Copper Condenser vs Aluminium Condenser Which One To Choose?

Those of you who are familiar with the functioning of an air conditioner must know that there are a lot of components inside any given air conditioner. As you would expect, all of these components are quite important for the functioning of your air conditioner so that it can cool your home or office.

Even if you do not know much about how an air conditioner works, there are still some components that you need to check before getting an air conditioner. This primarily includes the condenser of your air conditioner as it directly affects its performance. If you are in the market to buy a new air conditioner, you will find some AC units with an aluminum condenser and others with a copper condenser inside.

Since both are quite different from each other in various ways, we are here with the complete comparison of copper condenser vs. aluminum condenser. You can go through this article until the end and find various factors related to AC condensers to buy the perfect one for you.

What is a Condenser in Air Conditioners?

Before taking a look at the differences between copper condensers and aluminum condensers, some of you might be interested in learning more about condensers in general and their functionality in an air conditioner.

The condenser of your AC is responsible for moving the heat from inside your room to the outside. It is able to do this using a compressor, a fan, and the cooling refrigerant present in your air conditioner. While all condensers have fins and coils inside them for high heat dissipation, not all of them offer the same level of performance.

Thus, make sure to consider the following points before choosing the right type of condenser as per your needs:

1. Price

Since the condenser of your AC is one of the most important components, it directly affects the price of your air conditioner. As a result, checking the price of the condenser is also quite important.

Because these condensers are completely made out of metal, a condenser made out of a cheaper metal will be more affordable. In other words, an AC with an aluminum condenser is most likely going to be much more affordable compared to an AC that comes with a copper condenser inside.

2. Performance

If the price of your AC is not an important factor for you and you want a powerful AC that offers high cooling performance, then you need to check the efficiency of your air conditioner’s condenser.

When you compare copper condenser vs. aluminum condenser, you will find the former to be a much more efficient option. This is due to a simple reason that copper is a more conductive metal, making it ideal for air conditioners. Hence, if you want a high-performance air conditioner, then it is highly recommended to go with one that comes with a copper condenser.

3. Corrosion

As you would expect, an air conditioner also needs to withstand the forces of nature like rain and dust because of the external components present in both window and split ACs. Because of this, having a corrosion-resistant condenser can be quite handy for reliability and longevity.

This is where an aluminum condenser turns out to be better than a copper condenser as aluminum can easily resist corrosion, but copper cannot.

4. Durability

Another thing to consider before selecting the right condenser type is the durability of the condenser. Such a factor is important to ensure that the condenser or its fins do not get damaged accidentally. When it comes to the durability of condensers, copper condensers are stronger and can easily withstand an impact.

5. Maintenance

You will also find copper condensers to be cheaper to maintain compared to aluminum condensers. This is due to the reason that copper condensers can be repaired quite easily because the fins and the coil can be repaired and fixed. On the other hand, with an aluminum condenser, the whole coil has to be replaced in most cases.


In case you are in the market to buy a new air conditioner for either your home or office, then you will find a wide range of AC models. These different AC models will offer different kinds of features and options to the user, which means you can certainly find the right one.

But, when it comes to the cooling performance of your AC is the most important factor to check. This directly depends on the condenser of your AC since copper condensers and aluminum condensers have completely different characteristics. And as per the factors mentioned earlier in this comparison, here are the major differences between copper condensers and aluminum condensers:

FactorsCopper CondenserAluminum Condenser

While an aluminum condenser is quite cheaper, resulting in an affordable air conditioner while being resistant to corrosion, a copper condenser is going to be the better option for most users.

This is due to a simple reason that copper condensers are highly efficient, resulting in better cooling performance. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!