Memory foam Mattress Problems and Solutions

A memory foam mattress has a lot of advantages over other types. However, with the advantages, there come some problems too. If you’re facing some problems or want to know about them before you buy a memory mattress, this is the right place.

We’ve researched some common memory mattress problems and their solutions. So, if you’re interested, go through the below info and decide whether a memory mattress is right for you or not.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress, and What are its Benefits?

Memory foam is a material that was initially crafted for NASA, meant specifically for place seats. However, it has become more popular with time and is now used in footwear, pillow, and, most importantly, mattresses.

Here are some benefits it brings along:

  • Fits perfectly with the body: Memory mattress delivers a great fit to every body type. When you lay on the mattress, it uses your body heat & pressure to mold your body. This helps people who have a habit of sleeping sideways. You’ll feel like you’ve melted into the mattress.
  • Temperature-sensitive nature: The memory mattress comes with a temperature-sensitive material. So, when the body temperature increases, the mattress will soften, and vice versa is also true. However, if you live in a humid & hot region, you may have to buy a memory mattress with a cooling feature.
  • Anti-Allergic Foam: Any common type of mattress can gather millions of mites over years of use. But this is not the case with a memory foam mattress. It’s composed of polyurethane foam and is treated to prevent allergy-causing mites. So, if you want something anti-allergic, this can be a good choice.  

Memory Foam Mattress Problems & Solutions

Here are some common memory mattress problems you may face: –

1. Strong Odour

If you have already ordered a memory mattress, the first thing which will attract your attention is the strong smell. Most memory mattresses are vacuum packed. When you open and unroll it, you can experience a strong odor.

Now, this odor is usually because the mattress is given anti-dust and anti-mite treatment. The use of chemicals for this process leaves behind a bad odor that might disturb you.

Solution: Airing the mattress for around 24 hours before use is a great solution. You’ll notice the smell even after airing if the mattress is of poor quality. So, in such a scenario, you should prefer buying a high-quality memory mattress.

2. Heat Retention

It’s another problem people face. Memory mattress works on the heat your body releases. Using this heat, the mattress bends or takes the shape of your body, providing even support on all ends. However, this can be problematic.

If there’s too much heat trapped, especially in summers, it can raise the temperature underneath. And this can result in sweaty and sleepless nights. 

Solution: You can find a memory pocket mattress that comes with a maxi cool quilted cover. This feature can somewhat reduce the warmth and give you a cooling experience. If you can find this in the market, the problem is as good as gone.

3. Durability 

Durability is the biggest concern when you buy a memory mattress. Even the memory mattresses meant to last longer can cause problems after use. The low-quality memory bedding will lose its firmness over time and will provide uneven support to the body.

This can lead to uncomfortable sleep and back problems. Eventually, you’ll have to buy a new one after a year or so.

Solution: The solution here is obvious. You need to buy a high-quality memory mattress, which is not available cheap. So, you need to make a good investment. The best way to look for a good memory mattress is to find one with a 5-year warranty. Such mattresses are hard to find but are worth your investment.

4. Time to get used to this mattress 

If you haven’t used a memory foam mattress in the past, it may take a lot of time for you to get used to it. Memory foam mattresses can be a lot different from those spring-based mattresses. You may find it quite hard to turn the mattress over as there’s no resistance.

Solution: This problem is quite manageable. After handling the mattress for some time, you can easily get used to it. It’s way better than other types, and you would never switch back to other types if you go for a memory mattress.

5. Density Variation

Memory foam mattresses are available in a range of different densities. It’s quite important to know which one is the right for you for better comfort. If you do not put in enough research, you may end up choosing a mattress that is either too soft or too hard.

Solution: When you go to a local store for shopping, make sure to try the mattress there. You can find the right mattress that suits your body the best. Once you’ve chosen a particular model, you can look for the same online at a better price.

  • Too soft: However, if you have already bought a mattress that is too soft, you should know it’s only going to get softer with time. So, either you can replace it if you can. Or you can buy a mattress topper that will toughen or make the surface firm.
  • Too hard: If your mattress is too tough, there’s a solution too. You can probably try increasing the room temperature, which will make the bedding a bit flexible. Or you can knead on the mattress with your knees and wait until it softens a little bit.


Knowing about your mattress is quite good. It can eventually enhance your sleeping experience. And it becomes even important if you have a memory mattress or planning to buy one. You may face certain problems if it’s the first time you’re trying a memory mattress.

However, these problems are not big enough to force you to choose something else. You can go through the above-listed problems and try the corresponding solutions. If you find the above-listed info useful, do share it with others in need.