Humidifiers vs Vaporizers: Which one to Choose?

When you live in a place with dry weather, humidity can drop rapidly. This can cause certain issues and complications. It can cause health-related issues and many more problems. Some of the common issues due to low humidity are inflamed and dry mucous membrane, dry skin, flu, cold, and various other things.

Low humidity is not only harmful for your skin and health, it can become dangerous for your house and all the things in it. The electrical devices are also in danger. The low humidity can harm the electrostatic discharge which can affect the electronics which can harm all the devices.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, the ideal humidity level at your homes should be 30% to 50%. The common solution to the humidity problems in dry weather are humidifiers or vaporizers.

Now, the big question is which one is ideal for your home?

To answer this question, you need to know everything about both humidifiers and vaporizers. In this article, we will discuss all their pros and cons.

How they are different in the several properties which will help you make the correct decision for yourself.

What are Humidifiers?

Humidifiers are devices that are manufactured to relieve the level of humidity in a closed place. In layman’s terms, a humidifier is an electric device that helps to increase the humidity level of a small room or the whole house depending on its capacity.

They are generally small portable devices that can be moved easily anywhere in the house. Some larger commercial variants can be used for ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.

The humidifier uses a fan, a reservoir, and a wick to function. It releases cool mist into the air. These humidifiers use a wick for the process of evaporation. It consists of a porous component that absorbs water and has a larger area for evaporation. The fan accelerates the process of evaporation.


  • It is not harmful in any way.
  • It is an efficient alternative. Uses less energy and saves electricity bills.
  • Several types of the product are available.


  • You need to clean it on a daily basis.

What are Vaporizers?

Vaporizers are a type of mist warm humidifier. They are used to humidify an area. They work by the simple function of boiling water and then converting it into mist. You can also add medicinal inhalants in several vaporizers which can cure your cold symptoms.

The vaporizers do not contain fans or wicks like humidifiers. They also produce heat with moisture and can get a little warm. There is a probability that the device might overheat and cause several electric disturbances.

The chances of any hazard increase if the heating source or the product is out of order. Therefore, parents need to be cautious when their child is around.

Vaporizers do not possess a filter and they don’t need one too. They generally contain a tiny cup-shaped portion and a plastic base. You can fill the lower portion with water. Then, the steam comes out from the upper portion.


  • Ideal for colder climates. As effective as a room heater.
  • Can be used for medical purposes.
  • It is antibacterial and anti-microbial.


  • Might be dangerous around kids.

Key Differences: Humidifiers Vs Vaporizers

PurposeIts purpose is to increase the level of humidity in the closed space.It can be used to inhale the medicinal extracts of plants and other sources for health benefits and cold.
ApplicationIt can be used during colder months or when the weather is dry. It can be used for the entire house or a single room.It spreads humidity by the process of boiling water. Can be used to inhale plants and herbs extracts.
ProcedureCreates water vapour with a disk that rotates rapidly, in the water.Contains a heating element that produces stream.
Production of heatNo.Yes. Can cause burns.
Kind of vapourReleases cold vapours.Releases hot vapours.
Cleaning procedureDailyDaily
Possibility of microbial spreadYes. The water is stagnant and does not boil. Can spread molds or bacteria.No. The water boils which lowers the risk of spreading microbes.
SuitabilityIdeal for nasal passages and dry skin which is ruined due to common cold. It is suitable for children.It can be prone to accidents. Not suitable for a room with children.
ExpenseMore expensive.Cheaper
Suitable kind of waterDistilled water is preferred.Tap water is okay.
EffectivenessEqually effective.Equally effective.
SoundSoundLess noisy.
Additional medicationNo.Yes.
Add-onsNo objects can be added.To facilitate breathing, inhalants can be added.

Some of the differences are discussed in detail below.

Operation mode

The humidifiers emancipate cool vapours to increase the humidity content in a space. The vapours are formed by rotating the disk which is kept in water. They are particularly suitable for dry weather when breathing is uncomfortable or difficult due to the climate.

Vaporizers are a type of humidifiers, they also increase the level of humidity in the air by forming steam. The vaporizers release hot steam.

The water is boiled inside the vaporizers which release hot vapors into space. Vaporizers can be enhanced with inhalants but they cannot be added in the normal humidifiers.

Neither vaporizers nor humidifiers purify the air.


There are various kinds of humidifiers that are available. Some can be used to humidify the whole house while some are small which has to be filled with water manually. The evaporative humidifiers detect all the pollutants and minerals. T

here are ultrasonic humidifiers that create vapour with the sound wave technology. They are generally very quiet.

Vaporizers are a kind of humidifier. There are several options available for these as well. Some are portable and can be placed anywhere in the house.

Some are electrical and need to be connected to the wall. They can also be distinguished by the heating process of the liquid: convection, thermal radiation, or thermal conduction.


Both the products deal with extra dryness in the climate. They help to combat the health issues caused by the winter months. They also relieve the symptoms caused by the common cold or allergies. People with acute diseases like bronchitis or asthma can also feel relief with the help of these products.

The choice between the cool and the warm vapours is personal. Normal humidifiers keep the room cool when humidifying it while the vaporizers keep the room when increasing the humidity.

The humidifiers are safer for houses with kids. On the other hand, the vaporizers lower the spread of microbes or bacteria.

Both products can be effective if used properly. You should maintain the humidity in a room between 30% to 50%.


If the humidity of the room is above 60%, the humidifiers can amplify the spread of bacteria and molds. They should be filled with distilled water to decrease the chances of bacteria spread. A vaporizer does not have such risks as it boils water before releasing vapour. The germs can be destroyed when the water is boiled.

Vaporizers can be harmful if children are in the house. As it boils the water and can spill it. It can cause burns and physical damage.

Both the products have to be cleaned every day.


Generally, humidifiers are more expensive than vaporizers. However, the amount can vary. The replacement of wicks and filters is very important for humidifiers.

Final word

Both the appliances are effective in increasing the humidity. Both the devices are different in properties. You need to decide which one is more suitable for your home.

Humidifiers are more suitable for a home with kids and vaporizers are suitable for people who need medical inhalants.

You need to choose the ideal option according to your preference. Share your views on this article in the comments section below.