Different Types of Led Lights

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There are different types of lights available. We all know that. But are you aware there are different types of LED lights available too? Well, there are numerous types of LED lights suited for different applications.

Although some of them can be used interchangeably, it’s best to use the one, which is meant specifically for a single purpose. If you’re interested, below is a curated list of different types of LEDs for your reference. You can go through the info and understand which LED is meant for what purpose.

Some Common Types of LEDs

Miniature LED

It’s one of the most common LED bulbs. Miniature LEDs are found in remote controls, mobile phones, television sets, and even digital cameras as indicators. Miniature LEDs are effective in produce small yet effective beams of light. You can use it on different circuit boards with ease.

AS-LED or Application Specific LED

This LED, as the name suggests, is modified according to what the user specifies. AS-LEDs usually help in producing large display screens, public displays, and billboards. You can find 2-color and even 3-color combinations of AS-LEDs in the market.

LED Strips

LED strips are very compact and portable. There’s a slim and thin circuit board on which high powered LEDs are mounted. The board comes with an adhesive coating to prevent direct contact or shocks. The LED strips are usually suited for decorative purposes.

There are numerous colors available in such LED strips. You can use them both in your kitchen or your car according to the ambiance.

Reflector LED Lamps

Reflector LED Lamps are used to light up large areas. The reflector LED lamps throw a uniform beam of light in a particular direction to light the desired area. It’s good to keep a watch on goods or commodities during the night time. These LED lights consume less energy making them efficient to use.

Downlights and Conversion Kits

Downlights and conversion kits are dimmable lighting systems. You can up or down the light intensity as you like. This kind of LED light is suited best for offices and workplaces. You can also change the size of these LED lights, and they are easy to mount on the wall.

LED spots

LED spots are small in size and deliver an amazing bright light. It’s meant for showrooms where you showcase your products to the customers. These LED spots have a long life and make the products shine bright like anything.

LED candle bulbs

LED candle bulb is another popular LED variant. It’s known as LED candle bulbs because of their light intensity. The light emitted exactly mimics the light you see from a candle. It is used for decorative purposes.

You can find it installed at house entrances, under the dining tables, chandelier, etc. However, you can place them where you like.

LED corn bulbs

Now, this LED is similar in shape to the ear of the corn. Although it comes in one unit as a single bulb, it has somewhere between 80-180 small LED lights. This is what helps it shine bright. If you’re someone who needs a bright, energy-efficient yet low maintenance product, this is it. The average life of this product is around three years.

LED Globe Bulbs

LED globe bulbs are a great alternative to LED candle bulbs. These bulbs are great for chandeliers, ceiling fans, and lanterns. Such bulbs come up as an alternative to candle bulbs because you can dim the light intensity. It means you can reduce energy consumption and light intensity whenever you need.

R7S LED Lamp

These lamps are used in floodlights, parking, decorative and security lights. The R7S LED Lamp is linear in shape, which makes it look quite attractive. You can also find different R7SLEDs in different sizes like78mm, 189mm, and even 333mm. Also, power is different for these lights.

LED Tubes

LED tubes are shorter and thinner than regular tubes. Such tubes produce less light and are quite easy to mount on the wall. You can use it probably anywhere, like in your office, house, or even above your study table. These tubes are efficient and do not produce UV rays.

LED Panel Light

These lights are used for high-quality indoor lighting. It’s crafted from aluminum alloy by performing anodic oxidation. It’s aesthetic to look at and has great lighting effects. This light is also available in different powers such as

  • 12W
  • 18W
  • 21W
  • 72W
  • 85W

The life of this LED is over 50,000 hours, which makes it quite efficient. It’s easy to install and looks great at hotels and even at homes.

LED Track lights

If you have some large area to light, this is what you should go for. The LED track lights have many LED bulbs in one fixture. This is what makes it look both compact and effective. This product can be customized according to your needs.

The track is made from copper, which makes installing new LED bulbs on the strip quite easier. These kinds of LED lights are best for displaying products in the showroom.

LED flat-tubes

These tubes are mainly used in showcases to display products or items for sale. You can find two different sizes, i.e., 50 and 30cm. Various miniature LEDs are connected and placed on an aluminum plate.

It looks good and is very sleek as well.  This kind of LED lights’ life span is around 15,000-20,000 hours, which depends on the number of LED miniature lights used. These flat tubes serve as a good replacement for conventional tube lights used at homes and offices.

LED high bay lights for industries

These bay lights are mainly used in industries. The high bay lights are used to reduce the overall electricity or lighting charges within the industry. You can find these lights in different shapes, sizes according to what your requirements are. Also, these LED lights are highly durable and efficient too.

LED stage lights

These lights come in three variations, i.e., strip lights, moving head types, and PAR cans. This type of LED light is best for gatherings or special occasions. The different colors and motion of these lights create a great ambiance for the party.

LED Floodlight

This light, as the name tells, floods light at a quite broad angle. If you have something to monitor which is widespread, this floodlight can help. It’s beneficial for stadiums, theatres, house perimeters, warehouses, playgrounds, etc.

LED Street light

Although other LED lights are also suited for street light use, this light is specially meant for it. Whether you want it for your street or a national highway project, this right here is an efficient and effective way of lighting the compound and roads. It’s bright, cost-effective, and easy to install.


If you use the right type of anything at the right place, you’re going to benefit the most. Otherwise, you may face compatibility issues. And LED lights are no expectation. You can interchangeably use the above types of LED lights, but it won’t be effective enough.

Therefore, you should go through the entire info given above and decide accordingly. If you find the insights in this article worth sharing, please share them with others. We’ll be back with more detailed insights soon. So, keep coming.

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