Detailed Guide on Pillow Sizes

If your pillow is too hard, too big, or too small, you might feel very uncomfortable. Tossing and turning in your bed because of a bad quality pillow is the last thing you would want. That’s why you need a perfect size pillow as it will allow you to sleep comfortably.

Your perfectly made bed is incomplete without comfortable pillows. There are different types and sizes of sleeping pillows available, all you have to do is research properly. In this guide, we will talk about the different sizes of pillows; so that you can easily choose one that will be most comfortable for you.

Pillow Sizes

There are five different kinds of pillow sizes- Queen size, Standard Size, Body Size, King Size, and Super Standard Size. There might be other sub-categories that have minor variations in the dimensions of the pillows. Here we will discuss some of the most comfortable sized pillows, which will be perfect for you and suit your requirements easily.

Pillow SizesMeasurement in CentimetresMeasurements in Inches
Queen51 (Cms) by 76 (Cms)20 (Inches) by 30 (Inches)
Standard51 (Cms) by 56 (Cms)20 (Inches) by 26 (Inches)
Super Standard51 (Cms) by 71 (Cms)20 (Inches) by 28 (Inches)
Body51 (Cms) by 137 (Cms)20 (Inches) by 54 (Inches)
King51 (Cms) by 92 (Cms)20 (Inches) by 36 (Inches)

1. Queen Size pillows

The Queen size pillows are enormous in their length when compared to a Standard sized pillow or a Super standard pillow. Restless sleepers will find queen size pillows more beneficial and comfortable during their sleep. There might be slight differences in the dimension of queen-sized pillows of different brands, but the standard size is 20” (inches) by 30” (inches).

You can place a queen pillow perfectly across a twin. Queen pillows are perfectly suitable for a queen-sized bed, and you can fit two queen pillows comfortably side by side. On a King-sized bed, you can put two queen-sized pillows and, you will still have extra space between the two. You can buy any standard pillowcase for your queen pillow and, it will fit snugly. Standard and the King are the popular sizes for pillowcases.

2. Standard size pillows

This pillow is perfect for those sleepers who do not change their sleeping positions frequently while sleeping. The measurements of a standard pillow are 20” (inches) by 26” (inches). If you are someone, who turns in bed very often, you may slide off this pillow, and this will lead to severe neck pain. For those who sleep on the side, stomach, or back, the standard sized pillows are just perfect.

You can place two standard pillows comfortably across a queen bed or full-sized bed. For a twin bed, one standard-sized cushion will fit perfectly. For King sized beds or California beds, you would need three standard-sized pillows to cover the entire width of these beds. These pillows are suitable for both small children as well as heavy-bodied sleepers too. You can use a queen size pillowcase or a standard size pillowcase for these pillows.

3. Super Standard size pillows

The super standard size is a slightly larger version of the standard-sized cushions. Some bedding brands offer these pillows. Their measurements are more specialized, i.e. 20” (inches) by 28” (inches). As you can notice, the width of the super standard pillow remains the same, but the length is 2 inches more than the length of the standard pillow.

The super standard pillows are comfortable and suitable for combination sleepers as they have the extra length, which provides a little bit more support. One super standard pillow can be comfortably placed on a single bed or, you can put two of them across twin beds and, there will be ample space between the two super standard pillows.

If you have bunk beds that have a side frame, then these pillows will fit perfectly. Since the difference between the sizes of a standard and super standard size pillow is minor, you can easily use a standard pillowcase and, it will fit rightly.

4. Body Size pillows

There are many sleepers who sleep on their sides. But sleeping on the sides can cause discomfort as your knees are pressed against one another. If you are a side sleeper, then the Body sized pillows will be like a boon for you.

It is comfortable for stomach sleepers also. Your hip, head, neck as well as your legs will be fully supported, thereby providing complete spinal alignment. Some people also like to hold onto a pillow while they are asleep. The body pillows will be perfect for them.

The size of a body pillow is 20” (inches) by 54” (inches). As you can see, the length of the pillow is quite large and it is the main factor responsible for providing full support to your body while you are sleeping on your side. Body pillows might not be available as commonly as the other pillows, that’s why many sleepers use the king-sized cushions as a substitute for the body-sized cushions.

Body pillows can be very beneficial for pregnant women too as it will prevent them from accidentally rolling on their stomach. Sleeping on the side is considered the best position for sleeping during pregnancy.

5. Kingsize Pillows

King size pillows are the most common among large-sized pillows. The standard measurements of a king-size pillow are 20” (inches) by 36” (inches). The measurements might vary according to different brands. This pillow is appropriate for those active sleepers, who are more prone to frequently tossing and turning while sleeping.

You can comfortably place a king-sized pillow across a twin bed or a full-sized bed. You can place two king-sized pillows across a California king-sized bed or a regular King-sized bed. If you put two king-size pillows across the width of a queen-sized bed, there might not be enough space between the two cushions and they will fit very tightly. These pillows can perfectly fit inside king size pillowcases.

King size pillows also provide excellent support for your back. So, if you are watching the television or reading a book, you can easily place one of these on your back and, it will provide you with complete lumbar support.


Pillow size is an extremely crucial factor while you are buying one. If your bed size is large enough, then a smaller pillow might cause you discomfort and vice versa. While you are looking for a cushion, you should always consider the size of your bed. While some pillows might be pleasing for active sleepers, but they might not be comfortable for sleepers who do not toss and turn in bed so much.

All the five sizes that have been mentioned above are beneficial and comfortable. All you need to do is to determine which one will be the best for you. This guide will not only help you in choosing the right pillow size; but, also help you find one that complements your beautiful bed.