The 5 Best AO Smith Water Purifiers Reviews and Buying Guide In India

AO SMITH is a U.S based company that manufacturers of commercial water heaters and purifiers. The company also supplies water treatment. This company has entered the Indian market with its world-class manufacturing.

Water is a universal solvent and the most important entity for human survival. The water purifiers are the need for the hour for drinking clean and fresh water. As many communicable diseases cause due to impurity contains in water.

You get pure and clean drinking water with our selection of electric water purifiers. A.O. Smith’s water filters and purifiers use various high-end technologies such as RO, UV, UF water filtration that helps to filter out impurities from the water, making it healthy. The water purifiers is in X series water filters and Z series water purifiers that saves space and enhances the kitchen decor.

Here is the list of the AO SMITH Water Purifiers that we have chosen for you with its specifications.

For choosing the best water purifier, you can go through the “Buying Guide” below the product description that will help make your buying process easy.

You can refer to the further article where we have explained each product in detail, and you might get your water purifier as per your requirement. Have a look!

5 Best AO Smith Water Purifiers

Ao Smith Water PurifiersFilter TypeCapacity (Litres)WarrantyBuy Now
AO Smith Z9 Water PurifierRO + SCMT101 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
AO Smith Z8 Water PurifierRO + SCMT101 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
A.O Smith X2 Water PurifierRO + UV51 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
AO Smith X8 Water PurifierRO81 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
A.O Smith Z2 + Water PurifierRO51 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best AO Smith Water Purifiers Reviews

1. AO Smith Z9 Water Purifier

ao smith z9

AO Smith Z9 water purifier is the most common model purchased by the user. It has an elegant, attractive design, and highly-portable as it adjusts in the kitchen. The water purifier is RO + SCMT purifying technology that conveys your demand.

The water purifier has an 8-stage water purifying process that makes it trustworthy.

Stage 1: Pre-Filter

It is the basic filtration process that eliminates the large impurities in the water.

Stage 2: Sediment Filter

The sediment filter removes the small particles in the water

Stage 3: Carbon Black

The carbon soaks the minute impurities and soluble impurities, it is also known as Charcoal Filteration.

Stage 4: ART MAX (Advance Recovery Technology)

This ensures minimal wastage of water, as it recovers maximum water when passes through the purifiers.

Stage 5: Patented Side Stream RO Membrane

The side stream is a type of RO filter that increases the water recovery rate.

Stage 6: MIN-TECH (Mineralizer Technology)

This stage adds essential minerals into the water. It helps the water to taste fresh, natural, and maintains a balanced PH that is an essential requirement for pure drinking water.

Stage 7: ZX Double Protection Dual Filter

The water passes through the first filter that is Silver Activated Post Carbon Filter (SAPC)

Stage 8: Second layer SAPC + SCMT

After the SAPC, the water filters through Silver Charged Membrane Technology that eradicates the secondary microbial growth or contamination in the water

Finally, after 8 stage process, the water is safe for drinking.

When you buy a water purifier, you worry about its installation. AO Smith offers you free installation, and the portable water purifiers are easy to install in any corner of the kitchen, office, or room.

The time you decide to buy a water purifier, you must check the TDS rate of your area. This product is versatile as it offers water purification up to 2000 ppm that makes it great at its price,

Sometimes, you wake up in the night to have a glass of water. And, if the lights are off, you cannot locate from were to out take the water. In this model, it has a night assist that helps you to locate your purifier in the dark.

You can get purified water by the press of a button.

During winter times, or when you are having a sore throat, it becomes lazy for you to boil water on the gas stove. But with the AO smith water purifier, you do not have to do it, just press a button, and you will have warm water from 45 °C to 90 °C at your convenience.

The purifier gives an advance alert that lets you know if the RO membrane or other filters need changing.


  • High-Storage capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Adds minerals
  • 8 stage water purifying
  • Both cold and hot water option
  • Less water wastage
  • Low power consumption
  • One-year warranty


  • The hot water only comes when the water tank is full
  • No manual option to dispense water

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2. AO Smith Z8 Water Purifier

ao z8

The AO smith water purifier has a beautiful body design that makes it look elegant. Most of the green series of AO Smith water purifiers have common functionalities.

The company provides you the free installation services you have to call on the customer service number.

This water purifier has 8 stages of water purification

Stage 1: Pre-Filter

Stage 2: Sediment Filter

Stage 3: Carbon Block

Stage 4: ART (Advance Recovery Technology)

Stage 5: Patented Side Stream RO Membrane

Stage 6: MIN-TECH (Mineralizer Technology)

Stage 7: ZX Double Protection Dual Filter

Stage 8: SAPC (Silver Activated Post Carbon Block) + SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology)

The water passes through the RO membrane, and double purification confirms it for drinking purposes.

The 8-stage purification makes it safe for babies. Sometimes, when your baby is crying, then you have to give warm water to them, and the water purifier instantly gives you water.

You can set the temperature to 45 °C for drinking and 80 °C for cooking.

The Min-Tech adds essential minerals into the water that are Magnesium, and Calcium minerals.

The green series RO water purifiers, which ensure 100 percent RO purified water that saves 2X water compare to RO water purifier.

In the night time, you can locate your water purifier because the light illuminates that shows the water filling area. Also, it makes your kitchen look better.

The advance alert helps to provide an alarm that tells that the RO membrane or other filters need changing.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to install
  • High-Storage Capacity
  • 8 stage water purification
  • Warm water
  • Take water even if the electricity goes
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty


  • Few drops of water come while lifting faucet upwards and downwards.

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3. A.O Smith X2 Water Purifier

ao smith x2

The type of water purifier depends on the type of impurity and its TDS number. More the TDS, more water purification. The water purifier is small for a nuclear family or office.

If you have fewer TDS at your place, then this is the best choice to make. The TDS up to 200 ppm is fine and hardness up to 120 ppm for water purifier. The tank has 5 liters of storage, and the material is grade ABS.

The water purifier is five-stage water purification those stages are:

Stage 1: Sediment Filter

Stage 2: Fine Sediment

Stage 3: Carbon Block

Stage 4: UV Lamp

Stage 5: UF (Ultra Fine)

Stage 4 and stage 5: ensure double protection.

Water usage and other commands displays in digital format. The digital display is a simple yet intelligent technology.

The design is elegant as it has a two-color design that makes it look crafted and beautiful.

The UV Life Alert helps you to know when is the time to change the water purifier.


  • Easy to install
  • Storage Capacity
  • 5 stage process
  • Easy to use
  • Adds mineral
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty


  • It requires an Extra installation of a water booster.

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4. AO Smith X8 Water Purifier

smith x8

This water purifier is an 8-liter capacity that is perfect for medium-sized families. If you want to buy a water purifier, check the TDS of your area. The AO smith X8 handles TDS up to 2000ppm.

For installation purposes, you have to give a call to their customer care, and a person will come for your help. You can wall-mount the water purifier as it is easy to adjust in the kitchen area. There are tubes and connectors along with it.

It has advanced water purification technology with 8 stage purification that is as follows:

Stage 1: Pre-Filter

Stage 2: Sediment filter

Stage 3: Carbon Block

Stage 4: ART (Advance Recovery Technology)

This function saves your 9000 liters water every year because it has true water recovery up to more than 55 % while ensuring 100 % water purification.

Stage 5: Patented Side Stream RO Membrane

This function is suitable for water with low and high TDS, which wastes less water and enhances water recovery.

Stage 6: MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology)

It adds minerals like calcium and magnesium into the water. Then, give a better taste, which is natural and has a balanced pH.

Stage 7: ZX Double Protection Dual Filter

The dual water purification removes all the water microbes that are harmful to health. When water flows through this process, it makes your water healthy to drink.

Stage 8: Silver Activated Post Carbon Black + Silver Charged Membrane Technology

The water passes through the RO membrane and provides you the double purifying.

The Advance Alert system gives you an alarm when your water purifier has to change its filter. The digital screen that makes it easy to read with an intelligent display of information.


  • Easy to use
  • Enhances through minerals
  • Value for money
  • High-Storage capacity
  • Easy to install
  • 8 stage process
  • Water recovery
  • One-year warranty


  • Sometimes battery error occurs.

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5. A.O Smith Z2 + Water Purifier

smith z2

The A.O Smith Z2 RO + MIN-TECH Water Purifier. It has 5 liters of storage capacity that is small in size for small families or office. The material of the tank is grade ABS, that protects the water for a longer time.

The company offers you free installation, in this case, you do not have to worry about how will you install it. It easily fits under the counter.

Before buying a water purifier, kindly check the TDS level of that area, depending on that you can buy the water purifier. When the water quality is good, it has a low TDS level. In Z2+ the TDS level up to 2000ppm and hardness up to 400 ppm.

The water purifier has six-stage of purifications

Stage 1: Pre-Filter

Stage 2: Sediment Filter

Stage 3: Pre-Carbon Filter

Stage 4: RO Membrane

Stage 5: SCM- Tech (Silver Activated Post Carbon)

Stage 6: MIN-TECH

The mineralizer technology adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium back into the water. While processing, the water losses its minerals, and MIN-TECH fulfills the deficiency.

The Patented SSM technology is unique as the side stream RO membrane is suitable for both low and TDS levels of water. It helps to improve the recovery and minimizes the wastage of water in purification.

The water comes out from a gooseneck faucet that is convenient in use. The digital display makes it easy to understand the digits and gives an intelligent display for information. After all, you do not have to keep a reminder for the filter change because the advance alert lets you know the RO membrane or other filters need replacement.

The product certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI 58 standards for material requirements.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Good storage capacity
  • Enhances the flavor
  • 6 stages purification
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty


  • Expensive in its price range

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Buying Guide For AO Smith Water Purifiers

Earth is submerged 3/4th of its part in water but, the freshwater to drink depends on glaciers and groundwater. The water is everywhere, but very few left to drink. Scientists are searching for life on Mars to search where water is existing. Therefore, water holds an essential part of human existence.

But the question arises, do we have access to clean and pure water to drink?

The answer lies in our present scenario. We as humans have to take necessary steps to conserve mother nature. The release of human and industrial waste is the primary cause of water pollution.

So, how we will drink pure water? We have a solution for that, you can invest your money on water purifier to eliminate the impurities.

Let us understand the various Sources Of Water Pollution

When glaciers melt, it flows in the form of a river and provides fresh and clean water. On the way of the river journey, it passes through plains and plateaus, and gather salts and minerals from the rocks and sands.

The salts consist of Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, and Magnesium along with phosphates and nitrates. The form is known as TDS. You will understand what is TDS as we proceed in our buying guide.

The impurities consist of pollutants that pollutes river water. These pollutants are human waste like sewage and other harmful impurities. Industries are responsible for polluting the river through its chemicals such as arsenic, lead, iron, and mercury.

When these impurities combine causes an increase in water-borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, etc.

We will understand the various methods of purification based on the level of impurities and TDS in water.

Types Of Impurities

There are salts contaminated in water that causes water-borne diseases. As you move to coastal regions the water salinity increases in the groundwater. The borewells and dug wells are the primary sources of water in such areas that do not have a riverbank.

Any source of water needs purification as it contains impurities like microorganisms, animal matter, and addition TDS.

Chlorination is a process that is common in towns and cities area, where water is treated to remove chlorine.

Eradicating these wastes requires the use of modern technology like Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet Purification (UV), and Ultra-Filtration (UF). There are some models of water purifiers that employs all the above methods.

1. Tds Level

Total Dissolved Solids are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in water. They are necessary for human body but requires in a balanced way.

The list of acceptable TDS levels are as follows:

  • Below 300 – Excellent
  • In the range of 300 to 600 – Fine for human consumption
  • 900>TDS>600 – Fair and acceptable
  • Between 900 and 1200 – Poor level of TDS
  • Above 1200 – Not safe for drinking

Mostly you will find the groundwater TDS more than 900, which is not fine for human consumption.

The water TDS level maybe 300. But the water can have a high concentration of arsenic and mercury and the lower concentration of other salts.

In this scenario, it becomes necessary to eliminate water impurities and maintain the water balance.

If you want to buy a water purifier then this article is for you. When you go out to buy the water purifier, you look for advanced technologies purifying system that gives surety of purification.

It is better to find the best at a nominal cost, and there are some aspects of the purifying system that you must know.

The water purifies in different technologies. The technologies are RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet Filter), UF (Ultra-Filtration), and SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology).

Let us under these types in details:

2. Water Purification Technology

There is some popular water purification technology. We will focus only on the popular ones, those are:

  • RO Filters: This filtration process involves the water passing through the semipermeable membrane that traps chemical, and soluble impurities like arsenic, lead, mercury, and pesticide residues. The membrane also filters bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. When you use this filter, you eliminate TDS up to 90%. The RO water filters work on a 5 or 8 stage purification depending on the configuration of the water purifier.
  • The Sediment Filter:This filter helps to eliminate the entry of large particle impurities. This filter is fitted outside the machine. You have to use the sediment filter only when you find the water is impure, especially the water treatment by the municipalities before distribution to societies and colonies.
  • Pre-Activated Carbon Filters: The pre-activated carbon filters remove the organic impurities that give bad smell and color to the water.
  • RO Mechanism: The science behind Reverse Osmosis is that the water transfers from a higher concentration to lower concentration when passing through a semi-permeable membrane. Hence, you need to have a water pump that helps you to push water through the RO membrane. RO membrane kills impurities of all kinds in the water. Here the water separates in two-part, the pure water filters and impure drains out.Then, the pure water passes through the UV chamber for the next level filtration.
  • Ultraviolent Protection: The pure water after the RO filtration stage contains bacteria and viruses. The RO filtration cannot filter impurities with a molecular weight of less than 20. Hence, this water now passes through the UV chamber where the Ultraviolet radiation that kills microorganisms and bacteria makes the water safe to drink.
  • Ultrafiltration: The purest form of water goes through the Ultrafiltration membrane to remove traces of residual impurities and clears that.
  • The Post-Activated Carbon Filter: It removes the volatile organic compounds that improve the taste of water.
  • The Mineralizer: The mineralizer adds essential minerals that were eliminated in the RO purification process. Thus, the replenishment enhances the good content of purified water.

Benefits Of Water Purifier

  •  You get purified water to drink that will keep away the water-borne diseases.
  • Get Cold or Warm water: It happens when you have a small baby at home, they need proper care, and usually, they drink warm water. The purifier saves your time and effort.
  •  Added water and minerals that enhance the taste and odor of water.
  •  Removal of soluble impurities with six-stage water purification.
  • Makes you feel healthy.

Drawbacks Of Water Purifier

  • The Water Purifier wastes a lot of water as more than 50% of water drains out of the raw water. This huge amount of wastage can be threatening for our sustainable development future.
  • Find alternatives for reusing the wastewater for cleaning purposes and planting water.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does the Reverse Osmosis work?

The Reverse Osmosis comes with a semi-permeable membrane that allows only pure water to pass. The membrane eliminates the contaminants that are too large to pass through the small pores. Thus, the purification process removes larger and harmful particles.

2.How to conserve the rejected water?

RO water purifier eliminates 80 % impure water that drains out. While many water purifiers save more than 50 % of water as purified. You can also keep the rejected water stored separately in a bucket and later use it for car washing or watering to the plants.

3.How much is the maintenance cost of RO water purifiers?

The maintenance of any machine is necessary for efficient working. When your RO filter, you can use it for a year or so without changing the filter if your area water has low TDS. But if the water TDS is high, then you have to keep water filter changing in 6 months duration.

4.Does the RO water purifier enhance the taste?

During the RO filtration, it removes the essential minerals from water and makes it taste bland. Most of the company has a water purifier with MIN-TECH that adds essential minerals and makes the water taste better.


After reading the article you must have got an idea that which one to pick and how to pick the water purifier. Water purifier always comes in the priority list of your home. Water keeps you hydrated and energized, for maintaining healthy consumption of water you require the best product.

As per our recommendation, we will suggest you to buy the “AO SMITH Z9 Water Purifier” because of its RO + SCMT, hot-cold water, Min-tech, SSM technologies. Apart from this, other products will satisfy your needs as well.

Therefore, get your water purifier today that will help you to keep yourself hydrated and safe.