What is the Best Deep Freezer Temperature Range?

A deep freezer is a great utility if you know how to use it. And most importantly, you must know what’s the best temperature range. If you’re curious to know about the same, this article is for you. We have curated detailed information regarding a deep freezer, so read along.

But before we move forward, let us understand what a deep freezer is.

What is a Deep Freezer?

A deep freezer is similar to a freezer but has more capacity and a varied temperature range. The sole purpose of a deep freezer is to preserve things for long. Usually, ice creams, frozen meat is what you’ll find inside a deep freezer.

What temperature should a deep freezer be to store food? 

A deep freezer needs to be set at different temperatures depending on certain factors such as the environment. Keeping or storing your food in the deep freezer stops the growth of bacteria. It keeps the food fresh for a much longer time. Food would be safe to eat if stored in the deep freezer at a temperature of 0°F or less than that.

One factor that determines the deep freezer temperature is the kind of food you are storing in it. Different foods have different temperatures of freezing. The ideal temperature to store food in the deep freezer is at 0°F or below (-18°C or below). However, the quality and the taste of the food might change a little as time passes by.

Many food items can freeze at a temperature of 32°F. But they have to be stored at a temperature of 0°F so that the deterioration process can slow down and the food can stay fresh for a longer period of time. In simple words, colder is better.

Is your deep freezer temperature set correctly? 

It is very easy and simple to set the temperature of a deep freezer. After setting the temperature according to the manual, check inside after twenty-four hours. Here are some tips to check if the temperature of your deep freezer is set correctly.

  • It has a frost-free surface: – If there is a lot of frost on the freezer’s surface, it means that the temperature might be too low for the freezer to remove the moisture. If you notice an icy covering around the door gaskets, it allows the air to enter inside. You can also see ice all over the interior of the door that has been left open.
  • The ice cream is solid: – The ideal scooping temperature is basically between 6°F to 10°F. But, for long term storage, the temperature is too high. The best temperature to store the ice cream is 0°F. You should let the ice cream warm up a little before serving.
  • The food is free from freezer burn: There can be swings in the temperature if a significant amount of food or hot food is stored in the deep freezer at one time. This is why you should let the food cool first and then store it inside the deep freezer, one at a time. Otherwise, it can cause dryness in the food, and also, there can be a loss of flavor.

Can a deep freezer be too cold? 

You can set your deep freezer at a very low temperature. There will not be a bad effect on the food. But, it would increase your electricity bill. Fast freezing helps maintain the texture and retain the taste of the food you store in the deep freezer. This is helpful when you keep new or fresh food in it.

When should you adjust the deep freezer temperature? 

As we told you, the environment around you determines how low you need to set the deep freezer temperature. If you have your freezer in the garage or basement, set the temperature according to the level of humidity.

Where are the deep freezer temperature controls? 

In the case of standalone deep freezers, the temperature controls are usually on its inner sides at the top right corner. Some refrigerators have different control panels for the refrigerator and the freezer. But most of them share the same control panel.

The Control panel is basically on its inner side or the top center of the compartment, or on the door of the refrigerator. The markings on the control panel may vary from the refrigerator to refrigerator. Some let you change the temperature in degrees, while some have numbers.

Is freezer burn a concern? 

Before finding out if a freezer burn is a concern or not, let us learn what causes a freezer-burn?

When the food is kept at an extremely cold temperature and is exposed to dry air, it loses its moisture. This causes dry sections, which makes the food taste different, affects the food’s texture, and also the way it looks.

So, it is not a concern as the food would mostly be safe to eat, but it might not be a good experience as the taste would not be the same. But you can take some decent measures to minimize the chances of a freezer burn such as: –

  • Keep the food prepared for freezing. Cover it in multiple layers of foil paper or wax paper. Keep the food completely sealed so that it doesn’t lose its moisture.
  • Keep the food stored in good quality containers so that there is no accidental exposure.
  • Set the freezer at the right temperature. Not too low and not too high. The higher temperature might not cause a freezer burn but can lead to mold or bacteria contamination.


The ideal temperature to store food in a deep freezer is -18°C or below or 0°F. It’ll help you both preserve the food and keep the energy bills from rising too high. The above info makes it pretty clear that a deep freezer is a complex machine.

You need to know what it is, what are the right temperature settings, etc., to use it correctly. You can scroll through the above info once again for a better understanding. If the info in this article helped you, please share it with others as well. Also, keep coming back for more.