7 Best Car Air Purifiers in India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

A car air purifier is very beneficial, especially if you live in a polluted or industrial area. It is useful for those who spend a lot of time driving in the car.

People who suffer from asthma or allergies can benefit greatly by using an air purifier in the car. A good air purifier should be compact, easy to use, and long-lasting. You can get an air purifier with all good features at Rs. 3,000 – 10,000

You should consider these factors before buying a car air purifier.


CADR i.e. Clean Air Delivery Rate indicates the performance of the air purifier. It shows how fast the purifier can clean the air within a particular area. You should select apurifier with a higher CADR rating.

Method of Air Purification

Air purifiers use different types of methods to clean the air. These methods are mentioned below

Purification MethodPurpose
Negative ion generator or HEPA filterRemoves only dust particles
Carbon filterRemoves only gases or odors
Negative ion generator/HEPA filter + carbon filterRemoves both dust particles and odors

Note: Some air purifiers use ozone generators to remove odor from the car. They are not good for health as they produce ozone. It can be harmful if you are suffering from respiratory issues such as bronchitis or asthma.

Air Quality Indicator (AQI) and Filter Replacement Indicator

This feature tells you whether the air inside the car is clean or not. This is done using LED lights that indicate the level of sanitation. The color-coding is as follows:

  • Green – Good quality
  • Orange/Yellow – Fair
  • Red – Poor

The filter replacement indicators help you in understanding when does your air purifier need a filter replacement.

Some other features that you must consider are ease of maintenance, automatic turn off feature, or how noisy the device is while it is operating etc. We have explained about them in detail in the Buying Guide below.

We tested more than 18 car air purifiers and after extensive research, we have shortlisted 7 Best car air purifiers in India. Let’s check them outB

Best Car Air Purifier In India 2020

Car Air PurifiersNo. of FiltersCADR ValueWeightWarrantyBuy Now
Honeywell Car Air Purifier 212 m3/hr989 g1 Year Check the Price
ANSIO Air Purifier 630 m3/hr621 g2 Years Check the Price
Philips GoPure 100 Car Air Purifier314 m3/hr839 g1 Year Check the Price
Airspa Car Air Purifier 27 m3/hr250 g1 Year Check the Price
JSB HF132 Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter27 m3/hr720g1 Year Check the Price
>Purita Classic Car Air Purifier412 m3/hr662 g1 Year Check the Price
Purify+ Car Air Filter4NaNA1 Year Check the Price

Best Car Air Purifiers Reviews In India

1. Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air PurifierThe brand Honeywell has a century of history in delivering products that are sturdy, solid, and of quality.This air purifier is no different. Because of its compact design, super-efficient air cleaning, easy installation and inordinately simple ‘one button control’, Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier is the 1st product on this list.

It has a sleek rectangular design, which you can place either on the flat dashboard surface or the rear parcel tray. This purifier has a dimension of 24.4 x 20.6 x 7.4 cm and weighs 989 g. It comes with a power cable, product manual, a quick start guide, filter, and two sets of Velcro fasteners to help keep it in its place while the car moves.

This air cleaner uses a high-grade HEPA filter and a double layer carbon filter. It is equipped to eliminate PM 2.5, VOCs, formaldehyde, bacteria, virus, toxic, odor, gases. It cleans the air at the rate of 12 m3/hour, which would give an ACH rate of 4 and is perfect for most four-wheelers.

The Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier has a single button control. The first press turns the unit on. You can change the fan speed if you press the button a second time. This system will turn off if you press it for the third time. This single button turns red to indicate that the purifier needs a filter change. If you face any problem, you can quickly call 1800 103 4761 to get it fixed.

Notable Features

  • This air cleaner has two fan modes.
  • It has a noise level lesser than 49db.
  • This air cleaner has a 1-year warranty
  • It comes with a long power cable and simple controls.
  • The CADR 12 m3/hour is sufficient for most private cars.
  • High-grade HEPA eliminates all particulate matters, including PM 2.5.
  • This air cleaner is equipped with a double layer of activated carbon filter.

Things We Like

  • 2 fan speeds.
  • CDAR 12 m3/hr.
  • High-grade HEPA Filter.
  • Double layer carbon filter.
  • Long power cable.
  • Strong Velcro fasteners.
  • Indicator for filter replacement.
  • Does not emit ozone
  • Simple operation.
  • Filter life of 360 hours (approximately).

Things We Don’t Like

  • No air quality indicator.
  • Slightly pricy filter replacement cost.
  • Noisy turbo fan mode.


If you have a mid-budget range and are looking for an air purifier that will efficiently keep the air in your car fresh by making the air pass through its advanced filtration system, this is the product you have been looking for. It has a decent CDAR and a filter life that lasts 360 hours, which makes it a worthy-buy.

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2. ANSIO Air Purifier HEPA Active Carbon Filter UV Lamp Ioniser

ANSIO Air Purifier HEPA Active Carbon Filter UV Lamp IoniserIf you want an air cleaner for your car that is loaded with features, you would love this product. It has 2 fan speeds, and a ‘smart mode’ that detects the air quality in the car and auto adjusts its function. The 6-stage air filtration technology, 2 years of warranty, and a whopping clean air delivery rate of 30 M3/hr have earned it the 2nd position.

Though it is costs slightly lower than the Honeywell filter, but the lack of a filter replacement indicator and the short power cable of only 1.2 meters put it slightly behind Honeywell.

It removes dust, dirt, pollens, allergens, microbes, PM 2.5, VOCs and Formaldehyde and makes the air purer than ever through the help of its 6-layer filtration system. It includes a pre-filter, a HEPA, a layer of activated carbon, a filter of with photocatalytic titanium dioxide, UV lamp and an ionizer. This purifier not only eliminates odors but also keeps the car smelling fragrant as it has an aroma pad as well.

This model in black and silver will complement the interiors of any car. It has a dimension of 25.5 x 14.3 x 7 cm and weighs only 621 g. You can either place it over the dashboard or hang it vertically behind the headrest.

It plugs into the 12v power socket of the car. But it compensates for occupying the mobile charging socket by providing an additional USB port. You can use it to charge your mobile phone if you wish to. As it has a CADR 30 m3/hr, you can also use it in a small room or office. But for that, you will have to buy a home adapter separately.

Notable Features

  • It has 2 adjustable fan speeds.
  • The presence of a smart-mode makes operation really easy.
  • The noise produced by this unit is very low.
  • It has a 6 layer filtration system.
  • Powerful clean air delivery rate of 30 m3/hr.
  • The durability of the UV lamp is approximately 20,000 hours.

Things We Like

  • CADR 30 m3/hr.
  • 6 layer filtration technology
  • Low filter replacement cost
  • Good customer care service
  • Presence of smart mode
  • 2 years of warranty
  • A USB port for mobile charging

Things We Don’t Like

  • No filter changing indicator
  • Short power cable
  • No air quality indicator


This purifier is for everyone who wants the best quality fragrant air circulating in the car. It can be made into a makeshift purifier for a small room. If the filter changing indicator is not an absolute necessity, this system stacked with an array of advanced feature is just the thing for your car.

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3. Philips GoPure Compact 100 Airmax Car Air Purifier

Philips GoPure Compact 100 Airmax Car Air PurifierThe brand, Philips, needs no introduction. It has been launching products equipped with groundbreaking technologies since 1891.  What sets this car purifierapart from the rest on this list is the presence of High-Efficiency Specific Air (HESA) filter along with HEPA.  Its highly active HEPA filter has a CADR 14 m3/hr that will exterminate most of the particulate matter including PM 2.5. The HESA is equipped to clean the air at the rate of 11.5 m3/hr and functions by sucking out toxic fumes, gases, and smoke that cannot be eliminated by most filters.

It can be mounted either on the headrest or the hand rest and comes with a belt for the same. However, for mounting it over the dashboard, you will have to buy separate fasteners, because of which we have given it the 3rd position.

This mid-range purifier has a super stylish square design with the dimension of 22.7 x 18.3 x 8.4 cm and weighs 839 g. It is easy to install and improves the quality of the air significantly within a mere 13 minutes of use.

Operating it is a hassle-free affair, as it automatically turns on when you start your car and turns off along with the vehicle. The presence of 2 fan speeds and highly responsive touch controls makes it a product worth its value. Its filter runs for 350 hours, which means it can last for 4 to 6 months, depending on the usage.

This purifier is highly resistant to pressure and thermal shock. You must note that it improves the air quality of a 3 cubic meter space in 13 minutes. This car air purifier will take more time if the space is larger than 3 cubic meters. Customers have lauded this machine for being super silent while functional.

Notable Feature

  • 3 layer filtration system includes pre-filter, HEPA, and HESA filters.
  • The automatic on/off makes operation super easy.
  • It has an indicator to indicate when a filter change is required.
  • The power cord is 4 m long and fits into the 12v socket of a car.
  • The Philips GoPure air purifier comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Things We Like

  • CADR 14 m3/ for HEPA and 11.5 m3/hr for HESA
  • Silent operation
  • Automatic on and off
  • long power cord
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Sensitive touch control
  • Resistant to pressure and thermal shock
  • Rapid air cleaning within 13 minutes
  • Does not emit ozone

Things we don’t like

  • Only one-year warranty on the product
  • You cannot install it on the dashboard


Its smart features, compact design, and modern look make it a fantastic purifier. It is a smart-buy if you hail from an area that has a high level of air pollution and harmful gases.

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4. Airspa With Device Car Air Purifier 

Airspa With Device Car Air Purifier Airspa is a promising brand that was launched in 2015. It has been manufacturing sturdy products at reasonable prices since then. This budget-friendly car air purifier uses a HEPA filter and an ionizer for removing PM 2.5, bacteria, virus, formaldehyde, benzene, and other contaminants so that you and your family members can breathe in a healthier ambiance.

Though it has a futuristic design and easily fits into the cup holder of a car, the CADR of this machine is only 7 m3/hour, and it is also sensitive to external temperature, which is why it ranks 4th on this list.

The weight of this machine is only 250gms, and its height is 5 inches. The air inlets are placed on the lower half of the body and the outlets on the upper half. Because of its scientific design, it gives a 360o coverage. Additionally, it also comes with a USB port so that you get to charge your mobile in spite of the 12v socket being occupied by the adaptor of the purifier.

You will have to follow a specific installation process for this product. Hold the purifier in your hand first. By keeping the bottom half fixed, rotate the top-half in an anti-clockwise direction to open it. Now remove the HEPA filter from the package and place it into its designated place. Put the top half back and rotate in the clockwise direction to make your filter ready to use.

Notable Features

  • This air cleaner uses HEPA and ionizer for air filtration.
  • It is lightweight and has a compact design.
  • The warranty on this product in 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • Scientific design gives 360o
  • The CADR of this purifier is 7 m3/hr.

Things We Like

  • It has an ionizer along with a HEPA filter
  • Compact design
  • Sturdy built
  • Filter life is long
  • lightweight and compact
  • Has USB port for mobile charging
  • Easy and simple operation

Things We Don’t Like

  • CADR 7 m3/hr
  • Allows only one type of installation
  • No filter change indicator
  • Does not have adjustable fan modes


As this product has a CADR of 7 m3/hr, it will take around twice the time that other purifiers need to clean the air. Other than that, it is a decent product with a design that will occupy minimum space and is reasonably priced.

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5. JSB HF132 Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

JSB HF132 Car Air Purifier with HEPA FilterJSB has been manufacturing trustworthy machines for over 30 years. This purifier for cars from JSB has an uncomplicated operation as it comes with just a power button. It has a scientific design that enables it to circulate clean air in all directions.

It ranks 5th on this list because of its price tag, which is on the higher side. The CADR of this purifier is 7 m3/hr with a coverage area of 4 m3. Additionally, it also has an ionizer that releases anions to eliminate bacteria and odors.

This machine has a white body and comes with a power cable, warranty card, instruction manual, and the filter. It will efficiently remove 96% of the bacteria and 93.1% of PM 2.5 to make the interiors of the car cleaner and refreshing.

The installation method of this car air purifier is similar to that of the Airspa. You have to twist and open it; place the filter in the center and close it back in. It can be used in any car that has a 12v port.

On plugging in the cable, this purifier will not start automatically but will remain on a standby mode. You will have to press the power button for it to start working. Then indicator turns green when it is operational.

Notable Features

  • It has a HEPA filter and an ionizer
  • The CADR of this purifier is 7 m3/hr
  • It is equipped to purify the air of the interior of a car measuring up to 4 m3.
  • It has a USB port on the adaptor for mobile charging.
  • This machine comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • The dimension of this car air cleaner is 32 x 19 x 52 cm, and it weighs 720g.

What We Like

  • Good quality built
  • excellent customer care support and after sales service
  • It uses HEPA and an ionizer
  • Effective in elimination odors
  • Comes with a USB port
  • Scientific distribution of clean air

What We Don’t Like

  • Higher price point
  • Lacks filter replacement indicator
  • Does not have adjustable fan speeds
  • CADR 7 m3/hr


It is a decent purifier due to its compact design and simple operation. There is not much to dislike in this product. If you are okay with its relatively higher price, you can totally settle for it.

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6. Purita Classic Car Air Purifier with Multi Layer HEPA Filtration

Purita Classic Car Air Purifier with Multi Layer HEPA FiltrationPurita car air purifier is the best value for money product on this list. This cylindrical model in silver and grey will add a dash of plushness to the interiors of your car. It has a CADR of 12 m3/hr and comes with 4 layers of filters.

This air cleaner uses a pre-filter, a HEPA, activated carbon filter and an ionizer. The CADR of 12 m3/hr will suit all small to medium sized cars. You can as well use in places like small cabins or office chambers.

The single button feature makes handling easy. Its intelligent mode automatically adjusts the speed by judging the air quality within the car. It has a dimension of 25.6 x 12 x 9 cm and weighs 662 gm.

It has a well-built body made of alloy and is super quiet while working. You would be amazed by its performance as it reduces dust, smoke, allergens, pollens, pet dander, formaldehyde, odors, and TVOC by 99.99%!

It comes with a light indicator to show air quality. On switching on the cleaner, it will show blue light, after the purifier has detected the air quality, it will change its light accordingly.

A red light indicates the air quality is poor, and fan will be working on the highest speed.

a yellow light indicates an average air quality, and the fan will be working on medium speed.

Blue light is the indicator of good air quality, and the fan will be working on a low speed.

Notable Feature

  • It has an intelligent mode that detects the air quality and works accordingly
  • The CADR value is 12 m3/hr.
  • It comes with a long power cord that can reach the back of the car, and it connects to the USB port.
  • The warranty is of 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • It fits perfectly into a cup holder. Other types of mounting are not recommended.
  • This air cleaner works super-quietly with a noise level lower than 29 db.
  • This machine will beep thrice, and its light will blink three times to indicate that its filter needs changing.

Things We Like

  • 4layer air filtration system
  • Pocket- friendly price
  • The filter can last up to 1 year
  • Low noise level
  • Air quality indicator
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • CADR 12 m3/hr
  • Alloy body

Things We Don’t Like

  • Compatible only with USB port
  • Fits only in cup holders
  • Filter replacement cost is slightly higher


With its pocket-friendly price tag, performance-oriented features and sleek looks, this one is ideal for people who want their air cleaner to act like a pro.  Its noise level is very low and will not distract you while you are driving.

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7. Purify+ Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Purify+ Car Air Purifier with HEPA FilterThis roundish shaped air cleaner in classy black and white is the best budget buy. It comes at a very reasonable price and does a decent job in clearing the air through its four-stage air filtration process. It will make the air quality better by a significant degree by exterminating pollutants like dirt, dust, allergens, cigarette smoke, bacteria, virus, and PM 2.5.

This machine is better than many others, but it ranks 7th on this list because it lacks fasteners, does not have an indicator for air quality or filter replacement. Another drawback of this product is that, it has an offsite warranty of 1 year. Which means you will have to send it to Delhi in case of any defects.

Its 4-stage filtration includes a pre-filter, a HEPA, a layer of activated carbon and an ionizer which can be turned off as per wish. You will have to press the power button twice to turn the ionizer on.

NOTE: The machine shuts down on the third press of the power button.

Notable Feature

  • The filters of this purifier will last between 6 to 8 months
  • It has a product dimension of 23x23x3 cm
  • The ionizer in this car air cleaner can be turned off
  • It fits into the 12v socket of a car
  • This purifier comes with an offsite 1-year warranty.

Things We Like

  • 4 stage filtrations
  • provision for turning off ionizer
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Low filter replacement cost
  • Simple operation

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Does not come with fasteners
  • Offsite warranty
  • Lacks filter replacement indicator


This product is the best in its price range. It has an uncomplicated design that does a pretty good job of purifying the air. This cleaner is suitable for most cars. You might have to invest in a few fasteners for its safety if you decide to buy it.

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Buying Guide for Air Purifiers for Cars

If you travel a lot and spend most of your time in the car, it is very important to buy an air purifier as you expose yourself a lot to polluted air. A purifier helps you filter the air inside your car and provide you fresh air.

Another reason that you must consider buying a car purifier is to prevent the odor. If you or your fellow passenger smokes in the car, the smell of the cigarette can be easily removed using an air purifier. It can also help you deal with other odors such as sweat, stinky shoes, or farts!

How do car air purifiers work?

Every car air purifier works in a different manner, depending on the mechanism embedded in its design. Some purifiers work by sending the streams of negatively-charged particles into the air. These particles help in neutralizing any vulnerable particles in the air.

Some other designs draw the air inside the device to filter the dust particles. The fresh air is then re-circulated in the car.

There are a few purifiers that produce ozone to neutralize bad odor. Devices that use carbon filters also do the same job but they draw the air inside the purifier.

What to look for in a car air purifier?

Before finalizing an air purifier for your car, here are some factors that you must look for to ensure that you achieve the best results.

1.Method of air purification

The air purifiers use three different methods to ensure the device is performing perfectly – filters, ozone generators, and ionizers. You can decide which one works for you the best and then buy accordingly.

  • HEPA Filter:

Using HEPA filters is one of the oldest ways of purifying the air inside the car. These filters capture all the particles that are present in the air and are larger than 0.3 microns. These particles include pollen, smog, dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants.

The HEPA filters contain multiple fibers that are winded together. When the air is forced through the filter, it captures all the dust and other particles and sends clean and fresh air outside.

The filters are very effective as they remove the dirt and other particles physically from the car’s environment. It purifies the air consistently and is a perfect option for those dealing with severe allergies. The only drawback of HEPA filters is they don’t work on removing odor from the car.

The purifiers that contain HEPA filters are a bit difficult and costly to maintain as you need to keep replacing the filters quite often. The frequency of replacement depends on the level of dust or debris present in your car.

  • Negative ion generator:

The purifiers that offer this type of purification work by releasing a stream of negative ion charge into the air. They don’t use a filter; instead, these negatively-charged ions get attached to harmful particles present in the air and bring them down to the surface. These particles can be then cleaned easily using a vacuum cleaner.

Some devices emit small amounts of ozone as it gives your car a shock and help in eliminating pollutants and other particles easily. These devices are generally compact and can be plugged into the 12-V power socket of your car. These low-maintenance devices don’t require much power.

  • Activated carbon filter

An air filter that contains activated carbon is very helpful in eliminating many types of gases such as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde. They also help in removing bad odor and TVOCs.

A carbon filter comprises of a bed of activated carbon that is enhanced to promote absorption. These filters then help in attracting and sucking out gaseous molecules present in the air.

  • Ozone Generator

The ozone generators work by creating ozone in the car. The ozone is very effective in removing gases but they are terrible to breathe in and can be harmful to you if you have respiratory issues. However, you can use the ozone generator while there is no one in the car to eliminate orders.

When compared to all the other types of purification, using HEPA filters is considered as the best. Most of the car air purifiers use ionizers and ozone generators as they are effective and low on maintenance. The only issue with them is the ozone emission. To solve this, some purifiers use ionizers with a certification that guarantees that the device will produce a very low level of ozone. You must check these levels.

The modern car air purifier systems are built using a combination of different types of purification methods. The most common and effective combination is HEPA and Carbon filter. You get the best performance as it offers multiple layers of purification.


CADR (clean air delivery rate) refers to the rate at which an air purifier can purify the air within your car. ACH means the number of times the filter can purify the air within a car per hour.

The cabin value of an average car varies between 3.10-3.40 cubic meters. This means that the purifier should be able to cover this volume of air. A good car air purifier should provide an ACH rating of 4 and the CADR of around 12 m3/hr.

3. Air quality indicator and filter replacement indicator

You should always look for an air quality indicator in an air purifier as it can be very useful. This indicator helps you understand whether the air inside your car is clean or not. This is done using LED lights where green color lights mean the quality of air is good. If it shows orange or yellow lights, this means the air quality is average and the red lights indicate the air quality is poor.

This feature helps you understand whether the device is working or not.

The filter replacement indicators are very useful too as they help you understand whether the filters of the air purifiers need replacement or not. Using these features, you can ensure that your machine is working perfectly fine.

4. Automatic Shut Off

The HEPA and ionic car air purifiers come with an automatic shut off timer or sensor. Most of the purifiers come with a timer option of 2 hours and turn off automatically after 2 hours. Some purifiers shut off once you turn off the engine of the car. You can simply plug in the purifier without worrying about the draining of the batteries.

5. Charging and battery features

Most of the car air purifiers offer multiple charging and battery options. They can either be plugged into the cigarette socket or have replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

The advantage of having a plug-in option is you will not have to worry about charging the device or draining of the batteries. They can help you save time and money in the long run. However, these types of air purifiers are either small or less powerful as they have a limitation over power consumption. Thus, they are suitable only for smaller cars.

The purifiers that come with rechargeable batteries option have their own power source. Thus, they offer a greater and better purification system. These purifiers are portable and can be transferred from one car to the other with ease. The only disadvantage of these air purifiers is they are useless if the batteries run out of charge.

With the replaceable batteries option, you will not have to be worried about running out of power or charging as long as you have extra batteries. Most of the purifiers work using cell batteries and they work for quite a long time. But one thing that you cannot forget is you will have to keep buying batteries throughout.

6. Noise levels

A noisy car air purifier can cause distraction while you are on the road and can put your safety on risk. It can be pretty annoying if you wish to listen to songs too.

Thus, choose an air purifier that is not loud or does not create noise while you are driving. Generally, purifiers don’t make much sound. Maximum you can hear is a dull noise but make sure that it is quiet. If you think that your purifier is making an unexpected noise, this can be because of the faulty device or due to the overheating of the fan. It is not safe to use such purifiers and you should return it immediately for a replacement.

7. Placement

The plug-in air purifiers can be placed near the car’s power outlet. Other purifiers can be placed in other areas such as behind the headrest or in the cup holder.

Since all the products follow different installation mechanisms, you can buy a purifier accordingly. If you wish to buy a purifier with ionizers, you will not have to worry about the installation process as they are very easy to install. You can simply plug them to the power outlet and place it wherever you wish to.

Some purifiers are a bit difficult to install. If you wish to place it behind the headrest, make sure that the purifier comes with required accessories rather than you trying multiple ways to install it.

Another thing that you should look for is the purifier should be light in weight. Heavier car air purifiers are difficult to deal with.

8. Ease of operation

While buying a car air purifier make sure that it is easy to use. Most air purifiers come with a single turn on and turn off button. There are a few models that come with a tricky setup procedure using several cables and plugs. It is best to avoid buying such purifiers.

While most of the purifiers work well when plugged into the car’s 12V cigarette lighter socket, few other models need a USB adaptor that can be plugged into the socket.

Some models allow easy usage of the purifier where you can simply plug them to the power generator and turn on the switch. But, there are a few models that allow you to change the speed, choose your desired way of purification and also allow you to check the air quality with the help of indicators.

While some people prefer simple air purifiers, others prefer using purifiers that offer advanced features and technology such as time sensors, silent mode, etc.

Apart from all this, one more thing you must keep under consideration is a convenient and dependable mounting system. A purifier that does not fit properly or slides through the area can end up causing more inconvenience to you.

9. Attachment options

You should always check the attachment options that the purifier provides. Most of the models are compact and small and can be attached to the cigarette lighter or adaptor in the car. However, for larger models, you should plan in advance that how and where are you going to attach it.

Thus, to deal with this, look for models that offer clip-on features or that comes with an adhesive base. This makes the job more easier as you can simply place it over a flat and secure surface. Always look for a model that offers an easy and quick installation option that stays stable at a place.

10. Ease of maintenance

While buying an air purifier, make sure that you check how easy it is to maintain the device. An easy to maintain device allows you to clean the purifier easily and regularly. If it is not easy, you will be left with no other option than replacing the filter every now and then.

The purifiers that come with air filters require some amount of maintenance such as regular cleaning and replacing the filter. However, the purifiers with dedicated car ionizers don’t really require much maintenance as long as you clean it regularly.

11. Customized settings

Most of the air purifiers offer simple operation when you turn the device on and they either start filtering the air or start releasing ions. But, if you wish to have more control over the device, you can look for devices that offer advanced setting options. These settings usually offer you control over the fan speed or the strength of filtration. It allows you to tweak the settings according to the size of your vehicle or the level of freshness or air quality that you are looking for.

12. Brand

It is always a good idea to buy an air purifier from a trustable brand. These purifiers require a periodic change of filter. Thus, it is suggested to go for a brand that is common so that you get the filters easily.

Some brands offer cheaper air purifiers. But, after some time when you have to look for replacement filters, you might find it difficult to find one. Reputed brands, on the other hand, provide endless support when it comes to maintenance and you will not have to worry about spare parts even if the model of the device has gone out of production.

13. Additional features

Some additional features that you can look for in a car air purifier are as follows:

  • USB port – Most of the car air purifiers are compatible with a power source of 12V offered by the cigarette lighter port of the car. However, a USB port on the air purifier allows you to charge your other devices while the purifier is still on.
  • Different Fan Speeds – The pollution level of each place differs from the other. In the places where the pollution level is too high, you might have to switch the fan speed to turbo mode. Thus, an adjustable fan speed setting can be helpful to you.
  • Length of the power cable – It is preferable to buy an air purifier that comes with a longer power cable so that you can install it at different places in your car. A shorter cable does not allow that flexibility to you and you have no other option than installing it near the power cable.

Tips & Advice

  • If your device requires replacing the filters, keep checking the filter at regular intervals. It will also give you an estimated time when the filter needs a replacement.
  • It is always good to use the purifier by shutting the windows otherwise the allergens or pollutants will start building up quickly in the filters.

Maintenance Tips

The car air filters require some maintenance. The filters need to be inspected and cleaned properly at regular intervals to avoid clogging due to dust or dirt.

Most of the filters can be cleaned using plain water. You can even use a vacuum cleaner to clean the filter if it is non-washable. Some purifying systems require filter replacement at an interval of 3-6 months. You should check the product for the time frame for filter replacement.

Purifiers with ionic chargers don’t have filters. Thus, you will not have to worry about cleaning the filters regularly. Some of these purifiers do have a metal plate that catches the heavy dust particles. You might have to clean these plates.

Sources of air pollution in the car

The sources of air pollution inside a car are as follows:

  • People who smoke inside the car.
  • People who carry their pets while traveling also contribute to air pollution as pets leave behind fur, dander, and odor.
  • Keeping the windows open while driving attracts pollutants inside the car.
  • Eating food inside the car also tends to emit an odor that stays and is also reactive to the other charged particles inside the vehicle.

Benefits Of Using A Car Air Purifier

A car air purifier offers multiple benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

1.Provide a safe and clean environment inside the car

The air purifier helps in purifying the air and helps you in getting rid of all the pollutants, thereby making it safe and clean for everyone.

2. Maintain a fresh and odorless interior inside the car

The purifiers also fight against odors and other nasty smell by neutralizing the odor molecules and remove them from circulating inside the car. This helps you in enjoying a pleasant and fresh ride.

3. Eliminates allergens, germs, and pollutants

The air purifiers turn out to be very useful for people suffering from allergies or other respiratory issues such as pneumonia and bronchitis. They work on eliminating disease-causing germs or pathogens so that you can breathe in fresh and eliminate the symptoms of these disorders.

4. Promote easy and fresh breathing

People suffering from dust allergies will get to know the difference immediately if the purifier is on. These purifiers work on eliminating odors, dust, and other harmful microorganisms in the car and create a dust-free environment for you.

Frequently Asked Questions?


1. Can I install the air purifier in my car by myself?

Installing an air purifier inside the car is very easy and you don’t need any professional to do so. You can simply plug into the cigarette lighter socket and you are good to go.
Some models offer a USB Micro-USB interface. To install these models you will need a USB adaptor. This adaptor can then be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of the car.
The modern car these days offer an in-built cabin air filter system that is located below the dashboard. They follow a slightly different mechanism from the traditional car purifier systems.

2. Which is the best car air purifier in India?

Choosing a car air purifier depends upon several factors like the pollution level, preferred mounting type, and budget. However, we would recommend the Honeywell Move Pure and the Philips GoPure car air purifiers. These air cleaners are time tested, efficient, reliable, made of good quality material, and durable.

3. Why do I need to buy a car air purifier when I already have an air conditioner in my car?

The function of an air conditioner and air purifier are very different. An AC acts more like a refrigerator; it keeps the inside of a car cool. But it cannot eliminate fine sized pollutants and toxic gases that are detrimental to health. An air purifier will eliminate all such contaminants and keep the ambiance healthy.

4. Do car air purifiers really work?

Yes, they really work! As you cannot see the minuscule pollutants that the purifiers remove, you might be skeptical about their functionality. Once you install an air cleaning machine in your car, you are sure to feel the difference.

5. What are the different types of car air filters?

The various types of car air filters are; –
HEPA– This type of filter is most commonly used in air purifiers. These are very effective in trapping and eliminating all particulate matters that are larger than 0.3 micrometers.
HESA– A HESA filter eliminates all the toxic gases which HEPA filter isn’t equipped enough to do.
Ionizer– It releases negative ions which attach themselves to the pollutants and brings them down to the surface. You might have to vacuum the interior surface a little more frequently if you are using an ionizer.
Ozone Filter– It is best if you use an ozone filter while you are not inside the car. It is immensely effective in driving out harmful gases but can be dangerous to breathe in.
Carbon filter– It acts as a detoxifier. This layer attracts all the toxins and harmful chemicals like benzene and removes them form the air inside the car.

6. Does air purifier remove cigarette smell?

While most filters will remove the smoke considerably, but the smell of the cigarette will be best removed by an ionizer or a HESA filter. Activated carbon filters are also effective.

7. I have a cabin air filter in my car, do I still need a purifier?

Cabin filters do a good job in cleaning the overall air within the vehicle, but it might not be efficient enough to removefiner pollutants like PM 2.5, several bacteria and virus. This is why a car air purifier is needed.

8. How frequently do I need to change the filters of an air purifier of a car?

It depends on the particular brand of purifier you are using. The duration differs in each case. However, on average, a filter works for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 2 years. Do look up the estimated lifetime of the filter before purchasing a product.

9. Are ionizers safe?

Most ionizers are safe to use. They produce negatively charged particles or anions and should not be confused with ozone.

10. Can I keep the car window open while using a car air purifier?

Air purifiers are designed to function in closed space. Keeping the window open means a constant inflow of pollutants. Under this situation, the air purifier will have too much to process and will not function at its best. So, it is advisable that you keep the car window closed while this machine is switched on.

11. Can I wash the filters of a car air cleaner?

Most car air cleaners use HEPA filters. These filters are not suitable for washing and you should replace the filter from time to time. However, you can vacuum it as well for a few times; but in that case, its performance will be far from being at its optimum.

12. What happens if I don’t change the car filter for a long time?

When a filter requires replacement, it means that it cannot purify the air significantly unless the filter is changed. If you do not change the car filter, the air quality inside your car will not be high. Running a purifier with a clogged filter surface is as good as not using it at all.




Owing to the simplicity, quality, high performance, and reasonable price, the Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier  is our pick. However, if you want a few additional features in the same price range and live in an area with a high level of toxic gases, you might want to settle for the Philips GoPure Car Air Cleaner because it uses a HESA filter along with a HEPA.


In case we have missed a worthy inclusion that would have made this list of the best 7 air purifiers in India, a better one, let us know in the comment section below. Your thoughts and opinions are always valued and welcomed.