Benefits Of Humidifiers

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In the cold winter months, the air becomes very dry. The dry air can be the reason behind several diseases such as allergies, cough and cold, flu symptoms, and many more. The heating systems present at your homes as well as offices can make the indoor air quite dry even if there is moisture present outside. This can also further lead to some health problems in your body. 

Around 30-50% of experts claim that during the winter months, humidity inside your house is as low as 10%. Purchasing a humidifier for your home is the perfect solution for you. It will help you live comfortably. Humidifiers have different types and are available in different shapes and sizes.

To understand the importance of a humidifier, we have listed down the benefits of a humidifier in this article. We tell you to go through this article and buy a humidifier to know its importance in your life.

Some of the benefits of humidifiers are listed below.

Moisturize skin and lips

Your skin experiences several unpleasant changes in dry weather conditions. When the level of humidity becomes low and is in-between the range of 20-30%, moisture gets lost from your skin. Dryness makes your skin tight, itchy, flaky, and dry. 

The skin present in your hands has less number of glands compared to other parts of the skin. This makes it more vulnerable to become dry and lose moisture. 

The skin present in your lips is tender, making it more chapped during the dry winter months. Your lips may crack if you don’t do anything to reduce it.

You can regain moisture in your hands and lips with the help of a chapstick and hand lotion. You can naturally hydrate your skin by using a humidifier, as they provide moisture to your homes. It not only treats the usual symptoms of dry skin but also has added benefits.

Prevents spreading airborne diseases

Studies have proved that more than 43% humidity is not at all good for indoor environments. It increases 85% chance of spreading airborne diseases. 

This has made people rethink their decision to increase the level of humidity inside closed doors. Increasing levels of humidity increase the chances of getting affected by these diseases.

Moisture has the ability to reduce the movement of germs. Germs drop after combining with moisture. The reason behind this is the airborne germs become heavy to float in the air.

This stops the spread of several diseases. So, humidifiers along with increasing the level of humidity in the room also reduce airborne diseases from spreading.

Reduced heating costs

Heating costs also reduce with humidifiers. It allows house owners to keep the home comfortable using less heat. The air is warmer for a longer period of time as the moisture traps the heat. 

Apart from keeping your home warmer, humidifiers make a point to make them more comfortable as well. The heating systems do not have to work as efficiently as before to keep the temperature at check. 

The moisture also removes the drafty spots present at your house.

Protects throat

There is a possibility of your vocal chords getting dry as well as scratchy if the humidity of the indoor air goes below the normal range. If this situation persists for a long period of time, there is a probability of your voice becoming hoarse. 

If you don’t take the conditions seriously, you can even lose your voice. The chances become even worse if you have recently suffered from the flu or been exposed to a virus.

It has been seen with humidifiers that they effectively fight against croups. Croup is a childhood virus. This virus causes inflammation in the region of the upper airways. This leads to hoarseness as well as a barking kind of cough.

Humidifiers maintain a level of humidity inside your homes. This helps in soothing your throats. That in return helps in maintaining dryness that leads to inflammation.

Prevents snoring

Preventing dryness is almost impossible for people who breathe with their mouths. This becomes more while you are asleep.

Using a humidifier increases the moisture in the rooms. This helps in soothing the tissues present at the back of your throat. Apart from allowing you to sleep comfortably, it will also prevent snoring. If you keep the humidifier on during the morning hours, it will be beneficial for you. It will provide moisture to the throat and keep it moist and reduce the irritation that is associated with snoring.

Soothe sinuses

Sinus passages become dry when the humidity becomes low. Sinus is a terrible feeling.  If not taken seriously, it can cause serious discomfort in sinus pressure, increase headaches, and also bloody nose.

People usually have the misconception that humidity causes stuffy noses. But, it is far from the truth. Stuffy noses can be put at ease with humidity. The moisture allows the mucous to keep flowing. 

This decreases the chance of suffering from stuffy nasal passage. Proper humidity level not only soothes your sinus and also decreases getting a bloody nose. Excess mucous also gets clear and allows you to breathe easily. 

Protect furniture as well as floors

Wooden floors as well as furniture have a negative effect with humidity fluctuations. There is a possibility of the woods to crack as well as splitting if they become too dry. The joints in the woods can also come loose. With proper humidity at homes, you can protect the integrity of the wood. Humidifiers ensure that the woods look their best.

Final Word

Humidifiers are a very useful tool. It prevents you from illnesses by keeping your skin moisturized to make the wood look better. Its effectiveness can be especially felt during winters. Humidifiers also allow you to save some money by reducing the electricity bills. It also keeps your electronic devices safe. Humidifiers are an investment that you should invest in. 

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