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Vacuum Cleaner Vs Broom India: Find Which Is The Best For Cleaning Your Home?

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Everyone has their own preferred choices when it comes to sweeping floors, some are Team Broom while some are Team Vacuum. Both vacuuming and sweeping with brooms do their tasks efficiently however, the variations differ.

If you want to crack the code of the pros and cons of sweeping the floor and vacuuming, look nowhere else. We are here to guide you and give the exact differentiation between the two.

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Broom Vs Vacuum Cleaner

Ease of OperationLabor intensive and comes with several attachments for different kinds of cleaning tasks Easy to clean up immediately without any complicated procedure or attachments
Cleaning EfficiencyLess likely to kick back the dust. Provides deep cleaningSome dust settles back after cleaning
Cleaning CapacityCan clean rugs, upholstery, carpets, curtains, blinds and others
Can clean only hard or wooden floors
Accessing CapabilityGood at sucking out dirt from dirt, cracks and crevicesCan access hard to reach areas but cannot clean in cracks or tight corners
Maintenance Needs electricity to work
Doesn’t need electricity to work
PortabilityHeavy depending on the model you ownLight in weight
StorageNeeds more storage spaceDoesn’t take much space. Can be stored in any corner
NoiseProduces noise as it contains motorDoesn’t produce any noise
PriceExpensive and no up-keep costsInexpensive and no-up keep costs

An Overview of Broom Vs Vacuum Cleaner

Some people use brooms to clean their floors while others choose to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. The broom focuses to sweep the floor neatly. It is a traditional method of cleaning which removes even the tiny particles of dust and dirt.

The broom is less likely to leave any scratch marks on the floor. You can also wash the broom easily after its use.

Vacuum cleaners have turned house cleaning into a more rapid and efficient job. It quickly sucks up the debris like a straw and cleans the surface for you without putting too much energy at hand. The machine uses pulling and pushing motion to remove the dirt from the floor.

The suction technique collects the dirt and discarded items in a disposable or non-disposable (depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you use) container. Therefore, there’s no need to manually collect the trash as you do with a broom. After this, you need to empty the container or bag into the garbage bin so that you can reuse it again for cleaning.

Comparison Points Between a Broom and Vacuum Cleaner

1. Usage

Broom is just a single unit, so you need to pick it up and start sweeping, no other requirements are involved in it. In vacuum cleaners, there are several other parts attached to it. You need to check first if the vacuum cleaner is intact properly and then use it.
Once checked, vacuum cleaners are faster than brooming. They can be time consuming if you have a large surface area to clean.

2. Varied Applications

Other than floor sweeping, you can easily use vacuum cleaners to clean the rugs and carpets at your home, but brooms can’t clean these items effectively. Vacuum cleaners can also clean dusty corners, sofas or ceilings. With brooms, the only thing you can clean is your floors.

3. Bill

As you know, brooms do not rely on electricity. That means there will be no bill when you will clean your floor with a broom. While on the other side, for vacuum cleaners, you need an electric socket to connect it and thus, it also limits the area you clean. However, there are a few vacuum cleaners who are wireless, but they work on batteries and need to be charged before using.

Brooms are much cheaper as compared to vacuum cleaners, where you have to put a hole in your pocket to buy them. Plus, they are an economical option as there will be no addition to your electricity bill.

4. Indoor Air Quality

Vacuum cleaners do not wipe off the dust in air, rather it eliminates it from every corner. Therefore, they leave a great impact on the indoor air quality as compared to brooms. With this, they make more space to breathe in the fresh air and maintain the air quality level at your home.
Further, it can also save your money on buying air purifiers and naturally preserves the air purity in your space.

5. Affordability

When you sweep the floor with a broom, you just need to have a broom and a dustpan and you can easily clean the house for dust and dirt. The two items are any way cheaper as compared to even the smallest sized vacuum cleaner. Usually, this is the reason why people are more inclined to go for brooms.

If you are someone, who looks up affordable options, then a broom is your pick. Remember, brooms do not last for a longer duration. It gets damaged over time, and you need to get a new broom at least once every two months. In case of vacuum cleaners, they rarely break down and are easy to maintain.

6. Efforts

Sweeping with a broom is an effort in itself. You have to use all your arms and back to get the job done properly. You can even face backache problems or muscle stretch. Using a broom and cleaning the floor can actually leave you tired and exhausted.

When using a vacuum cleaner, there is no need to bend and pull the dust as it sucks the entire debris on its own. You only need to clear the area and then move to another one for the stride. So, if you are someone who is extremely busy and don’t have much time for cleaning, then a vacuum cleaner can prove to be a good investment for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I vacuum or sweep the hardwood floors?

Ans: The glossy finish on hard floors makes them look attractive. While using broom on hard floors, the harsh bristles can scratch the shine on the floor and can damage the exteriors. Moreover, dirt, dust and debris can enter into the minute crevices of hardwood floors proving brooms an inefficient way of cleaning this surface.

On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner produces less air-borne dust and helps to preserve the shine of the hardwood floors. Vacuum cleaners remove the dust and not push it further, unlike brooms. They pull-up and remove the dirt and dust even from the crevices. So, improve the durability and longevity of your hardwood floors by vacuuming them rather than sweeping and mopping.

Note: Don’t forget that you just can’t use any type of vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors. Avoid using beater bars on hardwood floors. These beater bars help to stir the dirt and debris before sucking it up into the bag. But this beater bar when used on a hardwood floor, can damage the solid flooring.

So, look out for premium vacuum cleaners, where you can turn this feature off or remove it, while using it on the hardwood floor. Or, you can also go with a canister and backpack vacuum cleaners. Also, follow the mopping procedure after using vacuum cleaners on floors.

2. Can I use a vacuum cleaner on tiles?

Ans: Not all vacuum cleaners can be used on tiles for cleaning or sweeping purposes. It’s not a good idea to use industry-standard vacuum cleaners on tile floors. Rather, check out for a vacuum which is capable of sweeping tiles and other hard floors.

You can also search for a vacuum cleaner which has a motorized brush roll attached to it. These soft and fast moving bristles can be proved helpful in removing the dirt found on tiles and other hard surfaces.
Other specialized models can also have some more additional features which will help you to clean your tiles in a better way.

3. Should I first use a vacuum cleaner or sweep the floor?

Ans: The best way to clean your floor is to first use a vacuum cleaner on it and then sweep it using a broom. Sometimes the dust can settle on the floor and using a broom can push the dust in the air, thus impacting the indoor air quality. This dirt can further travel into your kitchen, rooms and even on other surfaces.

Therefore, it’s better to use a vacuum cleaner first so that it can eliminate the dust particles rather than pushing it above in the air. It will be such the dust and will leave minimal residue behind. This will keep the indoor air clean. In the end, you can sweep the floor to five your surface with a final touch.


Whether it’s a broom or a vacuum cleaner, both have its pros and cons. It all depends on your preference that you need to sweep the floor or do vacuuming. Whichever option works for you better is the useful one for you. 

If you are not in favor of spending much money, team Broom can be the best pick. However, when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, a steam vacuum cleaner can be a real good option. 

Above all, if you are ready to spend some handsome amount of fare, then vacuum cleaners have no competition.

So, whether it’s a broom or a vacuum cleaner, choose accordingly as the world would be a much dirtier place without them. 

You can write your views or queries in the comment section below. We are always delighted to hear from you!

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