20 Great Health Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair

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A massage chair provides immediate relief to the users – both physical and mental. It’s quite hard to overlook its benefits. If you are not yet aware of these benefits, then this little article is for you.

Here, we will look at the various advantages of using a massage chair. We will also learn how these chairs promote good physical and mental health.

Without any further delay, let us get into our discussion right away.

Before that, we will see how a massage chair works.

How Does A Massage Chair Work?

Before we talk about the benefits of the massage chair, we need to know the science behind how it actually works. The working of a massage chair might sound very astonishing to many. It typically comes with a device that operates to offer a massage sensation to the person sitting on the chair. Several manufacturers produce various models of massage chairs that have a reclining feature. This ensures the users get the most from the chairs while staying relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, you can adjust the chairs with the help of a button or remote, depending on the model.

Let us learn about the several health benefits of massage chairs.

What Are The Massage Chair Benefits?

What could be more intimidating than coming home exhausted after a hard day with backache, leg pains, sore muscles, etc.! How about getting a nice massage that soothes your whole body and relieves your pain? Yep, you heard it right. A massage chair can help you relieve your muscle stiffness, body aches, and stress at your comfort. Do you know what is the best part – you do not need a professional for this.

Imagine having a massage chair at home and how you can enjoy the merits on a daily basis! Sounds mesmerizing. Isn’t it!

The advantages of massage chairs are bountiful. Here we have listed out some of them below:

1. Enhances Recovery of Muscles After Workouts

If you want your body to restore to a fit state after a workout, you need to have a deep tissue massage combined with heating cycles. These contribute to the ultimate result you are looking for.

Massage helps in minimizing cytokines production that is responsible for inflammation. Furthermore, it even stimulates mitochondria that act as a catalyst in converting glucose to energy. This conversion is crucial to allow proper functioning and repair of the cells. In other words, a deep massage helps the body muscles to accustom to the requirements of increased exercise.

2. Decreases Anxiety and Stress in Individuals

Regular massages help reduce stress and anxiety in people. It is something we do not claim, but the clinical studies affirm. When you get a nice therapeutic massage done, it helps in stimulating the feel-good hormones and decreasing the stress hormones in your body. While reviving the serotonin and dopamine hormones, it minimizes cortisol.

When both actions take place, you will notice a reversal of volatile temperament and stabilization of your mood swings. Come on, let us all agree to the fact that this is something we all need in our daily life. Isn’t it! When you have high stress and anxiety, it will lead to serious illness. One should not ignore this scenario.

The only remedy to it is to relieve your stress as much and as often as possible. You can do that by opting for a proper therapeutic massage. Remember, it costs less than the medication that you may have to pay for in the future when you ignore your current situation. And you all know that there are no side effects to it, and you will enjoy the session.

3. Helps in Overcoming Sleep Problems

We are all familiar with a sleeping disorder called Insomnia. It is a result of several factors like lifestyle, anxiety, depression, etc. Even digital devices have their part to play in this. This disorder causes constant fatigue in people, and they find it very difficult to sleep.

Massage can be the best solution for this. Get a nice massage after a tiresome day and before you go to bed. You will notice to overcome the sleep problems. When you have a massage chair at home, what else would you need? Rest in the chair for a while and let it soothe your entire body. You will see the results yourself. And the best part, you do not have to look for different ways to fall asleep.

4. Relieves the Pain from Sore Muscles

When you have a regular habit of exercising or doing workouts or playing sports, it is natural to feel soreness in your muscles. The pain is essentially because of the accumulation of lactic acid around the muscle tissue. When you have a gentle massage in those areas, it could help alleviate the pain.

This is how it works. When you keep massaging the raw areas, it facilitates an increase in the blood flow to those regions. As a result, it boosts the circulation of oxygen, which ultimately pushes the lactic acid away from that spot. Consequently, you will observe the pain relieved from the sore muscles.

A few massage chairs come with specific features like the heating effect. This functionality of the device helps in effectively alleviating the pain of the sore muscles. However, you can also use this feature for a specific time. You should never overdo it.

5. Best Remedy for Lower Back Pain 

How many of us suffer from lower back pain for sitting long hours at our workplaces? It is a common complaint that most of us talk about. What could be the best remedy for this? Do not worry. We have the answer for you. Sit for a while, but this time in the massage chair. Get a nice massage done and see the pain decrease in those areas. Making it a regular practice can help in effectively reducing the pain in many areas that you have been complaining about.

Usually, your muscles become overly tight, and there are many reasons contributing to this. When you sit in the massage chair, it relaxes these muscles, and the pain in your lower back starts decreasing. Many people often claim that this is very effective when compared to other methods like acupuncture or medication. You should follow the directions of your doctor, and we do not deny that. However, a massage chair is the only valuable addition to your treatment plan and an added advantage to get the most effective results.

6. Best Solution for Stiffness in Neck

Another common concern you may face when you stick to your chairs at work for long hours is the stiff neck. The shoulder and neck tend to hurt the mist because of the postures. The massage chair is a miracle device that helps in alleviating the discomfort of neck stiffness. Furthermore, it even helps in decreasing the headaches that come along with the stiff neck. Do you not have a massage chair yet at home? Relax. For time being, you can make use of the massage gun to get some relief.

Massaging your neck is essential as it helps in stimulating the happy hormones and decreasing stress. Additionally, it aids in increasing the pain threshold and healing the hurt areas.

7. Addresses the Discomfort Related to Sciatica 

Sciatica is yet another major concern for many. But how do you address this issue? You can use a massage chair. Although it might sound unbelievable to you, the truth is that it actually does. Some models of massage chairs come specifically designed to deal with sciatica. These variants include several features like an ergonomic enhancement for better comfort.

Discomfort from sciatica can be addressed primarily by twisting, tilting, heat, and deep tissue massage. These actions tend to deliver greater results and even have a high success rate. They decrease the shooting pain and prevent the pain from occurring in the future.

8. Improves Blood Circulation in Body

When our circulatory system performs extremely well, it brings a host of health benefits. That means proper pumping of blood to all parts of the body is crucial. You can achieve this by playing sports, and this is the best way. There is yet another activity that fosters the same. Although it comes in the second place, massaging is something you can depend upon.

When getting a massage done, try with the zero-gravity positioning. It is one of the best techniques to follow if you want to boost blood circulation. It not only decreases the load on your heart but also improves the oxygen intake and supply.

We are all aware that massaging reduces the stress in us. It further facilitates improved blood circulation. Stress can induce adverse effects like hypertension, etc., and it is prominent to relieve your stress in the first place.

9. Promotes Improved Oxygen Flow 

As mentioned earlier, a massage chair helps in improving the oxygen supply to all the parts of the body. The zero-gravity position especially boosts the proper pumping of blood to the extremities.

If you have any scar tissue, more oxygen supply to such areas will heal them early. It helps the tissue to renew and further enables it to perform its function just like before.

10. Augments the Working Condition of the Lymphatic System 

We all know about the prominence of the lymphatic system in our body. It is a core part that helps to flush out the impurities and other wastes from various parts of the body. Lymphatic drainage allows the transportation and absorption of fatty acids from the digestive system.

Another job of the lymphatic system is to allow the white blood cells to move to and fro lymph nodes and bones. It is a regular process that happens inside our body that is responsible for having a healthy life. You may say, how does massage therapy help in this. Well, the massage helps in stimulating the lymphatic fluids to flush out lactic acid from the muscles. Furthermore, it even reduces edema.

On the whole, the massage chair device encourages the core functionalities to perform to a more optimal level. It even increases the ability of the individual to expel all the impurities and waste from different parts of our bodies.

11. Boosts the Immune System of Your Body

Do you know what builds your resistance power? It is the proper blood circulation, low-stress levels, perfect sleep, and a clean lymphatic system. These all factors contribute to strengthening the immune system of your body.

In the earlier section, we already discussed how a message therapy augments the working condition of the lymphatic system. Thirty minutes of massage daily in this miracle chair helps increase the number of lymphocytes (white blood cells) in our body. It allows the white blood cells to move to and from lymph nodes and bones, that are responsible for protecting the body against disease. Furthermore, they build the immune system and make it strong enough to respond to harmful agents.

Massage chair therapy ensures the stable and effective functioning of the heart. It makes sure that there is a constant circulation of blood to all parts of the body. It further enables the body to fight any toxins and germs while providing greater immunity.

Altogether, massage prevents illness in the body and further strengthens the defense system.

12. Decreases the Frequency and Severity of Headaches

Headaches are a common health condition that is a result of various factors. This includes stress, sleeplessness (insomnia), and neck stiffness.

Massage therapy can help to a great extent in dealing with a headache caused by the above factors. Getting a good massage done and treating the root cause of headaches can help in reducing the frequency and severity of headaches.

13. Minimizes the Chances of Depression in Individuals

These days, we often hear about depression. It has become more of a common health issue in many people due to various reasons. Mental health is as important as physical health. You can reduce the chances of getting depressed with the help of massage chair therapy. Yes, you heard it right. This is one of the benefits of massage chairs as it helps control and improves the depression levels in an individual.

When you get a nice therapeutic massage done, it helps in stimulating the happy hormones and decreasing the stress hormones in your body. While it revives the serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine hormones, it minimizes the cortisol. When you invest in a good massage chair, you can boost the release of the feel-good hormones daily.

14. Lowers Blood Pressure and Stabilizes Heart Rate

In our stress-induced lives with hectic schedules, we are prone to have increased blood pressure. Consequently, it will increase your heart rate, as well. Here is a little explanation of the same. Stress causes muscle tension in various parts of the body, like the neck and shoulders. When the tension augments the response of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), it elevates the blood pressure and also heart rate. Hypertension lays a straight path to heart-related diseases like stroke and even damages the kidneys.

When you have massage therapy regularly in the massage chair, it helps relieve the stress. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) in the body responsible for regulating the effects caused by SNS. To explain in simple words, it restores the balance of the body and maintains regular blood pressure levels. Additionally, it guards your heart by stabilizing the heart rate.

15. Convenience and Accessibility

Imaging shelling lots of money at luxurious spas for a relaxing massage? That is a costly affair, isn’t it! What if you can have the same massage therapy at your home and your convenience? Doesn’t that sound fantastic! Yes, it is possible when you have a massage chair at home. You can have massage therapy regularly at your preferred timing and duration.

If you have a regular habit of exercising or doing workouts, try getting a deep massage done after the workouts. A massage for just 10 minutes helps in alleviating the pain from the sore muscles and reduces inflammation. As a result, you will notice healing of the sore areas of your body in a short period.

The upside of the massage chair is that you can receive a massage while watching your favourite show on TV and that too, with your clothes on. You can have the massage therapy either short or long, according to your feasibility and schedule.

16. Facilitates Better Breathing

Our today’s lifestyle affects the capacity of the lungs and makes breathing a little difficult. The reasons can be many. Our improper posture makes the muscles surrounding the lungs to contract. As a result, it causes the lungs to contract in size and compels them to adjust themselves inside the chest cavity.

During this process, you tend to take shorter and faster breaths. Ultimately, it reduces the capacity of the lungs. You can efficiently combat this issue by using massage chairs. When you sit in the chair, your body takes the required posture. The muscles surrounding the lungs will start relaxing, causing the lungs to fill properly into the chest cavity. Ultimately, the intake of air will significantly increase.

Lung contraction may cause stress, anxiety and reduce the intake of air. With a massage chair, you can address all these issues while having a positive impact on your endurance and attentiveness. Be it at home or any therapy session, try getting a massage done to rejuvenate your body in a steady and controlled manner.

17. Helps Deal with Bad Posture 

As mentioned earlier, sitting for long hours at the work desk and impact your posture. It is a known fact that most employees develop bad posture, which only becomes worse over time. Eventually, it will put great pressure on your spine if you continue to sit in the same position for a longer period.

The effects of bad posture include pain in the shoulder, neck, and lower back, and a bent spine. These can lead to serious complications in the long run.

The spine is the crucial part that supports your entire body. The muscles on the back assist in your posture and overall health of the body. A massage chair comes specially designed to impact these areas thereby, improving your posture.

Massage therapy lets the muscles on your back relax and expand. It boosts blood circulation to these areas and realigns the spine to its proper shape. Apart from these, it also guarantees immense relaxation and mental health. A massage chair is the best investment you can make for your well-being.

18. Improves Digestion

Did you know that receiving a massage regularly will impact your digestive system? This is another health benefit of massage chairs. When the muscle groups in your entire body relax, they will have a positive effect on digestive health. As a result, you will have improved digestion. Since massage therapy boosts blood circulation to all parts of the body, it allows the various organs to function properly. Consequently, it enhances the effective processing of food and nutrients in the body.

What else happens with a regular massage session? Well, it improves the peristaltic movement of food through the body, and also promotes proper blood supply through the lower body.

The digestive system is another vital part of the body. When all the organs of the system function properly, they help break down the food and ensure it reaches all the parts of the body. Only after this process, the food gets excreted. If this processing is done smoothly, you will not have any complaints of constipation, gas build-up, and other internal infections. Your digestive system will be clear, and your body will be healthy.

When the parasympathetic system gets stimulated it allows the proper functioning of organs. This will help the food to break down and derive the nutrients from it more easily before getting excreted. Try using a massage chair for a few hours after the meal. It facilitates the above processing and enhances the overall digestion experience.

19. Improves Flexibility of Muscles and Bones

Some advanced models of massage chairs come with special features like integrated stretch and pliability programs. These features help in improving the flexibility of muscles and bones. You can see a dramatic improvement after your massage sessions. A few models are specially designed by the inputs of chiropractors and physical therapists. They feature some programs to maximize the impact on your pliability. If you want to try the stretch programs on massage chairs, we recommend doing it in the morning.

20. Improves Your Energy Levels

Your energy levels decide how feel about your health and vitality daily. If you want to improve your health, energy, well-being, and vitality, you should try massage chair therapy. Stress, anxiety, pains, sleep problems, etc., are some of the contributing factors that trigger your energy levels. When you have massage therapy regularly in the massage chair, it helps relieve the stress. It reduces anxiety in people, deals with sleep disorders, and regulates blood pressure. Having a massage chair at home and receiving massage therapy regularly will help improve the way you feel about your health and vitality.


The benefits offered by a massage chair are numerous. It enhances muscle recovery after workouts, reduces anxiety, lowers stress levels, improves blood circulation, gives a perfect sleep, etc. I hope this article helped you in providing all the necessary information related to massage chair benefits. A massage chair is the best investment you can make for your personal well-being, physical and mental health. If you do not have one yet, it is time to purchase a quality massage therapy chair with all the required features. If you already have a chair at home, share your experiences about how it helped you by posting them in the comments. Also, share this article with your friends and let them know about the various benefits of a massage chair.

Let us know if you find the information in the article insightful and helpful. Please feel free to write to us if you have any questions. We will answer all your queries at the earliest.

Do not hesitate to share your feedback with us by posting your inputs in the comments section below. Let us know if you feel that we missed out on any points. We welcome your suggestions and would love to hear and learn from you.

Stay healthy and stay safe!!!

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