The Basic Skateboard Types

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Skateboarding is right now more than just a hobby as professional skateboarders look at it as a sport rather than just a fun activity. In earlier times, skateboards were simple metal boards that had four wheels that were removed from traditional skates.

But now, the scene has completely changed as there are a lot of different types of skateboards available in the market with each unique option providing a distinct style as well as experience.

As a symbol of youth in almost all western countries, skateboards are largely popular and available in almost every sports shop with a large variety of options. Even in India, it is slowly gaining popularity as young audiences are preferring a skateboard over regular skating shoes or roller skates. Also, different types of skateboards allow different variations in air bourne skits and movements.

Today, we will be looking at multiple types of skateboards and try to understand each option in a brief manner. After going through all of the major types of skateboards mentioned here, you will be able to identify the best type of skateboard for you and get it for yourself without any problem.

Types of Board

In general, skateboards differ in terms of colors and design a lot. But, these variations certainly do not have any difference in their performance. Although, the variations that we are going to discuss today will be based upon changes in the shape, size, and overall structure of the skateboard as it is crucial for its performance. Stay tuned until the end to understand all skateboard types in detail.

Mini Boards

When skateboarding first became a thing, mini boards used to be the most common type of skateboard everywhere. Right now, you will only find these boards being used by children who can perfectly manage its compact size and cruise on it easily. Thus, it is right now the best option for teenagers who are looking to get into skateboarding and learning it from the ground.

Even though its size is limited, it still delivers the complete experience of skateboarding as it allows much better control over the board while performing airborne tricks. In case you want to become a professional skateboarder, you will have to start learning tricks right from a mini-board. Although, it tends to create discomfort for long-distance cruising as it cannot carry the momentum for long and requires a constant boost.


As it is quite clear from the name itself, the longboard skateboards are generally much longer in length as compared to other types of skateboards. This makes it perfect for long-distance cruising as it allows the user to have a relaxing yet fun long-distance ride. It also gains a lot of momentum on somewhat steeper grounds, making it a much faster option.

The first thing that a skateboarder needs to understand is balance. If you are having problems learning the balance on a shorter board, you can try the longboards as it provides much more foot space that will help in maintaining the balance. This is also an ideal option for tall people as the shape of a longboard is in the ratio for a tall body.


The cruiser skateboards are highly similar to the mini cruiser ones but come with slightly extended length and width. These boards are designed for short-distance cruising and quick rides along the town. The wheel size on a cruiser board is generally much bigger in diameter to make it stable on multiple terrains. Although, the wheels are softer so that the ride stays comfortable over rough grounds.

Cruisers generally shine when it comes to sharp turns and dodging obstacles in general as it is quite difficult to perform on a longboard. You will not have to keep the shape of the cruiser board in mind while performing the tricks as well because it is generally much shorter than a longboard. In selective cruiser boards, you can also find kick tails that are crucial to perform extended and complicated tricks.


The mini boards (more commonly known as mini cruisers) are the entry-level skateboards that are more suitable for those who are looking for a basic board for casual skateboarding. It turns out to be a perfect option if you are learning skateboarding from scratch as it delivers a great balance and it is very easy to handle.

The mini boards were first available decades ago and got popular around 2010 or so because of their short and narrow design and extreme portability. These skateboards can be easily carried around without needing any extra carrying case or bag as it can also fit inside a backpack. You will find comparatively smaller and soft wheels on mini boards that makes them perfect for casual cruising and hitting a few tricks every now and then.


If you go to a skateboarding arena, you will find most pros using the double kick skateboards while performing the jaw-dropping tricks and showing off their skateboarding skills. It is designed to work perfectly almost everywhere, whether it’s a street or a skateboarding park. To make sure the weight of the skateboard does not create a nuisance while performing tricks, the double kick skateboards are comparatively lightweight than other options.

You will find both, a kick and a tail on a double kick skateboard with a generally concave shape from front to end. Other than that, it is mostly symmetrical from all sides that makes it suitable for different environments. The concave shape helps to maintain the command over the board so that it does not go out of control midway through the trick.

Carve Skateboard

The carve skateboards are one of the most uniquely shaped boards that are specifically devised to attain maximum velocity without needing as much effort while pumping it. This is achieved by giving it a perfectly aerodynamic shape so that it does not get opposed by air while moving forward. It usually mimics the design and shape of a surfing board which is used to glide over waves of the sea, except the carved skateboard is glided on street.

You can also call it a hybrid skateboard as it comprises capabilities of multiple different skateboards like cruisers and longboards into one. Therefore, it is gaining popularity very fast as one does not need to invest in different types of the board to get the best of both worlds.

Downhill Longboard Skateboard

Similar to the carve skateboards, these boards are also designed specifically to allow high speed while moving. To allow that, these boards are longer in length and come with a limited width. This makes the board shape elongated in nature and perfectly capable of attaining high speeds over steep roads. You will find a lot of professional users using these boards to cruise long distances without needing to provide extra pumps at all.

But, you should keep in mind that using these types of skateboards requires a lot of skill and experience. In case a beginner takes these skates on a steep road, he/she might run into an unfortunate accident due to uncontrollable high speed. Professional users suggest learning proper postures and positions so that it is possible to avoid obstacles at such a high speed.

Electric Skateboard

The electric skateboards are the latest addition to the charity of skateboards. To make skateboarding easier, these boards are powered by electric motors. These motors provide a constant boost to the skateboard so that no manual work is required to ride one.

The very first skateboards that were powered with electric motors were the longboards as they provided enough space for the circuitry. Nowadays, an electric board is available in many shapes and sizes.

The wheels installed on an electric skateboard are off-road all-terrain wheels as the electric skateboard is destined to go off the ground every now and then. Rubber is provided on the front of the board that can be used to propel, direct, and drive the electric-powered skateboard with ease.

The standard speed of a motorized skateboard is around 25 kmph, but you can find multiple variants that feature faster as well as slower electric motors. To apply brakes on the skateboard, users can simply lean forward or backward for front or back pads respectively.


After taking a look at various types of skateboards, you must have realized why it is so difficult to buy a new skateboard. Once you start looking for a new board, you will come across a lot of different options and it might get confusing to select just one out of all options.

If you are looking for a manual skateboard, a longboard seems to be the perfect choice as it allows you to use the board for long distances without any problem. It provides a perfect balance of size and usability. Thus, it is an ideal option if you are willing to carry it around everywhere. You can also find an electric longboard if you are looking for the automatic versions of skateboards.

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