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Best Full Body Massage Chair in India: 2021 Reviews

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Who doesn’t love getting a massage after a long hectic day? But visiting a massage spa regularly can cost time and money.

So, investing in a massage chair is the perfect solution.

A massage chair contains air bags (that compress and decompress) or rollers (that move left & right/up & down) to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles. They are programmed with several massage styles like kneading, tapping and others – to mimic the feeling of a professional masseuse. 

As massage chairs are quite expensive equipment, we recommend to consider below factors to make an informed choice.

  • Chair Size and Shape – Being bulky, massage chairs take up a lot of space. And due to reclining feature, you have to make sure it has 18 to 24 inches clearance between its back and adjacent wall. Check the dimensions of the chair to make sure you have enough space to place it. However, if you cannot afford that much space, then choose a model space saving technology.
  • Massage Intensity – Usually, massage chairs will be equipped with different intensity levels to customize the massage according to user’s needs. To know the maximum intensity of massage chair, check out the number of motors it has. More the number of motors, more the intensity ranges. Choose a model with more intensity, as you can decrease it if required.
  • Body Coverage – Some massage chairs focus only on back muscles, while other provide full body massage. If you experience back or neck pain, regularly then regular massage chairs are enough. But for leg pain or if you are an athlete, then go for a massage that concentrates on leg massage as well.

Other factors to consider are – number of massage styles, speed settings, easy controls, and warranty. Detail explanation of these factors and other information is provided in our BUYING GUIDE.

Apart from that, we have also provided a list of best-selling massage chairs in India. A detail review of each product is also mentioned below for your convenience.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair in India

Best Massage ChairsSpecial FeaturesWarrantyVerdictBuy Now
LifeLong Full Body Massage Chair It offers wide roller coverage with various functions like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, air squeeze---Best Overall Check the Price
Robotouch Massage ChairHand Massage,
Zero Gravity Seating,
28 Air-bags pressure,
Back Muscle Warming
1 YearBest for Relaxing Check the Price
RoboTouch Massage ChairHuman-like Massage,
Wide Array of Massage Modes,
Retractable Foot Rest,
Zero Gravity
1 YearBest Overall Check the Price
Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity,
Heat Therapy,
Air-bags with vibrators, Bluetooth Speaker
1 YearBest Budget Check the Price

Best Massage Chair Brand Reviews in India

1. Lifelong Body Massage Chair

Lifelong Body Massage Chair

This massage chair from Lifelong has all the necessary massage mechanisms that would make it an ideal choice. It is designed to give quick pain relief and stress relief for all body types.

The chair is equipped with a strong back, head, leg, and button massage feature. It also works as a recliner that will let you stretch your body which is essential for flexibility, easing pains, and proper blood circulation.

It is programmed with simulation massage techniques. Namely, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, and air squeeze. For a perfect back massage, the chair offers a combination of kneading and tapping.

You can easily control your massager intensity or setup the recliner with a digital panel attached to the seat. It is proven to be a perfect choice for elders who are in constant muscle aches and youngsters whose body is under severe physical strain.

Have the ultimate massage experience with its roller & air pressure mechanisms. Powerful rollers are installed on the machine’s top for a complete neck massage. The intensity and position of the roller can be adjusted with a simple button push. Your legs, hands, and calves will receive air pressure massage in which you can increase or decrease the pressure to your liking.

Along with massage mechanisms, there are a few other irresistible features in this massage chair to have a completely relaxed massage experience. It is made of prime quality leather giving a luxurious finishing and it is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker to listen to the audio you like along with a USB charger.

The Verdict:

Lifelong full body massager & recliner has 5 massage techniques programmed in it. For its advanced features, it is very economical compared to other top massagers. It comes with a 1-year brand warranty along with an extended warranty for 6 months. Overall, this is a wise choice to have a healthy and relaxed massage experience.


  • 1-year brand + 6 months extended warranty
  • Combination of massage techniques
  • Premium quality leather
  • Full body massager with a recliner


  • Heavyweight

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Robotouch Maxima Full Body Massage Chair

Robotouch maxima body massage chair

To enjoy head-to-toe therapeutic massage you must look at our next model on the list, the Robotouch Maxima. The whole massage experience has been taken to the next level by including the hand massager. It has vertically movable, four-wheel driven massage function for your tired hand and stiff joints. For your aching feet, it has a set of rollers that thoroughly massages the root and heel mastoids of your feet, on top of that when inclined; it reaches zero gravity massage position.

It has the maximum number of airbags to give you a thorough air massage. The airbags include- 4 bags in the upper arm, 8 air-bags in the whole arm set, 16 airbags in the legs with three intensity modes.

The chair emits heat automatically from the carbon fibres placed at the back of the chair. This warms up your back muscles, promotes blood circulation and releases any pain or muscle stiffness from the back and hip regions.

With its 2D auto-detection mechanism it places the shoulder pads accurately according to your height. You get 5 various massage modes including shiatsu, kneading, knocking, flapping, kneading and flapping-facilitates a prolonged massage by massaging the pressure points through the neck to soles for an ultimate calming sensation. Moreover, flapping, shiatsu and knocking modes are adjustable at 5 different speed levels.

You can also choose from the in-built variety of massage modes like ache relief, comfort, upper and lower body massages. The full body massages include fixed, partial and overall massage where the arm massager moves up and down to adjust the pressure points accurately.

The Robotouch massage chair works silently, this is pretty much one of the quietest massage chair available in the market. It has one year of warranty from Robotouch and offers free installation and demo.


Robotouch is a competitor to our first edition on the list the JSB MZ16. The reason we placed it 2nd is it is not very recommended for someone who struggles with chronic back backs and aching feet. But it is definitely one of the best massage chair available in the market which has a hand massager, the highest numbers of airbags, 5 different speed levels and the back muscle warming is another plus point of having this at your home, office or in a massage parlour.


  • Hand massage feature
  • Back muscle warming
  • 28 air-bag for a thorough air massage
  • Zero gravity seating position
  • 5 levels of speed adjustments


  • No option for manual settings
  • Not suitable for chronic pains

Buy Now From Amazon

3. RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

This completely automated massage chair has technical advancements far superior to its competitors. Its unique zero gravity model lifts your legs and torso to a 118-degree angle giving you weightlessness and let you have otherworldly experience.

It is equipped with vertically mountable four-wheel driven massage hands auto programmed to give efficient silent massage to the whole body. The hands are set with multiple massage modes such as kneading, flapping, shiatsu, knocking, etc. It also combines these modes for powerful results.

Enjoy an uninterrupted massage with a 15-minute timer programming. You can increase or decrease the time from 5-30, in multiples of 5 minutes. The massage speed can be at the level you wish. Choose from slow, medium, and speed to enjoy different massage styles.

The chair is completely worth its price. It works efficiently in reducing body stress and helps in eliminating the toxic and harmful substances out of your body. It gives great relief to those who are suffering from chronic pains and fights common symptoms of back pain.

Its unique 2D detection of massage points delivers the right pressure with respect to the individual’s height. This means as soon as you take the seat, the chair works automatically on the pressure points adjusting to your body type.

It comes with inbuilt 20 airbag pieces that can be adjusted between three air pressure levels. Right from the shoulders to your feet, these airbags give a completely relaxing massage. You don’t feel congested sitting in the chair as the footrest extends or retracts with respect to your height.

The Verdict:

Its one-button recline feature does not occupy much space in the process. You can place it in any room and look for yourself the saved 60 to 80 cm space in the back. Its carbon fiber far infrared heating gives repairing warmth to your back. Although the price is high, the advanced features of this chair speak for themselves.


  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Adjustable timer programming
  • Diverse massage modes
  • Heat system & relaxing roller massage
  • Adjustable speed & air pressure
  • Multi positions massage
  • Convenient storage box


  • Heavyweight
  • High price

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Bodyfriend 4D Full Body Massage Chair 

BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair

Coming from the affordable side of things, the Bodyfriend 4D massage chairs is still offers features that are generally found in high-end products. The machine has an impressive four-wheel driven vertically movable and totally silent massage hands. The chair is designed to offer various massage therapies including shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and kneading with flapping.

Bodyfriend includes 4 airbags on the shoulders, 24 on the legs and 2 side airbags on the hip regions that work with heat therapy and vibration. It also has 8 airbags that wrap around your arm and applies pressure therapy. Like an expensive model, it has incorporated foot rollers with heating therapy that can instantly take out all the pain and muscle stiffness.

For those who wish to listen to music while relaxing on a massage chair, Bodygurad has provided in-built Bluetooth speakers in the chair. You can connect your Smartphone or iPad with it and enjoy a prolonged massage therapy while enjoying music or podcasts.

The automatic body scan technology detects your shoulder position and locates the rollers according to your body’s pressure points. Along with the different massage styles, this also features the Zero Gravity Position which improves the heart and lung function and relaxes the body from head to toe.

You can customize the massage programmer depending you’re your comfort and preference. The upper body massage allows you to set the rollers in three positions, fixed, partial and overall massage.

You can also change and control the intensity levels of the rollers. Flapping, knocking and shiatsu has 5 intensity level settings. Also, change the width between two kneading balls to achieve the type of massage that you need.

The product has 1 year of warranty coverage.


Bodyfriend is suitable for anyone who is searching for a less expensive model. In its price segment, it’s truly the best massage chair that you can own. Features are plenty, have all the settings and programmes like any expensive model out there. Looks is average but totally justifies the price.


  • Hand massage with air-bag pressure
  • Heat therapy for back, hips and feet
  • In-built Bluetooth speaker
  • Zero gravity seating position


  • Very heavy and huge in size
  • Not very eye-appealing

Buy Now From Amazon

Final Words:

Massage chairs are a boon for you to deal with your daily stress, pain and anxiety. Not only you but any member of your family will be able to use it. It works wonders for elderly people who suffer from several pains and body aches. Still a lot of people stuck with the confusion weather to buy it or not because it cost a hefty amount of money and we understand this as these are indeed very expensive. But one thing we can tell you won’t regret it. You will know it worth the money after a single use when you will be all stress-free and relaxed.

It’s not only a cool luxury device to have it come with so much health benefits. In fact, it may end up saving you a lot of money in future. When you live all healthy you are less prone to diseases and visiting doctors.

Here is the last tip; looks and appearance don’t really matter with a massage chair. The features and quality they offer should justify the amount that you will spend on it. If you ask us our personal recommendation will be Life Long massage chair as it has all the features that one could ask for. It’s a total value for money purchase.

Let us know if you are using any of the reviewed models. How do you like it? How are they performing? Also, feel free to ask any questions regarding massage chairs. We will try to answer them ASAP!

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