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The 7 Best Baby Diapers In India for Newborn & Old Babies: 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

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Comfortable babies are happy babies! As a new parent, your duty is to keep your child comfortable, clean, dry, and fresh. Infancy is perhaps the toughest time for parents as far as bringing up a child is concerned. It includes a whole lot of cleaning, changing diapers, and staying awake to be on time for the next diaper change. If you are late, you will have a wailing child in the cradle with soiled sheets that you will have to wash!

No, that does not sound like a lot of fun. While we cannot do much about the loads of laundry that you might have to do in case of little accidents, but we can certainly suggest you 7 best diapers in India that are fast-absorbing, comfortable, and skin-friendly.

A good diaper will keep your baby smiling; a bad one might send your child into throwing random crying fits. So, to choose the best baby diapers, you can consider the following factors:

  • Material: A breathable material that lets enough air to reach your baby’s skin should be your first priority. Your little baby’s bottom must not feel stuffy or sweaty. The material of a baby diaper decides the level of comfort.
  • Hours of Protection: Look for hydrophilic gel magnets and a top absorbent layer. Most of the good diaper brands offer 10 to 12 hours of leakage protection. Although you are most likely to change a baby’s diaper every 4 to 6 hours, it is always great to have the option for emergencies.
  • Skin Friendly: The diaper must offer gentle skin contact. Look for cottony soft materials that have aloe lotion or anti-rash layer so that your baby’s skin remains protected.

If you want to know in detail about baby diapers, then you can visit the Baby Diapers Buying Guide and FAQ sections.

7 Best Baby Diapers In India

Baby DiapersHours of ProtectionAvg. Customer RatingTypeBuy Now
Pampers Diaper Pants124.1Pull up, pant styleCHECK ON AMAZON
Supples Baby Diaper Pants123.8Pull up, pant styleCHECK ON AMAZON
MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper124.3Pull up, pant styleCHECK ON AMAZON
Huggies Wonder Pants123.9Pant style diapersCHECK ON AMAZON
Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants4 to 63.9Pant style diapersCHECK ON AMAZON
Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants123.8Pant style diapersCHECK ON AMAZON
Papimo Baby Diaper Pants10 to 123.9Fitted or contouredCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Baby Diapers In India Reviews

1. Pampers Combo Pack, Diaper Pants & Clean Baby Wipes


Pampers is one of the oldest brands that has catered to the baby care industry since 1961. If you are looking for one of the best absorbent baby diapers that give the perfect fit, then opting for the pampers pant style diapers is a good choice.

These pant style diapers have ultra-absorb cores with magic gels that lock wetness to keep your baby’s bottom dry for long hours. There is baby lotion in the diapers with aloe vera to keep diaper rash, irritation, and discomfort at bay. It also has a top layer that is made of cottony-soft material for a comfortable night’s sleep.

As it is a pant style diapers, you can easily pull it to fit on your baby’s waist. It has soft and stretchy waistbands that offer an excellent fit for maximum comfort. You can find these diapers in the various sizes starting from the size for newborns to triple XL.

Pampers diapers work wonders in keeping your baby super dry. It absorbs and locks-in the wetness at a rapid rate. It is a dermatologically tested product that fits well and offers 12 hours of leakage protection. It comes in a combo pack of diapers and baby wipes for providing all-round care to your child.

Product Details:  

  • Pant style diapers
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Leakage protection for 12 hours
  • Comes in a combo pack of baby wipes and diapers


  • Offers long hours of leakage protection
  • Soft and suitable for sensitive baby skin
  • The diapers emit fresh fragrance
  • Has baby lotion with aloe vera for rash prevention
  • Diapers have a fun and colorful exterior


  • No major cons

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2. Supples Baby Diaper Pants


If you are looking for other options for pant diapers for your baby, then you can consider the Supples as an option. Thousands of mothers have certified this product to be comforting and super-dry for the baby. If you are skeptical, you can buy a small pack first to see how your baby likes it.

The Supples baby diapers are made of breathable, non-woven material that allows plenty of air to keep your child clean and dry. The top layer has a series of a zig-zag channel for even distribution of wetness, and the bottom layer of this diapers have hydrophilic gel magnets that absorb moisture and convert it instantly into gel form.

The pant style diaper has triple-locked enable side cuffs for offering triple leakage protection. It is perhaps one of the more affordable diaper that is comfortable, easy to put on and has good absorption. However, the downside is, this diaper is available only in four sizes.

Quality-wise, it offers more than its money’s worth. The zig-zag channels and gel magnets work together for a solid leakage protection for up to 12 hours. The exterior of the diapers is colorful that will cheer up the babies every time they see it.

Product Details: 

  • Pant style diapers
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours
  • Has hydrophilic get magnets


  • One of the best budget-friendly diapers
  • Made with breathable, non-woven material
  • Fast absorption and even distribution of liquid
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Triple locked leakage protection


  • Not available in size suitable for newborns

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3. MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper


Japanese products have a reputation for delivering top-notch quality. Unicharm is a Japanese company that entered India in 2009 with Mamy Poko Pants and has grown to be one of the most preferred brands for disposable diapers in the country ever since.

The fabric of the diaper is soft and breathable to keep the baby fresh. The criss-cross channels of the pant style diaper account for good absorption. These diapers do not get soggy or heavy in one place because of the even distribution channel system. New parents will not have much trouble changing diapers as it comes in a pant shape with comfortable waistbands for support.

If your child is prone to diaper rash caused by tapes or elastic of diapers, you can try Mamy Poko pants. This diaper has soft elastic that contours the baby well without the harshness. Mamy Poko has taken extra care to prevent leakage by incorporating stretch thigh support that does not leave room for side dripping. Mamy Poko is available in 11 sizes to cater to your baby’s needs throughout their infancy.

If you are looking for a diaper for your newborns, this is a superb choice as these diapers have special U-cut to take care of your baby’s umbilical stump. The diapers have the capacity of soaking up to 7 glasses of urine and offer your baby comfort for 12 hours so that your baby can have a good night’s rest.

Product Detail: 

  • Pant style diapers
  • Available in 11 sizes
  • Keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours
  • Can absorb up to 7 glasses of liquid


  • Cottony soft material allows airflow
  • Does not get heavy
  • Even distribution of wetness
  • Offers umbilical stump care for newborns
  • Available in fun Disney prints


  • No major cons

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4. Huggies Wonder Pants


Huggies is a premium brand in India in the baby diaper sector. The two USPs of Huggies is its comfort and absorbability. These diapers will keep your little child snug and cozy for 12 hours.

The top layer of the diapers is ultra-soft cottony covers with a fluffy 3D bubble bed so that it can immediately trap and absorb waste matters like runny poo. The surface of the diapers remains dry for a long.

In the case of small babies, side leakage is often a concern for parents. But with Huggies, you can be sure of no such accidents as it has extra padding on the side to help stop any leakage. It is a pull-up, pant style diaper that is convenient to change.

If you worry that the elastic of the pant style diapers might give your baby a rash on the waist, then Huggies has the perfect solution. Its waistband is well cushioned so as not to leave any red marks on the delicate skin of your baby.

Product Details

  • Pant style diapers
  • Absorbs up to 12 hours
  • Triple leakage protection


  • Cushioned waistband protects from rash
  • Very easy to put on and take off
  • Bubble inner cushion absorbs very fast


  • Incorporation of more air channels would have been better

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5. Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants


Himalaya has created a solid reputation for manufacturing a series of anti-allergic products that are soothing and skin-friendly. The Himalaya baby pants is a clinically tested product that takes care of your baby’s skin while keeping him or her fresh and fragrant.

This combo pack comes with a pack of diapers and a baby massage oil from Himalaya. If you want just the diapers, you can choose from the different options available online. The Himalaya diaper pants are soft and made from the best quality materials to match the sensitivity of your baby’s skin.

The diapers have a silky soft inner layer with an anti-rash shield. It has extracts of aloe and zinc oxide to prevent any rash, redness, or irritation. We recommend these diapers for babies with extra delicate skin that needs utmost care. To prevent wetness from creeping outside, the diapers have elastic edges to manage the leakage.

As the diapers are made of breathable fabric, it ensures enough air circulation. However, these pants are more effective during the days when you keep changing it every couple of hours. But this might not be the best diaper if you are looking for a product for protecting your baby from wetness throughout the night.

Product Details: 

  • Pant style diapers
  • Clinically tested
  • Has anti-rash shield
  • The combo pack contains diapers and Himalaya baby massage oil
  • Available in 8 sizes


  • The Anti-rash layer protects the baby from redness and rashes
  • Waistband elastic is soft
  • The silky inner layer keeps baby comfortable


  • Not suitable for longer hours

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6. Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants

little angel

Little Angel is a relatively newer diaper brand of Indian origin. You can rely on Little Angels baby diaper pants if you are looking for a comfy diaper within a budgeted price. It is committed to delivering excellent baby care products that will keep your little one cheery and happy for hours.

The cottony soft inner layer of the diaper keeps your baby clean throughout the day and the night. There are embedded channels for even fluid distribution. You can get away from the continuous worry of changing your baby’s diapers as it has a wetness indicator. There is a yellow stripe on the diaper that turns blue when it is time for the next change.

These diapers offer your child more freedom of movement while protecting the skin as it has a 360-degree soft elastic band around the waist. The pant style diaper comes in 8 sizes. However, you will not get a newborn size that is not available. Double leakage protection is moderately effective.

The brand claims that the diapers offer leakage protection for 12 hours. This claim is true only if your baby is a light to moderate wetter. If your little one is a heavy wetter, then an issue with side leakage may arise. But that won’t be a great hassle if you change the diaper once every few hours.

Product Details:

  • Pant style diapers
  • Leakage protection for 12 hours
  • Available in 8 sizes
  • Has wetness indicator feature


  • Relative economical diaper option
  • Cottony diapers allow enough air
  • The wetness indicator reminds you of the next diaper change
  • Even fluid distribution


  • Issues with occasional side leakage

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7. Papimo Baby Diaper Pants


If offering sensitive care to your baby’s skin is your first priority, then you can check out the Papimo Baby diaper pants by Cipla Health. It has a comprehensive layered technology that helps it to absorb fluids super quickly.

The soft top layer of the diaper has criss-cross channels so that fluid does not accumulate in one place. There is also a double-layered system with super-gel locks to keep dampness away. It also has a wetness indicator to help you know the time when you have to change your baby’s nappy next.

To put it on, just put the logo of the brand in front and move your hands around the waist of your baby to attach the stretchable waistband. Tear away at the side of the diaper for easy disposal. Although the absorption ability of the inner layer is high, this diaper lacks a stretch thigh support for side leakage protection.

These diapers come in sizes for babies of all sizes, along with a size for the newborns. The fastening style gives your baby a better fit at the waist. You can put this diaper on your baby for a maximum of 10 to 12 hours before the wetness indicator changes color.

Product Detail: 

  • Fitted or contoured diapers
  • Keeps baby dry for 10 to 12 hours
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Features wetness indicator


  • Excellent fit
  • The super absorbent top layer
  • Suitable for delicate baby skin
  • Even fluid distribution


  • Side leakage might be an issue

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Which are the Best Baby Diapers In India?

Every baby is different, and they have their own unique needs. So, before you settle for one brand, make sure to search well for what suits your baby the best. Purchasing diapers from various brands is one way of ascertaining what will work for your baby.

In this buying guide, we have mentioned the various factors you might consider purchasing the best baby diaper.

1. Absorption

The number one job of a baby diaper is to absorb wetness to keep the baby’s sensitive skin dry. Hence, the first thing you should be looking at while buying a baby diaper is the number of leakage-free hours it offers. Also, look for a diaper that gives even distribution of wetness along with a fast absorption rate.

2. Material

As your baby’s skin is ultra-sensitive, you must choose a diaper that has cottony soft cloth layering on the inside. The material used must not restrict airflow. Also, pay attention to the material used around the elastic band so that your little one remains comfortable and safe from rashes.

3. Fit & Stretch ability

Baby diapers should preferably have a snug fit without any signs of harshness on the baby’s skin. The fit of a diaper plays an important role in offering your baby optimum comfort. The diaper should be stretchable enough so as to wrap around your baby’s waist for leakage protection. It should also not crease or leave any marks on your child’s skin.

4. Fasteners

The type of fasteners in a diaper varies from brand to brand. Some brands use snap fasteners, some others have Velcro fasteners, and some brands make diapers with elastic around the waist for a good contoured fit.

The type of fastener you should choose depends on two factors:

  • What your baby likes
  • Which one is easier to put on your baby

Hence, you might like to try out a couple of brands before choosing the one that is best for your baby.

5. Wetness Indicator

This is a very convenient feature of a diaper. These days, various brands of diapers have this feature, which lets parents know when it is time for a nappy change. It is actually a line that changes color when the diaper is completely soiled.

If the diaper has a wetness indicator, a parent will not have to check on the baby time and again or wait for the little one to cry out of discomfort to work as a signal for changing the diaper.

6. Cost of the Diaper

Before the year turns, you will have changed 2000 diapers. As we are talking a large number of diapers here, you must take into consideration the price as well. Hence, looking for a diaper brand that gives the best price along with great fit, comfort, absorption is ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can newborn babies wear diapers?

Good brands make diapers with materials that are completely safe for the baby. There are special diapers available for newborns who are just a day old. However, keep in mind that the skin of a newborn is very delicate and must not be exposed to moisture for even a moderately long period. So, if you are using diapers for babies under one month, change it every couple of hours.

2.How long can I leave one diaper on my baby?

You should change your baby’s diaper every 4 to 6 hours. Many diaper brands claim that their diapers would keep your baby dry for 10 to 12 hours. While these claims might be true, but it is better not to leave one diaper on for long hours. It is better to change it more frequently.

3.How many diapers should I change per day?

There aren’t any magic numbers that can tell you the exact changes of diapers your baby would need each day. It depends on the diet, tummy condition, and your baby’s wish to go per day. On average, it can be anywhere between 4 to 7 changes a day.

4.Should babies wear diapers all the time?

You should not keep diapers on your baby all the time. You should let your baby’s skin to get some fresh air every now and then. Also, when you are changing a diaper, don’t immediately put the next one on. Allow some time in between removing the soiled diaper and strapping on a clean one.

5.Where can I buy the cheapest diapers in India?

If you are looking for the cheapest baby diapers, then you can buy diapers online. Often the brands give good discounts on baby care products. This way, you will spend less, without having to compromise on the quality.


A good quality diaper can ease the lives of both the parents and the baby. But you will have to keep an eye on several factors to decide what’s best for your baby.

We have listed seven baby diapers here. While all of these products are good, but we personally think the Pampers combo pack to be the best baby diaper in India. It is made of soft, breathable material, has ultra-absorb cores, and is dermatologically tested. The pack also comes with a bunch of wipes to help your baby stay clean.

For queries, click on the comment section and type any question that you might want to ask. Also, feel free to let us know your experience and thoughts on baby diapers.

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