The 3 Best Slow Cooker In India 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

A great solution to solve food woes is to buy a slow cooker. It is one of the most convenient ways to cook a nutritious and tasty meal without spending much time. In our country, we are used to pressure cookers, but the advent of slow cookers or crock-pots in the market has opened the way for people to try a new method of cooking.

Before we begin shopping around for slow cookers, it is important to note the features which will help us in making an informed choice.

  • Types: Slow cookers come in 2 varieties. One is programmable where you can set a timer, clock, and other such settings, which will mean that you do not have to constantly be near your crock-pot. The other type is the manual one, where you will have to monitor the cooking from time to time.
  • Pot type: It is important to make sure that the type of material you choose for your pot suits your need. Ceramic, oval-shaped ones are usually preferred.
  • Capacity: Most cookers range from 1.4 liters to 8.4 liters. Depending on personal requirements and number of people in the family, a slow cooker which suits your needs can be chosen.

Since slow cookers have only recently started gaining popularity, it is imperative to choose the right one for our requirements. To avoid any confusion, we have gone through the products available online and brought you the ones which we felt were the best choices.

Below we have some of the best options in the market, which have been assessed and reviewed so customers can make an informed choice. Our comprehensive Buying Guide is also great to give you more information on the products.

3 Best Slow Cooker In India 2020

Slow CookerTypePot TypeCapacity (Liters)Buy Now
Marvel Captain America Slow CookerManualCeramic/Stoneware1.8CHECK ON AMAZON
Sabichi Haden Slow CookerManualCeramic3.5CHECK ON AMAZON
Haden 189677 Slow CookerManualCeramic4.5CHECK ON AMAZON

3 Best Slow Cooker In India 2020 Reviews

1. Marvel Captain America Shield 2-Quart Slow Cooker


This manual cooker comes with a ceramic pot inside and a tempered glass lid. It is equipped with variable cook settings, which include low, high, and warm. The most unique feature of this product is that it’s design on the outside is Captain America’s shield, making it fun even for kids to try cooking.

The capacity of this Marvel-themed cooker is 2 quarts or 1.8 liters.

It has handles that are heat resistant making it easy to transfer food without any hassles. Leaving the slow cooker on with the temperature desired and once back home, being greeted with the beautiful aromas that slow cooking food provides is a great experience. Dips, bites, and sweets are just some of the varieties you can make in this machine. The inner pot is also removable.

Notable features

  • Unique design
  • Tempered lid
  • Heat-resistant handles


  • Captain America shield design
  • Reliable temperature settings


  • Capacity is less/Pot too small

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2. Sabichi Haden Slow Cooker


This crock-pot comes with 3 heat settings, which include warm, low, and high. Its capacity is 3.5 liters making it great for family gatherings and entertaining guests. The inner pot is made of ceramic and is removable.

The lid is made of tempered glass, which allows for easy viewing to monitor the cooking process. It is also equipped with a large stay-cool loop, which helps retain heat and moisture. The bottom of the cooker also has anti-slip feet.

The outer portion of the cooker is made of stainless steel. The matching side handles make it easy to carry the cooker from kitchen to table. The pot allows the option to sauté or fry the ingredients before you start the slow cooking process.

Notable features

  • Stainless steel outer finish
  • Glass lid for easy viewing
  • Power light indicator


  • 3.5litre capacity
  • Option to sauté before cooking


  • Breakable ceramic pot
  • Maximum usage is 8 hours

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3. Haden 189677 Slow Cooker


This 4.5-liter slow cooker with a removable inner ceramic pot helps make delicious food without fussing over the stove for hours. The pot is oval-shaped, which means it is easier to fit different kinds of meat in it.

The cooker has 3 settings warm, high, and low. The slow cooker also has a brushed stainless steel finish and a tempered glass lid for easy viewing.

The stay-cool handles are heat-proof and help in moving the pot around easily. The inner pot can be washed by hand or even in the dishwasher and is even safe for oven or freezer use. The cooker can be left on for a maximum of 12 hours to cook different dishes ranging from meats to soups to even lentils.

Notable features

  • Big capacity
  • Removable ceramic pot
  • Heat-proof handles


  • 4.5 liters’ oval shape pot
  • Dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe
  • 12 hours cooking


  • Less cooking options
  • Fragile pot

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Buying Guide For Slow Cooker

1. Capacity

Figure out the quantity you will be cooking on a regular basis in your slow cooker; this will help customers in narrowing down their choices. Some are ideal for dips and sauces, while some can also accommodate curries and meat recipes, which require more space.

The smallest ones are usually 1 to 3 quarts, medium-sized ones are 4 to 5 quarts, and the largest ones are 6 to 7 quarts. Depending on the size of your family and also if you like to invite guests over, will help in deciding the best option for slow cooker.

2. Pot material

Slow cookers are usually made of ceramic. However, they are also available in metallic and cast aluminum. Ceramic ones can be used even in an oven but not on stove tops. They also weigh more than the other materials. Metal pots cannot be used in the microwave and are not known to cook evenly. Compared to this, aluminum crock-pots are more expensive and can be used on the stove and oven but not in microwaves. They are known to provide even heating to your food.

3. Types

Manual and automatic are the two varieties usually available in slow cookers. Manual is where you set the temperature to the few settings available and then turn it off on your own after a few hours. Some have the ability to turn off themselves after a designated time period. Whereas, automatic ones can even be connected to your Wi-Fi and switched on, and timers can be set with the help of your phone.

4. Indicator Lights

Looking for pots that have bright indicator lights and a knob that is clearly marked is important. This makes it easier to know when to turn off the cooker and avoid any mishaps.

5. Lid Material

While cooking in a slow cooker, one should never open the lid. Slow cookers, which come with glass lids, let us see what how the cooking process is developing without having to take the lid off. These are better than plastic ones, even though there is a chance of breakage. Also, one needs to make sure that the lid sits tight on the cooker, and there is no heat escaping through gaps.

6. Ease of cleaning

Make sure that there are no crevices or small gaps, which could make it hard to clean. Also, if you are reliant on a dishwasher, keep in mind to check if the pot is dishwasher safe. Materials like ceramic are easier to clean than metal ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is cooking in a slow cooker safe?

Slow cookers are completely safe and can reach a temperature of 209F. They also help in killing any dangerous bacteria present in meats. However, follow the times and methods given in the recipes to make sure your food is fully cooked.

2.What is the difference between high and low settings on the slow cooker?

Both these temperatures stabilize at the same time. It only refers to the time it takes to reach that particular temperature. Once the required temperature has been reached, cook time will depend on the cut of meat, weight, etc.

3.How long do slow cookers take to cook?

The time taken to reach simmer point, 209F, is between 7 to 8 hours on low and 3 to 4 hours on high. However, these might vary from cooker to cooker.

4.Does water evaporate in a crock-pot?

Slow cookers are designed to have very less evaporation. Recipes made in crock-pots usually tend to be     thicker than stovetops ones.

5.Can I reheat my food in a crock-pot?

It is usually not recommended to do so. But with ceramic pots, which are oven and microwave safe, this can be done separately. It is advised to read the instructions which come with your cooker.

6.Can the slow cooker be left on when not at home?

Most crock-pots are made to be left unattended. To make sure that it is safe, the cooker should be kept on a clean and flat surface. There should be no contact with other items, and the power cord should be secure.


Slow cookers are revolutionary for those who love cooking but don’t have the time. Especially if you love cooking meat and broths, this is the ideal product for you. They are only a one-step cooking process and help you save time on preparation and cleaning up. It is also great for gifting to friends and families who enjoy this hobby. Slow cookers are also great for professional kitchens, though a more expensive model would be ideal. Since now there are various options available in slow cookers in the market, it is important to make sure that you have bought one according to the needs of your family. Be it automatic, manual, small, or big; it should suit your lifestyle.

If you are still confused on which slow cooker to buy, our recommendation would be the Haden 189677 as the size is ideal at 4.5 liters. You can cook small or big amounts of food. The lid is made of glass; it has a versatile inner ceramic pot and easy to grab handles, which make it great for cooking without any hassles.

If you have any doubts or queries, please post them below. We would love to hear from you.