How To Reduce Electricity Consumption Of Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners have become an important part of our lives. Now it’s impossible to imagine our life without it, especially in summers when the temperature exceeds 40 and 50 degrees. There is no doubt that everyone loves sitting under an AC, but it’s also true that prolonged usage of an Air conditioner can skyrocket electricity bills.

However, you could invest in a 5 or 3 star AC to reduce power consumption but some other factors like the climatic conditions, age of the AC, air ducts design, etc, have a huge impact on the energy bills. The good news is that there are some measures that you can take to reduce the electricity consumption of an air conditioner.

So in this article, we will be sharing some great tips that will help you use your AC more efficiently and save money on electricity bills.

What factors impact the electricity consumption of the Air Conditioner?

Now before jumping into the main measures, you must know the factors that impact the electricity consumption of air conditioners. So let’s take a look at them.

1. Improper Airflow

If you want your AC to work properly, then you should make sure that it is getting proper airflow. When an AC receives poor airflow, it puts an extra workload on the air handler, which leads to excessive energy consumption.

Now there several factors that cause poor airflow such as a choked air condenser unit, a blocked air filter, ductwork issues, etc. So if your notice a hike in your energy bills, then you should check and maintain all these areas properly.

2. Duct Leaks

If the ductwork of the AC is damaged and has disconnections, then it can cause several issues. For example- it could open the areas and let the external unfiltered warm air come in and also remove the conditioned air.

Once this happens, the AC will have to work more to cool your house, resulting in increased energy bills. Not only this, your unit will become more prone to dust-build up, which will impact the quality of the air. You should contact a professional immediately if you notice a bad air smell or duct leaks.

3. Lack of Maintenance

To keep an air conditioner healthy and work smoothly, it is important to maintain it regularly. Without proper care and maintenance, your AC will start losing its efficiency and there are several reasons behind it. For example- lack of maintenance causes dust-buildup, air filter degradation, etc. That’s why you should have your AC maintained and serviced at least once a year.

4. Low Thermostat Settings

You should set thermostat settings according to climatic conditions. Extremely low thermostat settings will increase the power consumption of the air conditioner. Program your unit smartly when you don’t need that much cooling. It will sustain the efficiency of the AC and will prevent high energy bills.

Ways to Reduce your Air Conditioner Electricity Cost

After talking about the main factors that impact energy consumption, it’s time to discuss some ways that can help you minimize your AC electricity cost.

1. Clean Filters Properly

Many people think that an AC is a one-time investment that just requires installation but that’s wrong. You need to maintain it properly and clean its inner parts like filters regularly to ensure smooth workflow. If you don’t clean the filters, then it can accumulate dust and dirt, which will degrade the airflow, resulting in reduced efficiency.

Unclean messy filers block the airflow, putting immense pressure on the compressor. This reduces the lifespan of the AC and increases the power consumption rate. That’s why it is recommended to clean the filters every month. It will keep the compressor pressure-free, and protect the energy efficiency of the AC.

2. Choose Smart Thermostat Settings

Just like any other machinery, your AC also needs rest. That’s why you should make sure that it’s not working when you don’t need it. Nowadays, most brands offer smart thermostat functionality, which adjusts the AC power consumption according to the climatic conditions. This thermostat setting can stop your AC if the room is empty.

Some systems also come with an auto-programing mechanism that learns your AC usage schedule and program themselves according to that. This feature is specially designed to save energy, so you can be sure that it will reduce power consumption.

3. Reduce Heat-Producing Sources

External heat-producing sources are not good for the efficiency of the AC. For example- direct sunlight can increase the temperature of your room and to neutralize it, the thermostat has to work harder. This increases power consumption and makes the AC less efficient. You should also try to limit using appliances like TV, and laptop as these gadgets also increase the room temperature.

4. Maintain It Properly

If you want to keep your AC energy-efficient for a long time, then you should schedule regular maintenance visits. Check the filters and replace them every year. Apart from this, if you have an old-fashioned AC, then replace it with a star-rated model. These units are designed to consume less energy and save more money on energy bills.

Always install your unit in a place where there is no direct sunlight. Also, make sure that the vents are insulated properly and there is no leakage on the vents and ducts. These things will increase the lifespan of your AC and sustain its power efficiency.

What is the ideal AC Temperature for Maximum Electricity-Saving?

Each individual has its perfect AC temperature, which makes them feel comfortable. But it’s not necessary that everyone’s preferred temperature would be energy efficient. According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), 23.5oC (74.3oF) and 25.5oC (78oF) is the perfect temperature for thermal comfort in summers. In short, if you want to reduce power consumption and get good comfort, then you should set the temperature to 24oC (75.2oF).


Nowadays, having an AC is no longer a luxury; it has become an essential appliance that everyone needs to survive summers without being a sweat. The only problem is the rise in electricity bills caused by constant Ac usage. However, if you use an AC, then you will surely see an increase in your energy bills but by taking the right measures, it is possible to reduce energy consumption and save some money. Be a smart user as it will help you enjoy the cool AC air without worrying about huge electricity bills.