The 7 Best Soundbar in India: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Modern TVs are incredibly slim – but as there is no room for proper speakers, audio is not so good. If you are person who love to listen music or watch movies with good audio experience, then investing in a soundbar can be great option.

Sound bar is a narrow vertical speaker which enhances the audio quality. So, you can experience cinematic audio quality, good bass and clear sound.

To purchase the best soundbar in India, we recommend considering three key factors…

1. Sound Quality

Most of the modern soundbars support two different audio formats – DTS, Dolby Atmos, Usually, DTS format is the preferred option that Dolby audio format – because it has high bitrates, dynamic range, noise reduction and others.

2. Number of Channels

They are usually represented in format like 2.0, 3.1, 5.1 and 7.1. This format signifies number of channels available with soundbar and also refer whether it comes with a subwoofer or not. The first digit indicates number of speakers while the second number indicates number of subwoofers. For instance, 2.0 indicates that it comes with 2 drivers and 0 subwoofers.

3. Connectivity

Basic models provide simple Aux or Bluetooth connectivity whereas higher-end models come with WiFi interlinking and even HDMI connectivity that give you seamless audio experience. Choose the one according to your preference.

Apart from these three, there are a bunch of other important factors that you would need to consider before making a purchase decision. We have included them in the Buying Guide section of the article. A list of Best Soundbars is also provided below for your reference.

List of the 7 Best Soundbar in India

SoundbarsOutput WattageConnectivity
Buy Now
BoAt AAVANTE Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker120 WattsAUX, HDMI and USBCheck On Amazon
Blaupunkt Soundbar120 WattsBluetooth, AUX, HDMI and USBCheck On Amazon
JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar30 WattsAUX, HDMI, USB, and BluetoothCheck On Amazon
Mulo Arena Soundbar 45 WattsBluetooth, AUX, HDMI and USBCheck On Amazon
Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar120 WattsWiFi, Bluetooth, AUX, HDMI and USBCheck On Amazon
Mi Soundbar 8 Speaker Drivers80 WattsBluetooth and AUXCheck On Amazon
Sony HT-Z9F Cinematic 3.1Ch Soundbar440 WattsWiFi, Bluetooth, AUX, HDMI and USBCheck On Amazon

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Top Soundbars in India: Reviews

1. BoAt AAVANTE Bar 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

boat speaker

Next on our list is the boAT AAVANTE Soundbar. It is one of the most affordable Soundbar systems with a dedicated Subwoofer in our list. 

Top Features:

  • With 120 Watts of RMS output, the soundbar has a 2.1 channel sound drivers with an internal subwoofer as well
  • The external subwoofer is of 60 watts for extra bass that enhances your audio experience with an overall 3D Stereo surround sound
  • Multiple connectivity options from HDMI Ports, to Aux cables and USB but lacks Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity
  • High end equalizer technology that can optimize the sound output to suit the output source.

Warranty: 1 Year warranty manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

Connectivity: HDMI, Aux Cable and USB


  • Affordable pricing
  • Sleek and concise design
  • Great performance


  • No Wireless connections like the Bluetooth or WiFi Interlinking

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Blaupunkt SBW100 120Watts Wired Soundbar

Blaupunkt soundbar

A German brand from the Pre World War era, Blaupunkt boasts superior quality of sound output at an affordable cost. The SBW 100 has a great audio profile and an equally impressive style statement. 

Top Features:

  • 2.1 Channel soundbar with high quality German build and a 120 watt sound output power 
  • Comes with a dedicated Subwoofer that can deliver a heavy bass simultaneously with a loud volume 
  • The Subwoofer has a cinematic 3D Surround sound for an immersive experience
  • Side firing woofer amplifies the bass with better thump effects
  • Comes with an EQ mode that automatically adjusts to every type of genre of audio
  • Remote control management which can help you control, switch, change audio or adjust the volume of the soundbar along with changing the EQ modes, bass, treble etc.,
  • Multiple connectivity options from AUX and Bluetooth to HDMI ARC and USB
  • Very easily wall mountable and can dissolve into the surroundings

Warranty: 1 Year of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

Connectivity: HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, Aux and USB


  • Great and reliable build quality 
  • Brilliant sound output with its equalizer modes
  • Remote control
  • Side firing woofer


  • No WiFi connectivity

Buy Now From Amazon

3. JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar


Looking to upgrade your TV speakers at an affordable way then this JBL Bar Studio sound bar is your perfect choice. This is another product from JBL, a best brand for speakers, soundbars and home theater systems. It is a wireless soundbar with JBL Surround Sound and Built-in Dual Bass Port.

Top Features:

  • It has built-in dual bass port and JBL surround sound with power output of 30W.
  • Slim, compact, and admirable design which can be easily mounted onto the wall.
  • With its JBL surround sound, this soundbar will turn your TV sound into real cinema sound, without any extra speakers or wires.
  • It let you enjoy wireless music steaming with Bluetooth from any mobile. 
  • Multiple connectivity options from AUX, USB, Bluetooth, and HDMI ARC.
  • It works with most of the TV remote controls. So, simply use the existing TV remote control to operate both soundbar and TV.
  • Connect this BarStudio soundbar to the TV with simple HDMI (ARC) port and optical port cable setup. 
  • Simply plug the MP3 loaded USB drive to soundbar to play music automatically when USB drive is detected. 
  • It is compatible with audio player, mobile, laptop, television, and tablet. 

Warranty: 1-year warranty from all manufacturing defects. For product installation and free demo, you can contact their customer care at 1800 1020 525 (toll-free). 

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, AUX and HDMI ARC


  • Easy to control with a single remote for both soundbar unit and TV.
  • Multi-port connectivity 
  • Affordable Pricing 
  • Sleek and concise design.


  • No WiFi Connectivity and no voice assistant set up.
  • It won’t come with any subwoofers, which may affect the sound quality and its range/area. 

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Mulo Arena 5000 2.1 Channel Soundbar 

Mulo Arena

Next on our list is the highly rated and reviewed Mulo Arena 5000, a 2.1 channel soundbar with an internal subwoofer and multiple connectivity options all at a very affordable pricing. 

Top Features:

  • 2.1 Channel with a 25 Watt output subwoofer and a total RMS output of 45 watts
  • High and Mid frequencies can be delivered for a full spectrum audio quality
  • 4 Predefined Equalizer modes for movies, music, 3D and news. Switch between the modes in a single click and great ease depending on the content being streamed
  • Multiple connectivity options included ranging from AUX, RCA, USB and Bluetooth version 4.2. Comes with a converter cable (AUX TO AUX and AUX to RCA) for easier TV or Mobile or Computer connection
  • Sleek and admirable design statement and can be easily mounted onto the wall
  • Remote control which helps you control, manipulate and manage the volume, change the EQ setting modes and much more. 

Warranty: One year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

Connectivity: AUX, RCA, USB and Bluetooth


  • Affordable pricing
  • Highly reviewed and rated
  • Great reliability
  • Good subwoofer


  • No WiFi interlinking

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Mi Soundbar 8 Speaker Drivers

Mi Soundbar 8 speaker

Finally on our list is the Mi Soundbar. Xiaomi has been the hearthrob for budget appliances. The Mi Soundbar comes with an incredibly affordable pricing and a sleek and stylish performance. 

Top Features:

  • Come with 8 sound drivers with a total of 80 watts of power 
  • Single channel with no subwoofer but enhanced bass
  • The Enhanced bass is acquired with passive radiators present in the soundbar
  • Minimal set up time required and can be easily connected to any device with bluetooth
  • The Mi Soundbar also has other connectivity options such as the S/PDIF, Aux-in cable, optical and the Line-in connectivity ports using which you can connect the soundbar to TVs, Mobiles and anything else
  • Light in weight, the soundbar can be set up and installed on the wall as well. 

Warranty: One year of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

Connectivity: Aux and Bluetooth


  • Light in weight yet very sturdy
  • Minimal in design
  • Very affordable pricing


  • Does not have large sound output power enough for superior bass or treble
  • No voice assistant set up
  • Lacks WiFi interlinking
  • Less number of channels

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar

Yamaha YAS109 Soundbar

Next on our list is the Yamaha YAS 109 Soundbar which comes with inbuilt Alexa voice control  and WiFi interlinking as well. Much like the JBL soundbar, this one too has an additional wireless subwoofer variant too apart from the inbuilt subwoofer.

Top Features:

  • Great output power of 120 watts with two 30 watt channels and 1 subwoofer of 60 watts.
  • The subwoofer is 3 inches and the external wireless subwoofer (optional) is 8 inches) which give great bass to the sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity and streaming inbuilt in the device thus you can use it easily with your mobile as well
  • HDMI Passthrough supported that makes it easy to connect with almost any screen interface
  • Built in Voice Control Assistant Alexa for great convenience
  • Clear Voice for enhancing dialogue clarity. 
  • Also has Dolby Atmos Surround, Virtual X 3D Surround Sound for an immersive surround experience
  • Can be set up for wall mount as well underneath the TV

Warranty: Comes with one year brand warranty from the date of purchase.

Connectivity: WiFi, USB, Bluetooth and HDMI passthrough supported


  • 2.1 channels with internal subwoofer as well
  • Alexa inside for great convenience
  • Great design style


  • None too specific to mention

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Sony HT-Z9F Cinematic 3.1Ch Soundbar

Sony HT Z9F Cinematic Soundbar

Next on our list is a 3.1 channel soundbar from Sony. The Sony HT-Z9F comes with the option to add two more speakers to convert it into a 5.1 channel set up as well. 

Top Features:

  • 200 Watts output power capacity at nominal and maximum at 400 watts
  • Proprietary Sony vertical sound engine technology for a cinematic audio experience
  • 3.1 Channels with Dolby Atmos Surround DTS X experience
  • Can be upgraded to 5.1 Channels with 
  • Output audio is 4K HDR Compatible 
  • Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth connecting and also WiFi interlinking enabled
  • A soundbar that has both Alexa enabled in it and also Google Assistance enabled in it
  • Can be directly wirelessly connected to the Bravia TV

Warranty: One year warranty from all manufacturing defects

Connectivity: Bluetooth compatibility, WiFi interlinking, USB, Optical and also supports HDMI cables as well


  • Multi port connectivity 
  • Great compliance and very premium output sound quality
  • Both Alexa AND Google Assistant supported


  • Some minor issues with the Dolby Atmos Surround

Buy Now From Amazon

What is a Soundbar Speaker?

As the name implies, it is a bar like speaker which can connected to different devices like television for projecting audio. They are suitable for enhancing TV audio output. Because of their size, shape, and output, soundbars are considered ideal for living room or home theatre. Over the years, sound bars have become slimmer in size. They have several connectivity options that include MP3 players, iPhone, DVD and many more.

Compare to other music stereo systems, soundbars are less expensive and easy to install as well. However, the sound output provided by sound bar is not the same as a separate stereo system would provide. Most of the wireless soundbars come with subwoofer which will be connected to main speaker via Bluetooth or cable wires.

How to Choose the Best Soundbar?

Below, we have provided a detail buying guide with all the information and factors you have to consider while purchasing a soundbar.

1. Sound Quality

With slimmer TVs, you may not get sound clarity as you may want. Therefore, people prefer purchasing a soundbar for enhanced audio and sound, clear audio clarity, enjoy various modes of music and channel sound for cinematic experience.


source: digibaneh.com

If you want enhanced audio experience, then choose a soundbar that supports Dolby Digital audio format or other high-resolution audio formats. Wattage of audio output also impacts the audio experience. Along with that, number of speakers and placement are also responsible for surround sound, multi-channel and other modes.

Usually, DTS format is the preferred option that Dolby audio format – because it has high bitrates, dynamic range, noise reduction and others. Soundbars with dolby audio decoders are giving tough fight to DTS enables soundbars.

Below, we have provided clear ideal on both these audio formats.

a) Dolby – As this audio decoder is based on audio compression technology, it is the most preferred choice. It provides amazing sound quality without any interruptions. It is the most proprietary technology which provides 2 dimensions with sound. The current Dolby Atmos technology can process up to 128 distinct objects with surround sound. Some of the popular Dolby versions are…

  • Dolby Digital with 5.1 channels at 640 Kpbs
  • Dolby TrueHD with 7.1 channel at 18 Mbps

b) DTS – It is stands out for digital theater system and mostly used in home theatre systems. They provide rich and deep sound quality by focusing more on surrounding noises. Some of the best DTH versions are…

  • DTS Digital Surround with 5.1 channel at 1.5 Mbps
  • DTS HD High-Resolution with 7.1 channel at 6 Mbps

2. Number of Channels

While shopping for soundbars, you may come across different options like 2.0, 3.1, 5.1 and 7.1. some people may not be aware of what these numbers represent. They signify number of channels available with soundbar and also refer whether it comes with a subwoofer or not.

The first digit indicates number of speakers while the second number indicates number of subwoofers. For instance, 2.0 indicates that it comes with 2 drivers and 0 subwoofers. In the same way, 5.1 represents 5 drivers and 1 subwoofer. And 7.1 indicates 7 drivers (right, left, center and other 2 speakers) and 1 subwoofer.

Sometimes, they come with wireless subwoofer or wireless satellite speakers. Some models also have third number (like 5.1.4). In these cases, the last number represents dedicated drivers for creating an enveloping effect. Some modern soundbars come with Atmos which is capable of processing 128 distinct objects in some particular scenes.

3. Subwoofers

One of the main questions people face while considering this factor is that whether they should purchase soundbar with or without subwoofer. To say in simple terms, subwoofers are nothing but speaker drivers which are known for reproducing low-frequency audio.

For adding more effective experience to shows or movies, you need subwoofers. Because they amplify the audio and let you experience fuller effect. This is why they can project wholesome audio within the room.

Amplification is main thing with subwoofers. You can choose a high bass one or low-frequency one based on your preference. You have to consider the woofer effect that will be created within the room and analyze the number of subwoofers that can be fitted.

4. Connectivity

Another important thing to consider while purchasing soundbar is the connectivity. In most of the cases, you can connect the soundbar with your best smart TV. Some soundbars come with optical cable connection which is fine in some cases but HDMI is the most preferred option. Because it can support more audio formats than optical cable. This is the reason you will get more sound quality with HDMI. Optical cable can support formats like stereo, Dolby digital, and DTS. While HDMI cable can support other formats as well like stereo, DTS, DTS-X, Dolby digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD and others. Some of the modern soundbars come with several connectivity options and several ways of doing it. Some of the key connectivity options are…


This is an easy connectivity option. All you have to do is just connect the HDMI cable with soundbar with TV’s audio return channel input. This is particularly good for multi-channel soundbars.

b) Wireless Connectivity

If you are looking for the ability to stream directly through phone or tablet, then this the right option. There are two wireless connectivity options. We have mentioned them clearly below for your reference.

  • Bluetooth – Most of the soundbars come with built-in Bluetooth which makes it easy to stream music from tablet, computer and smartphone.
  • Wi-Fi – Some come with Wi-Fi option which can be connected to your home internet network and stream the music from anywhere you want like Pandora, TIDAL or Spotify.


c) Digital Audio Inputs

Most of the soundbars come with at least one digital audio output (coaxial or optical), analog stereo RCA or mini-jack input for connecting cable, disc players, or any other music gear. In the last few years, optical digital audio (input and output) have been popular types of connectivity. However, newer equipment like blu-ray players and cable boxes can send digital audio signal through HDMI cable.

d) Streaming Connections

Modern soundbars come with several streaming options like movies and music from Amazon, Hotstar, Netflix, internet radio stations and social networking options. You have to purchase a soundbar that can be used as stereo or streaming music from smart devices like phones or tablets from anywhere you want.

5. Placement

When it comes to set up, sound bars are considered more versatile. You can install them over the wall or sit in front of the TV easily without any worries. If you have installed TV on a table, then you can place the soundbar on the same table, just below the screen. However, ensure that you have enough space between TV and soundbar. Check the measurements specified with the product before making the purchase. If you have wall-mounted the TV, then you have to install the soundbar on the wall as well. Some of them come with mounting kits as well which make the whole installation process much easier.

placement options

source: digibaneh.com

Some Expert Tips:

  • One of the common questions customers often ask is if they can place a soundbar above the TV or not. The answer is that you can place them if that is the only place you can install it. However, the audio isn’t as good as it. But you solve it by choosing a versatile option like HEOS bar as they are specially designed to provide good sound output wherever they are placed. Regardless of whatever you choose, soundbar is still much better than in-built speakers of TV.
  • Some soundbars have sharp looking look while some are a bit tough to blend in and some are specially designed for TVs so that they are pair beautifully. If the latter option is the best option, then check out if your TVs manufacturer has sound bar range as well.

6. Size

As soundbars come in different sizes you have to check out which one suits your requirements best. Along with that, you should also check out the connectivity of soundbar is compatible or not. Generally, you can choose any size of soundbar and doesn’t not have to be of the same size as TV. But if you want even look, then opt for a soundbar of same size that of your TV. Below, we have provided some specifications of soundbar sizes and suitable TV screen size.

Soundbar SizeSuitable TV Screen Size
12 inchesSmall TV screens
38 to 45 inches42 to 50 inches
50 inches55 to 65 inches
60 inches55 to 65 inches

If you just have the size of your TV, then you can just pick the suitable and accurate size based on the above information.

7. IR Sensors

If you have wall-mounted the TV, then you can conveniently place the soundbar below the TV. But the main problem is when the you place the TV on an entertainment stand. Placing the soundbar over a stand can block its IR sensor.

New technology is available now-a-days which is called as IR repeaters which are designed to pass the signal to TV sensor. Main working principle of IR sensors is extensibility of infrared light which can be accessed using remote. And this also ensures the sensor is reached without any signals or blockage or interruptions that are usually caused due to placement of soundbar.

8. Active Soundbar or Passive Soundbar

Another important decision you have to make while picking up soundbar is whether you want active or passive one. Before that, you have to understand the difference between active and passive soundbar.

Active soundbar is self-amplifies which means that it has to be power sourced through standard cable plugging. When it comes to passive soundbars, they depend on external amplifier to run. To say in simple terms, active soundbars can run on their own for powering the functions but passive soundbar uses external AV receiver for the same.

As per our expert’s recommendation, if you have to upgrade the sound quality, then active soundbar is the right choice. but for custom installations and requirements, you have to choose passive soundbar.

9. Universal Remote Support

Do you prefer having many remotes for controlling different devices or you can access all your devices using one single remote. It is obvious that everyone likes to have single remote to control all their devices without worrying about multiple things. Even a soundbar can be accessed using universal remote support.

10. Additional Features

For people who like to have something extra than usual can check out the additional features. These features can also increase the money of the soundbar. So, keep in mind that none of these features should not extend beyond the budget you can afford.

  • Voice Assistance – Some soundbars come with voice assistance feature which let you command it using your voice. This is a substitute for remote control.
  • LED Panel – It provides visual feedback of mode, volume or any other feature information.
  • Sound Modes – They provide a wide range of sound modes which help you adjust according to your requirements. Because same sound or action scene cannot be matched with same soothing music.
  • Dialogue Settings – It helps you adjust the voice for speech enhancement and clarity. It is suitable while watching videos that come with loud music but unclear dialogues.
  • Multi-room Audio – You can make the soundbar a part of multi-room audio system.
  • EQ – Some soundbars come with in-built equalizers which help you tune up the soundbar according to the place of installation.

11. Budget

You can find a feature-rich soundbar at just fraction of price from a similarly feature-rich soundbar. Here comes the trickiest part. Most of the low priced models of not so popular soundbars may come with good quality but there is some margin of problems that exist in them.

It is either the plastic quality that is at fault or it is the sound output quality or it may be a connectivity issue. Often than not, you would be buying a Soundbar for an expensive and good resolution TV. In such a case, it is always wise of you to go ahead with a good quality Soundbar, even if it falls somewhere in the optimal budget range.

12. Warranty

As soundbars are an expensive investment, it is very important to check the warranty of the product you choose. Generally, warranty of a soundbar is around 1 year. Depending on the brand of your choice, you can either get higher or lower. There are a lot of not so credible brands that provide cheap 6 months of manufacturer’s warranty but please make sure you properly vet the brand from its reviews before choosing such products. A lot can be told about a brand by the duration of its warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the best soundbars?

Best soundbars are considered to have enough sound output, multiple connectivity options, multiple speakers, high resolution sound and it has to support several audio formats as well. Budget and usage also determine the quality of the soundbar. Some of the best soundbar models come with Sony, Philips, Boat and JBL.

2. What is a front-panel display in soundbar?

Soundbar with front-panel display is actually very nice. This display will actually add class and style to the appliance. However, they are not very essential to the soundbar. Volume changes and other control options are usually displayed in TV. They can be controlled according to your taste. So, there isn’t much sense in choosing a soundbar that has front-panel display. However, this is can be personal preference.

3. What is the difference between sound base and sound bar?

Soundbar is narrow speaker which come with a subwoofer and 2 audio channels. Soundbase is a bit larger base where you place the TV. It is used for connecting other large speakers as it doesn’t come with any speakers in it. When it comes to price, soundbased are a bit expensive than soundbar. And there is no much difference in sound quality between the two types.

4. Is to add speakers to soundbar?

Yes, soundbars can be extended with more speakers according to your interest. You can add either wireless rear speakers or wired ones. You can connect them using HDMI connectivity with larger sound system.

5. Does soundbar require a subwoofer?

To say in simple terms, soundbar usually doesn’t require subwoofer. It can still provide good sound even without a subwoofer. There are soundbars which come with extra subwoofers. If you like to have sound at low frequencies like bass, then subwoofers can be quite handy. So, it’s not compulsory to have a subwoofer with soundbar. However, it can be a great addition if you want best sound experience.

6. Does soundbar improve TV sound?

Yes, having a soundbar can improve the audio experience of your TV. The main reason for investing in a soundbar is to improve the sound of your television. Because the slim TVs don’t have speakers with enough capacity. Soundbars are designed to be installed just below the TV so that they can be a part of the system. They can improve audio output, speaker’s quality and other audio technology. If you are not satisfied with audio quality of the TV, then adding soundbar would be a great.

7. Can we add speakers to a sound bar?

Soundbars can be extended to facilitate more than the speakers in its systems. You can either add wireless rear speakers or also if they have HDMI connectivity, you can connect them and have a larger sound system for the room.

8. What is the difference between active and passive speakers?

Active speakers are those that come with an in-built amplifier to power the sound. Soundbars have amplifiers of their own that can power the sound channels and this separate the left, center and right speakers.
Passive speakers on the other hand are those that do not have any built-in amplifiers in them. They would need an external amplifier to be able to work. Soundbars are usually not passive speakers but passive soundbar speakers are also available. They are great if you need to manipulate the sound a lot and also for large scale audio setups and are generally more expensive than active speaker soundbars.

9. Does subwoofers make any difference in a sound bar?

Subwoofers give you intense hums and booming sound effects from the music that add on to the magic of the audio. Most of the soundbars of today come with a subwoofer and that’s a good thing as it adds great sound value to the entire speaker units.

Wrapping it Up

The super powerful JBL Bar Studio is truly wireless, built-in dual bass port and JBL surround sound with power output of 30W. With its JBL surround sound, this soundbar will turn your TV sound into real cinema sound, without any extra speakers or wires, JBL Connect and the Harman Display Surround Sound, it is easily one of the best Soundbars to buy in India. 

While that was our list, we are intriguing to find out about your picks. Which one did you like? Did we miss out on anything? Or do you want us to add or remove anything from the list? Or is it that you have any questions for us regarding Soundbars or other audio gadgets? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team of product experts will write back to you as soon as possible


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