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The 7 Best 5.1 Home Theatre Systems in India 2021 Reviews

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5.1 home theatre systems have been popular – because they offer better audio quality and surround system than regular two-channel home theatre.

As there are several options, choosing a single model can be difficult. We have provided few main factors to consider while purchasing a 5.1 home theatre.

1. Connectivity

Usually, there are three different connectivity options – HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth. If you have to stream wirelessly from a tablet or smartphone, then A/V receiver connectivity is required for pairing up. When it comes to WiFi, it is much similar to the printer integration within home network. Bluetooth is actually less used or preferred option as the audio will be compressed while streaming.

2. Surround Sound

There are popular surround sound codecs – DTS and Dolby. These are software programs which are designed to receive incoming sounds, blend them and distribute evenly through the speakers. Usually, Dolby is better option compared to DTS as it provides more theatric experience.

Other information on how to choose the best 5.1 home theatre is mentioned in the Buying Guide. Read it thoroughly for making a wise decision.

Based on the same information, we have rounded up the best 5.1 home theatre in India for you.

List of the Best 5.1 Home Theatre Systems in India

Home theatre systemsOutput PowerWarrantyBuy Now
Sony HT-RT3 Home Theatre System600 Watts1 YearCheck On Amazon
Sony HT-IV300 Home Theatre System1000 Watts1 YearCheck On Amazon
Philips Multimedia Speakers System120 Watt1 YearCheck On Amazon
F&D F3800X 5.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker65 Watts1 YearCheck On Amazon
Yamaha 4K Ultra HD 5.1 Home Theater System135 Watts1 YearCheck On Amazon
Zebronics Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker65 Watt1 YearCheck On Amazon
iBELL 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System45 Watt1-yearCheck On Amazon

Best 5.1 Speakers in India: Reviews

1. Sony HT-RT3 Home Theatre System

Sony HT-RT3 Home Theatre System

Second on our list is yet another Sony product. The Sony HT RT3 is also a Real 5.1 channel Dolby Digital home theatre system. But unlike the HT IV300 which comes with 4 individual speaker sets, the HT RT3 comes with 2 speakers and an integrated soundbar. 

The slim soundbar is integrated with 3 speakers in it and has a combined output power of 600 watts and is perfect for low rise home entertainment setups. It adds elegance to the entire audio visual experience. 

With the soundbar at the centre, there are 2 other speakers which are to be placed at the rear end of the room with the subwoofer to the side of the soundbar to complete the setup of the 5.1 channels. 

This set upt too comes with the one touch wireless NFC audio streaming and also Bluetooth connectivity (with 1 meter subwoofer range). It also has USB compatible audio playback and most importantly, it has HDMI ARC functionality for seamless transmission of signals. 

The ClearAudio+ aids in perfect audio reproduction and gives you an immersive sound experience to watch sports, movies and much more. The SongPal application lets you browse and play songs from the pen drive even from a distance.

Sony provides you with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase on this 5.1 channel home theatre set up as well. 


  • 2 speakers and a single Soundbar
  • 1 subwoofer
  • HDMI Cables and 
  • a remote

Things we liked about it

  • Soundbar based Home theatre system
  • NFC Wireless one touch set up
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • HDMI ARC Functionality for seamless transmission
  • ClearAudio+ for perfect audio reproduction
  • Dolby Digital sound
  • USB Compatible
  • SongPal for app lets you browse and play songs on the pen drive from your phone
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like about it

  • Nothing too specific to mention

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2. Sony HT-IV300 Home Theatre System

Sony Home Theatre System

Sony is one of those brands that is built on audio legacy. First on our list is the Sony HT- IV300, a Real 5.1 channel Dolby Digital DTH based home theatre system from Sony.

With a total Root Mean Square (RMS) Power of 1000 watts, the system can deliver a bombastic experience. The S-Master digital amplifier in the system makes use of a digital signal path to reproduce digital audio signal without the need for multiple analogue stages that conventional amplifiers use. This will give you great power with very little distortion or heat.

Of all the 4 speakers, two can be placed at the back of the room with two on the front on two sides. The central speaker has a subwoofer inside it which can deliver a low frequency bass to you. 

Enabled with NFC One Touch and Bluetooth compatible, you can also connect any device to the set up with the Multi Format playability that is available with the USB port. It also supports the DTH Set top box and Blu-ray player as well. 

The system setup comes with all the three Sony Audio technologies i.e, the Audio Harmonic Restoration, Advance auto volume and the dynamic range recovery. It also features the ClearAudio+ technology which can convert all the stereo audio to 5.1 channel audio. 

Apart from that, you also have the DTS-HD Master Audio for high res and detailed audio reproduction, Dolby TrueHD gives you a peerless audio quality and the Dolby Prologic technology all combine to give you an immersive audio experience.

Supporting 4K video, screen mirroring, football mode and having about 40% smaller and compact in its size, the system also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. 


  • 5 speakers 
  • 1 subwoofer
  • 1 DTH Box
  • HDMI Cables and 
  • A remote

Things we liked about it:

  • 1000 Watts of RMS output power 
  • NFC One Touch and Bluetooth
  • Multi Format playability and DTH cum Blue Ray compatible
  • Audio Harmonic restoration, Advance auto volume and Dynamic range recovery for superior audio restoration
  • ClearAudio+ technology and Dolby Prologic to convert stereo audio to 5.1 channel
  • DTS HD Master audio for high resolution audio reproduction
  • Dolby TrueHD for peerless audio quality
  • 4K video support, and football mode
  • Screen mirroring and screen casting
  • 40% smaller in size
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty 

Things we didn’t like about it

  • None too specific to mention

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3. Philips Multimedia Speakers System

Philips Multimedia Speakers System

Philips is known for their quality audio products and the Philips SPA8000B/94 is a 5.1 channels multimedia speakers home theatre system. This product too falls under the budget friendly HTS series. 

It has 5 speakers all of which give a combined output of 120 watts and have a normal frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 Khz and a nominal signal to noise ratio that is greater than 60 dB and has a 85 dB sensitivity. 

While the speakers have a 120 watt collective output, their impedance is nominal at 4 ohm. The subwoofer has an 8 inch long driver which is decent if not good for this price range. 

Thanks to its bluetooth connectivity, you can use this device with any mobile phone to play music or video as well. There is also the FM Radio Tuner present within the speaker that is a fun utility.

Philips provides you with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. 


  • 5 Speakers
  • 1 Subwoofer
  • 1 remote
  • Two RCA to stereo cables

Things we liked about it

  • Affordable pricing 
  • Decent drivers
  • 1 year warranty
  • FM Radio

Things we didn’t like about it

  • Not enough power for a high Dolby range home theatre system

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4. F&D F3800X 80W 5.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker

F&D F3800X 80W 5.1 Bluetooth Multimedia SpeakerThis speaker from F&D is equipped with a multicoloured LED panel that automatically changes its colours to elevate your mood. It comes with Bluetooth 5.1 with a range of up to 15 metres. 

The speaker comes with a remote control to switch on to your favourite FM station or listen to your favourite songs. The device also supports USB and SD cards to make the data transfer a hassle-free task. 

Moreover, the speaker has a 5.25-inch bass driver for the subwoofer to give a crystal clear sound. The digital FM in this device works on PLL technology and has a large storage capacity to store up to 100 stations. 


  • 5 satellite speakers, each of 3-inches.
  • 1 subwoofer (5.25-inches).
  • 1 remote control.
  • 2 batteries.

Things we liked about it:

  • Massive 65W sound output.
  • FM storage of up to 100 stations.
  • USB and SD card compatibility.
  • Multi-coloured LED lights.
  • 1-year warranty.

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Nothing specific to mention.

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5. Yamaha YHT – 1840 4K Ultra HD 5.1 Home Theater System

Yamaha homethetre system

This Yamaha YHT – 1840 5.1 channels HD home theater system gives out the best with its multi format supported AV set up system. The AV receiver will let you enjoy action movies with loud, dynamic soundtracks that heard in realistic surround sound.

Here the front, surround and center speakers are of high quality models, which is capable of reproducing HD audio, and subwoofer delivers clean powerful bass. Its AV receiver supports with latest HDMI (4 in/1 out) standards, HDR video, and compatible with 3D, CEC and audio return channel for easy operation. It transmits 4K video at 60 frames per second pass through, to let you enjoy the HD video quality of 4K without degradation.

If it’s not possible to install surround speakers behind listening position, then the virtual cinema DSP reproduce virtual 5-channel surround sound with two front speakers. Thus, you can enjoy sound with high quality and resolution. This DSP technology supports playback of HD audio (DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD) to provide natural and expansive sound imaging.

One can power on the AV receiver by pressing a scene button and select from different input source and DSP mode. Its low-range enhancement technology will deliver rich bass by maintaining proper sound balance and good localization, even with compact front speakers. A subwoofer when used will improve the volume and enhance its bass.


  • 5 speakers
  • 1 AM atenna
  • 1 FM atenna
  • 1 subwoofer
  • 1 AVR
  • 1 Remote
  • 1 Speaker Cable
  • 2 Batteries

Things we liked about it

  • Dynamic Surround Sound with high quality and resolution.
  • 4K Ultra HD full support
  • Virtual 5-channel speakers.
  • Traditional design will enhance the room.
  • Low range enhancement technology.
  • Excellent audio quality with rich bass.

Things we didn’t like about it

  • Pricing
  • The bass performance is not up to the mark.

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6. Zebronics ZEB-BT6590RUCF Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker

Zebronics homethetre system

The interesting front panel with glossy lines of this Zebronics 5.1 multimedia speaker will make it look stylish with attractive design. The LED display in this speaker will show information regarding the connectivity modes.

Its 5.1 input multi-connectivity options such as Bluetooth / USB / SD / AUX / MMC along with pen drive slot will let you enjoy each and every detail of the movie. This 5.1 speaker will support FM radio as well. One can easily grab the entertainment with a single press of button on its full functional remote control.

It comes with frequency response of 40Hz – 20KHz, and Bluetooth frequency range of 2.402GHz – 2.480GHz to let you play and enjoy the crystal clear high quality sound. The manufacturer provides 1-year warranty on the product from the date of its purchase.


  • 5 satellites speakers (2.75 inches)
  • 1 Subwoofer (4 inches)
  • 1 input cable
  • 1 remote control
  • User Manual

Things we liked about it

  • Fully functional remote control
  • LED display to know its connectivity modes.
  • 1 multimedia speaker with stylish design
  • Multi-connectivity options along with FM radio.
  • 4” subwoofer for perfect sound quality.
  • Value for money

Things we didn’t like about it

  • Speakers body is delicate and length of its cable is less.
  • The sound quality from sub-woofer is not up to the mark.

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7. iBELL IBL2045DLX 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

iBELL IBL2045DLX 5.1 Home Theater Speaker SystemiBELL 5.1 home theatre system deserves a place in our list as it not only ensures thumping bass but also covers all the sound ranges. With this system installed, you will never miss even a minor music note as it has an RMS output of 45W.

The speaker system includes five satellite speakers, each 2.5-inches in size. The sub speaker comes in the size 5.25-inch for powerful sound output. 

The fully functional remote control and the FM stereo radio ensure you have an exquisite musical experience. With Bluetooth 5.1 technology, the speakers cover a range of 240 metres. This means you can operate your speakers from any corner of your house.

The speaker system comes with multiple connectivity options like AUX, SD card, USB and MMC, allowing you to play your favourite tunes from any device.


  • 5 satellite speakers.
  • Fully functional remote control.
  • 1 subwoofer.

Things we liked about it:

  • 5.25-inch sub speaker for powerful audio quality.
  • Remote control.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • 45W sound output.
  • 1-year warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Nothing specific to mention.

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What is 5.1 Home Theatre System?

They are also known as satellite speakers. These music stereo systems come with 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer which are plugged to an AV receiver. This is why it is referred as “5.1”.

The arrangement of five speakers includes – center left and right front, left and right rear surround and finally a subwoofer. The center channel has to be placed right under or over the TV, left and right front go either side of television and another left and right rear set of speakers go to the either side of the viewer. So, it basically surrounds the whole room or the viewer.

The AV receiver of the home theatre will be connected to the television. It will convert the received all-audio data from different sources (Blu-Ray/DVD/CD players, Wifi, Bluetooth and others) into surround sounds to freely hover between the speakers.


Source: worldwidestereo

Essential Factors to Consider While Purchasing 5.1 Home Theatre System

These speakers are engineered in such a way that it mingles together for producing all-embracing and rich audio performance. If you are wondering how to purchase the best 5.1 home theatre system, then the below information can be of a great help. Read them thoroughly to make a wise decision.

1. Dolby or DTS

These two are the surround sound codecs. To say in simple terms, these are software programs which are designed to receive incoming sounds, blend them and distribute evenly through the speakers. This will create a theatric sound effect in your room.

Dolby uses object-based surround audio so it dependable on height of the speakers for providing theatre level sound experience. But DTS or DTS:X codec doesn’t depend or need height speakers for working. This is why it is considered as a user-friendly option.

Another difference between these two formats is based on the receiver and speakers. When it comes to 5.1 home theatre systems, Dolby and DTS codecs are considered better. In both these options, there can be minor difference in speakers and receiver but for 5.1 models, it is always better to choose Dolby or DTS codecs. This also lets you taken the advantage of upgrading the speakers.

If you have 5.1 home theatre, then you can add subwoofers for better quality in large home theatre rooms. Regular 5.1 home theatre doesn’t prevent you from using a 2 second subwoofer (unless all the output have been used). Check out the back of subwoofer to know if there is a line-level output for connecting another subwoofer directly.

Major differences between these variants is prevent in their compression levels and bit rates.

Dolby digital can compress 5.1 digital audio down to 640kbits/s bit rate for blu-ray discs. When it comes to DVD discs, the bit rate is slightly less (up to 448 kbits/s).

DTS has less compression capability. It can support higher bit rates (1.5 megabits per second). When DVD discs are considered, it can handle up to 448kbits/s.

This compression gap is wider when you considered HD formats. Dolby digital plus can handle up to 1.7Mpbs and DTS-HD can handle up to 6Mb/s. To say in simple terms, less compression while encoding will provide more clear audio and sound track that is closer to the original.

However, Dolby assures that their codecs are more efficient compared to DTS codecs. And they audio is better even in lower bit rate. Finally, you can get good sound quality and clear audio experience from both these variants. Choosing between them depends on your preference.

2. Connectivity

This factor should be analyzed based on your preference that include –

  • how many external devices do you want to connect with the home theatre?
  • Which sound support do you like?
  • Will you be connecting a Blu-ray player?
  • Do you connect via Bluetooth or WiFi?

Usually, there are three different connectivity options – HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth. You have to check how the system will be connected to TV. Most of the home theatres come with HMI ARC connectivity, so the TV has to be compatible with it.

If you have to stream wirelessly from a tablet or smartphone, then A/V receiver connectivity is required for pairing up. When it comes to WiFi, it is much similar to the printer integration within home network. Bluetooth is actually less used or preferred option as the audio will be compressed while streaming. If your system has aptX-friendly Bluetooth streaming, then make sure the receiver and source are compatible with the same.

3. Audio Performance

Audio quality is another important factor to consider while purchasing a 5.1 home theatre system. 5.1 home theatre (with 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer) is actually supported by RMS power which creates perfectly layered sound without leaving any details behind. Usually, makers test each system for bass power, surround-sound and dialogue clarity.

The two main speakers present in 5.1 home theatre handles all sounds and dialogue audio. For assessing these speakers, makers have provided a speaker switch (left and right speakers are connected to it). You can switch it from front to back across the systems for knowing which speaker works better.

Usually, home theatre systems that have subwoofer come with good bass response. If you choose a model with dominant subwoofer, then you can determine its energy volume by considering the RMS continuous power rating. Peak power is another specification that indicates the power of subwoofer.

4. Frequency Response

By analyzing this feature, you will know sound range width delivered by the speakers. Actually, humans cannot hear sounds above 17kHz so don’t get too excited if the system can go up to 50kHz. However, it is good to these specifications.

After getting your home theatre fixed, you may have to set the subwoofer crossover at some point. To say in simple terms, this is where the bass of subwoofer takes over. So, the additional speakers don’t have to deal with the low bass notes, leaving more power to do the things they are efficient at.

Setting this feature is actually very simple. It is usually done using receiver’s on-screen menu. Check out the subwoofer specifications and look for highest frequency it can go. For instance, if it has 250Hz, then you have to set the crossover point. By doing this, you can see how much difference it can make on the system.

5. Power and Compatibility

Every home theatre system comes with two things – amplifier/receiver and speakers. The receiver will send enough power to the speakers. In order to get best out of the home theatre, it is important to send appropriate correct levels of power to the speakers. For doing that, you have to rely on RMS (Root Mean Square) wattage levels.

RMS wattage represents how much power an amplifier can be provided to speaker over an extended time period. In some cases, it is specified as continuous wattage. This is actually a bit different from peak or dynamic wattage. This is the loudest range an amp can provide in short span.

It is important to check out the differences between RMS and dynamic. Why? Because every speaker set comes with certain requirements. This is usually referred as amplifier range. For instance, Sony 501 speakers come with 10 – 160 watts amplifier power per channel. So, you require an amplifier that has RMS and dynamic power in the same range.

Matching the speakers and amps is very important only if you are going to play ultrahigh audio tracks for longer period of time. If not, then only fraction of power that doesn’t damage the speaker. For best results, you have to connect amplifier with less RMS power that required by the speaker.

Another important point to check out the ohm symbol. This notifies the power supplied at particular electric resistance level. This has to be matched with the speakers. For example, If the speaker’s recommended 50watts RMS amplifier power at impedance of 8 Ω (sometimes referred as nominal impedance), then you should check whether the receiver can supply at least 8 Ω power.

6. Placement

Compared to other music systems, placement of 5.1 home theatre speakers is quite simple. Centre speaker should be installed just below or in front of the television. Right and left speakers are placed either side of the television. And the remaining two are placed either side of the viewer or listening area. Usually, they are wall mounted or placed on different speaker stands.

And finally the speaker which has to be placed beside the listening position or couch. When you play heavy bass music and check around the room or area where the sound is best. This step is considered as subwoofer crawl. You can fine tune the speaker set up according to the initial listening.

Creating an obstructed path between speakers and you (user sitting area) – if the speakers sound is blocked, consequential sonic performance will not be best. This can be caused due to peripheral acoustic factors. A reasonable sound can be achieved by reducing the bare floors and walls. A/V receivers come with different presets and settings which let you regulate the bass levels between the speakers and also change the background and movie volumes.

For in-built room calibration, you will need a measurement microphone. You have to attach it in the suggested position and press the button. The inner acoustic DSP processing will determine the frequencies and optimize the speakers and subwoofer according to the acclimation of room.

7. Design and Build Quality

5.1 home theatre systems come in several streamlines accents, elegant symmetry and glossy surfaces. So, you can easily choose a model that blends into your home décor. Because of their compact size, placement or installation options are unlimited. For speaker cones, glass fiber is the right one because this material allows broader frequency, better sound quality and faster response. Speakers with magnetic fluid provide crystal clear audio with fluid suspension and reduces power use. Speakers with mica-reinforced cones stretch sound pressure consistency for better frequency extension.

5.1 home theatres come with 5 voice-matched satellite speakers for all the five surround channels and subwoofer. The speakers are usually magnetically safeguarded so that they prevent interference which can harm the television. This combination provides 360-degree surround sound atmosphere.

If you want to regulate sound, then you can do it with phase and bass-boost controls. Usually, system is compatible with floor stands as they elevate the speaker to ear level. And it also lets you upgrade the system from 5.1 to 7.1 channels if you want encircling experience.

8. Other Features

  • Remote Controls – With universal remote, you can toss all the stray remotes because you can everything with just one single one.
  • LED Display – Having a LED display not only improve its looks but also provide insights on volume, mode and other factors.

9. Warranty

Usually, warranty varies from model to model and brand to brand. Most of the 5.1 home theatre systems come with 1-year warranty coverage if you purchase them from authorized dealers. If you experience any manufacturing defect within this warranty period, then you can get it fixed or replaced without any additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to connect 5.1 home theatre to PC?

Connecting your 5.1 home theatre to PC is much easier. If you are unaware, then below we have provided a step-by-step guide that helps you do it properly.

Step 1: You have to understand the speaker system
Home theatre system comes with several cables which are usually connected to subwoofer or volume control. The connections include – one cable will connect the speaker and AC outlet. Power connector will be fed into subwoofer unit and wires from subwoofer will be connected to speaker and control unit.

Cables usually come color-coded for easy installation and identification. Usually, green ones are for front inputs. Blue and black ones are for rear inputs. Center and subwoofer speakers come with orange or yellow cables.

Make sure to match and connect the cables properly with corresponding ones. And also provide enough attention to the subwoofer connections.

Step 2 : Know the PC Unit
Most of the computer units come with at least 3 audio connectors. Green ones are for line out, blue for line in and pink for mic in. Computers that come with 6 channel audio with 2 additional connectors.

5.1 speaker system will require alternate plug-ins that function properly. You may have to use line in and mic in plugs. If the system has two extra outputs, then it can be drawback. This is even true if the 5.1configuration is already been used up.

If the system can be connected and used, you may require alternate plug ins for functioning properly. You can use line in and mic in plugs but this can hinder the configuration. So, it is better to choose 5.1 model with motherboard unit.

Step 3 : Installing Speaker PC
 Installation process of speaker system usually depends on PC configuration. It usually depends on whether it comes with or without a rear or subwoofer outputs.
If the computer comes with separate rear and center output, then follow the below…

*Rear cables which is black or blue has to be connected rear out jack.

*Green cable (front) will be connected to green jack.

*Subwoofer cable (pink, orange or yellow) has to be connected with same colored jack.

If the computer comes without center output and separate rear, then follow the below…

*Rear cable (blue or black) has to be connected with blue jack – line in

*Front green cable has to be connected with same color jack – line out

*Subwoofer or center (pink, orange or yellow) is connected with pick jack (mic-in)

Step 4 : Software Configuration

Once the physical connections are set up, you have to go on with audio configuration in the operating system. This is usually done through audio driver properties.

After every audio driver installation, usually a small icon is made on the control panel. This is usually mentioned as sound effect management. You have to double tap the icon for opening the tab. Several options are usually displayed there. If it is a 5.1 home theatre, then you have to click on six-channel mode. If the PC has separate center and rear subwoofer output, then you have to check the only-surround kit option.

2. Is 5.1 surround system better or 7.1 surround sound better?

The numbers 5.1 and 7.1 denote the number of speaker channels and the subwoofers used in the music system. A 5.1 channel surround system comes with 6 channels in total where 5 are speakers and the 0.1 denotes the subwoofer. 

7.1, on the other hand, is an 8 channel system that comes with 7 speakers and a single subwoofer. When compared purely on channel-wise, you can choose the
7.1 surround system. But again, you need to check with the output power of each of the individual speakers. If the 5.1 channel speakers have higher output power than all the speakers of the 7.1 system combined, the 5.1 channel system is right better than the 7.1 system.

Wrapping it up:

The Sony HT-IV300 Real 5.1ch Home Theatre System has a massive 1000 watts of RMS output power which itself talks about the speaker quality. Also, its NFC One touch play, Bluetooth compatibility, Multi Format support, Blu Ray compatibility, ClearAudio+, Dolby TrueHD, Screen mirroring and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty make it one of the best Home theatre audio systems you can buy in India. 

While those were our picks, we would want to hear it from you. Did we miss out on anything? Or do you want us to include or remove something? Do you have any questions for us or any questions regarding any of the products mentioned above? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team of product experts will write back to you as soon as possible.

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