Best Baby BathTubs in India 2019

Giving your baby a bath can be quite a messy and slippery affair, with soapy water splashing all around while you struggle to make sure your baby gets a good wash. While it may be easy to make your baby sit in the sink or a bucket for a bath, using a bathtub especially suited for your little one can be pretty convenient and most importantly, hygienic.

Baby bathtubs are designed by keeping in mind the needs of an infant, with contouring as well as anti-slip padding at just the right spots to make sure your baby doesn’t get hurt while using it. These also provide an adequate amount of space for slightly older babies to play around in the water, making bath a fun process.

Choosing the right bathtub for your baby can be quite a challenge since tubs come in all shapes and sizes and with a good number of additional features. Depending on the age and size of your baby as well as her requirements, we’ve drawn up a list of the features you need to look out for when purchasing the right bathtub for your little one.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Baby Bath Tub

There are a large variety of baby bathtubs available on the market today. In order to take the right decision, make sure that you have successfully answered all of the following questions. A detailed Buying Guide with additional information is provided at the end of the article that will answer all of your further questions.

1. How many types of Baby Bath Tubs are there?

The major types of baby bath tubs can be classified as follows (some may be a combination of two or more of the following types).

  • Basic Infant Bath Tubs/Standard Plastic Bath Tubs: Basic, minimalistic plastic tubs usually with gently sloped interiors within and no additional features.
  • Hammock Baby Bath Tubs with Mesh Slings: These are tubs with mesh support slings positioned within to help cradle and support newborns.
  • Convertible Baby Bath Tubs: Designed to grow along with the growth of your baby, convertibles allow both reclining positions (for newborns) as well as sitting upright (for toddlers).
  • Inflatable Baby Bath Tubs: The most space-efficient since they come deflated, these are great for travel and easily portable but less durable than other baby bath tubs.
  • Foldable Baby Bath Tubs: Easy for storage & travel but not as long-lasting as solid bath tubs, these are good options for people who want to save up on space or travel frequently.
  • Collapsible Baby Bath Tubs: These could either be suited for a bathtub or a sink or both and snap into place when in use, collapsing back into a flat structure when not in use.
  • Bucket Baby Bath Tubs: As the name indicates, these are designed just like a simple bucket and work well for a good rinse, but tend to be low on comfort and space to move around.

More information regarding the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of these bathtubs is given in the buying guide below.

2. How much water can it hold?

The depth of the bathtub is an important factor to take into consideration while buying one. The tub should be such that after filling water upto a certain level and putting your baby into the tub, your baby should remain immersed to a good extent. A number of bathtubs are too shallow and hold less water than they should, making it inconvenient to bathe your baby well.

3. Does it have a drain at the bottom?

Certain bath tubs come with a drain along with a rubber stopper positioned at the base to ensure easy drainage of water after a baby’s bath. If a bathtub has no drain, it can be difficult to lift it up or tilt the heavy tub to the side in order to drain out the water. Hence, it is always advisable to buy a bathtub which has a drain along with an attached plug for ease of usage. This helps in drying it out easily and prevents water stains even with regular use.

Cleaning parameters and ease of cleaning is given out clearly in the buying guide below.

4. Does it have soft/padded/contoured edges?

Babies tend to slide around a lot within the bathtub if the base and/or sides are not contoured or designed ergonomically with, say, a support for the hip or a head rest. It is always better to purchase a bathtub which has padding and anti-skid/anti-slip pads at the base and sides of the tub to prevent the baby from getting hurt in the water.

The importance of surface and how to pick which type of surface is further explained in the “buying guide” mentioned below.

5. Is it foldable/collapsible/convertible?

This depends on your requirement. If you’re looking for a baby bath tub for the purpose of travelling while you’re on the go, it is better to opt for an inflatable or collapsible tub which takes up the least space and is easily portable. If not, solid and well-contoured convertible tubs are better suited for your baby for the purpose of their daily baths at home.

Now that you have answered those questions, let us not waste anymore time and jump into the top 10 best baby bathtubs in India are listed here with their pros and cons to make the choice simpler for you.

Top 10 Baby Bath Tubs in India 2019

Baby BathTubsDimensions (Cm)Item WeightAge GroupBuy Now
The First Years Newborn to Toddler 73.7 x 38.6 x 22.91.07 KgUp to 2 yearsCheck the Price
Luvlap Baby Bathtub with Anti-Slip55.4 x 48.8 x 20.21.42 KgUp to 2 and even 3 yearsCheck the Price
Baybee Amdia Multistage Bath tub 36 x 21 x 101.5 KgUp to 2 yearsCheck the Price
Mee Mee Anti-Skid Compact Baby Bather88.9 x 19.1 x 1081.3 KgUp to 3 yearsCheck the Price
Sunbaby Bath Tub75.4 x 50.6 x 32.62.2 KgNACheck the Price
Intex Inflatable Rectangular Pool166 x 100 x 281.7 KgUp to 10-12 yearsCheck the Price
Cho Cho Inflatable Baby Bath Tub90 x 60 x 271.25 KgUp to 4 yearsCheck the Price
INTIME PVC Portable Inflatable Bathtub98 x 65 x 281.11 KgUp to 3 yearsCheck the Price
Novicz Baby Bath Tub27.5 x 27.3 x 17680 gUp to 2 yearsCheck the Price
Skip Hop Moby Bathtub69.8 x 48.3 x 29.51.36 KgUp to 2 yearsCheck the Price

Top 10 Best Baby Bath Tub Online in India Reviews

1. The First Years Newborn to Toddler (Multicolor)

The First Years Newborn to ToddlerThe first product in our list belongs to The First Years, a leading global juvenile products brand in the US. It has been voted ‘Best bathtub’ in BabyCenter’s Moms’ Picks 2014 and 2015 awards.

This Newborn to Toddler tub comes with an adjustable mesh sling to provide extra safety and support to your baby. A simple, one-piece ergonomic design for the deep tub also has a padded headrest for newborns.

Suitable for use in both single and double sinks, this tub is also equipped with form-fitting netting. This ensures extra safety for the infant while bathing. The built-in wash basin can comfortably have a growing baby sit up and play with toys on the toddler side.

This tub is designed for easy transitioning as the baby grows – a mesh hammock for a newborn, a comfortable bump for infants and a straight back side for toddlers to sit and play in the water. Quick water drainage through the temperature-sensitive drain plug and mildew-resistant non-slip pads are additional useful features.

This First Years Newborn to Toddler bath tub can be used for newborns up to babies weighing around 25 lbs.

Things we liked about this tub:

  • Easy transitioning between newborns, infants & toddlers
  • Simple one-piece deep ergonomic tub design
  • Adjustable newborn mesh sling with padded headrest
  • Quick water drainage through temperature-sensitive drain plug
  • Built-in spacious wash basin
  • Mildew-resistant, comfortable, non-slip pads
  • Fits most single and double sinks
  • Suitable for newborns as well as toddlers up to 11.3kgs (25 lbs).

Things we didn’t like about this tub:

  • Relatively expensive

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2. Luvlap Baby Bathtub with Anti-Slip (Pink)

An established baby care products brand, Luvlap needs no introduction. The Baby Bathtub from Lovelap comes in pink colour and also with Anti-Slip surfacing.

Not only does the surface has anti-slip, thanks to the in molded soap case, you can even place the soap without the fear of it slipping out.

Made out of high quality plastic mould, the bathtub is perfect for babies between the ages of 7 months and 2 years. But if the baby is smaller than their usual ages, toddlers of the ages 3 and 4 can enjoy the tub too.

Also, it has a great compact and simple design that is light in weight. It has soft and curved edges that give your baby ample grip and also, extra protection. The base of the tub has a plug that makes it easy to drain out the water after the bath. As the surface of the tub is anti-slip, one can easily wash it via normal scrubbing too.

The tub base, much like the surface, is also slip free. No more worries of the tub slipping out while in the middle of a bathing session. Overall, the product is made out of durable plastic and has a great customer support that will assist you in any and all types of queries and questions.

Things we liked about the tub:

  • Spacious and compact design
  • Light in weight and easy to carry about
  • Softly curved edges give great grip and protection for the baby
  • Easy drainage of water due to easy pull Plug at base
  • Easy to clean insides and outsides
  • Anti-slip tub base
  • In-moulded soap case helps in preventing soap slipping and falling out
  • Durable and high quality plastic body material
  • Perfect for babies between 7 months to 2 or 3 years of age

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • The plug loses its tightness after a year of usage

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3. Baybee Amdia Multistage Bath tub Newborn to 18 Month

Baybee Amdia Multistage Bath tub Newborn to 18 MonthA brand exclusive dedicated to baby care products, the Baybe Amdia Multistage Bathtub is crafted specifically for babies till they reach the age 1.5-2 years.

With a design that accommodates bathing in 2 different bathing positions, the internal design of the surface is shaped anatomically to perfectly seat the baby and do not slip while they are bathing. Forearm and legs with freedom of movement too which help in the healthy growth of the baby’s body.

This bathtub is available in two different sizes. Though it says it is perfect for 0-24 months, we have observed that it is more perfect for babies between the ages 6 to 24 months and older. Also, the Baybee Amdia bathtub comes in an astonishingly wide range of appealing colours to pick from.

Made out of high quality non-toxic plastic that is free from materials such as BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate, it has a perfectly fit drain plug that easily floods out the water from the bathtub post usage. This plug is not just to dewater the tub, but it also acts as  a TPR (Temperature and Pressure Relieve point).

Things we liked about the tub:

  • Comes in 2 different sizes and is ideal for babies upto the age 24 months
  • Has 2 different bathing positions in which the baby can sit and bathe
  • Has an anatomically non slippery internal surface that is perfectly cozy for the kid during their bath
  • Comes in a wide range of colours to choose from
  • Made from high quality plastic that is free from any toxic elements such as BPA or PVC etc.,

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Though the product says it is for 0-24 months, it is ideal for babies above 6 months.

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4. Mee Mee Anti-Skid Compact Baby Bather

Mee Mee Anti-Skid Compact Baby BatherThe Mee Mee Anti Skid Compact is actually not technically a bathtub but a compact and ergonomically designed baby baby bather.

As the name suggests and the picture speaks, the product does not have a conventional bathtub model but is more of a bather without a container to hold water. This is an apparatus of kind where you place the toddler and then use a bucket and mug to bathe them.

Bathers are convenient and handy pieces of equipment that you can carry just about anywhere. It is made out of durable and premium quality fabric and easy to dry foam material embedded within. The outer frame too is made out of great and sturdy metal. This offers great comfort to the baby while you bathe them in this and it does not easily break down too..

Though the edges and the seating itself is ergonomic and highly comfortable, there could be a belt that would strap down the baby in the bather. Also, there is an anti-skid base that is directed to not let the bather skid while using. While it works fine, we felt that it could be improved up a small notch.

An ideal budget friendly product, we felt that this could be definitely be a buy for your babies who are less than a year of age but can also be used for toddlers upto 3 years of age.. This is available in three different colours of green, blue and pink to choose from.

Things we liked about the bather

  • It is a bather and not a tub
  • Soft and cushioning seat and edges for safety and comfort
  • Adjustable backrest for babies
  • Available in 3 different colours
  • Budget friendly

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Does not have a container to let the kid play in water like a tub
  • Anti-Skid feature could be improved

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5. Sunbaby Bath Tub with Bath Sling Combo

Sunbaby Bath Tub with Bath Sling ComboA simple yet handy bathtub from Sunbaby, India’s Largest Baby Care destination, the Bath Sling combo is a combination of a simple plastic bathtub with a removable and detachable seat.

This combination of the bathtub and the seat make it ideal for your baby right from the newborn stage to a baby stage to a toddler stage of 3 and even 4 years too. The newborns can be bathed with the seat placed in the tub whereas the toddlers can be bathed by removing

The tub comes with a water level indicator and even a soap placing groove too (it has a fun fish design engraved on it too). The arm rests of the tub are anti-slip and even the bottom of the tub is anti-slip with suction so that you can bathe the baby comfortably without a fear of the tub slipping out.

Though it does not have a cushioning insides like the premium versions have, it has a non slippery and ergonomic internal surfacing which is a great grab considering the price of the product.

Made out of sturdy materials, the tub is leak proof, has a snuggly plug at the bottom to remove water after bath and most importantly, has a good shelf life. It is available in over 9 different colours to choose and pick from.

Things we liked about the tub:

  • Comes with a tub and a seat thus is a great utility for newborns and toddlers
  • Sturdy build material
  • Comes with a fun designed soap placement groove
  • Anti slippery arm rests
  • Anti-slip bottom base
  • Comes in a9 different variety and fun colours
  • Water level indicator
  • Ergonomic and comfortable internal surface

Things we didn’t like about this:

  • Does not have any internal cushioning

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6. Intex Inflatable Rectangular Pool (Multicolour)

Intex Inflatable Rectangular Pool, Multi ColorIntex is a well-known name worldwide in the field of above ground pools, airbeds, toys and the like for more than 40 years. This Inflatable Rectangular Pool is not a bathtub but is a miniature pool tub that is easy to use and is fun for babies

With a soft inflatable base, this pool can be set up anywhere convenient, even on balconies and terraces in the sunny weather. The inflation and deflation processes are quite simple and not time-consuming at all. Once deflated after use, the pool can be easily folded up and stored taking up very little space.

An advantage of this economical spacious pool over other bath tubs is that this is suitable for relatively toddlers as well and not only babies. Hence, it can be used both as a bathtub as well as a fun playing pool for toddlers.

The depth of the pool is also not too much, making it a safe option for toddlers to splash around in. The sides as well as bottom are adequately cushioned for protection and support. It is suitable for children upto 6 months to 2  years of age.

Apart from the usual pool, you can even pick other combo variants of the product such as the 2 ft or 3 ft pool combo for older kids or the pump combo.

Things we liked about this tub/pool

  • Soft inflatable base
  • Adequately cushioned sides & bottom
  • Easy inflation & deflation
  • Compact & easy to store when deflated
  • Not too deep & safe to play in
  • Dual use – bath pool & play pool
  • Suitable for up to 6 months-2 year old children

Things we didn’t like about it

  • No drain provided
  • Pump has to be bought separately or with the combo pack
  • Needs to be handled with care or it gets punctured

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7. Cho Cho European Standard Inflatable Baby Bath Tub with Pump

Cho Cho European Standard Inflatable Baby Bath Tub with PumpSimilar to the Intet Pool, the Cho Cho is also an inflatable pool styled bathtub for kids. Made out of high quality european standards PVC rubber, this pool styled bathtub has a lot of safety features.

Once you inflate the tub, with the inflator that comes with the packaging, you can readily use the product by filling in water into it. There is no water level indicator in this but the slope styled internal surface makes up for it.

The internal surfacing of the tub is ergonomic and child friendly. A big stud style obstacle in the middle of the tub prevents the baby from sliding over into the tub and potentially drown.

Even the head side is ergonomic too. Inclined at a 45 degree angle, it provides your baby with ample amounts of comfort. The bottom of this tub is anti slippery and it won’t skid as your baby plays inside the pool.

This tub can also perform well in warm or hot water thus giving your baby a warm swim too.

There are small pockets on either sides of the pool tub where you can place important utilities such as baby shampoo or baby soap that you use while bathing your toddler.

Things we liked about the tub:

  • Appealing and ergonomic design
  • Internal surface is safe and secure for the child to bathe
  • Mid tub obstacle prevents any possibility of the baby slipping inside to the tub
  • 45 Degree head rest aids in the comfort of the baby
  • Side pockets to place important utilities
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Can even contain and sustain in warm to hot water
  • Made out of high quality imported PVC Rubber
  • Free air pump provided with the packaging

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Nothing in specific to mention

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8. INTIME PVC Portable Inflatable Bathtub for Kids

INTIME PVC Portable Inflatable Bathtub for KidsYet another pool type bathtub, the Intime PVC is a portable and inflatable bathtub for babies between the ages of 0 to 3 years.

Similar to the Intex pool and Cho Cho pool, this one too performs as both a pool and a bathtub. It is made out of  high quality European PVC rubber that is smooth on your baby’s skin while they use this.

Packed with an inflation pump, prepping this baby tub is very easy and can be deflated and packed with similar ease too. The water level plugs present on the sides of the tub are great for maintaining the level of desired water. Just open the plug and the pool tub deflates to the desired water level.

With a slip resistant bottom design, this pool does not easily move about and can give your baby a great bathing experience. It even has a 45 degree rest thanks to the separate soft air inflation inside it. The whole pool inflation is seperate from the head side inflation. You can thus adjust the said angle.

Easy to clean and use, the drain plug of the pool is present at the bottom and thus can be easily pulled off. A small storage pouch that is present on the side can be used to place easy to grab and important baby care products such as soap or shampoo that you need while bathing the baby.

This pool is available in two different colours; pink and blue.

Things we liked about the tub:

  • 2 in 1 bathtub and pool
  • Ideal for new born babies to toddlers of 2 or 3 years age too
  • Seperate water level management plugs
  • Easy to deflate plugs and easy to drain bottom drain plugs
  • Comes with a free air pump for the inflation of this pool
  • Slip resistant bottom
  • Available in 2 different colours
  • Foldable and thus easy to store and saves a lot of space

Things we didn’t like about the product

  • Though made out of durable material, chances of getting punctured are high. Thus use with care.

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9. Novicz Baby Bath Tub Bather Kids Infant New Born Baby to Toddler

Novicz Baby Bath Tub Bather Kids Infant New Born Baby to Toddler, PinkProbably the best budget friendly bathtub with the most ergonomic internal design, the Novicz baby bath tub is similar in outer design to that of the Sunbaby Bath Tub but varies in terms of the internal design.

Made out of high quality plastic PVC material, the Novicz bathtub is actually a basic plastic tub with an ergonomic internal surface. Like most premium models, the internal surface has a comfortable groovy and a seating style groove already exists inside the tub.

Comfortable to sit in, easy to place and light in weight, this bathtub for sure will delight your baby and their bathing time.

Apart from that, it has a smooth edge and an easily cleanable body and also a space to place toys for the baby to play with while bathing.

One of the major downside to this otherwise awesome product is the absence of a drain hole. You would have to topple the bathtub in order to drain it of the water and then restack it.

Things we liked about the tub:

  • Economic, budget friendly and value for money
  • Made out of high quality plastic
  • Simple yet ergonomic internal surface
  • Has an inside placed chair for better comfort of the infant
  • Smooth edges for safety

Things we didn’t like about it

  • Does not have a drain plug

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10. Skip Hop Moby Bathtub With Sling

Skip Hop Moby Bathtub With Sling, Blue - 1 PcsSaving the best for the last, the Skip Hop Moby Bathtub is a combination of a normal bathtub and a bather inside it posing as a seat.

Coming with an attached Smart Sling, this 3 stage baby bathtub is ideal for babies between the ages of 0 to 3 years.

This smart sling gives the baby full support in all the stages of its development. The two lock positions of the sling are ergonomic in nature. While the first high position gives full body support and acts as a bather, the second lower position can seat your baby comfortably inside the tub and have fun with the bath.

The sling comes with a layered mesh and cushioning for added comfort to the baby. The stages of placing of the tub with regards to the ages are as follows.

Stage 1: Newborn of 0-3 months

Stage 2: Infant of 3-6 months

Stage 3 Sitting Toddlers of 6 months and older

Edges of this bather cum tub are smooth and thus offer great comfort to the baby. You can remove the sling and directly use the tub as a miniature pool too. Afterwards, the storage of the tub is simple and easy too. All you do is hang the tub over by a hook or even by the shower for quick dry.

Apart from that, the tub is anti-slip, is made out of high quality plastic and is incredibly durable. As is the case with most of such premium products, this is priced at a little higher on the shelf.

Things we liked about the tub

  • Unique and appealing 2 in 1 design
  • Has three different stages of set up for the babies as they grow up
  • Smooth edges for added safety of the baby while they hold.
  • Anti-slip base
  • Can also be converted to be used as a miniature pool too

Things we didn’t like about it

  • Priced expensive than most models in the list

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Buying Guide: Tips and factors you need to consider before choosing a baby bathtub

A baby’s bathtub may seem like an ordinary utility but as it is a place where you wash and tidy up your toddler from a very early age, you have to be thorough. Please go through the below mentioned buying tips that will assist you in making the informed and right choice.

1. Quality and Build materials

The quality of the material used to build the bathtub is as important as the type of the bathtub. While typical bathtubs are made out of porcelain, baby bath tubs are made out of plastic, mesh cloth or rubber in some cases (inflatable ones).

The quality of the plastic dictates the quality and the life span of the bathtub. Cheap bathtubs often use poor quality plastic that breaks down or worse, leaks. Also, make sure that the plastic used is not of recycled quality as it tends to emit unpleasant odours or worse, toxic smells that may cause harm to your baby.

2. Appropriate Sizing

Babies grow fast. One week you can hold them with your hands and the next week, they fill in your arms as you cuddle them.

Bathtubs come in varied shapes and sizes. If you have observed accelerated growth in your baby, it is suggested that you buy a convertible model of bathtub. For babies of above 1 year age, buy a larger bathtub (if not going for a convertible version). These can be used for a very long time.

Also, for best results and good usage regulations, do not use a lend down bathtub. It is not a hygienic and safe option.

3. Ease of cleaning

The importance of having a bathtub that is easy to clean need not be stressed but cannot be stressed enough. As we have already seen how important it is to have a sink plug at the bottom of the tub, you should also look at the internal design of the tub.

In the name of ergonomics, many tubs come with a lot of grooves which promise a lot of wriggle space for your baby. But many grooves are not easy to clean and this may lead to the formation of algae or other form of slippery accumulation which may pose the threat of slipping to your child.

Thus it is always a good option to go for a product that is clear on the inside and is easy to clean and use on a regular basis.

4. Pricing

Now let us talk of the pricing. Provided you think of all the features and what not, you are going to use the product for over 3 or 4 years maximum. The main purpose of the bathtub is to make your kid bathe in peace and it does not need to be a small swimming pool with an island and a throne in the middle of it.

Don’t go all out on buying a bathtub as you may need to spend a lot of money on many other aspects in the upbringing of the baby.

Additional Features For A Baby Bath

1. Non-Skid Surfacing:

One of the most common problems with bathtubs is the slippery surface present on it. There are a lot of bathtubs that provide anti-skid internal AND external surfaces. Try to pick these for an extra safety measure. More on this mentioned in the safety tips section.

2. Overhanging Rims

The rims of the bathtub help your child to get a hold of the sides and try and get up. This not just helps them in getting up but also help in improving their muscle strength. Sharp rims amy cause scratches to your baby’s skin.

3. Water volume indicators

It is highly important to have a water volume indicator inside a baby’s bath tub as this gives you a clear idea on how much water has to be filled in the bathtub. Too much of it could be dangerous which is clearly explained in the safety measures section below.

4. Temperature gauge

An innovative and very handy feature usually found in high end baby bathtubs, a temperature gauge helps in monitoring the temperature of the water. The temperature of the water in which the baby bathes is really important and you cannot risk putting the baby in a temperature their skin is not comfortable with.

5. Hanging Toys for the baby’s attention

Let’s face it, most babies find bathing in water a little too uncomfortable. Bathtubs come with a wide range of toys that can either be hanged or given to the kid to play with. While they are busy engrossed and playing with these toys, it is easy to get them cleaned up with no fuss.

Safety tips while buying and using a baby bathtub

  • Never ever leave your kid alone in the bathtub. Even for a second
    A recent study has deduced that drowning is one of the leading causes of death among toddlers between the ages of 1 – 4 and supervised water activities have a great impact in reducing these unfortunate incidents.
  • While using the bathtub, make sure that you are providing ample amounts of support to the babies with either both or atleast one hand while the other rubs or scrapes the baby’s body off dirt. Babies lack the muscle control to stay afloat or to handle the water flow around them. Thus it is really important to have at least one hand in touch with them during the course of the bathing.
  • Try to avoid inflatable bathtubs for little babies. They do not have proper structural integrity and thus may have a risk of your baby tipping and drowning.
  • The bathtub you are picking should have round edges and this will give a safe to topple and easy to grab sides for your baby while they are enjoying a bath and splashing the water around.
  • Maintain a lukewarm and steady water temperature during the entire duration of bathing. A baby’s skin is sensitive and thus you need to be extra careful about the temperature of the water they are being washed or placed in. Measure the temperature of the water before you begin with it.
    The American academy of pediatrics state that the maximum ideal temperature of baby bath water is 120 degrees F or 49 degrees C . Your hand should feel warm yet cool enough which is a perfect indication of the water being ready. Many bathtubs come with temperature indicators which make your job easy. Choose them.
  • Never overfill the bathtub. Almost all of the modern bathtubs come with water level and volume markings given on the sides of the tub. The last and top of the line are the maximum allowed level recommended by the manufacturer and do not cross it. Overfilling water in bathtubs may result in two things:
  1. Filled bathtub may cause soapy water into the nose and eyes of the baby causing irritation
  2. More water than recommended adds load to the tub and it reduces its the life of the tub.
  • Buy bath seats or bathtub rings for extra comfort for your baby. While most bathtubs are made out of smooth insides, the baby’s torso may slide inside or may not feel comfortable at all times. These are foam and rubber based seating cushioning elements that can give a gripped seating inside the tub and also, they make the bathing a bit more relaxing experience. Make sure that you are cleaning out these after every usage and dry them for the next usage from time to time.
  • Add an anti-skid base bath mat for the bathtub. Baby bathtubs are known to be slippery and this may cause an issue if you are bathing your toddler indoors or on a smooth frictionless surface. While many of the new models come with rigid and stopper based bottoms, a few still tend to move about and cause disturbances.
    Bathtub mats are friction inducing mats that can be used under the bathtub that can make the tub stay in a single place. No moving on and about it.
  • Use mild soaps or none at all during the regular baths. A baby’s skin, as mentioned early, is way too sensitive and even simple soap water can cause irritation and rashes on them. Always go for very mild baby soaps. For better results, go for soaps aimed at ages lower than your baby’s age.
  • Massage the baby’s hands and legs while the baby is in the water. Water causes strain on the muscles and this is the best way for your baby to increase the muscle strength. Applying good and gentle oil massage before bath is also a best way to get this going.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When can I put my baby in the bathtub?

Actually, there is no such rule stating that you should not give a newborn baby a regular bath. While babies of 6 months or above age can sit right and get basic support, newborns and infants can also be given full fledged baths with great care and supervision.

2. How do you give a baby its first bath?

Bathing a baby for the first time is a big deal
First of all, make sure you have dried out and disinfected the bathtub for any possible germs. Then fill in the tub with lukewarm to warm water. Then take a washcloth or a bath sponge and slowly and carefully rub and wash the face of the baby and hair too. In order to keep the baby warm during the bath, cup your hands with water and gently splash them on the chest of the baby. After the bath, pat them dry with a dry sponge or a baby washcloth.

3. How can I disinfect my baby’s bathtub

In order to disinfect a baby’s bathtub, fill the tub with hot water and some liquid dish soap or baby disinfectant. If you see that there is some kind of bath product or soap residue at the sides or the bottom of the tub, make some baking soda paste with water and scrub all the sides of the bathtub with it.  Use a paper towel to scrape and clear out the tub and then use another batch of hot water to rinse it clear.

4. How often should babies get bathed?

Two or three times a week should be sufficient for a baby. They do not need to be bathed every single day as it may dry out the baby’s skin.

5. When can I shower with my baby

Around 1 or 2 weeks after birth, when the umbilical cord has fallen off, the baby is safe to shower but under controlled temperature steam conditions


With a lot of options to choose and be reviewed on, our research points towards the robust, ergonomic and most of all, the stage level style of the “First Years Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath Tub”. Its multi use for both babies and toddlers and with a mesh based sling hammock, it is the perfect and best pick and gift you can give your baby.

While those were our opinions and our researched picks, we encourage your opinions and ideas too. Did we miss out on anything? Do you have any questions or queries regarding the best of the baby bathtubs? If so, be sure to write to us in the comments section below. Our team of experts will get back to you with an answer very shortly.

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  1. Hi, Tej. I really loved your post. Thanks for sharing all your collections. But I love Flower Bathtub the most. What’s your review about using it?

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