What Temperature Should I Set My AC in the Summer?

Every year, during the summer we get a huge energy bill due to running AC. Now, we like to sleep in a cold room, and it is our body’s need to sleep in a cold environment that drives this. It helps to sleep better and more comfortably.

Unfortunately, what we do is crank up the AC to the lowest temperature. It is not good for the AC and for our body as well. And of course, it is terrible for the wallet too.

According to Energy Star, there is a sweet spot for ACs, you set the temperature within this range, and you will find a balance between the right temperature and energy saving. The ideal temperature is mostly between 24-26 degrees Celcius. You will learn more about it and why we recommend it in the article below.

Why Is Using The Best Temperature For Sleeping Important?

The temperature of our body and our sleep is connected. Most people don’t know it, but when we hear it loudly, it makes sense. If we aren’t properly cooled down, we won’t be able to sleep comfortably. Biologically speaking, our natural sleep and wake-up cycle is moved by our body temperature. It impacts the amount and quality of sleep.

So, what does it mean? And in practical terms, how to use it?

In the daytime, our body temperature is constantly in flux. It goes up and then down. All functions are completed by our brain, but our brain does it naturally without any effort. But at night, when it is time to rest, our body temperature will start to get lower. It is a sign of a healthy body, and low temperature also helps up to enter sleep effortlessly.

This may sound absurd, but body overheating during sleep is a real issue, and it happens to a lot of us. This is the reason we wake up when the temperature changes at night. There is a scientific reason for it as well.

During the REM or Rapid Eye Movement, the temperature regulating system of our brain gets turned off. So, the only way to maintain body temperature is through room temperature. So, it is way too important to sleep in a colder space.

If we can’t sleep at in right temperature, we will get disturbed sleep. It will disrupt our sleep pattern. You will be uncomfortable, irritated, and sleepy throughout the day. If it goes on for a long time, it will start affecting our bodies.

Best AC Temperature for Sleeping

It is a bit tricky to set a temperature for sleeping in Summer. The comfortable AC temperature varies from person to person.

But if you would like to sleep in a warm room then set the temperature 4 degrees higher than that of your day setting. This temperature regulation is recommended by Energy Star. But most people prefer sleeping in a cold room. So, they lower the temperature too much, and the energy bill gets bigger. The best temperature, according to the experts, is between 60 and 67 degrees F.

If you live in a colder area of the world, then opening a window while sleeping is a good idea. Now, if close the window in the morning before, the cool air gets trapped, and your AC will get a head start. It has to work less, and you won’t have to crank it up.

What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner in Summer

When we are trampled by heat and humidity; we are sweaty and feeling uncomfortable, we tend to turn up the AC and enjoy that nice cold air. It is very comfortable, but it also comes at a cost, you will get it when you get the electricity bill.

But if you want to save money, you need to set the temperature a few degrees higher, and a few minutes later you will crank it up again. This is an endless cycle and true for a lot of people. But if you are looking for that balance between comfort and savings, we can show you the way.

You need to set the temperature higher than you usually do. But if your home is too heated up, and you are feeling uncomfortable, reduce the temperature by 2 or 3 degrees. It will make the room cooler. Now, you need to continue reducing the temperature by 2 degrees until everyone is comfortable.

Turn on the Fan or other cooling solutions

This trick is simple, it will save money, and it is right in front of you. If you have ceiling fans in the room, you need to use them. It will increase the flow of the air, and there won’t be any drop in the temperature. The room will be cooler, and you will be more comfortable.

Now, if you use a small fan; it will consume less energy compared to running an AC. If you do not have a ceiling fan, then using a stand fan will also give you the same effect. These types of fans are available in various sizes and styles. Just get one according to your need and the size of the room.

Additional ways to cool the room

  • Close the drapes to block sunlight; it will make the room cooler.
  • Open windows at night to cool the room naturally
  • Shut the windows during the day to trap cold air.
  • Add special windows with better concealment
  • Avoid heat-generating appliances in the sleeping room during the day

Air Conditioner Maintenance

The most forgotten and neglected part is the maintenance of the AC. It is a huge appliance, and it will only perform at the optimum level if it is maintained properly. Most people don’t do it.

The result is a poorly performing AC unit that consumes too much power. So, you have to take care of a few things if you want to maintain its efficiency.

  • Clean the outdoor coil. The coils get dirty and clogged, resulting in a blocked airflow.
  • If the evaporator coil gets dirty, it will affect the system. With restricted airflow, your room won’t be cooled properly. The decrease in indoor air quality, and it will be filled with mold and bacteria.
  • Keep an eye on the level of the refrigerant. If you are running low on gas, the AC will take longer to cool the room.
  • Install a thermostat. Make it a smart thermostat. This will manage the temperature effectively.

Tips to Reduce your Air Conditioning Bill this Summer

So, AC is a good thing for the summer. But the downside is the huge bill that you have to pay. It is stressful on your wallet. So, we have come up with a few tips that will help you to reduce the AC bill this summer even if you are running the AC throughout the day.

1. Turn off at night

This solution is as clear as day. Turn off the AC at night. Keep it running in the day time but turn it off in the evening. The reason is very simple.

No matter the temperature, the evening air is cooler than the day air. Take advantage of it. In the evening, open a window and turn off the AC. If the air is of your liking, then open all the windows.

Another important thing is, the AC doesn’t need to run at the same temperature as it was running during the day time. Your body doesn’t; require that.

2. Thermostats

When it comes to energy consumption, reducing the AC bill really matters.

We recommend getting a smart thermostat and set it at a comfortable temperature that won’t put pressure on the AC unit. It is between 24 and 26 degrees. At this temperature, you will feel cool, but the AC won’t be working harder.

This will help you to find the balance. You will feel comfortable without getting a huge energy bill.

3. Close the Drapes

Make the room cooler by closing the drapes to block the sunlight. This will help to make the room stay cooler. So, when you turn on the AC, it doesn’t have to work hard to make the room. Half the work is already complete.

4. Heating Appliance

Several appliances heat up and in terms makes the room hotter. This includes TV, computer, printer, blower, etc. These are general appliances that you will find in any house. We recommend stopping the use of them in the room where you sleep. They tend to heat the room.

5. Keep it Clean

Always, make sure to clean the AC. No matter the cost, you need to maintain the AC unit. If you maintain it, it will perform at the optimum level for a long time. If it works efficiently, it will consume less power.


Therefore, you will find a balance between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. It is the best temperature for the summer! But if you want to reduce the bill significantly, use the tips we have detailed in the article.