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Blue Fin Condenser Vs Gold Fin Condenser: Which one to Choose?

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Condenser coils are an integral part of an air conditioner because of their impact on its durability. It is responsible for cooling down the refrigerant temperature as rapidly as possible.

Usually, condenser coils are made up of either copper or aluminum. As it is present in the external unit, weather conditions can result in withering and corrosion. This will lead to damages and leakages of refrigerants or gas.

To prevent this issue, manufacturers have decided to coat the condenser coil to maintain their durability. Two types of coatings are mostly observed in Indian air conditioners.

  • Blue Fin Technology
  • Gold Fin Technology

In this article, we have provided detail description and benefits offered by each variant.

What Is Blue Fin Condenser Technology?

bluefinIn this type, condenser coils or fins are coated with a kind of resin material called epoxy. Due to this coating, the coils appear blue instead of golden, and hence the name blue fin technology.

Being a hydrophilic compound, epoxy exhibits several outstanding properties. Because of its weather resistance feature, it protects the coils from corrosion, humidity in both hot and salty environments.

It has low surface tension – which means the friction is very low between the water and coating. So, the water droplets or moisture will not stay on the coils. This will prevent any breeding of bacteria, fungus, or virus.

Epoxy is non-reactive to acids and atmospheric salts. So, it doesn’t let accumulation of salts, acidic materials, minerals or other purities that are present in the atmosphere. This in turn ensures clog-free fins and free airflow.

Benefits of Blue Fin Technology

Here are the benefits you can expect from a bluefin condenser:

  • Ensures longevity and durability of the air conditioner.
  • Improves heat transfer process which in turn increases the cooling capacity.
  • It adds up to the energy efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • You will be getting high reliability with budget options with blue fin condensers.
  • Being inexpensive, it is mostly seen in budget-focused air conditioners.

Drawbacks of Blue Fin Technology

  • It does not help with the performance of the air conditioner.
  • As this coating technology creates an extra layer of covering over the surface of the coil, it interferes with the heat transfer rate of the refrigerant and slows down the condensation process.

What is Gold Fin Condenser Technology?

gold_finIn this method, air conditioner coils are coated with gold-nano coating. Some of the brands like IFB use titanium dioxide materials for gold coating. It will act as a protective barrier between the coils and outside weather.

Similar to blue fin coating, gold fin coating also protects against rust, corrosion, weather conditions, water droplets, acid, and atmospheric salts. This coating element is highly conductive for heat transfer and hence, increases the efficiency of the condenser.

Unlike previous technology, it does not interfere with the natural conductivity of the condenser coils. So the refrigerant can attain a very low temperature. Thus, it is capable of absorbing more heat from the effective space.

Benefits of Gold Fin Technology

Here are the benefits you can expect from a gold fin condenser:

  • Gold fin condensers offer all advantages that are available with bluefin technology
  • Added protection against environmental damage to the condenser coils
  • Improved heat transfer rate that in turn increases the power efficiency of the air conditioner
  • 100% environment-friendly technology and safe to use
  • It increases the lifespan of the condenser.

Drawbacks of Gold Fin Technology

  • Compared to their counterpart, gold fin coating is relatively expensive.
  • But, it is worth investing a bit more in the initial cost of the air conditioner as the gold fin technology will also reduce the power consumption and decrease the running cost in the long run.

Comparison Between Blue Fin and Gold Fin Condenser Coil

Blue Fin Coated Condenser Gold Fin Coated Condenser
Cheaper Expensive
Interferes with natural conductivity Doesn’t interfere with natural conductivity
Preferable mostly in coastal areas or littoral zones because of high humidity levels Can be used in coastal, tropical and other areas.
Protects coils from accumulation of water droplets, dust, grime, salt and acids. Can protect coils from accumulation of water, salt and acids.
Heat transfer may be hampered a tiny. However, it doesn’t impact performance that much. Improved heat transfer

Blue Fin vs Gold Fin Condenser – Which is Better?

Blue Fin CondenserWhen you compare both, gold fin condenser is more efficient than blue fin condenser. However, the choice may also defer based on individual requirements.

Both blue fin and gold fin condenser are quite similar in terms of working principle. But, the difference of coating material creates minor differences with the performance.

Blue Fun Condensers – They are suitable for coastal areas or humid climatic conditions. They are also an obvious choice when it comes to affordable air conditioners in India.

Golf Fin Condensers – If you are going for premium air conditioners, then make sure it has gold fin coated condensers. Moreover, they are suitable for both humid and normal climatic areas.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Why use these coated fins?

Corrosion is the main reason why coated fins are a preferred choice. Usually, condenser fins are present in the outdoor unit. They have to withstand several environmental factors like wind, rain, and others. Because of this, they are prone to rust which further leads to gas leakages. Compared to copper coil, aluminum coils are even more prone to rust and corrosion. To prevent such issues, coating is very important. Coating not only prevents corrosion but also helps in increase life span of an air conditioner.

2. What is Micro-Channel Condenser Coil Technology?

This technology is mostly seen in Samsung air conditioner only. Compared to other technologies, this one has few differences in the construction. The fins in this technology have several flat aluminum tubes and multiple micro-channels for the gas or refrigerant to flow through. This new construction design decreases air resistance and increases heat exchange as well as cooling. It also makes the whole condenser unit more compact. This technology is usually used in combination with Durafin technology to deal with salts, acids, moisture and corrosion that is possible in coastal regions.


Both blue fin and gold fin condenser coils are good enough to deal with corrosion and other issues related to condenser coils. Compared to first, the latter one is slightly more beneficial and effective. The choice between them depends on individual preference.

We hope the information provided in this article has helped you make the right choice. If you still have any questions, write to us in the comment section below.

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