3 Star And 5-Star AC: Which One To Buy?

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There is no denying that Air-conditioners are one of the essential appliances in the Summer season. They keep you cool in the hot climatic conditions and also help you carry out your daily life tasks without feeling any discomfort. Now when it comes to buying an AC, most people worry about getting huge electricity bills. That’s why it is always recommended to opt for a model that has a good star rating.

In today’s time, most brands offer 3-star and 5-star ACs, but the main question is which one you should buy. So if you have any doubts regarding the star-rating of ACs, then this article contains all the important information that you should know. So without further ado, let’s jump into the main deal.

What is a Star Rating in Air Conditioners?

Not only air conditioners but now the majority of appliances comes with some star rating. It defines the energy efficiency of an appliance, and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency provides this rating. The star rating also helps you compare the energy efficiency of two different electrical gadgets that are used for a similar purpose. The start rating can be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5. That’s why more stars are equal to better energy efficiency and fewer electricity bills.

Knowing Your Air Conditioner’s Star Rating

Now some of you might be thinking about why it is important to know your AC’s star rating. Well, air conditioners consume more energy than any other electrical appliance. And if you don’t consider a model with a good star rating, then it can drastically increase your electricity bills. Apart from star rating, there are several other factors that can impact power consumption. If you want to know how to reduce electricity consumption, then read the information HERE.

This means you will have to pay some recurring costs to use your AC smoothly. For example- service maintenance cost and electricity bills. And with each passing year, both these costs will increase.

Now high star-rated ACs uses less power, which clearly means that a 5 star AC will be more power-efficient than a 2 or 3 star AC. That’s why it is important to know the star rating as it is a crucial factor that impacts performance and power consumption.

3 Star vs 5 Star AC: Which One would be the Best to Buy?

This depends on your budget and needs and to get a perfect answer; you should know the upsides and downsides of both 3-star and 5-star AC. So let’s begin with the 5-star AC.

Advantages of 5-Star Ac:

  • The power and cost-efficiency of an electrical appliance are determined by its TCO, which refers to the total cost that one needs to pay to maintain, install and purchase the equipment. As compared to a 3-star AC, the TCO of a 5-star AC is less, which makes it more power and cost-efficient in long term.
  • A 5-star AC is equipped with many advanced features that you won’t get in a 3-star AC. It cools an area within a short period and also consumes less energy than a 3-star AC.
  • A 5-star AC produces less heat than a 3 star AC and they also save money on electricity bills. This makes them ideal for people who use the AC all day long

Disadvantages Of A 5-Star AC

  • It is not the best for areas where the external temperature is not much higher than the room temperature
  • It helps you save a few hundred rupees more than a 3-star AC, which might not be a big deal for people who only use AC for a few hours

Advantages of A 3-Star AC

  • 3-star ACs are economical than 5-Star AC. It is a cost-efficient option if you don’t want to use an AC for more than 7 or 8 hours
  • If you use a 3-Star less, then it’s maintenance cost will be lower than a 5-star AC
  • Best option for people under a tight budget

Disadvantages of A 3-Star AC

  • It consumes more power than 5-star ACs
  • Its value and efficiency depreciate faster, and it will turn into a 1-star AC after 1 or 2 years of usage

So here are the advantages and disadvantages of both 3-Star and 5-Star AC. Now you can analyze the pros and cons of having both and decide which one would be best to buy.

The Power Consumption Difference Between 3 Stars and 5-Star AC

To help you understand everything easily, we have given a table down below that demonstrates the difference between 5-star and 3-star power usage. As you could see that 5-Star ACs requires less energy to function, hence more savings on energy bills.

Star Rating0.75 Ton1.0 Ton1.5 Ton2.0 Ton
3-Star Rating542 W747 W1104 W1148 W
5-Star Rating450 W554 W840 W1113 W

How can the Energy Efficiency Ratio for Ratings be calculated?

From 1stJan, 2018 to 31stDec, 2020 Star Level Minimum

ISEER (kWh/kWh)

Maximum ISEER (kWh/kWh) From 1stJan, 2021 to 31stDec, 2023 Star Level Min

ISEER (kWh/kWh)



1 Star 3.1 3.29 1 Star 3.3 3.49
2 Star 3.3 3.49 2 Star 3.5 3.79
3 Star 3.5 3.99 3 Star 3.8 4.39
4 Star 4.0 4.49 4 Star 4.4 4.99
5 Star 4.5 5 Star 5.0

The energy efficiency ratio is calculated by dividing the British Thermal Units rating (BTU) by the wattage. Suppose an AC with 12,000 BTU utilizes 1200 W. So its EER rating will be calculated by dividing 12000 by 1200, which will be 10.

Whether Star Rating Affects the Cost of an Air Conditioner?

Yes, star ratings affect the cost of an AC. A 5-star AC will be priced slightly higher than a 3-Star Ac, but it will also consume less energy and save more electricity. Though the initial cost of buying a 3-star AC is low, due to the higher energy bills, its running cost is much higher than a 5-Star AC. So it depends on you whether you want to save some money on the equipment or the electricity bills.


The main purpose of an AC is to provide cool air and keep the surroundings fresh. However, all ACs could easily fulfill this purpose, but not all models are energy efficient. That’s where star ratings come into the picture. ACs with 3-star and 5-star rating consume less energy, which results in low energy bills.

Now both 3-star ACs and 5-star ACs come with different advantages and features. A 5star AC will be more power-efficient, but it will also be slightly expensive. That’s why it is best to determine your needs first, then choose a model.

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