The Right Way to Use an Electric Shaver

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Whether hair has just sprouted on your face or you’re an adult, shaving is everyone’s need. And these days, an electric shaver is what men mostly prefer. Although a wet shave is a good option, electric shavers are a generation ahead.

If you’re new to electric shavers and want to learn how to use them, stay with us. This article has detailed information that’ll help you understand how you can use an electric shaver. By the end, you’ll definitely learn the technique. So, let’s jump right in.

Tips for Using an Electric Shaver

1. Grab a good quality shaver

It may sound pretty basic to you, and it may be, but it’s equally important. Be it anything; you should always prefer quality over the price. You should prefer buying a good quality shaver if you want it to serve you for a long time.

If you go for a cheap shaver, the finish won’t be visible on your face. So, make sure to put in ample research before you buy an electric shaver.

Common types of shavers based on shaving action:

Three-blade design: these kinds of shavers have three rotating blades. It’s the most basic design that is there right from the beginning. It helps the user with a much closer finish.

Straight blade design: this shaver comes with a foil and straight-blade design. This kind of shaver smoothly glides over the face and is useful in handling contours.

Both of the above shavers provide precise finish and are easy to maintain. What matters is what you need it for. If you want to trim your beard, you can go for a shaver with a straight blade. Otherwise, you can choose the three-blade shaver.

There’s another variety of shavers known as wet shavers. Yes, you can use it even when your skin is wet. Or you can use it while you are enjoying your shower.

2. Read the manual and usage tips.

Now, the way trimmer works is quite similar. However, if you go for some unknown brand, you may not know how to use it. In such cases, you can either refer to the manual or check the tips online. It’ll prove helpful in getting a smooth and flawless shaved skin.

Checking for the instructions also helps in increasing the life of your trimmer. It’s usually printed on paper within the box of the shaver. If you didn’t find one, check for the same online.

3. Never shave right after you get up

Do you have a habit of shaving your facial hair the moment you get up? Well, you need to drop the habit. It’s because when you wake up, your face is puffy and has closed pores. And if you shave during this condition, you may end up with a sore face or a shabby finish.

So, when you get up in the morning, give your face at least fifteen minutes. Grab a good cup of coffee and relax. Once you do, your face will become less puffy, and the pores will open too. This will somewhat soften your facial hair and will help you achieve a clean finish.

4. Prepare your skin well before a shave

Most people don’t feel the need to first prepare the skin and then shaving. It sometimes leads to an unpleasant shaving experience. So, make sure you ready your skin before shaving. It’s not at all a complex procedure.

If it’s winter, you can fetch some warm water and splash it over your face. This will relax the skin and will soften the facial hair to some extent. And in case it’s summer, you can also go for a pre-shave lotion. It’ll remove any excess oil and will help you get a more precise shave.

You need to take these steps as your dry shaving using an electric shaver. If you have seen someone using a wet shaver, the cream is already applied to the skin. So, if you’re using an electric shaver, make sure to use warm water or a pre-shave lotion before shaving.

5. Follow the best shaving technique

Now, the right shaving technique depends on which electric shaver you have at hand. If you have a shaver with rotating blades, you need to follow the circular motion for shaving. And if you have a shaver with a straight blade, you need to follow the up and down motion.

Here’s a secret. If you shave against your hair growth direction, you’re more likely to get a precise and clean finish. Again, the right technique depends on what your hair is like. If your hair is too thick, you may have to run over the skin twice or thrice for the best results.

Go for a high-quality shaver with sturdy blades. This way, you won’t have to put in too much pressure to get the best results.

6. Maintain your shaver well

Electric shavers, like any other electric device, need regular maintenance. You need to clean it after every time you use it for shaving the hair. It will help the motor work smoothly when you use it for the next time.

Also, there’s a small bottle of oil and brush, which you’ll get with the shaver box. You can read the instructions to maintain the shaver well. It’s not that big a task. You just need to swipe the remaining hair from the blade and oil the machine if it stops.

You can also monitor the quality of the shave after every session. It’ll help you determine whether or not the shave quality is precise.


There’s always the right technique to use everything. And electric shavers are no exception. If you don’t know how to use it, you may end up either hurting yourself or the trimmer. Fortunately, we have listed some common tips for you to follow.

The tips may seem common but are effective and useful. You can scroll the information and use the right method for the best results. If you find this info useful, please share it with young men who’re in need.

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