Spring Vs. Foam Mattress – The Ultimate Guide

Both spring and foam mattresses are quite popular. However, both these mattress types are not suited for everyone out there. Some prefer bouncy beds, while some prefer flat and stiff ones. But which one’s the best?

Well, we have an answer. This article has detailed information you need about spring and foam mattress. It’ll definitely help you decide which mattress type is meant for you. If you’re curious to know more, read along.

What is a Spring Mattress?

Spring mattresses, also known as the innerspring mattresses, are popular because of their bouncy nature. Previously there were old-fashioned mattresses stuffed with materials like cotton, rags, hay, or even wool.

However, such mattresses never offered enough support. It’s the reason the spring mattress came into the picture.

Basically, you’ll find coils or springs within the mattress, which offer enough support to the user. A spring mattress is never only made of springs. There’s a decent layer of upholstery, which acts as the layer, which adds more comfort to the bedding.

The upholstery material can be:

  • Foam layers
  • Fiber pads
  • Quilts

These upholstery forms the upper layer of this mattress while the spring forms the lower. It’s the spring or the coil, which improves the breathability of the mattress and promotes airflow. Now, you need to know how dense you want the coil to be.

If you’re someone who sleeps on your stomach, you may need a dense coil to evenly support your body. It’ll also prevent your body from arching, which results in body pain.

Here are some common types of spring mattresses: –

Bonnell Coil Mattress

This mattress type has coils of the shape of an hourglass. These coils make up the most affordable mattress type available. Also, these coils lead to low quality and less durable mattress.

Offset Coil Mattress

The Offset coil mattress delivers very firm support to the user’s back. Here, the coils sit very close to each other, providing tight and firm support to the body. The offset coils are highly durable, but the rate of motion transfer is quite high. So, it might not be an ideal pick for couples.

Continuous Coil Mattress

Unlike the other spring mattresses, this one has a single long coil. The coil is twisted to form thousands of coils, which forms the support layer. It’s another highly durable variant of the spring mattress, but this type’s motion transfer rate is also pretty high and is not suitable for couples.

Pocket Coil Mattress

In this type of mattress, the coils are covered individually by a fabric. It’s the latest and most technologically advanced type of spring mattress. Apart from being the latest, it’s the most expensive one too.

A great feature of this mattress is the reduced motion transfer. There’s less motion transfer because of the fabric, which makes it favorable for most people.

Coil-on-Coil Mattress

This mattress type can really help you if you want less bounce. The coil-on-coil, as the name tells, has a layer of coils over an existing one. It’s the additional layer that somewhat increases the support and reduces the bounce for the user.

What is a Foam Mattress?

Foam mattress, as the name tells, is made using multiple layers of foam. The principal foam used here is polyurethane foam. And a blend of this polyurethane foam and other foams enough to support the body weight forms a foam mattress.

The foam mattress is a great companion for anyone who loves even distribution of weight. If your doctor hasn’t stopped you from using a foam mattress, you can definitely go for this.

Here are some types of foam mattresses: –

Polyurethane foam or PU Foam

It’s the most basic type of foam used in a mattress. It’s usually because of the low production cost, which is involved in its manufacturing. So, you can get your hands on this type of foam mattress without spending much money.

The PU foam is not highly durable. It has a low density, which makes it unsuitable for the long run. The advantage it brings along is better air circulation or breathability. It helps the user stay cool during the summers.

If you consider this as a long-term investment, it isn’t worth it. You may get it cheap, but the maintenance is quite high. Due to less density and no spring, it has very little ability to bounce back. If you are buying this for someone who is old, it could be a mistake. So, think carefully.

Memory Foam

Memory foam has not been in the game for too long. But it has definitely become popular. Whether it’s a memory foam pillow or a mattress, comfort will be the best. If you prefer comfort over firm support, this mattress can really get the job done.

Memory foam is produced in the same way as that of PU. However, there’s a use of additional chemicals, which increases the responsiveness and density. Now, the memory foam is anti-allergenic. Due to its high density, the air circulation is minimal, which reduces the entry of germs or mites.

It’s preferred for people who need help with pressure points. This mattress type uses your body heat and pressure to take the shape of your body. Wherever there’s some pressure, the mattress will sink in and provide a comfy sleep all night long.

HR or high resiliency foam

HR foam is a high-quality foam that is quite superior. HR foam delivers better response and recovers back quite quickly. Now, this foam is a mixture of support and comfort. Even if you put a lot of pressure on it, the foam will hold your weight evenly.

If you’re investing in a mattress for the long term, this could be a good option. Its because the HR foam has the best durability and better responsiveness. You won’t face any problems in the coming two years if you buy this one today.

Latex foam

This foam is made from a natural element known as latex that comes from a rubber tree’s sap. If you’re looking for amazing comfort for your body, this is a great foam type. You may find this foam type costly, but it’s fully natural, making it quite popular among nature lovers.

Latex foam helps with temperature and pressure adjustment. So, if you’re someone with a backache, this foam type can provide you with a lot of relief. There are frequent air gaps within the mattress where the air gets trapped and offers a unique response.

All in all, this foam type is suited for people with all body types. However, you need to look into the maintenance on a regular basis.

Spring vs Foam Mattress

Here’s a brief comparison of spring and foam mattress for a deep understanding: –

FactorsFoam MattressSpring Mattress
DurabilityFoam mattress is highly durableIt’s not much durable and the coils can poke out of the bedding after some time
Support It offers amazing support and in the case of memory foam, the support is distributed to different parts of the body.It offers firm support to the entire body at once
Pain ReliefIf you have back pain, it can foam mattress can benefit you highly.
It supports the pressure points evenly relieving you from pain.
It can damage your pain points as the
mattress deliver a tough support
Motion Transfer It’s very good at absorbing motion and is suited for couplesIt’s not good at
absorbing motion
Temperature RegulationThis mattress type can sometimes heat
too much resulting in sweating
It is better at heat regulation and
keeps the temperature moderate


Be it a foam mattress or spring mattress, both of them have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your present body situation, which mattress will feel good. You can go through the types of mattresses listed above and decide which one’s the best.

There’s a brief comparison chart which further helps you decide. We hope, using these insights, you can come to the right conclusion. If you’re able to choose, please share it with others and keep coming back for more.