The 5 Best Play Slides For Kids In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Kids love playing on the slides, especially when they are playing with their siblings or friends. These are suitable toys for children in the age group of 2 to 10 years.

They are available in different shapes and sizes. Most of them are made using slippery and smooth plastic materials. As you check for safety while buying any regular toy, the same goes for slides too. Consider these factors before buying a play slide for your kid.


The size of the play slides varies depending on the length of the descent and the slope gradient.If your child is below 2 years, you should select a slide that is 1 meter in length.

For kids aged between 2 to 4 years, it should not be more than 1.10 meters. You can select a slide with a 2-meter size or more from the age of 3. This size is suitable for a child up to an age group of 9 years.

Weight Capacity:

You must first check the weight-bearing capacity of the slide and then buy a model accordingly. You should select one as per the weight of your baby.

Freestanding or Multi-Activity Slides:

Freestanding slides are a great choice for children within an age group of 1 to 3 years. If your kid is more than 3 years old, you can buy a multi-activity playing slide.

Material, design, and price are some additional factors that you must consider too. We have explained them in detail in the buying guide below.

Also, to help you make your purchase easier, we have shortlisted some of the best play slides for kids available in India. Let’s have a look!

5 Best Play Slides For Kids In India

play slidesDimension(cm)Weight Handled(kg)Buy Now
Play Gro Plastic Super Senior Slide21.34 x 106.7 x 42.6720CHECK ON AMAZON
EhomeKart Garden Slide130 x 50 x 7020CHECK ON AMAZON
Baybee Foldable Baby Garden Slide11.99 x 10.01 x 5.9920CHECK ON AMAZON
Kiddie Fun 2 in 1 Slide106 x 55 x 7220CHECK ON AMAZON
Webby Foldable Baby Garden Slide94 x 35 x 2420CHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Play Slides For Kids In India Reviews

1. Play Gro Plastic Super Senior Slide

play gro

Playgro is the best company that manufactures school furniture for children in India. They make outdoor toys, school furniture, baby stuff, and fun stations. They’re one of the innovative works is Slide, which is best for pre-nursery children.

If you are the owner of a school and planning to make a park for the children or want to include games in the playing room, then this is the best thing for you. You can have a slider that will keep the child busy and fun at their growing age.

The slider has a staircase to climb that will teach your kid values when playing in the group to maintain line and not to hurt anyone. The slider has side supports which will protect the kid from falling. Also, the model is stable, which will take the weight of the kid and remain stable at its position.

It comes under different attractive color that will lure the kid while enjoying at the fullest.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Great quality
  • Value for money


  • Not for small kids

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2. EhomeKart Garden Slide for Kids


eHomekart is a company that manufactures children playing slider, and toys for them. The new product from their side is the garden slider that you can keep at home, playing room or school.

The slider is perfect for small kids as well. The plastic material is sturdy that will keep the body of the slider stable. It has anti-skid ladder legs that will prevent falling of your kids while climbing it.

It also has a wide skid zone that will give a broader area to enjoy. There are rounded corners and rails as well that will keep your child secure while coming down. When you are not using the slider, you can fold and keep it.

It can be a perfect gift for your child that will embellish his or her new playing room.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High-Quality Plastic
  • Anki-Skid mechanism
  • Broder Sliding area
  • Rabbit shape attracts children
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Rounded railing


  • Have to keep on material check timely

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3. Baybee Foldable Baby Garden Slide for Kids


Baybee is the top-rated company in the market for manufacturing kids playing accessories. And, it has got a maximum rating from the customer. So, if you require a slider for your kid, this company is trustworthy.

If you want to gift a kid on his birthday, then this is the best choice for their first slider. When babies slide, it increases their sense; helps to improve balance; promotes the coordination capability.

The material is made of non-toxic PE that provides a sliding feel to your baby. It can handle weight up to 20 KG. The slider comes in a various color that attracts baby eyes. With a variety of options available the company offers you types of sliders, such as:

  • 3 in 1 Climber
  • Giraffe Slider
  • Mega Slide
  • Mini Slide
  • Slipping Slide
  • Smoby Slide
  • Swing N Slide

The stairs of the climber are smooth without any sharp edges, even when your baby slides, they will get a broad area to slide.

The slider is easy to store because of its folding ability. Store the slider at your indoor and outdoor easily. It is the best choice for your kids’ fitness and balance.


  • Great quality material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Sheerness
  • Smooth sliding
  • Broad Sliding area


  • In the package, some screws were missing

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4. Kiddie Fun 2 in One Playtool Cute Slide


Kiddle Fun company belongs to the Netherlands with aiming to create an international brand in children’s toys. The slider is best for both indoor and outdoor play with ring hoopla so that your child enjoys at fullest.

Let us look at its features if you want to gift a present to your kid, and it is a good choice. It helps your child to promote balance, coordination ability, and improves their touch sensing.

The surface of the slide is smooth enough, which will remain skin-friendly. The material is made of non-toxic PE that will keep your baby safe while sliding. The slider handles weight up to 20 kg, and it will remain with you until your baby grows up.

The company provides you the slider in various colors, which attracts the kids to play. Talking about the structure of the slider, it has an anti-slid mechanism and broad sliding area. You can keep the slider in the playing room or your garden.

There will be the overall development of your baby in enhancing the sensory parts.


  • Anti-slid material
  • For both indoor and outdoor purpose
  • Strong material quality
  • Great stability
  • Foldable that makes it easy to store
  • Value for money


  • Installing Is the tiresome task

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5. Webby Foldable Baby Garden Slide for Kids


Webby has the slides in a variety of ranges that is perfect for the young kids to start playing. Kids love sliders, and they are fascinated by their design, color, and smooth sliding. Sliders are good exercisers as well because your kid will climb on the stairs and correctly uses legs.

They balance their weight on the slider and slide slowly and enjoy the smoothness. It is like an adventure stunt for toddlers. It improves their coordination, balancing ability, and sensing powers, which development is a must at this growing age.

If we talk about the design of the slider, then it has smooth stairs that are an anti-skid and broader sliding area for the comfortable sliding experience. Then, the edges are smooth with no sharp ends, which eventually makes the slider safer for your kid.

It is foldable that makes it easy to store. You can place the slider anywhere in the house. You can place it in a playing room or garden with appropriate sunlight that will give Vitamin D.


  • Anti-skid
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Safe material
  • Long-lasting
  • Value for money


  • Smaller in height for grown-up kids

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Best Play Slides in India – Buying Guide

Before buying a play slide for your kids, there are few factors that you must check for to ensure the durability of the product and the safety of your kids. Here is a list of all these factors:


The size of the slides varies depending on the length of the descent, slope gradient, its shape, and the equipment surrounding them, To buy a correct play slide according to the age of your child, we have jotted down some important pointers:

Kids below an age group of 2 years are very young and they might not be able to understand the activity. However, you can help them enjoy playing in the slides by holding them while sliding them down. In such scenarios, a slide with a 1-meter length will be appropriate. It will also allow the parents or elders to help monitor and coordinate with their children while playing. If your child falls under an age bucket of 2 to 4 years, you should buy a slide that is not more than 1.10 meters.

For 3 years old kids or above, the size of the slide can be increased, and you can select one that is 2 meters or above. Children up to an age group of 9 years can comfortably enjoy playing in it.

Hence, depending on the age of your kids, you can select the size of the slide. However, don’t forget that children grow quickly, and they might outgrow a basic slide very soon. Thus, buy accordingly.


Before buying a toy for the kids, as parents, it is your first duty that you should check the material that is used to make that particular toy. Plastic is the most common material that is used to make slides.

You must make sure that the plastic material used is sturdy enough to handle the weight of your child. Along with this, the materials should be safe to use.

As the skin of kids is very delicate, you should ensure that the materials used to make the slide are durable, smooth, and non-toxic.

Height and Weight of the Children:

Every model of the slide is designed keeping in mind the standard height and weight of the children. Manufacturers generally mention that a particular model of the slide is designed for a specific age group. Hence, you must check the height and weight of your kid and then buy a suitable model.

Freestanding or Multi-Activity Slides:

Children within an age group of 1 to 3 years are quite unpredictable. Even though they can walk and run faster, their motor skills are not developed completely. Hence, they might not understand that they will have to hold the border of the slide in order to keep themselves safe. Hence, it is advised to the parents to select simple slides for them that are smaller in size so that the child remains safe and he/she should have fun at the same time.

Starting from four years onwards, the motor skills of the babies are still under development. However, they are aware of their surroundings. For them, parents can buy continuous slides such as slides with ball house or swing slides.

Size should not be a worry here. The only thing that you will have to worry about here is whether you can accommodate these multi-activity slides in your house. Apart from this, your child is definitely going to have a fun time while playing.


The safety of the kids is the first and foremost concern of the parents. We suggest you to buy a slide that is safe for your baby. Hence, check whether the material used to make the slide is safe or not. Along with this, ensure that the material is durable and non-toxic.

The best indoor slides are the ones that don’t have any redundant or sharp corners. They should be soft and smooth and must not lead to any accidental cuts on the baby’s skin.

The ladder should be designed properly with textured steps so that the baby doesn’t slip and fall while climbing up. Also, the height of the slide should not be very high.

Firm Parts:

Proper structure and durable parts and components are other important factors that the parents must check for. The slides should feature a firm, sturdy, and robust bearing frame, giving the entire slide a firm structure. All the connecting parts should also be safe to use with round surfaces. There must not be any sharp edges.

You should also check the surface of the slide and its friction to understand whether its speed will slow down while kids are playing. If the slide is way too slippery, kids can easily fall from the slide and get injured.


Plastic slides are available in different length and the width. The slides that are designed for the kids usually feature a length between 10 to 20 feet.


Play slides for kids are available in different designs. Some of the commonly available designs are straight, wavy, parallel (side-by-side), spiral, and tunnel.


The location of the slide is an essential factor too. You should first decide on a place where you want to keep the slide. Always select a flat area so that its structure stays at a level. Don’t select very hard surfaces as it might lead to injuries.


The final price of the slide must fall within your budget. You can get a playing slide within a budget of Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 8,000. Slides with swings might be a bit costly. You should consider the cost and the quality of the slide before buying it.

Additional Factors:

There are some additional factors that are also worth checking:

  • A non-slip system should be used over the rungs or the ladder. Most manufacturers add a non-slip tape to the rungs as it guarantees the safety of the slide.
  • You should also check whether there is a handrail along the stairway or not as higher the slide is, the risk of tripping or falling off becomes high too.
  • The entrance of the slide should be well-equipped with a bar or handles as it will help the kid in changing the position. It also makes the toy stable.
  • You can give preference to play slides with guide rails or sidebars as it provides additional safety. Select a model with solid parts to avoid any risk of hand injuries.
  • A frame that comes with a wide base also provides additional stability to the slide. While installing the slide, you should follow the instructions properly and secure the legs tightly to the ground (using fixing plugs).
  • The slide exit zone should be kept clear to avoid any accidents.
  • Slides are available in different shapes. You can select one depending on the choice and preference of your kids.
  • Keep checking or tightening the screws regularly to make sure that the slide is in good shape always.

Benefits of Slides:

There are many benefits of letting your child play in a slide. They are as follows:

  • It promotes balance and coordination

The whole process of climbing up the stairs and sliding down the chute helps in building and improving balancing and coordination skills in the kids. It also helps in developing spatial awareness as they will judge by themselves when to slide and what to do once they reach the ground.

  • Improves physical activity:

Even though climbing up and sliding down looks like a fun activity, it is physically straining too. Kids have to use both upper and lower body strength while climbing up the ladders. While pulling their body up, it requires some strength. They end up performing cardiovascular exercises which is also helpful in developing lean muscles.

  • Develops and improves social skills:

If you notice in a playground, you will see maximum kids surrounding the slide area because it is fun playing there. With so many kids around, there is a high possibility of kids interacting among themselves. They will learn how to be patient and wait for their turn. They can have fun and learn a lot of things at the same time!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which material is slider made?

The slider is made of the plastic material that is thick and smooth, which will help your baby to grow. It is lightweight that will help you to take the slider anywhere. You can take it to your garden or your playing room.

2.How to assemble it?

The sliders are easy to assemble. Inside the box, you have a brochure to read that contains pictures and text in various languages for easy installation.

3.It is good for which age?

The playing slider comes for various age such as
For age 1 to 3 years
These play sliders are comparatively small in height as compare to big ones.
For age 4 to 6 years
The play sliders are big in height than the small ones.

4.Can we fold the playing slider?

It all depends on the model. Some of the playing sliders are foldable that you can anywhere you go, and it does not occupy much space in your room.

5.How much weight the playing slider takes?

It can take up to 6 to 20 kgs of weight. And, generally, children lie in this category easily.


For kids, you need to have fun accessories at home. It is good to have concern for your baby in terms of his or her safety, and you must look for all safety precautions before buying a play slider.

As per our recommendation, we suggest you buy it because it is durable and can handle weight up to 20 kgs. Other products are good to go, as well.

We hope you must have got an idea, how to select the playing slider for your kid.