Different Type of Weighing Machines

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Digital weighing scales have made life very easy. There is a range of weighing scales available in different sizes and shapes meant for different purposes. Also, the price of the weighing scale depends on what you need it for.

This article can help if you’re looking forwards to buying a weighing machine or are generally researching. We have curated accurate information regarding various types of digital scales and their uses. So, if you’re interested, read in full: –

Weighing Machine for Body Weight

It’s one of the most common weighing machines you’ll find at many Indian homes. Whenever someone talks about weighing scales, especially in India, people think of a weighing machine for the body. It comes in different shapes and sizes.

You can also find analog and digital weighing scales for body weight. The material used is usually plastic, but you can find one with toughened glass as well. If you have a weighing machine at home, you’ll no longer need to visit the gym to check the weight.

Also, when you have a weighing machine at home, you can manage you become more conscious of your health. And thus, the way you can stay fit.

Baby Weighing Machine: 

Baby weighing machines, as the name suggests, is meant to weigh babies. It’s the special equipment for mothers who want to know exactly how much their baby weighs. It also helps track the growth in weight of their baby.

These weighing scales or machines are very precise and accurate up to milligrams. So, if you have a newborn at your place, this weighing scale can be quite useful.

Weighing scale for the kitchen: 

Kitchen weighing scales are meant for weighing food items. There are mainly two types of weighing scales for kitchens, which are: –

For personal use:

These weighing scales are smaller as compared to the ones used for commercial purposes. You can use this weighing scale for weighing common food items when only a certain amount of the item is to be used.

For commercial purposes:

These weighing scales are larger and weigh more than the ones for personal use. It has a high capacity and is used for commercial purposes. Regardless of the size or type, kitchen weighing scales are highly accurate. Apart from accuracy, many kitchens weighing scales come nutritious value rating.

Weighing machine for luggage:

If you’ve ever been to some other country, you would know there’s a weight constraint for the luggage you can carry. So, you need to carry the only designated right on the flight. It’s a large-sized machine, which you’ll commonly find at airports.

If you’re thinking of buying one, you may want to drop the idea because it is costly and is not used frequently. You can use a small machine and measure the weight item by item, or you can go to a shop to get your luggage weighed.

Weighing machine for the shop: 

If you’re a shop owner or have ever bought something from a shop, you would have seen this machine. A weighing machine for retail shops is a small machine with a digital meter standing on a vertical rod. Its capacity ranges from 15-25kgs, which is basically meant for small shops.

Large Weighing Machine For Shop:

As the name tells, this weighing machine is meant for weighing items that are quite heavy to be weighed on a normal weighing machine. If you buy an electronic scale from a popular brand, you can get accurate readings for whatever you weigh.

You can use the large weighing machine for small items, but vice versa isn’t true. So, make sure to decide what you need.

Summary of types of weighing scales: 

Here is a summarized view of the different types of weighing scales and their uses.

Type of Weighing ScaleUse
Weighing Machine for Body WeightIt is used for measuring body weight
Baby Weighing MachineIts specifically meant for weighing babies and is highly accurate
Weighing Machine for KitchenIts meant for in both personal and commercial kitchens for weighing food items
Weighing Machine for LuggageIt is majorly used at airports to weigh the luggage one can carry
Weighing Machine for LuggageYou need to fit the gas cylinder and the unit is also quite big
Weighing Machine for shopsIts meant for shops for weighing small items
Large Weighing Machine for shopIt is used for weighing heavy items at wholesale shops

Bathroom Digital weighing machines:

Bathroom weighing scales are no different from common weighing machines meant for measuring body weight. Although you can use other weighing scales for measuring body weight, this one here is preferred more. This is because of the accurate and instant results this machine delivers.

There are various shapes and sizes of weighing machines available in the market. The more the weighing capacity of a scale, the more is the price. So, if you prefer a cheap scale, it might not work or break if someone over 100 kg steps on the machine. And if you spare more money, you can find a scale that can support over 200 kgs.

Medical weighing scales:

Medical weighing machines are specially meant for doctor clinics and hospitals. Such weighing scales are used for, obviously, weighing patients. However, it’s good for patients who are both standing or sitting in a wheelchair. These weighing scales have a high capacity and are suited for a range of purposes.

Also, it comes with a pretty large display. So, you can easily observe the reading even from a distance.


The weighing scale is a common item that is quite useful, especially when you need to measure weight regularly. However, you only take its benefit if you know the right purpose of every weighing scale or machine. Like if you want to know your weight, you cannot use a baby weighing machine, right? It’s the reason basic knowledge is necessary.

Fortunately, we have covered almost every type of weighing scale available in the market. So, you can go through the entire list and select which one you need more frequently. If the above info was useful for you, make sure that you share it with everyone.

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