Difference Between Trimmers, Shaver’s, Groomers, Epilators, Clippers, and Razors

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Body hair are quite crucial to manage. You need to keep yourself groomed to stay clean and hygienic. What do you use to trim or cut your hair? Probably trimmers or shavers, right? Do you know there are more devices like epilators, clippers, and groomers too?

Well, if you are not aware, it’s the right time to know. Such devices are meant for trimming or clipping hair on specific parts of the body. So, if you want to know more, let’s roll right in.

Difference Between Trimmers, Shavers, Groomers, Epilators, Clippers, and Razors

The hair removal and trimmer devices are generally of two kinds i.e. electric hair removers and mechanical hair removers. Here are various types of devices you would like to know about: –


  • Meaning and Uses: – Trimmers are the devices that are used to trim the hair on the body. They are used to remove the hair from the face. Some trimmers need power supply while some work on batteries.

Types of Trimmers

Trimmers are of different types. There will be a trimmer available for almost all kinds of hair on the body.

Hair Trimmers – These are the general-purpose trimmers that are suitable to remove hair from all parts of the body. However, it is not advised to do that. It can cause infection and can be damaging to other body parts. So, you should always use a trimmer, which is meant for specific body parts.

Beard Trimmers – The beard trimmers are specially designed to trim or style the beard hair. These trimmers have an option to adjust the length of the hair.

Ear and Nose Trimmers – These trimmers are specially designed to trim the hair on the ear and in the nose. These are the sensitive areas of the body and are also difficult to reach for a normal trimmer. This is why they need to be addressed by specialty trimmers that can easily reach there.

Ultra-Sensitive Trimmers – Ultra sensitive trimmers are used on very delicate areas of the body such as underarms and the hair on the body’s private parts. Both men and women use these trimmers.

  • Blades: – The trimmers generally have two blades that slide across each other. When the hair comes in between them, it gets cut. These trimmers can also have more than two blades.
  • Smooth look: – It is not really possible to achieve a clean shave look with the use of a trimmer. That’s because these devices “trim” the hair and do not remove the hair completely.


  • Meaning and Uses: – Shavers are the devices that shave the face. There are electric shavers and also the ones that work on battery. It takes out almost all the hair from the face.
  • Blades: – Unlike the trimmers, shavers have spherical or foil blades.
  • Types of Shavers: – There are various types of shavers. But, they’re mainly classified as rotatory or foil shavers. Each of these can be further classified as: –

Wet shavers are used with a lather on the face, which is achieved using a shower gel.

Dry shavers are used on dry skin.

  • Smooth look: – It gives a clean and smooth look to your face, which is not really possible with a trimmer’s help.

Hair Clippers

  • Meaning and Uses: – Clippers generally work the same way as the trimmers. But it is used to remove large chunks of hair. They are used by hairdressers for cutting hair.
  • Blades: – You can adjust the blade size according to the required hair length.
  • Types of Clippers: – T blade trimmers, detachable clippers, and adjustable clippers.
  • Clean look: – Different clippers cut the hair on different levels. Some are used to cut shorter hair, while some work well on thick and long hair too.


  • Meaning and Uses: – Groomers are used to cut the hair just like the clippers but are used on the body hair. They are used on areas like the groin, chest, abdomen, or armpits.
  • Blades: Groomers do not usually have adjustable heads and use one blade or head to do its work. A very few brands provide attachments with the groomers.
  • Clean look: As the body groomers do not come with attachments, it is very difficult to precisely cut your hair.


  • Meaning and Uses: – These are the devices designed especially for women. It does not just cut or trim the hair, but it uproots the hair directly from the skin. Using this device involves some kind of pain, but the end results are good. It leads to smooth skin and also reduces hair growth in the next few uses.
  • Blades: – Instead of blades, the surface of the epilator is made of tiny tweezers that uproot the hair from the skin, leaving it free from hair.
  • Clean look: – The end results are impressive. The skin becomes very smooth, and the growth of the hair also becomes slow.


  • Meaning and Uses: – A razor is an old and very trusted device that is used for shaving by people in many parts of the world. It’s a mechanical device and involves the use of the hands.
  • Blades: – Razors make use of one blade that needs to be changed after every use.
  • Clean look: – Shaving with a razor provides a clean shave look without any spots on the skin. It completely removes the hair. But, shaving foam or cream is to be used while using a razor. It can also cause severe rashes on the skin.


Having some basic knowledge about hair cutting devices is quite useful. It helps you determine which device is meant for which purpose. After all, you would never want to use a razor on sensitive areas, right? Fortunately, in this article, we’ve covered numerous details regarding hair cutting devices.

If you haven’t already, go through the info again. It’ll help you decide better. If you like the insights in this article, please share them with others in need. We’ll post similar insightful details, so keep coming back for more.

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