Best 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

If you don’t like to vacuum clean your house manually or if you don’t have time to clean your home daily, a robot vacuum cleaner can be a life savior for you.

Robot vacuum cleaners are smart devices that are equipped to clean the floor of your house including difficult corners.

All you have to do is turn on the machine and leave the rest of the job to the bot – no need for any set-up required. Most of the time, even it comes back to the charging dock by itself.

To buy the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your home, here are a few important factors that you should check:


The robot cleaners that are shorter (3 inches or less) are preferred over the taller ones as they can easily get under the sofa, bed, and other places that are tough to reach and collects the dust.


Most of the robot vacuum cleaners offer a run time of 60-70 minutes – it should be enough to clean smaller apartments or homes.

If you have a relatively bigger house, check for cleaners with a run time of at least 90 minutes.

Bin Size:

The dustbin size of the robot vacuum cleaner is measured in liters. The size of the bin ranges from 0.25 to 1 liter. You can go for the higher capacity one as it will reduce the task of emptying the bin less frequently.

Apart from these features, there are some other features too that help in defining the efficiency of a robot vacuum cleaner. They are mapping, cleaning modes, navigation, and warranty. You can learn about them in the buying guide that is mentioned at the end of this article.

To make it easier for you to buy the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home, we have shortlisted some of the best brands available in India. Let’s have a look!

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in India

Robotic Vacuum CleanersHeightRuntimeBin SizeBuy now
ECOVACS Robot Vacuum Cleaner3.1 inches110 min520 mlCHECK ON AMAZON
PureClean Robot Vacuum Cleaner3.1 inches90 min300 mlCHECK ON AMAZON
iLife X620 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner2.8 inches140 min300 mlCHECK ON AMAZON
360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner---110 min550 mlCHECK ON AMAZON
iLife A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner3 inches150 min600 mlCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020

1. ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

First product we shortlisted comes from the brand, ECOVACS which is well known for cost-effective line of smart vacuums. If you are looking for a budget friendly robot vacuum cleaner with good set of features and performance, then Deebot 500 entry level robot vacuum cleaner from ECOVACS is the best choice.

  • This entry-level robot cleaner is capable of cleaning hard floors and carpets. It can easily pick up dust, dirt, including pet hair as well. However, it is not effective in cleaning thick rugs.
  • It measures 12.9 x 12.9 x 3.1 inches which is slim enough to move around and under the furniture easily.
  • Has 110 minutes of run time per full battery charge, which is enough for cleaning medium sized homes. Once the power is low, the vacuum cleaner will automatically return to its charging station.
  • It has 520 ml of drawer style dusting which is very east to access and empty it. Dust bin is present at the back of the machine.
  • It can increase its suction power when it detects hard to clean dust or extra debris.

Cleaning Modes and Patterns – Deebot 500 comes with 3 different cleaning modes that include Auto, Spot, Max and Edge. Auto mode is suitable for cleaning carpets. It follows straight cleaning pattern through the room and when any obstacle is detected, it will change its direction and continues in a straight line.

Edge mode is suitable for cleaning corners and edges so it will move along the perimeter of the room. Spot mode deals with concentrated dirt in particular area. So it will take a spiral cleaning pattern. Max mode is useful for intense cleaning as it will increase suction power up to 2 times.

Cleaning System – It comes with 3 side brushes, 1 main brush and a vacuum. These 3-stages will provide through cleaning and ensure no dirt is left behind.

Control – It can be controlled using remote control, smart phone and Amazon Echo and Google Home. With smart phone App, you can control, schedule and monitor the cleaning time and pattern. It also provides real-time insights and historical data. Using voice assistant connectivity, you can provide voice-commands to the robot vacuum to stop or start cleaning.

Safety Features – Deebot comes with two safety technologies: stair safe and anti-collision. When the sensors detect a drop off, it will reverse its direction and continue cleaning. When the motion sensors detect any obstacle, it will change its direction and continue its process.

Filter – High efficiency filter is provided in the Deebot 500 model which reduces airborn triggers while vacuuming.

Warranty – 1 year on manufacturing defects. Ecovacs brand is also planning to sell spare parts online. If any parts are not working, then you can replace them under the guidance provided by customer service.

What We Liked:

  • Value for money
  • Gentle when it bumps into obstacles
  • Powerful suction as it can suck up pet hair as well
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to schedule cleaning via App
  • Accepts voice commands
  • Sturdy built construction
  • Considered less noisy (only 65.6 dB)

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t notify when dust bin is full
  • No room-mapping capability
  • Sometimes misses few spots on carpet

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2. PureClean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

PureClean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

PureClean is another trustworthy brand when it comes to robot vaccum cleaners. Among their line of products, PUCRC95 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with good enough features and comes within budget.  

  • This robot vacuum cleaner is capable of providing good vacuum on hardwood, tiles, linoleum and hard carpets. However, it doesn’t provide impressive job on high-pile carpets.
  • It has low profile of 3.1-inch height which makes it easy to go under and around the furniture easily.
  • On a full 4-hour charge, it can provide 90 minutes continuous runtime. This duration is good enough to clean small to medium houses. If the battery runs low, then it will automatically navigate back to its charging dock.
  • It comes with 300 ml removable and washable dust bin at the back of machine.

Cleaning Modes and Patterns – It doesn’t come with any multiple cleaning modes and follows straight patterns for cleaning. Whenever it comes in contact with obstacles, it will change the direction and continue the cleaning process.

Cleaning System – 2 side sweep brushes are provided which extend reach of vacuum. They rotate in circular motion to catch debris, dirt and dust on open floor and edges in the room.

Control – A remote control is provided to schedule the cleaning time and to turn it on/off.

Safety Features – It has navigation sensors which prevents it from colliding any obstacles like furniture or walls.

Filter – It comes with HEPA filtration system which can trap even smallest particles and fine dust so that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t expel it back to surrounding air.

Warranty – PureClean provides 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee for this model. Apart from that 1-year warranty on the parts.

What We Liked:

  • Suitable for small to medium sized rooms
  • Schedule activation
  • 24w suction power
  • Dual rotating sweepers
  • Capable of sucking out pet hair and fine dust
  • Comes with low mini profile

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t come with indicators for trash bin
  • Single cleaning mode

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3. iLife X620 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iLife X620 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The brand iLife is known for providing premium range robotic vacuum cleaners. Their X620 model come with exceptional features and outstanding performance.

If you are looking for both wet and dry vacuum cleaner, then X620 from iLife is the best option. It is capable of clearing wet and dry stuff with equal efficiency.

  • It comes with good enough suction power which is ideal for hard floorings like marble, mosaic, marble, laminate, and hardwoods. When it comes to carpets, it can clean only hard ones. Avoid using it on carpets or rugs with heavy and long fibers.
  • As it has 2.8 inches height which is actually one of the thinnest robot vacuum cleaners in the Indian market. So. It will easily move under and around the furniture without any issues.
  • It has 140 minutes of run time which is enough to vacuum medium sized homes. Once the charging is near to low, the vacuum cleaner will automatically go back to charging dock. And it takes 300 minutes for the battery to get charged completely.
  • It has separate trash collection of dry and wet waste. 300 ml for dry waste and another 300ml for wet waste.

Cleaning Modes and Patterns – It has 3-in-1 cleaning functions that include sweeping, vacuuming, and dry/wet mopping. It uses sweeping and vacuuming function to collect the dirt and dust. Once it is done, you can change the programming for wet mopping by changing the dust bag with water container.  Advanced pet hair technology will be helpful to remove pet hair on carpets, corners and on the floors as well. The max mode will provide deep cleaning of mud stains, dried dirt or other tough particles.

Cleaning System – It comes with side-spinning brushes and V-shaped rolling tangle-free rubber brush. And cloth attachment for mopping purposes.

Control – A remote control is provided which will help you operate the robot vacuum cleaner for turning it on/off, change the cleaning modes and control the navigation.

Safety Features – It has motion sensors which prevent the vacuum cleaner from bumping into walls or furniture. The drop-sensing technology will prevent it from falling off the stairs. It also comes with upgraded navigating which lets it climb 15 mm height for cleaning.

Filter – This machine has HEPA filter which will trap fine dust particles and prevent them from getting back into the surroundings.

Warranty – A 10-year warranty duration and 10-days replacement is provided by the manufacturer.

What We Liked:

  • Can do both wet and dry cleaning
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Timer works very well
  • Less noise
  • Anti-scratch tempered glass
  • Infrared sensor
  • HEPA filter

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t auto stop
  • Mopping can be better

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4. 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Smart 360 is a Korean based company that provides efficient robot vacuum cleaner. Their S7 model has made it to our list because of its amazing features.

  • It is powerful enough to clean all types of hard floors including wood, laminate, marble, and others. It can also be used on the carpets with hard surface.
  • It is slim enough to clean under the furniture like bedrooms, couch and others. It will also move around the furniture and provide deep cleaning in corners as well.
  • On a full charge, it can provide 110 min if you operate on silent mode, 80 min in standard mode and 48 min on powerful mode.
  • It is equipped with 550 ml of dust bin which is enough for most households, even if you use it for few times in a week.

Cleaning Modes and Patterns – It has 3 different modes: silent, standard and max. For cleaning carpets, it will automatically switch to max for removing the dust. Silent mode is suitable if you don’t like noisy operation.

Cleaning System – Equipped with 1 side brush and 1 floor mopping which are enough for regular cleaning sessions. The brush has the ability to self-adjusting feature so it will automatically adjust according to the requirement.

Control – It can be controlled either using remote control, smart App or Amazon Alexa. Using the App, you can schedule cleaning time, cleaning mode, set-off limit area, and control other operations.

Safety – It comes with anti-collision feature which prevent it from colliding with walls or furniture. Anti-drop safety feature is also provided which prevents the vacuum from falling off the stairs.

Filter – High efficiency filter is provided which filters out tiny particles and fine dust. And moreover, it is washable as well, making it easy to maintain.

Warranty – Manufacturer provides 1-year warranty on the parts and manufacturing defects.

What We Liked:

  • Spotless cleaning
  • Auto-switch to mopping
  • set-off limit area
  • anti-drop and anti-collision
  • intelligent mapping
  • self-adjusting main brush
  • low noise
  • supports Amazon Alexa

What We Didn’t Like:

  • After sales support is not that good
  • Integrating to Alexa is not simple

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5. iLife A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iLife A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

As already mentioned above in 3rd product (X620), iLife is an amazing brand that provides reliable robot vacuum cleaners. X620 is a wet and dry robot vacuum cleaner while A7 can is capable for only dry cleaning.

  • A7 model is suitable for cleaning only hard floors like marble, tile, laminate and mosaic. It can also clean carpets. But not effective on carpets with long fibers.
  • Because of its low profile, it can move around and under the furniture to provide thorough cleaning.
  • It provides 150 minutes of continuous run time (in auto mode) on a complete recharge. This duration is enough to clean an apartment of 4 bedrooms completely without stopping in-between for recharge. Once the battery runs low, the vacuum cleaner will automatically go back to the charging dock to get recharged.
  • This model has 600 ml of trash bin. So, you don’t have to empty the trash bin in-between the cleaning process.

Cleaning Modes and Patterns – iLife A7 vacuum cleaner comes with 5 cleaning modes: Auto, Edge, Spot, Path and max. Auto mode is the standard mode and other modes have to be controlled or changed using the App or remote control. In auto-mode, the vacuum cleaner will adjust the suction according to the dust or type of floor (tile or carpet). In edge mode, it travels through the edges and corners of the room for cleaning. In spot mode, it will move in circular pattern to remove tough stains in particular area. Max mode has the most suction power, so it is generally used for deep cleaning or removing tough dirt.

Cleaning System – It comes with a rubber and brush roller. You can switch between them as per your cleaning requirement. Bristle brush is suitable for digging up dirt, hair and flecks on carpets. While rubber roller is good for cleaning hard floors.

Control – It can be controlled using remote or smart phone App. Using the smart phone App, you can schedule the cleaning time, change the modes or select the cleaning pattern.

Safety Features – Unfortunately, this model does not come with anti-drop feature. So, if your house has stairs, then this may not be the option. If it bumps into wall or furniture, it will re-route its path to continue the cleaning.

Filter – A set of high performance filters are provided which traps the dust and other trash, preventing its re-entry into the surroundings.

Warranty – 12 months worry free and global warranty is provided on manufacturing defects.

What We Liked:

  • Affordable price
  • Capable of cleaning pet hair and fine dust
  • Comes with 5 cleaning modes
  • Good suction power
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Slim profile

What We Didn’t Like:

  • App Connectivity is frustrating and the App works too slow
  • Cant section off areas
  • Doesn’t take voice commands
  • Sometimes, gets tangled in things

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How Does A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work?

When you consider – robot vacuum cleaner Vs broom; it is obvious that robot cleaner is much more efficient, especially in cleaning pet hair, dander, and fine particles. It is designed to clean your house without or minimal help of the user.

They are powered by a rechargeable battery. These cordless cleaners use sensors and cameras to learn their way around.

With a couple of wheels, they roam around the entire house and collect the debris.

There are around two to four brushes at the bottom – rolling-style agitators and spinning side brushes. Their job is to grab dirt from both the floor and the edges of the walls respectively and move it to the bin directly.

To empty the bin, you can simply eject it from the cleaner and empty the collected dust in a nearby garbage bin. Many cleaners even come with HEPA filters that help in preventing allergens from spreading.

The robot vacuum cleaners come with charging docks and the best part about most of them is they can even charge themselves. After cleaning the house when the battery turns low, the vacuum cleaner returns to the charging dock.

Some models even allow you to connect the vacuum cleaner to your home network so that you can monitor the cleaning process using the app. It is a recommended feature as it will allow the cleaner to accept the firmware updates (the software that is built in the vacuum cleaner) to perform or install additional features.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Most of the users focus on the cleaning power of the vacuum cleaner. However, the efficiency of the machine also depends on some extra features that you should not miss out on. Let’s learn about all these features in detail.

1. Size & Shape:

Focusing on the dimensions of the vacuum cleaner is important for two main reasons. If the cleaner is very tall, it might be difficult for the machine to reach tight areas like kitchen cabinets or under the furniture like a sofa or recliners. Even if it enters these areas anyhow, it would be difficult for the machine to get out by itself until you remove it out by yourself.

Robot vacuum cleaners that are short (3 inches or low) and lightweight have a clear advantage over the tall and heavier bots as they can easily get under the furniture and clean up the area. They are even better at transitioning from floor to the carpets.

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners come in round shape as they are easy to turn and follow a route pattern. The D-shaped bots can fit in the corners better than the round bots but the round vacuum cleaners have side brushes that accomplish the same purpose until you intentionally sprinkle powder to the corners or baseboards.

2. Battery Life:

Battery life is another important factor that you should check for. Depending on the size of your house, you should figure out which one to buy.

Most of the vacuum cleaners can run for around 60 to 70 minutes. This time is enough to clean a small house or apartment.

If you have a bigger house with a huge living room, you should check for a cleaner that can run for at least 90 minutes.

Almost all the robot vacuum cleaners come with a battery dock so that whenever the machine needs charging, it can automatically go back to the dock for charging. It requires a charging time of around 3 to 4 hours and then start the cleaning process again, which is an issue for some users. Look for a device that offers a long battery life to finish the cleaning process quickly and efficiently.

Manufacturers usually list the battery run-time along with area size (in square feet) that the bot can clean in a single charge.

3. Bin Size:

The size of the dustbin in the robot vacuum cleaner is measured in liters and the size ranges from 0.25 liters to 1 liter. Smaller the size of the bin is, the cleaning capacity of the room will decrease automatically.

With a smaller bin capacity of 0.25 liter, you will have to empty the bin manually before cleaning the entire room. Also, as it needs your manual support, you cannot schedule the vacuum cleaner to finish cleaning the house. Thus, it is suggested to go for a higher capacity bin, especially if your house is big.

There are a few models of vacuum cleaners that come with self-emptying bins – where there is an extra-large bin located at the top of the charging dock. It sucks the debris out of the vacuum cleaner. It is a very handy feature and makes the machine completely automatic. You can simply schedule the set-up and let the vacuum cleaner finish its job.

4. Cleaning & Operating Modes:

Similar to the stand-up vacuum cleaner where you can adjust the setting while cleaning the hard floor or the carpet, the robot vacuum cleaner can also follow this. They also offer options like changing suction, and other cleaning functions like adapting to different floor surfaces that can either be done automatically or by taking inputs from you.

Some models even come with a spot mode where the vacuum cleaner performs a concentrated cleaning task in a small area. It also includes options for single and double-passes of the room. You might also get an option to focus on cleaning the wall edges or baseboards.

The most common cleaning or operating modes provided by most of the robot vacuum cleaners are: Turbo mode (offers quick and intense cleaning power), Eco modes (one of the main intent here is saving battery consumption), and Quiet mode (the operation is silent so that it does not interfere with your day-to-day work schedule).

You might also be interested in buying a model of robot vacuum cleaner that lets you set the cleaning schedule in advance (around 3 to 7 days). This makes the entire process automatic.

5. Navigation:

As the robot vacuum cleaners promise to finish the cleaning task with minimal interference from you. They should be able to navigate through any room, considering the furniture or any other type of obstacles so that there is no scope of any sort of accident.

Robot vacuum cleaners can notice the things around using a unique set of sensors. The Cliff sensor will let the machine know that there is some type of elevation in the room like stairs so that the vacuum cleaner does not tip over the edge.

There are some other sensors that can alert the machine when it has bumped on to something so that the robot can change its direction. Some sensors even track the distance that it has traveled.

Depending on the model, the robot vacuum cleaners include sensors that estimate the amount of dirt present on the floor so that it can adjust the cleaning mode accordingly.

6. Mapping:

Manufacturers are seriously focusing on the mapping feature and trying to include all the possible mapping capabilities to their robot vacuum cleaners.

Some models even use laser reflections or onboard cameras to generate a 360-degree view of the room. This helps the robot in creating a map of the entire space along with all the possibilities of where it can fit within the map.

The biggest advantage of mapping in the vacuum cleaner is it will know which all areas have been cleaned already so that it does not end up cleaning the same area again and again. It also knows from where to resume the cleaning process just in case, it stopped midway after running out of the batter.

This feature makes it ideal to be used in larger rooms. Of course, with this premium feature, the price tag also becomes high.

7. Scheduled Cleaning:

With the help of a scheduler, you can select a specific time throughout the week where you can set the vacuum cleaner to start operating. On reaching the scheduled timeline, the machine starts cleaning the room automatically. You don’t even have to be at home during the cleaning process. However, if you don’t mind turning on the machine manually, you can totally skip this feature.

Some new models of vacuum cleaners even come with Wi-Fi capability so that you can schedule the cleaning timer via your smartphone. The device will even notify you once the cleaning process is complete. If there are any errors, you will get a notification on your phone.

8. Wi-Fi & Smart Technology:

Most of the modern robot vacuum cleaners are smart-home enabled. You can connect the machine to your Wi-Fi router and control the bot using the app on your smartphone rather than using a physical remote.

The functionalities depend on how sophisticated the features are in your robot but you can perform all the other basic tasks like turning on and off the vacuum cleaner or adjust the program or cleaning mode. Some other functions include the cleaning log/history, notifications, battery status, etc.

Some high-end models even allow you to integrate the machine with smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo. You can now control the vacuum cleaner using voice commands.

If have a large living space, this feature can be really useful.

9. Boundary Makers:

With the help of boundary markers or barriers, you can prevent the vacuum cleaner from cleaning specific areas. Even though it is not a very common feature, it can be helpful, especially if you don’t want to allow vacuuming in a certain area.

If you have a robot vacuum cleaner with an interactive map feature, it might be not required at all. Some mapping bots even let you create an invisible boundary using your smartphone to prevent the vacuum cleaner from entering that zone.

10. Remote Control:

Many robot vacuum cleaners come with a remote control that is helpful in controlling different operating modes or activating the machine. The exact function on the remote depends on the model that you are buying.

11. Mopping Function:

A few robot vacuum cleaners even come with a mopping function. It helps in getting rid of lighter stains on the floor. But don’t expect that it will clean tough stains.

With mopping functionality, you will have to put a small amount of water in the water tank. This will help in moistening the microfiber pad that is attached to the base of the robotic vacuum cleaner.

12. Filter:

Each robot vacuum cleaner comes with a different type of filter. The HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter helps in removing 99.7% of dust particles (size – around 0.3 microns) from the air. The HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner works exceptionally well for people with asthma or other breathing issues.

13. Noise:

When compared to regular vacuum cleaners, the robot vacuum cleaners are generally quite. However, some machines can make grinding noise while operating.

If you want to turn on the bot and go outside, noise shouldn’t be an issue for you. But, if you don’t want a model that generates disturbing noise throughout, you can look for a model with lower decibel figures.

14. Stair Detection:

This feature is common across all the models of robot vacuum cleaners. It helps in alerting the robot cleaner for stairs as soon as it reaches a step or a ledge. After getting the alert, the bot moves back. It is helpful in avoiding any damage caused to the machine.

15. Easy to Use:

A robot vacuum cleaner should be easy to use, set the programs, and control the functions. Only a few models require assistance while charging the battery initially or while installing the side brushes.

For connected robot vacuum cleaners, the app should be user-friendly. A reliable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity is a must as it can impact the overall performance.

16. Color:

You can consider a robot vacuum cleaner just like any other décor item at your home as it needs to be placed in an open area. While many people don’t really consider this as an important factor, some users prefer buying a color that will go along with the aesthetic of their house.

The robot vacuum cleaner is available in some amazing colors like gray, black, white, and a few subtle shades of different colors. You can choose one as per your preference.

17. Brand:

Since it is a costly addition to your house, make sure that you buy a robot vacuum cleaner from a famous and well-established brand as the replacement parts are easily available. Also, you can easily get any assistance, if required.

The most common parts of a robot vacuum cleaner that needs to be replaced are filters and brushes. Thus, before buying check these parts of the same brand are easily available or not.

Big brands even offer customer service. You can check their website and look for support options like email or phone number so that you can get your query resolved.

18. Price:

The price of a robot vacuum cleaner ranges from Rs. 16,000 – Rs, 60,000, depending on the functionalities that it offers.

The expensive models offer superior cleaning power. The power offered by the least-expensive priced cleaners might not be the same and they might not work on all the types of flooring.

Mid-priced vacuum cleaners also work efficiently. However, don’t judge the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner on the basis of only price. Make sure you consider other factors too and buy one that suits your requirements.

19. Warranty:

Always buy a robot vacuum cleaner from a trusted brand as it provides a good warranty and after-sale service. Usually, most of the robot vacuum cleaners come with a warranty of 1 year. The higher the warranty period is, the better it is.

How to maintain a robot vacuum cleaner?

All the robot vacuum cleaners require a little bit of maintenance. You must spend at least 15 minutes in a month to see if everything is working fine or if there is any maintenance required. For heavy workload cleaners, you might have to spend a little more time. This will help in extending the lifespan of the machine.

Before you start with the cleaning process, make sure that you pick up all the stuff lying on the floor like charging cable, tiny mats, or laundry as some bots can get stuck on them.

Some tips that can be helpful to you, in the long run, are as follows:

  • After every few sessions, make sure that you shake off the filter.
  • After around 10-12 cleaning sessions, replace the filter. If the original filters are costly, you can even buy third-party filters that are compatible with the machine. They won’t harm your robot vacuum cleaner in any way but if the machine is on warranty and if you require any service, using a third-party filter can be a disadvantage.
  • Keep cutting away hair that gets wrapped around the brush regularly. Some robot vacuum cleaners even come with a tool that cuts and brush the hair away.
  • After every few weeks, clean the bearings present on the brush roll, side brushes, and caster. To do this, you might need a screwdriver. For some bots, these parts come off easily.
  • Wipe the sensors as instructed in the manual using a cotton swab or microfiber cloth and a bit of water or rubbing alcohol.
  • To blow the dust out of the bot, keep a can of compressed air handy.
  • Replace side brushes and filters at regular intervals. The brush roll should be replaced once a year. You might have to replace the batteries every second year, depending on the usage.

Advantages of Robot Vacuum Cleaners:

Some of the advantages of owning a robot vacuum cleaner are as follows:

  • It can help you save your time and efforts spent on cleaning your entire house. This one reason is enough for most of the users to consider buying a robot vacuum cleaner.
  • These bots are compact and hardly take any place.
  • They can go inside the furniture and clean and come back without you rearranging the furniture.
  • Most of the Wi-Fi vacuum cleaners can be accessed and controlled using an app on your smartphone. Some models even allow you to control the machine using Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Premium models of bots can create statistics and maps of the areas that they have already cleaned. Some bots even create a personalized floor plan and create a boundary on the restricted areas to prevent any mishap.

Disadvantages of Robot Vacuum Cleaners:

Some of the disadvantages of robot vacuum cleaners are as follows:

  • The suction power and the bin size of a robot vacuum cleaner are generally smaller than the traditional vacuum cleaners.
  • Some functionalities that a robot vacuum cleaner cannot perform are: they can’t clean the high-pile carpets (with fibers that are around ¾ inch long or more) as it is difficult for the wheels to move and the brushes can jam too.
  • The robot vacuum cleaners can’t climb stairs. They also don’t work on a couch or curtains or any surface that is not flat.

Do robot vacuum cleaners get stuck?

It completely depends on the situation. For example, if there is a combination of rugs and hard floors in the room, the bot might face a little trouble while traveling from one surface to the other.

The fringes or tassels on the rug, deep carpet pile, or charging cables can prove problematic at times as they can easily get tangled to the wheels or brushes of the bot. However, with your manual interference, this situation can be avoided.

Is buying a robot vacuum cleaner worth it?

Even though there is no comparison to the traditional way of cleaning using a barrel, stick, or upright vacuum, the robot vacuum cleaners also offer a decent performance. They are good to be used on a daily basis, especially when you are not in the house. You might have to clean the filters, bins, and brushes regularly.

After conducting a rigorous lab testing, here are the performance scores:

Robot Vacuum Performance TestingAverageVariation
Hard floor pick-up score (%)86%30-99%
Carpet dirt pick-up score (%)40%13-71%
Pet hair removal score (%)51%10-80%
Cleaning corners & edges score (%)61%30-80%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Can a robot vacuum cleaner navigate through multiple rooms?

Even the premium models of vacuum cleaners might not be able to navigate through multiple rooms properly. Most of the brands release two versions of a model – one that can navigate multiple rooms and the other that can’t.
Most of the models come with this feature. However, for models that don’t support this feature, you will have to manually place the vacuum cleaner in the new space every time you want to clean it.

2. How does a robot vacuum cleaner work?

A robot vacuum cleaner uses advanced technology to map the floor plans at first and store them to move accordingly. As the same time, it has modern sensors that detect obstacles in its path while cleaning and overcome them efficiently by moving around the objects. The more advanced cleaners find the most efficient path for faster yet effective cleaning.

3. How to maintain a robot vacuum cleaner?

There are many accessories present in a robot vacuum cleaner such as the brushes, filters, dust bag, and much more. You have to clean the dust bag from time to time, and you will also have to change the filter in 2-6 months and wash the brushes weekly.

4. Are robot vacuum cleaners suitable for all floors?

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners are suitable for hardwood floor and polished tiles floor. However, if you have a carpet floor, you have to check whether the robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with carpet floor or not. There are many of them that are compatible with both the floor types. However, they are not suitable for cemented and uneven floors.

5. Which is the best brand for robot vacuum cleaner in India?

iRobot is undoubtedly the best robot vacuum cleaner brand in Indian. They have robot vacuum cleaners at different price points to fulfil all your requirements and do efficient cleaning in less time.


If you haven’t got time to sweep your floors daily, then robot vacuum cleaners are the best choice. You can just schedule the time of cleaning and they will automatically start the sweeping at that particular time daily. So, you can wake up to a clean house/clean floor in your house daily.

There are several robot vacuum cleaners in the market, choosing them is surely a tricky task. To help with that, we have provided buying guide in our article. The information provided in it will surely be helpful in choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner.  

As per our research and analysis, ECOVACS 500 has grabbed first position. It has excellent suction power, multiple cleaning modes, and safety features like anti-collision and anti-drop. Apart from that, it can be connected to your smart phone and voice assistants. It is good at take voice commands. It is extremely powerful to clean all types of dirt and debris. The sensors and features are quite advanced than its competitors in the market.

For any further details or queries on best robot vacuum cleaners, please be free to talk to us in the comment section below. We will assist you at our earliest convenience.

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