10 hours of recharging time.
  • Backed with 6 months of warranty services.
  • Over charge and deep discharge protection.
  • Backup time – 20 hours on dim mode and 1.5 hours for strong light. 


  • Cannot spread light in all directions.
  • Battery drains fast on high brightness.

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4. Eveready HL52 39-LEDs Rechargeable Home Light

Eveready HL52 39-LEDs Rechargeable Home Light

Eveready Rechargeable Home Light which mainly focuses on making the lives better and brighter. This rechargeable torchlight is becoming fashionable in every house due to the energy efficient nature and also comes at cheap rates.

What made us so exciting about this product is that it illuminates 15 hours of nonstop light. Moreover, it is fitted with 39 white color LED’s that emits vibrant light at power cut times.

There is an option for you to adjust the brightness – low or high and choose from depending on the requirement. When there is a power-cut, auto-start feature will light up automatically without any disturbances.

It comprises of deep discharge and over-charge protection features to safeguard the emergency light from power failures and other damages. Also, it can rotate in 360˚ with the flexible head to dispense the light in multiple directions.

The outer body is made using plastic material which is durable and absolutely maintenance-free. The ergonomic handle at the top make easy to carry from one room to another.

Wrapping up, the Eveready emergency light adds great value to the money by emitting bright light to spread the entire room (i.e. reaching every corner). The manufacturer offers a warranty period of 6-months from the date of purchase for certain repairs like power issues, poor connectivity, light options and LED’s malfunctioning.

There’re are other popular models like Eveready HL51 Rechargeable Home Light from the same brand which comes with 24 LED’s and is available in red colour with a ergonomic handle for strong support.


  • 15 hours of battery backup time.
  • Backed with 6-months of warranty.
  • Overcharge and discharge protection.
  • Low, high brightness adjustment levels.
  • 39 bright LED lights for immense glow.
  • Durable and maintenance-free plastic body.
  • Auto-start feature to illuminate automatically.


  • Charging cable could have been better.
  • Poor warranty services from the manufacturer.

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5. Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern

phiips led lattern

Philips has earned a reputation for manufacturing premium quality electrical appliances. Philips ujjwal plus rechargeable LED lantern is compact in size that is very lightweight.

It comes with 32 LED lights ensuring complete safety and gives luminosity of 250 Lm. An LED indicator shows you if the lantern is charging or if its battery is low.

The battery has a capacity of 2200 mAh and after a full charge, can last up to 9 hours. You will be receiving efficient cable & cord to charge the lantern.

A single switch to turn on and off makes it an easy appliance to carry and use in need. The interior is designed with the LED lights such a way that it gives out light 360 degrees.

Silvery metal plates are placed in the spacing between the LED lights which increases the brightness by reflecting the emerging light.


  • 32 LED lights placed along with silvery metal plates
  • 9 hours charging time
  • Battery capacity: 2200 mAh
  • Power consumption: 2.3 W
  • 6 months warranty
  • Small size & high mobility
  • 360-degree illumination


  • Brightness cannot be controlled
  • Better quality & service needed

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6. AmazonBasics Blaze Rechargeable LED Light

amazon basics led light

AmazonBasics is well known for supplying the most trusted products at affordable prices. Its rechargeable LED light is a well-reviewed appliance for using during black out & emergencies.

It comes with 84 LEDs embedded such a way that the light is emitted 360 degrees. The brightness of the light can be controlled with a regulator placed in the front.

The light runs on a BIS certified rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It has a capacity of 2400 mAh and can last upto 16.5 under weak light and 1.75 hours under the strongest light.

AmazonBasics gives precedence to the safety. A total of 34 tests are conducted on the light to examine its safety & performance.

The light is designed to endure high usage without heating. On the top, a handle and a mountable ring are fitted for you to carry the light easily. Along with the unit, you will receive a 1 micro-B USB charging cable & manual to guide you on how to use the appliance.


  • 84 LED lights
  • Can last 16.5 hours under weak light
  • 2400 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 360 degrees illumination
  • Handle & mountable ring
  • 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable brightness switch


  • A few dissatisfied customers on product quality

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7. Pigeon LED Lamp Radiance Red

Pigeon Led Lamp Radiance

With a budget pricing, the pigeon LED lamp is ideal for students, bachelors and individuals for emergency purposes. With a simplistic body and a normal design, this is a typical battery rechargeable emergency lamp and its interchangeable torch at the bottom too.

The device utilizes about 6 hours to fully charge its 1600 mah battery. The discharge of the device serves somewhere of about an hour. The lamp has a good brightness and at times, brighter than the torch’s version in comparison.

The body of the device is sturdy and durable.  Charging plug for this device comes integrated to the device in the form of a pull to plug fashion. This makes it incredibly easy to shift and move it about depending on one’s usage.

But as is the case with a few devices in the list, it does not have any manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • Small and durable body
  • Economic product
  • 1600 mah battery
  • 2 in 1 torch and lamp model


  • Needs improvement to the brightness
  • No Warranty

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Features to Look for While Buying an Emergency Light

You must always go through all the factors mentioned below before buying an emergency light to make your purchase worth it. Let’s learn about them in detail.

1. Brightness or Light Intensity:

While buying an emergency light, brightness is one of the first and most important features that you should check. The brightness offered by the emergency light depends mostly on the size of the light, type of light used, and the coverage or scope of the beam of light.

The majority of the emergency lights are designed using LED lights. When compared to the regular bulbs, LED lights are considered as 80% more efficient. However, don’t fall under a misconception that if the number of LED lights is more, the brightness or the intensity of the emergency light will be automatically more.

There are a different types of LED lights available in the market, each offering different intensities. Hence, two different lamps with the same number of LED light might offer different light intensities. Rather than checking for the number of LEDs, you must check for the light intensity that the lamp offers which is measured in lumens.

If you are not aware of the number of lumens that will be sufficient according to your usage, here are some figures that can be helpful to you. If you want to use it as a study lamp, you might require an intensity of 450 lumens. For an average-sized room, 1700 lumens of intensity should be fair enough. You can choose accordingly.

2. Build Quality:

In emergency situations, it is very likely that you might drop the light accidentally. In such scenarios, you might want an emergency light with the good build quality.

Lights that are made using anodized aluminum and protected using an impact-resistant tempered glass are considered to be durable. They can even withstand the accidental dropping to a certain limit. But, if you are buying an emergency light made using cheap plastic material, don’t expect a long life as it is easily prone to cracks or breakage.

Apart from metal emergency lights, some lamps are constructed using high-quality plastic materials that offer a sturdy build to it. These lights are durable too.

To understand the build quality, you can try to bend the plastic and see if it’s bending. If good quality plastic is used, it will bend very slightly. However, if low and cheap quality plastic is used, it will bend too much. If the plastic is not bending at all and is quite brittle, this also means that the plastic used is not good. You must avoid buying lamps made using both these types of plastic.

3. Waterproof:

Apart from home, you can use emergency lights during outdoor activities too. If you are going for camping, hiking, or any other adventurous trip, you can take the lamp with you.

In these scenarios, you must make sure that you are buying an emergency light that is waterproof. The water resistance capability of a device is measured using the IPX scale. If the rating on the IPX scale is low, it means that the water resistance capacity of the device is low.

Waterproof emergency lights should feature a compact and tough exterior. This will prevent water droplets from entering inside the lamp as it can damage the light.

4. Backup Time:

You must always buy an emergency light that offers a high backup time. With the advancement in technology along with usage of batteries like lithium-ion, some emergency lights are capable of offering a backup time up to 12 hours, if you have charged it fully.

Even though the consumption of light varies from the type of battery used and for how long have you charged the device. Most of the manufacturers provide an average time for which the light can be used. You should buy an emergency light that offers a runtime of at least 8 hours or more. For a higher backup time, it should also have high mAh battery power.

5. Better Charging Time:

Battery charging time is another important factor that you should check for. Charging time is the amount of time required to charge the battery of the lamp from low to complete charge. While some batteries take a short time to charge the battery fully, others take a bit longer. The average charging time of an emergency light must not be more than 10 hours.

6. Light Mode Settings:

You might not want to use the emergency light on the highest setting for all your works. Hence, it is always beneficial if the emergency light allows you to change the light mode setting from low to high.

You can buy an emergency light that will allow you to adjust the intensity of light output. Some units of emergency lights are programmed with a few preset settings to make it easier for the users to use the device and adjust the light accordingly. There are few options available for dim or soft light too. You can simply access it by pressing a button.

Apart from this, the backup time in the lamps offering dim light setting is generally high when compared to the models offering only intense light.

7. Light Source:

Most of the manufacturers these days prefer making emergency lights using LED lights because of many benefits. These lights offer high light intensity to illuminate the room and consume less power at the same time. Apart from this, LED lights even have a longer lifespan.

8. The Direction of the Light:

One feature that users often tend to forget to check is the direction of the light. You can find emergency lights offering 180-degree or 360-degree light output.

If you are buying an emergency light offering an output of 360-degree, it can provide light in all the directions. Hence, you can keep it at the center and illuminate the entire room. Lamps offering 360-degree light output are generally available in lantern-like designs.

9. Charging Options:

You should check the charging options offered by the particular model of emergency light that you have selected beforehand. While models support only AC power to charge the lamp, a few models offer an option of solar charging too.

It is always better to have more charging options.

Some models of emergency lights even offer a USB charging option. You can use it if you have no other charging alternative available. You can simply plug-in the lamp to the USB port of either your computer or laptop and charge the lamp.

10. Ease of Use:

The newer models of emergency lights are quite easy to use. Most of them feature simple touch buttons. You can operate them easily using single hands.

There are some advanced models too that come with programmable switches. With the help of these switches, you can access other modes using a touch button. You can buy an emergency light depending on the features that you are looking forward to.

11. Locking Handle:

We often use emergency lights in emergency situations only. In such scenarios, you must be able to hold on the light tightly. If there is a locking handle with the light, you can simply hang the light on your arm and do your work.

12. Wall Hanging Option:

Some models of emergency lights even offer wall hanging features. You can simply hang the light on the walls of the room and finish your tasks.

13. Flashlight Feature:

Some models of rechargeable emergency light offer you the flexibility to use it as a normal LED flashlight while you are camping, fishing, or during any outdoor activity.

With the help of this feature, you can even focus the light on a specific area. This makes the lamp a reliable device.

14. Auto Charging and Auto Start:

Both these features are very important in an emergency light. These automatic features are helpful in the long run. Whenever there is a power cut, it allows the emergency light to turn on automatically.

15. Battery Protection from Over Charging:

Overcharging can destroy the battery over time. Buying a rechargeable emergency light that offers protection against overcharging can be helpful in increasing the lifespan of the battery.

16. Low Battery Indication and Deep Discharge Protection:

As you should not overcharge the battery, the same goes for deep discharging of the battery too. Whenever the battery of the emergency light is low, it indicates the user with the help of a low battery indication feature. Thus, you must turn off the lamp right away to prevent the battery from any damage.

In most models, you will notice that the color changes from green to red whenever the battery is low. In advanced models, there are special indicators for full battery, medium battery, low battery, and very low battery.

A few manufacturers even offer in-built protection against deep discharge apart from the Low Voltage Indication.

17. Rechargeable Battery:

You should always opt for models of emergency lights that have rechargeable batteries. This way, you will not have to worry about replacing the batteries frequently.

18. Portability:

Portability is another factor that can be important for a few users, especially those who carry the light to their outdoor trips too. Hence, an emergency light should be compact and lightweight.

19. Price:

You can buy an emergency light for your home within a price range of Rs. 500 – Rs. 2,000. Lamps offering automated and advanced features might cost you a bit more though.

20. Warranty:

You should always check if the manufacturer is offering any warranty with the emergency light. Buying a product that comes with a warranty can be very helpful, especially when there is an issue with the battery. Also, check if the after-sale service of the brand is good or not.

Applications of Emergency Light:

An emergency light can be very useful in many instances. Some of them are as follows:

  • Emergency light is most commonly used as a backup light in households whenever there is a power cut. It is also used in study rooms or workplaces when there is a power failure.
  • It is very useful in offices too so that the employees don’t have to wait for the power to come back and resume their works.
  • An emergency light is very helpful in locating the exits whenever there is an emergency or in case of casualties where you have to evacuate a place.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Can I use an emergency light as a study lamp or a table lamp?

Yes. Since emergency lights are portable, they can be used as study or table lamps too. Moreover, they use LED lights providing sufficient light to illuminate the entire area.

2. How long does it take to charge an emergency light fully?

The amount of time required to charge an emergency light depends completely on the type of battery used. If it uses a lithium-ion battery with 1500 mAh capacity, it might take about 8 hours to charge the battery fully.

3. How many batteries does an emergency light use?

The number of batteries used depends on the type of emergency light that you are buying. While some light use triple-A and double-A batteries, others use size D batteries. Thus, it is always good to keep these batteries handy at your home as you never know which one can be useful during the emergency.

4. How frequently should I replace the battery?

Batteries tend to lose their capacity over time. Hence, it is recommended to replace the batteries of the emergency lights every four years.

5. What is the difference between a maintained emergency light and a non-maintained emergency light?

A maintained emergency light refers to a light system that is integrated into the main system which automatically activates in cases of power failures. This is commonly found in workplaces and movie theatres where power failure triggers these lights to come up automatically. They are not portable and are mostly integrated into a place’s power system.

Non-Maintained emergency lights are normal lights which need manual operation to be activated. These come in the form of hand held emergency lamps which are used for individual uses in cases of darkness or any other uses. They are portable and mostly hand held.

6. How long do Emergency Lights be powered on?

The power and running capabilities of emergency lights are solely dependent on their battery and power consumption capabilities. Ideally, a medium duty emergency light should give a power backup of at least 90 full minutes on a full charge. There are many heavy duty emergency lights which promise luminance of even 12 whole hours.

7. Do bathrooms require emergency lighting?

Most people tend to install emergency lighting in the major rooms of the house and ignore tiny yet important spots such as closets, store rooms and bathrooms. It is important to have an emergency light in rooms such as bathrooms because they become good stationing spots in times of natural or man made calamities.


With 360 degree lighting capabilities with the help of 84 LED lights, 6 months warranty, foldable hook and a 50000 hour LED life, the Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light tops our list as the winner of the best emergency lights available in India. While that was our list, we are pumped to hear from you.

What are your opinions on our list? Did we miss anything? Or do you have any questions for us? Please feel free to write to us in the comments section below. Our expert team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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