Best Full Body Massage Chair in India 2020

Massage can do wonders for muscle pain, tiredness and stress. But who has the time and money to enjoy professional massage therapies daily?

Imagine a scenario where you come home from the office, your back and neck are aching, shoulders are stiff and you have feet that are constantly throbbing with pain. You are sitting in your recliner chair and your chair offers you a good massage. You start feeling relaxed and you enjoy a good night sleep after it.

Here a massage chair works like a miniature spa set present at your home. You get to use it whenever you want. Electrical massage chairs are in the market for a few decades now. These robotic chairs are still considered as a luxury item in India with a very few people using it at home, but this is not the case everywhere. There are many websites which will tell you 20% of the Japanese household owns a massage chair.

The basic idea off a massage chair is quite simple. A device inside the chair provides massage to the person sitting on it and hits a specific group of muscles. A simple chair only uses a vibrating motion while more complex and advanced models have the machinery to mimic a professional hand massage. All of them have the same intention to provide you with comfort and pain relief.

While all massage chairs use a roller to put pressure on your back, manufacturers are constantly working on bringing new ideas and technologies to give you the perfect type of massage that you need. Now most of them have incorporated air-bags which apply pressure to squeeze the muscles.  Many other uses heat therapy on tensed and stiff muscles to promote blood circulation and many works by pressuring the body’s acupressure points.

With hundreds of models available out there navigating becomes pretty difficult and time-consuming.  To save your time we will be talking about the essentials of buying a massage chair for you. Take these tips as a “buying guide” with your journey of reaching the best suitable model for your need. We will also provide a detailed review of popular and top-rated models that you can go for right now.

Best Massage Chairs in india 2020

Best Massage ChairsSpecial FeaturesWarrantyVerdictBuy Now
JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair Chronic Pain Relief,
Foot Roller Massage,
Heat Therapy,
Zero Gravity Seating
1 YearBest Overall Check the Price
Robotouch Massage ChairHand Massage,
Zero Gravity Seating,
28 Air-bags pressure,
Back Muscle Warming
1 YearBest for Relaxing Check the Price
Osim Uinfinity Massage ChairHuman-like Massage,
Wide Array of Massage Modes,
Retractable Foot Rest,
Zero Gravity
1 YearBest Splurge Check the Price
Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity,
Heat Therapy,
Air-bags with vibrators, Bluetooth Speaker
1 YearBest Budget Check the Price

Tips for choosing your massage chair

1. Start by Selecting Chair type

Here is the list of the most common type of chairs available on the market. Start by selecting the appropriate type for your need.

  • Recliners

It is the typical traditional type of massage chair and almost all chairs have the same feature. It is quite similar to lying down on a massage table in a spa but from the comfort of your home. It is on the lower budget side and cost lesser than a zero gravity chair. Works well for home use.

  • Zero Gravity

Inspired by astronauts the zero gravity chairs elevates your legs slightly above the heart level. It distributes your body weight perfectly and takes all the pressure off your legs, back and hip regions. These chairs will gradually increase the feeling of relaxation by taking off the pressure from the spine, increasing blood circulation and lung function.

  • Full body

As the name suggests, the full body massage chair takes care of your entire body. They have slots for your arm, legs and feet and other parts of the body. Most chairs come with heating technology along with massage programmes. They are the costliest and the massage experience is close to a humanized massage.

  • Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a traditional massage technique originated from Japan. Shiatsu stands for finger pressure. It targets specific pressure points in the body and the technique is believed to heal the body, mind and also emotional issues.

The term shiatsu is mainly for marketing but there is some shiatsu massage chair which mimics the original method by using rollers at targeted spots.

  • Chair Pads or Seat Pads

For those who cannot afford a massage chair can create their own massage chair by adding a seat pad to your existing chair. While they are said to be not very efficient in putting the right pressure but you will definitely find some decent models out there.

2. Look for these Common Features

  • Heat Therapy

Heat can relax stiff or tensed muscles. It can release the pain as it starts heating up the skin which blocks the pain signals from being sent to the cortex. Many massage chairs have this option and it is worth investing in. There are also infrared heating massage chairs.

  • Body Scan Technology

A quality massage chair needs to locate your pressure points accurately which will vary with your body type. It should know how to adjust and fit according to the build composition of your body, otherwise, it will end up locating the wrong points which can cause additional problems.

  • Air-bags

You will find them around the neck, legs and shoulder regions. The main purpose of inserting them in a chair is to create a uniform pressure on the muscles. They inflate and release pressure. More the air-bags better will be the massage. Some airbags vibrate and some releases heat to improve the massage experience.

  • Foot roller massage

The massage chairs with foot rollers have rows of rollers on the soles or the footrest. They relieve tension and muscle stiffness from your aching feet. Most of the chairs with foot rollers also have air-bags around them. This not only massages your toes and heels but also gives a good squeeze to the legs and ankles.

3. Get familiar with massage styles and their Benefits

After figuring out the features owned by a massage chair let’s get familiar with the massage therapies performed by a massage chair. Each chair should have the following basic massage styles-

  • Tapping

Tapping involves rapid percussive movements of the rollers on specific muscles. This is to create an experience close to spas. It is great for increasing blood flow.

  • Kneading

Kneading is the slow and deep roller movements often in circular motions. It is good for releasing muscle stiffness and pain.

  • Shiatsu

Shiatsu relies on putting pressure on the body’s acupuncture points. This therapy may feel uncomfortable or painful to someone who is new to this massage technique. Shiatsu is most preferred for relaxing and stress relief.

  • Rolling

Rolling involves full use of the massage chair rollers. The rollers move up and down and put pressures on the muscles relieving pain and tension.

  • Pressure

Pressure therapy uses air-bags which are inflated and compresses the muscles. This feels more like human hands putting pressure on the areas. Works best for people who have aching neck, arms or legs.

  • Stretching

Also known as yoga stretch, the massage technique involves physical movement by the chair to stretch particular muscle groups. This can be helpful after a gym workout.

4. Look for More Settings and Programmes

  • Intensity Settings

Some chairs put too much pressure while some others feel too gentle. You may not like the default intensity settings and you would likely to change it to the level where it comforts you the most. A standard massage chair should have at least three intensity settings. Will be used by both kids and elderly people? Then consider it more seriously because they have different tolerance levels.

  • Control settings

In relation to intensity settings, make sure your chair gives you full control over the speed settings and program period. Make sure you can stop a massage cycle in the middle of the session when you feel uncomfortable. You never want to get glued with your chair when the massage session gets painful or unbearable.

  • Memory settings

If you have found a perfect massage mode and have set an intensity that you feel most comfortable in, you may want the same to apply in future. Setting each programme each time you decide to enjoy a massage can be quite frustrating so better to look for models which can save your customised massage programmes.

  • Auto programmes

Each chair has a number to pre-set automatic programmes that are developed and set by professionals. The numbers and names of these programmes vary from chair to chair. It is always recommended to find something that offers a range of massage programme so you don’t compromise with something less relaxing.

  • Manual mode

You may feel the need to customize the massage programmes to select a particular type of method which targets your pressure points. A massage chair with manual section mode will allow you to do so.

5. If you want entertainment and connectivity

  • Bluetooth speakers

Certain models have in-built Bluetooth speakers so you can connect them to your mobile or iPad and enjoy the massage while listening to music, podcasts etc.

  • MP3 player

If playing music during the prolonged massage period seems important to you then there are massage chairs available with in-built MP3 player and speakers.

  • USB Port

Some chairs have it so when you relax you can charge your phone.

6. Allot Space in Your Room

Depending on the design you choose,   you need to allot space for the chair. Massage chairs are big in size and the chair which reclines cannot be placed against the wall. A standard recliner massage chair is made for a person of 5’10 inch height and you can expect it to be bulky. A massage chair can be really heavy and can break your back if you alone try to lug it from one corner to another. If you have a large open living room, the size of the chair isn’t a primary consideration for you but if you live in a tight space, get ready to make a place for the chair to sit.

Another important factor is where should you place it? There are misconceptions that massage chairs should be placed inside the living rooms. Yes, you can, you can put it anywhere inside the room but the truth is even if the look appeals to the eye, it may look odd with other living room furniture. Placing it beside the sofa makes it stand out from the rest that one may not like. One good advice will be keeping them in your bedroom or workout room if you have the space to accommodate a massage chair. They have less furniture and neutral design that doesn’t create a striking contrast.

7. Set a Budget

A massage chair is not a cheap product. A standard model with standard features can cost you around 1 lac. More expensive the model, more the features, better the looks and finer the massage therapy. But you may not need to use all the features offered by a high-end product so it’s better to invest in something that you can utilize fully.
At the end of the day you will have to choose according to your budget and here are some guidelines that can help you narrow down your searches.

  • Decide your maximum and minimum budget
  • Check models within your budget limit
  • Find the 3 best models
  • Compare their features and your need

8. Never Miss the Warranty

No, we don’t mean to consider it for every other thing you buy but when the product is as expensive as a massage chair, warranty becomes a primary consideration. It will be a disaster if something happens to these high-end products just after few days of usage. Maintenance and repairing cost may become more expensive when you have already spent and a warranty is a solution to all this.

A standard warranty covering parts and labour shouldn’t be less than 1 year and installation and demo should be free of cost. However, keep in mind if the warranty is on specific parts there will be an additional charge applied for repairing the parts which don’t come under the warranty coverage so it is important to carefully read and understand the warranty details, which part has it and which will cost additional charge.

Best Massage Chairs in India

1. JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair For Home and Office

JSB Mz16 Body Massager

There are some obvious reasons behind the chair sitting at the top of our list. It is an all-rounder model with a solid set of features, great performance and excellent customer feedbacks.

The chair boasts 6 massage styles including kneading, tapping, kneading plus tapping, shiatsu massage, knocking and airbag compress. Some of them focus on chronic pain while some have great benefits for stress and anxiety relief.

For someone who suffers from chronic back pain or stiffness in the joints, the machine has a spot massage programme that targets specific zones and works as good as a therapy massager. Shiatsu massage and zero gravity massage works great after a gym workout or a stressful day.

This is one of the best massagers for elderly people or anyone who struggles with aching feet or stiff calf muscles. It has included 5 different styles of massages alone for the legs and feet. Air-bag leg massage, calf massage, rolling feet massage, ankle lift air-bag massage is intended to reduce any pain and muscle tension in the targeted areas.

There are 5 auto-modes modes to choose from- ache relief, comfort, Relax, Upper and Lower Body Massage, so it is very likely that you will find one auto-mode that will work the best for you. You can save and enjoy any of them in future just by one tap. If you don’t like it or if it is too intense you can change the intensity anytime with the remote. Also, there are heating pads in the back to provide a heat treatment.

Most importantly, the machine is adjustable, or to be more specific the intelligent system automatically repositions the rollers according to your height. This also means the customized massage can be utilized by anyone of any age, just find your comfortable position and recline it down as a bed to enjoy a relaxing full body massage.

The whole set looks very elegant and the black leatherette gives it a rich look. Place it anywhere around your home or office, even better if you can place it the living room around the TV or sound system to enjoy massage along with entertainment. It can handle as much as 110kg of weight and has an impressive 1 year of comprehensive warranty.

The Verdict:

JSB has other models in MZ series but this particular model is our favourite because it has more massage techniques than any other models in this series. Moreover, it is an exceptional choice to deal with chronic pains and muscle fatigue which is hard to find under this budget. Another reason to love it is it has 5-star ratings from all of its users making it the most reliable and one of the best-rated massage chairs in online retail shops.


  • A wide array of features in a budget price
  • 22 air-bags on arms, legs and shoulders are rare under this budget
  • Zero gravity massage for relaxation
  • One of the best massage chairs for a foot massage
  • Heat therapy
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • Foot rollers can feel harsh on the feet

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2. Robotouch Maxima Full Body Massage Chair

Robotouch Maxima Body Massager

To enjoy head-to-toe therapeutic massage you must look at our next model on the list, the Robotouch Maxima. The whole massage experience has been taken to the next level by including the hand massager. It has vertically movable, four-wheel driven massage function for your tired hand and stiff joints. For your aching feet, it has a set of rollers that thoroughly massages the root and heel mastoids of your feet, on top of that when inclined; it reaches zero gravity massage position.

It has the maximum number of airbags to give you a thorough air massage. The airbags include- 4 bags in the upper arm, 8 air-bags in the whole arm set, 16 airbags in the legs with three intensity modes.

The chair emits heat automatically from the carbon fibres placed at the back of the chair. This warms up your back muscles, promotes blood circulation and releases any pain or muscle stiffness from the back and hip regions.

With its 2D auto-detection mechanism it places the shoulder pads accurately according to your height. You get 5 various massage modes including shiatsu, kneading, knocking, flapping, kneading and flapping-facilitates a prolonged massage by massaging the pressure points through the neck to soles for an ultimate calming sensation. Moreover, flapping, shiatsu and knocking modes are adjustable at 5 different speed levels.

You can also choose from the in-built variety of massage modes like ache relief, comfort, upper and lower body massages. The full body massages include fixed, partial and overall massage where the arm massager moves up and down to adjust the pressure points accurately.

The Robotouch massage chair works silently, this is pretty much one of the quietest massage chair available in the market. It has one year of warranty from Robotouch and offers free installation and demo.


Robotouch is a competitor to our first edition on the list the JSB MZ16. The reason we placed it 2nd is it is not very recommended for someone who struggles with chronic back backs and aching feet. But it is definitely one of the best massage chair available in the market which has a hand massager, the highest numbers of airbags, 5 different speed levels and the back muscle warming is another plus point of having this at your home, office or in a massage parlour.


  • Hand massage feature
  • Back muscle warming
  • 28 air-bag for a thorough air massage
  • Zero gravity seating position
  • 5 levels of speed adjustments


  • No option for manual settings
  • Not suitable for chronic pains

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3. Osim Uinfinity Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

Osim Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Here is another Zero gravity seating position chair from the brand Osim. The brand has recently introduced its top-of-the-line model Uinfinity which is intended to give you a humanized top to bottom pampering.

The chair can perform 5 different massage styles kneading, tapping, full rolling, deep tissue and lifestyle massage. The zero gravity position distributes your body weight evenly and alleviates tension, stress and anxiety.

Unlike other electrical chairs, it has Human Smart massage Technology which the accurate acupressure that betters the spine alignment, improves blood circulation and de-stresses the muscles.

This has the most intelligent and intuitive system of selecting manual and automatic massages choices. You can choose from a range of pre-set programmes

  • Scholar Relax- heat to toe massage for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Scholar Energize- Improves concentration and focus on work or academics.
  • Hot stone treatment- warm acupressure to release pain and muscle stiffness
  • Air-spa- air-bags compression with warm shiatsu massages treatment.
Different from other models Uninifiny understand different body needs and has different professionally made programmes for each type of users like active lifestyle, daily basics, therapeutic relief, lifestyle essentials etc. that focuses on your overall well-being and healthy lifestyle. Most interestingly, it has options to download new programmes.

Of course, it adjusts with your shoulders and the legs are retractable so you can always adjust it according to your comfort. The model itself looks very professional and stylish and available in cream or berry red colour.


This is an expensive model with intuitive technology that is meant to give you the feeling and comfort of professional spa treatment. Loaded with features the model has great aesthetics, looks very elegant and can be used anywhere from office, massage parlour to home use.


  • Zero gravity seating position
  • Human smart technology for human-like massage therapy
  • Retractable footrest for personalized comfort
  • Dozens of in-built massage programmes
  • Professional made massage programmes for different body issues


  • Expensive model
  • Not warranty details

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4. Bodyfriend 4D Full Body Massage Chair 
Bodyfriend Massage Chairs

Coming from the affordable side of things, the Bodyfriend 4D massage chairs is still offers features that are generally found in high-end products. The machine has an impressive four-wheel driven vertically movable and totally silent massage hands. The chair is designed to offer various massage therapies including shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and kneading with flapping.

Bodyfriend includes 4 airbags on the shoulders, 24 on the legs and 2 side airbags on the hip regions that work with heat therapy and vibration. It also has 8 airbags that wrap around your arm and applies pressure therapy. Like an expensive model, it has incorporated foot rollers with heating therapy that can instantly take out all the pain and muscle stiffness.

For those who wish to listen to music while relaxing on a massage chair, Bodygurad has provided in-built Bluetooth speakers in the chair. You can connect your Smartphone or iPad with it and enjoy a prolonged massage therapy while enjoying music or podcasts.

The automatic body scan technology detects your shoulder position and locates the rollers according to your body’s pressure points. Along with the different massage styles, this also features the Zero Gravity Position which improves the heart and lung function and relaxes the body from head to toe.

You can customize the massage programmer depending you’re your comfort and preference. The upper body massage allows you to set the rollers in three positions, fixed, partial and overall massage.

You can also change and control the intensity levels of the rollers. Flapping, knocking and shiatsu has 5 intensity level settings. Also, change the width between two kneading balls to achieve the type of massage that you need.

The product has 1 year of warranty coverage.


Bodyfriend is suitable for anyone who is searching for a less expensive model. In its price segment, it’s truly the best massage chair that you can own. Features are plenty, have all the settings and programmes like any expensive model out there. Looks is average but totally justifies the price.


  • Hand massage with air-bag pressure
  • Heat therapy for back, hips and feet
  • In-built Bluetooth speaker
  • Zero gravity seating position


  • Very heavy and huge in size
  • Not very eye-appealing

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Freuently Asked Questions? 

1. How often should one use a massage chair?

Although massage chairs promote healthy blood circulation and wholesome functioning of the body at the molecular level, prolonged usage of any device leads to inadvertent results. One can use a massage chair for 15-20 minutes every day.

2. How many air cells do the best quality massage chairs have? Why is it important?Health

Massage chairs are usually beefed up with 2-3 layers of air cells/airbags. These cells inflate and deflate at certain points to provide pressure enough to relieve muscle knots and cramps. All the good quality chairs come with adjustable settings to control the pressure produced.

3. What other roller spine formation do massage chairs incorporate?

The most common roller spine formation found in electric massagers is the S-track formation. The nodes/rollers are strategically placed to provide pressure to the important points. However, a new upgrade on the formation called the L-track has proven to be better than the regular one, especially for those who have a longer trunk.

4. How efficient is heat therapy in the massage chairs?

Heat therapy is one of the important functions of electric massagers. Most of the massage chairs come with adjustable settings to help relax the muscles by producing the appropriate amount of infrared heat. Some chairs produce even heat all throughout the body while some work only on some targeted areas. The chairs always have an auto shut-off option to prevent it from overheating thus, keeping safety in check.

5. Is it safe to use a massage chair when pregnant or have a pacemaker?

Studies show that there are no known adverse effects of using a massage chair when implanted with a pacemaker. However, it is advisable to check in with your doctor to be on the safer side and limit the period of usage. The same holds good for pregnant women.

6. What massage techniques do massage chairs come with?

Massage chairs usually come with an option of choosing a particular technique or a combination of them depending upon the consumer. The most commonly incorporated techniques are that of kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, rolling and air massage.

7. Are massage chairs energy efficient?

Yes, massage chairs do not consume much electricity helping you save a penny or two. The power consumption is generally between 200-300 watts depending upon the quality of the chair.

8. How much space do massage chairs require?

They utilize the same amount of space as of a recliner sofa. Some can even be transformed into a traditional recliner when not in use. They usually measure about 33 inches in width.

Final Words:

Massage chairs are a boon for you to deal with your daily stress, pain and anxiety. Not only you but any member of your family will be able to use it. It works wonders for elderly people who suffer from several pains and body aches. Still a lot of people stuck with the confusion wheatear to buy it or not because it cost a hefty amount of money and we understand this as these are indeed very expensive. But one thing we can tell you won’t regret it. You will know it worth the money after a single use when you will be all stress-free and relaxed.

It’s not only a cool luxury device to have it come with so much health benefits. In fact, it may end up saving you a lot of money in future. When you live all healthy you are less prone to diseases and visiting doctors.

Here is the last tip; looks and appearance don’t really matter with a massage chair. The features and quality they offer should justify the amount that you will spend on it. If you ask us our personal recommendation will be JSB Full Body massage chair as it has all the features that one could ask for. It’s a total value for money purchase.

Let us know if you are using any of the reviewed models. How do you like it? How are they performing? Also, feel free to ask any questions regarding massage chairs. We will try to answer them ASAP!

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