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Top 8 Best Surge Protectors in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

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At any given point of time in any Indian household, the typical voltage output from a power socket is around 250 Volts. All major appliances such as the TV, Refrigerator or the air condition are plugged to this. But this is not a constant output. A sudden voltage spike is an unexplained occurrence which means would either give out high or low voltage output. Such outputs could cause severe and catastrophic damage to your devices plugged into these outlets.

Indian power lines are known for their inconsistent power failures and spikes in voltages and you would need a surge protector to fight it. We plug in valuable and very important devices to these outlets and the possibility of a simple electrical surge in this could put all of the devices at your home is tedious.

A surge protector is an amalgamation of a voltage stabilizer and a power strip.It can provide you with multiple power outlets and save your devices from any voltage fluctuations at the same time. This is where most people tend to get confused while buying a surge protector.

Illiterate about the difference, you will end up buying a cheap power strip which, will not only not have a proper surge prevention circuitry, but its faulty wiring would ACTUALLY CAUSE a voltage spike or low. Leading to the destruction of your devices.

Today, we have decided to save your devices and you from any and all voltage spikes. Our 3 day research has finally paid off and can be seen in the detailed “buying guide” that we have attached to this article. Now let us move on and review the top and best surge protectors available in India.

Best Surge Protectors in India

Surge Protector SocketsCord LengthBuy Now
GM 3060 Spike Guard42 metersCheck On Amazon
Havells 6A Surge Protector4 + 2(USB)2 metersCheck On Amazon
Gold Medal i-Strip LED Surge Protector62 metersCheck On Amazon
Belkin Essential Surge Protector61.5 metersCheck On Amazon
ELV Surge Protector and Spike Guard61.8 metersCheck On Amazon
Live Tech Surge Protector3 + 6 USB2 metersCheck On Amazon
iBELL Spike Guard Extension53 metersCheck On Amazon
Honeywell Surge Protector 32 metersCheck On Amazon

Best Surge Protectors to Buy Online in India

1. GM 3060- E-Book 4+1 Spike Guard

The next product in our list comes from the Gold medal, a trusted company for surge protectors in India.

It comes third in the list because of its performance and better protection features.

It features 4 universal sockets which are compatible with all types of plugs and different appliances. It comes with a master switch that can be used to on/off the protector It also has led light which indicates whether there is any power supply and to know the life of the product.

This one has safety shutter technology, that ensures safety to your children against electric shock which is suitable for the people who are looking for a protector that provides child safe technology. This one also is also equipped with thermal overload trip unlike others, to power off the system, thereby saving all the connected devices in the event of a severe current usage.

If you are looking for a protector that offers good performance and is enabled with top protection features, then you should check this out.

This one is enabled with fire retardant protection which helps to slow down or to reduce the intensity of the fire in case of fire accidents.

It comes with a warranty of one year from the manufacturer.

If there is an overload, the protector will trip to switch off position and you can return to safe function mode just by pressing the red button. It comes with a 2-meter wire that makes it easy to use for most of the people.

The only problem we had with this protector is,  that the space between the sockets is less.

Overall we are happy with the performance of the product it features Safety shutter technology, master switch, thermal overload trip technology, 2-meter long wire.

Things we like:

  • Safety shutter technology
  • Master switch.
  • Thermal overload trip technology
  • 2-meter long wire.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Space is less between the sockets

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Havells 6A 4 Socket Surge Protector

Havells 6A Four-Way Extension Board

Havells needs no introduction when it comes to electrical appliances as it is one of the largest and a pioneer for electrical equipment in India. The Havells 4-socket 6 Amperes extension board, however, needs a proper introduction.

This is so because, even though with surge protection circuitry inside it, it is more of an economic power strip extension board. More on this soon.

First up, let us tell you that for a 4 socket extension board, it is reasonably and economically priced and moreover, has a durable body made out of plastic.

4 of these sockets too are of snug fit. This means that once you have plugged in to them, you need not worry of them falling off of the sockets.

Also, the chord length is a mere 1.5 meters. So if you are planning on using it somewhere near to the power outlet to accomodate a few devices at once (4 in particular)

Having said all of that, we feel that it is a responsibility on our part to mention that the fuse of this product is not of the highest quality. Reports of tripping may put you on caution so that you would find it a useful product only for extension purposes and not solely for surge protection of high powered appliances.

Things we like:

  • 4 socket single use body
  • Snug fit
  • Durable plastic using ABS housing material
  • Economic pricing
  • LED indicator for power

Things we didn’t like:

  • No warranty
  • Small 1.5 metre chord length
  • Frequent fuse issues

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Gold Medal i-Strip LED Spike Guard with Surge Protector

This is one of the best surge products in India that comes from a brand Gold Medal, that is well known for providing top quality home automation system to lightning products.

It comes second in the list because of its reliable performance and features like 6 international sockets, that are compatible with all kinds of plugs, and a master switch which works as ON/OFF button.

It has an amazing build quality that is made with unbreakable fire resistant plastic, that offers resistance to the fire, and comes with a very thick cable, which makes it more durable.

Six sockets can be used to connect six different devices at the same time, which is very useful for the people who use a lot of electronic types of equipment. This spike guard protects the devices from transient surges and spikes.

It adds beauty to your house due to its glowing led edge lights, that indicates when the device is switched on.

This protector has 6500A spike current along with lightening absorption, that provides long-lasting surge protection. We can connect different plugs to the protector with ease, as there is ample space between the sockets.

It comes with a led light that indicates the power supply and has a wire of two meters length, that makes it easy to use for most people, but may not be enough for some people.

It comes with a warranty of two years from the manufacturer.

The only downside of this product is that the edge light is too bright which makes it difficult to sleep during a night when the device is turned on.

Overall, we are satisfied with the performance of the product, it has amazing performance and features like six sockets, master switch, edge led lights, 6500A spike current along with lightening absorption.

Things we like:

  • Super build quality
  • Unbreakable fire resistant plastic,
  • Has six sockets
  • Led indicator
  • Power switch
  • High-quality plastic.
  • 2 meter of length power card.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Edge lights are too bright.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Belkin Essential 6-Socket Surge Protector

The first product in our list is from Belkin, a popular brand for electronic appliances, mobile, and computer accessories. It features first in the list because of its great performance and excellent features like 3 line protection that offers extra safety to your devices, and has a response time of less than a nanosecond, making it very reliable for the protection of electronic devices.

This surge protector is available in 3,4,6 and 8 socket variants. It is simple, easy to carry and versatile to accommodate most of your devices and appliances. Each variant is ideal in its own case.

The 3 socket version and the 4 socket versions are perfect for students or single individual users who wish to plug in a couple of appliances together on a single workstation. The 6 socket and the 8 socket versions  whereas are more group oriented and can be incorporated into team tables or group work stations.

This protector can be carried easily as it is lightweight and has good build quality. This is probably one of the best surge protectors you can get for your laptop, computer, refrigerator or even a microwave oven.

The Multiple universal sockets present in this are just like others in the list and have a 420-joule surge protection rating, and at the same time, can withstand up to 13000 amps. This is ideal for the people who use heavy electronic appliances on a daily basis.

It grounds AC power with a three-line protection through all six sockets that can be used to power any kind of plugs. Additional benefits include damage coverage of 20,000 rupees, and also a lifetime warranty of up to 5 years that covers any kind of damage caused by a spike, surge or lightning strike.

The only drawback of this surge protector is that its cable length is only 1.5 meters which might be a bummer for some people.

Overall we are happy with the performance of the product. It features, super build quality, multiple sockets,  LED indicator, Power switch, high-quality plastic, that makes it one of the best protector in India.

Things we like:

  • Features 6 sockets
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Universal socket design.
  • All sockets have 3- line protection.
  • Super build quality.
  • High-quality plastic.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Power cord length is short.

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5. ELV Surge Protector and Spike Guard

ELV Surge Protector and Spike GuardThe next product in our list is from ELV and it stands apart from the rest for its circular design and the mounting holes that let you secure it on walls or furniture. 

The next best feature we have noticed in this surge protector is its widely spaced 6 AC outlets. This allows you to plug in or charge various devices at once without the fear of wire tangling. 

Its board comes with a maximum wattage of 1000W, so you can connect it to your TV, music system, printer, PC and others. 

Furthermore, it is equipped with three-wire technology that prevents over-voltage situations and saves much on your electricity bills. Each wire is made of copper and has a 0.75 mm thick rubber coating to prevent electric shocks. 

The board contains high-quality ABS plastic to last longer. Each outlet contains brass, which not only has good conduction properties but also prevents rusting. 

This surge protector has an ON/OFF switch with an LED indicator to display the status of the operation. The 6-feet long cord helps you mount the board at any place with ease. This cord also has a rubber coating, making it waterproof.

Coming to the safety features, the board comes with an auto cut off master switch to protect from overload, overheat, short circuits and spikes. Moreover, the brand offers a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. 

Things we like

  • The 6-feet long power cord to easily mount the board anywhere.
  • LED for power indication.
  • Auto cutoff master switch for protection against short circuits and surges.
  • Mounting holes to secure the board on walls or furniture.
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing specific to mention.

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6. Live Tech 6 USB 3 Universal Sockets Surge Protector

Live Tech Surge ProtectorThe last product on our list is from Live Tech, a tech giant that deals with a wide range of products like speakers, earphones, PC cabinets and other computer accessories across India. It is known for providing the best features in a single product at a reasonable price.

The brand has come up with a unique surge protector that stands out in the market for its high-speed charging, international sockets for worldwide use, fire-resistant material and compact size.

This extension box has 3 sockets, 6 USB ports for fast charging, a push button to turn the device ON or OFF, an LED indicator and a 2-metre extension cord with copper wiring to withstand more current. 

The board comes with a rated power of 2500W and a voltage of 110V to 150V, making it apt for using anywhere across the world. It also ensures safety with its fire-resistant material. Moreover, the board is CE and ROHS certified, which guarantees that it protects your precious PC’s from power surges and spikes. 

Coming to its overall look, the surge protector has an attractive black body with shiny metal edges, making it fashionable enough to suit any space. It measures 11 x 5.9 x 23.4 centimetres and weighs just 540 grams, so you can take it anywhere in your bag.

Furthermore, the brand offers a 1-year warranty on this surge protector, so you can replace the product in case of any discrepancies. 

The only downside we have noticed is that its sockets are a bit hard, and can make it difficult to remove plugs from it.

Things we like:

  • Fire-resistant material that ensures safety.
  • Can deliver up to 3.4Amps of current to charge 6 devices at once.
  • Comes with 110V to 250V for worldwide use.
  • Compact size and travel-friendly.
  • Push button enables a comfortable operation. 

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some users have experienced heating issues around the USB ports.

Buy Now From Amazon

7. iBELL SG505X 5 Way Spike Guard Extension

Ibell Surge protector

If you are looking for convenience for a spike with individual switches and great length, then iBell SG505X 5 is the best guard extension board for you. Because of several other features, the product is on our list. Let us discover more about it. 

The 5-way socket generates the power of 2500W that will be applicable for running PCs, or TV, Refrigerator or micro oven all together. 

It is lightweight with the good build quality. You can install it on the wall or keep it on a table for use.

High-Quality ABS Material that will keep your device safe from over-heating and shocks. 

The Best Quality Copper Wires with the flame-retardant protection reduces the flame intensity in case of fire mishaps. 

The ¾ Way socket provides overload protection, which will automatically cut off the power. Then, it has an LED light indicator when the switch is ON. 

The cord length is 3 meters, which will help you to cover isolated without socket corner of your room that has the most electrical appliances. 

The individuality switch feature and cord length take it to compete with the Bull S3060. Bull has a cord length of 5 meters with 6-sockets, and iBell has 3 meters with 5-sockets. Looking for another feature, Bull is better than iBell.

iBell provides you a 6-months warranty after Registration.


  • 5-way socket
  • ABS durable material
  • LED indicator for power
  • Individual switch off and on system
  • 3-meter socket length for long connection
  • Spike Guard Overload Protection
  • Flame retardant protection
  • Best Quality Copper wires


  • Frequent LED indicator issues

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Honeywell 3 Out Surge Protector with Master switch

Honeywell Surge protector

The next product in our list comes from a brand called Honeywell that is known to provide some quality home appliances.

It features fourth in the list because of its reliable performance and features.

It comes with 3 in line protection that provides complete safety in all three lines like neutral, ground and hot. Led light on the device indicates when the device is powered on.

This protector has a maximum spike current of 6500 amps and features  a210 joule energy rating, which is good enough for use with normal capacity electronic components.

As the automatic overload protection guards the device when there is overload, which is very useful if you have the habit of using high powered appliances.

The thing we liked about this device is that it is enabled with locking system, which locks the plugs once we press them tightly. It is the only protector in the list that comes with locking mechanism.

Honeywell provides three years of warranty for this device.

The power cord length is two meter which makes it very convenient to use for most of the people.

The on/off button present on the device makes it simple to turn off the protector when not in use.

This one features fire retardant technology that helps the device to reduce the flame intensity in case of fire accidents, like other protectors.

It is worth noting that it provides warranty coverage of 15,000 rs in case of damages.

The only problem with this device is that it is a bit expensive when compared with other similar models.

Overall we are happy with the performance of the protector; you won’t be disappointed with its performance. It features 3 in line protection, automatic overload protection with a single switch, made with the flame retardant material.

Things we like:

  • 3 in line protection.
  • Automatic overload protection with a single switch.
  • Made of flame retardant material.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Little bit expensive.

Buy Now From Amazon

Difference between Surge Protector and Power Strip

It is important to ensure that your appliance is a surge protector and not a power strip. Power strips and surge protectors look similar, but the former is just a multi-outlet device that works as an expansion of a wall outlet. They do contain a circuit breaker, but most power strips don’t offer any protection to your devices.

A surge protector is designed to protect the devices against damaging power surges caused by power outages, downed power lines, tripping of circuit breakers and on/off cycles of large appliances. But each time a surge protector is hit by a voltage surge, its effectiveness is reduced. So, it must be understood that surge protectors don’t last forever. They need to be replaced from time to time.

But the thing about surge protectors is that they do not function consistently all the time. Whenever they are hit with any voltage surge, their net effectiveness reduces and falls down. For better protection, one must understand that these devices do not last forever and they should be replaced from time to time.

Also surge protectors are not just power strip like devices. They are available in 2 types.

  • Grounding devices: These are large surge protectors that are attached to homes and big buildings to help protect input to entire buildings.
  • Power strip surge protectors: These are small miniature versions. Usually placed inside power strips and are used along with their extension cords.

You will understand more of this in detail once you’ve understood how surge protectors actually work.

How to Choose a Surge Protector?

1. Number of Outlets

The first priority before buying the surge protector should be given to the number of sockets. Most of the surge protectors come with 4 to 6 outlets. You should buy a surge protector depending upon the number of outlets you need. It is better to go for the protector with at least 4 sockets.

2. Absorption Rating/Joule Rating

It is another important factor to consider when purchasing them. It is advisable to go for the protectors that have high absorption rating, since they measure the amount of energy,  a device can absorb. Its value ranges from 200-1000 joules.

3. Clamping Voltage

It is defined as the maximum voltage surge protector allows to pass through it, if it exceeds the highest voltage, then it absorbs the remaining energy.

4. Response Time

It is defined as the time taken by the surge protector to restart in case there is a power surge. We all know the surge protectors undergo power surge only for nanoseconds and restart almost immediately.

5. Cord Length

It is another factor that might influence the purchase of surge protectors. It is always advisable to go for the surge protectors that have long cord length. Most of the surge protectors come with a minimum of the 2-meter length of cord. Opt for the one that meets your requirements.

6. Indicator Light

It is best to go for the protector that comes with inbuilt led light, they indicate the power supply and also the protection status of the devices.

Working of a surge protector:

The principle of operation of a surge protector is simple. Omitting all the science mumbo jumbo, I’m going to explain the operation in as simple way as possible.

Whenever you are plugging in any device to any power outlet and there is a sudden large surge in electricity voltage, the internal circuit gets damaged. This is because the circuit is designed for only a certain flow of electricity. Any rapid increase or slowing down of electricity will lead to failure.

Controlling or detecting these surges is not easy as they happen from milliseconds to just 1 second time.

When you are using a surge protector, you are essentially placing a gatekeeper near the power socket, this gatekeeper, a surge protection circuit has 2 jobs.

  • To detect any sudden surge or spike in incoming voltage
  • Divert the excessive voltage to the ground and only allow the specified voltage through to the device.

Now there is no literal ground present in socket based surge protectors. Instead, there is a heavy copper winding called a “FUSE”  present within the circuitry.

Whenever there is a sudden spike, the surge protector circuit activates and simply closes one current gate and opens another so the excess current will go to the copper wound fuse thus getting grounded.

surge protector

Typical surge protectors can handle upto 1000 joules of energy in a single go. But the capacity of a surge protector is not dependent on the joule number. Rather it is dependent on the effectiveness of the fuse and the number of surges it can protect.

For instance, compared to a single 1000 joule capacity surge protector, a surge protector that can protect your device against multiple 200 or 300 joules of power is preferred. Generally, this is the case of common households and workstations.

If you use heavy machinery and for heavier work places, it is advised that you go for bigger joule number surge protectors.

For equipment such as computers, it is recommended that you choose a 1000 joule surge protector. Same is the case with refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, microwave ovens and other such devices.

When Should You Replace A Surge Protector?

While many costly surge protectors come with lifetime warranty, it must be understood that surge protectors don’t last forever. They wear out and degrade over time and their surge protection capacity degrades with use. Although there is no specific way to tell when it’s time to replace a surge protector, you can make a guess by taking note of some indicators such as –

  • Frequent Voltage Fluctuation – If you live in an area with frequent voltage fluctuations then there are high chances that your surge protector needs frequent replacement.
  • Frequent Power Cuts – If your house experiences frequent power cuts then it indicates a problematic connection.

If you know that your surge protector has experienced a serious electrical event recently then it is best to replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions of surge protectors:

1. Difference between the power strip and surge protector?

A power strip is a device that can be used as an extension of wall outlets but doesn’t feature circuit breakers that offers protection, whereas surge protectors come with a circuit breaker that offers protection to your devices.  

2.What is the ideal cord length?

Most of the protectors come with 2 meters of cord, it is better to go for the cord length of at least two meters.

3.What is the minimum number of sockets required for the protector?

An ideal surge protector should have at least 4 protectors, some of the advance protectors comes with 8 sockets and a couple of USB ports.

4. Is led light necessary for a surge protector?

Yes, it is advisable to go for the protector that comes with led lights, that indicates the power supply.

5.What is clamping voltage?

It is defined as the voltage, which protector allows to pass through it.

6.Can I use high power appliances like an iron box and water heater with protectors?

No, it is strictly recommended not to use iron boxes and water heaters.

7. Do we need to have an LED light in a surge protector board?

Yes. Having an LED light aboard a surge protector helps you understand 2 things
1. Is the surge protector powered on
2. Is the fuse still working.
Hence it is important to have an LED light on a surge protector.

8. How do I clean a surge protector?

Power strip surge protectors need no specific cleaning. You just need to unplug the device and then dust it out using a dry cotton cloth (do not use silk as it will create static electricity)

9. Can I plug in an extension cord into a surge protector?

Yes if used for temporary use. This could give you extra room for more sockets to be placed and more devices to be connected. But be careful not to overload the socket and thus causing wire tripping.

10. Should you leave the surge protector on while sleeping at night?

No. It is never a good idea to leave a surge protector on and go to bed. Voltage fluctuations are unpredictable phenomena and at nights, always unplug all devices from the surge protector and the power strip itself from the main socket. This is in accordance to save the devices from any unpredictable current spikes.

11. Can I use a surge protector on a GFCI outlet?

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter GFCI is a default protector of surges in electricity due to its interruptive nature. Usually found in circuits by the bathroom or kitchen appliances, it protects and covers for any surges that happen. You can safely use a surge protector to amp up its usability. But make sure that the current flows in accordance and does not cause any tripping of power and prove to be counter productive.
The difference between a GFCI device and a GFCI outlet is that a device helps control the outflow where as the GFCI outlet prevents any surge in current by not letting it pass through it.

12. Why are extension cords unsafe?

If used reasonable and with thought, extension cords are very safe to use. Most of us tend to forget the safety measures and precautions to be taken and tend to overload the extension strips. This leads to current surges or irregular voltages.
Even extension cords with surge protectors need to be handled with care and they will provide you with a safe electrical user experience.

13. How long do power strips work and last?

If working smooth and fine without any surge impact, they should go good for about 1 year or 2 years. But if impacted by surges frequently, they may be needed to change once every 6 months.  

14. What are the possible risks of connecting power strips to UPS?

Power strips may not be the ideal suppliers of equivalent powers in many cases. If you attach a high powered device next to a low powered device, chances are that the latter may get low voltage (if the strip is not a voltage regulator).
UPS is meant to be turned on the instant power goes out and you cannot let the biased power strip fail you in this aspect. Hence always look before you buy or use a voltage regulator or a surge protector for a UPS.

15. Do power extension cords increase my electricity bill?

Ideally no. If the surge protector power strip you are using is malfunctioning, chances are that it pulls in more power than required and thus causing increase in power bills.


Apart from the fact that they have shorter cord length, Belkin Essential Multi-Socket Surge Protectors are perfect with their lifetime warranty, capability to withstand eve 13000 amperes of current, 3 line protection and a super build quality. While that was our top pick, we would love to hear from you.

What are your thoughts and what are you questions regarding surge protectors and voltage fluctuations? Do you think we failed to cover any aspect? If so please let us know in the comments section below and our team of experts will get back to you very shortly.

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a surge protector for my television and music system worth (15 lacs).
    Need the best in market but Belkin offers basic surge protectors in India.
    Was looking to buy APC P11VT3 11 but seems its not available with an Indian plug. Also the input mentioned on the website is 120 volts which is not the case here.

    1. Hey Bruh!
      Yes, Belkin does offer some of the best surge protectors. APC P11VT3 is no doubt of great quality but you would find that the Belkin Essential Series F9E800zb2MGRY to be a perfect competition to the APC model. This Belkin model offers 8 sockets max (also available in 6, 4 and 3 socket variants). It can protect a maximum current spike of 13000 Amps, has a less than 1-second nanosecond response time too.

      With a 700 Joule energy rating. this one is perfect for home theatre and other entertainment systems where you usually plug in multiple devices to a single outlet. You can go for it without a doubt.

      Hope this helps

  2. hi sir
    would you please suggest me any best surge protector to protect my expensive guitar processor (45k) from any power related problems.
    there is another surg protecter called “Targus Smart Surge 4 APS12AP-50 ” . it comes with 1000 joules capacity.
    since it has higher capacity then the one you suggested (belkin), can i go with “Targus”? or does it have any serious drawbacks?

    since my device is expensive(atleast to me) would you suggest me any other protectors like stabiliser or something?( i don’t know what’s the difference between both of’em).
    which can protect from even lightening?
    Thanks in advance….

    1. Hey Kumar,

      As you said “Targus Smart Surge 4 APS12AP-50” is capable of multiple Heavy devices and Gives resistance up to 1000 Joules and Also Which comes with 2 years warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase.

      Belkin” is also capable of handling heavy devices. But 1 heavy device in 1 plug and other small devices(Like Mobile, Laptops and all) in other plugs. Belkin is Best and also Moreover, it comes with “Connected Equipment Warranty Max. Damage Coverage Rs. 20,000 & lifetime warranty” and Lifetime Warranty(Max 5 Years).

      So, We suggest “Belkin” Because of its Damage Coverage and Warranty.

      Please let me know if you need more details. We always ready to help you.

  3. Generally, i do not share my email id on websites, but your article made me do it.
    Because, i was compelled to thank you for such a helpful article.

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