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Surge Protector Vs Voltage Stabilizer: What To Buy?

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Surge Protector and Voltage Stabilizer are the devices which are commonly used to regulate and control voltage in electrical devices. People may get confused between the two due to their similarities, but actually, they are different.

There are quite a few differences between both of them. This article will explain to you briefly about the functions of both these devices and their purposes. This will help you to decide better and make a preferred choice.

Surge Protectors

Surge ProtectorAs the name goes, surge protectors are configured to protect your electronic appliances from voltage spike or electric surges.

When there is a random voltage raise for a short period of time, it is known as voltages spike or voltage surge. Spikes or surges can occur due to faulty wiring or power cut because of lightning while raining. Surge protectors also provide power supply to several devices such as AC, computers, television etc.

Surge protectors are much better and safer when it comes to protecting your devices. They not only stabilize the voltage but also diverts high voltage. In case, the voltage is increased beyond a specific level, then the surge protector transmits the extra energy towards the ground. In this way, it keeps the appliance safe and they do not break down due to a voltage spike.

Importance of Surge Protectors

Stabilizers are not sufficient to protect your devices. If you intend to save your electrical devices, then choose surge protectors. They have high usage in the business environment and commercial building.

Surge protectors are considered to be a more safer option. They divert the high voltage away from your appliances and thus protect it with any kind of mishaps. You should consider it if you own costly electronic appliances.

You can find surge protectors to be relatively costly than stabilizers, they are still worth choosing because the rate of damage is far more than their price.

Buying a Surge Protector

You can’t just go out and buy the best surge protector. There are certain things you should keep in mind while buying a surge protector, let’s see what-

  • Indicator light

Whenever you want to buy a surge protector, always remember to buy the one with indicator light. This small light will inform you whether your surge protector is working or not to shield your devices.

Indicator lights can prove to be beneficial to find out whether MOVs (metal-oxide varistors) are functioning or not. MOVs are varistors which are embedded in surge protectors. These MOVs are the ones who help surge protectors to protect your electrical devices.

Therefore, to avoid this problem, always prefer to buy those surge protectors where indicator light is already given.

  • Number of outlets

Look out for a number of ports before buying a surge protector. Some have six ports, while others have twelve. Look according to your requirements and then decide. Also, check for the appliance for which you want to buy the protector. Your TV or AC will call for a more strong and robust surge protector as compared to a phone charger or a light.

Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage StabilizerVoltage stabilizers are devices which ensure that your electrical appliances get the desired power and constant voltage for optimum functioning.

All the electrical appliances are produced and manufactured to function according to a specific voltage supply so that they give the maximum output. If the voltage supplied becomes too low or too high, it can cause damage. Voltage stabilizers help to correct the voltage and adjust it up or down to provide a stable power supply.

Buck and Boost Operations of Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage stabilizer maintains a stabilized continuous power through its ‘boost’ and ‘buck’ operating method.

Each and every electrical appliance is designed to function under a specific voltage. Whenever the voltage is below a certain value, the boost functioning increases it according to the device requirement.

Similarly, when it is above a certain value or too high, the buck function or operation helps to decrease the voltage to the desired range. Therefore, voltage stabilizers are capable of dealing with voltage fluctuations and regulate it to provide a constant voltage output.

It helps to increase the longevity of electrical equipment and also reduces the rate of any damages.

Nowadays, most electronic devices are manufactured with in-built pulsed energy supplies which work as excellent stabilizers. They have been designed to regulate the voltage without any need of any additional external stabilizers. However, it is always preferable to have an external stabilizer for robust safety.

Surge Protector Vs Voltage Stabilizer: Which Should We Choose?

A surge protector protects sensitive electronic components by blocking high voltage spikes in the AC power line. It protects your equipment from both internal and external surges.

On the other hand, voltage stabilizers are designed to correct the voltage supply. It checks whether the input is high or low and then adjusts it accordingly. But they cannot always protect your appliances from the damage caused by the power surge.

There are quite expensive stabilizers which have a surge suppressor embedded in them. However, they also have limitations and can’t provide full protection.


Go for good quality surge protectors who warranty the devices connected to it for some abundance of damages that can happen. Check properly about the damages covered and the ways to claim the warranty.

When To Use Surge Protector & Voltage Stabilizer?

Surges can harm your electrical devices. For example, external surges tend to be caused by things like lightning strikes and broken utility lines can devastate a home’s electrical system. Or the internal surges generated within a home can destroy all your sensitive electronics and can also damage the wiring in your walls.

In such cases, you should use surge protectors. They are designed to protect valuable electronic devices at your home like fridge, television, washing machines, etc.

If your area has a regular power fluctuation problem, then the voltage stabilizer can be your saviour. It will provide constant voltage to a load during fluctuations and will act as a shield for your electrical devices.

The major difference between a surge protector and voltage stabilizer is their inner working. The voltage stabilizer works as a moderator and stimulates the voltage up or down, so that the flow remains stable. Although, they are not capable of taking a heavy load.

The surge protectors are on the more premium side. They are designed for highly expensive and heavy electrical equipment. When the surge occurs, the surge protector absorbs the increased power and transfers the extra voltage towards the ground.


Both surge protectors and voltage stabilizers are an effective home necessity. They play an important role in the protection of electrical appliances in a different manner.

It’s true that both of them have similarities, but they are extremely different when it comes to their role and functions.

Voltage stabilizers do safeguard the connected devices but if you have heavy electrical appliances at your home, then using a surge protector should be your first choice.

We hope this article proved to be useful. If you are happy and satisfied by reading the above information, do share it with other people as well.

We will keep posting some more informative content, so keep turning back for more and do not forget to write to us in the comment section, in case of any query.

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