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11 Best LG Appliances in India

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LG Electronics is a Korean Multinational Electronics company with a strong suit in various consumer electronics and home appliances across the world. Since its inception in 1958, LG is continuously improving its products with innovative solutions and become a global brand.

LG entered the Indian market in 1995 and since then, it became one of the best brands in various appliances with millions of happy customers. Here, in this article, we are providing a list of the best LG appliances that every household requires to complete their daily chores easily and effectively.

1. Refrigerator:

Refrigerators are quite common appliances in every Indian kitchen to store fruits, vegetables, dairy, batters, and certain groceries to keep them fresh and extend their shelf life. The LG offers a wide range of single door refrigerators, side by side door refrigerators, French door refrigerator, bottom freezer refrigerators, and double door refrigerators with various unique features.

If you want to check out various models of LG refrigerators, you can check them here.

2. Washing Machine:

Washing machines are another essential appliance used in our busy life schedules. LG has a varied range from top load to front load with cutting edge washing technology and loaded with several innovative features like steam, NFC, and Wi-Fi. Also, you can find options like semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine range at an affordable price that help you make clothes look best in every wash.

If you want to check out various LG washing machine models, then click here.

3. Smart TV:

TV is quite common electronics seen in every household. LG is the most popular TV brand in India with so many options available. It delivers a high picture quality along with various smart features that entertain and let you access it easily. It offers various display technologies like OLED TV, Nanocell 4K TV, UHD 4K TV, smart TVs, LED TVs, and LCD TVs.

To know more about Best LG TVs, you can check out here.

4. Air Conditioners:

Although, there are various brands available in the Indian market, LG is a great option due to its high performance and energy efficiency. They offer a wide range of air conditioners (both split and windows) that comes with dual inverter technology, 4 in 1 convertible cooling, stabilizer free plus, ocean blackfin, and low gas detection.

Check out various models of LG air conditions here.

5. Water Purifier:

Drinking clean water is essential these days to get rid of various waterborne diseases. LG presents a wide range of water purifiers with dual protection stainless steel tank, mineral booster, smart display, enhanced RO and UV plus features, which can be mount on both wall and tabletop.

It let you drink purified water by undergoing a multi-stage filtration process. For more information on the LG water purifiers, you can read here.

6. Air Purifier:

To eradicate air pollutants and upgrade the indoor air quality, you have to use air purifier. LG offers a wide range of air purifiers like LG Puricare air purifier, which is equipped with 360-degree purification and design, clean booster, PM 1.0 sensor and display and 6-step filtration. They let you breathe pure and fresh air.

7. Dishwashers:

Dishwasher is the best way to clean vessels and utensils. LG offers a wide range of dishwashers with various advanced features & functionalities like TrueSteam, Quadwash, SmartThinQ, Inverter Direct Drive, EasyRack Plus that make sparkling dishes with less water spots. It let you clean dishes, even the tough stains can be cleaned easily without any physical strain for flawless dishwashing.

8. Sound System & Home Entertainment:

With LG’s wide selection of home and TV entertainment systems, you can surround your family with music and immerse them in vivid colors. They offer home theater systems, soundbars, home audio, multi-media speaker, wireless speakers, and boombox (X-Boom series). It let you listen and enjoy music anywhere and anytime with excellent audio and exciting DJ effects.

9. Smart Phones:

LG is one of the best brands that manufacture the most innovative mobile phones and high-performance tablets. They offer a wide range of mobile phones, mobile accessories, and smartwatches like LG Wing 5G, LG Velvet Dual Screen, LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen, etc. that let you immerse yourself in new level of gaming, browsing, and videos.

10. Microwave Ovens:

Microwave ovens are amazing kitchen appliances that work as an electric heater and allow you to cook a wide variety of food items. LG brings to you India’s only healthy microwave oven with a charcoal lighting heater and a healthy heart autocook menu. It offers various types of microwave ovens like charcoal convection microwave, convention microwave, solo/grill microwave, and NeoChef smart inverter Mi.

For more information on the LG Microwave Ovens, you can click here.

11. Vacuum Cleaners:

A vacuum cleaner can let you clean beds, carpets, couches and floors easily and conveniently when compared with traditional cleaning methods. LG came up with various innovative vacuum cleaners like LG cord zero (cordless) with powerful suction and long-lasting battery for an ultimate clean. Also, it offers corded vacuum cleaners with various features at an affordable price.

Wrapping it up:

Home appliances make our lives easy and comfortable. Although, there are several brands providing quality products but LG has been improving and upgrading its technology along with time to provide the best reliable and durable products to its customers. Also, they have wide customer service centers to resolve their customer issue within less time.

Which LG appliance you’re going to purchase? Share your thoughts and experience with LG products in the below comments section.

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