Top 8 Best Room Heaters to Buy in India: 2019 Reviews

best room heaters

Chilling winter months are harsh and annoying as the temperature falls below 25◦C in India. During this time, People stay in homes by covering up with blankets and cannot move freely because of the cool breezes or weather conditions.

Room heaters are a lifesaving option during cool weather conditions due to the wide heating options and flexible to work in small, medium and large rooms.

With the advancement in technology, you can protect from freezing cold, and make comfortable using Room Heaters. These budget-friendly devices convert power into heat and save electricity bills than centralized heating systems. It brings joy and happiness to babies, adults, and elders to keep safe and take utmost care.

When it comes to choosing the room heaters for homes, you should never fall into the marketing gimmicks (like offers, discounts, etc.). It’s important to consider several factors – room heater type, room size, heating element, power consumption, noise levels, and safety features – protective handle grip, auto on/off, and heat settings. For more detailed information refer our “Buying Guide“.

To make the things easy for you, we’ve done a bit research on room heaters for a couple of days and listed the Top 10 Best Room Heaters in India 2019 that’s in great demand now. Have a look at the room heaters that best matches with your requirements.

Best Room Heaters In India

Room HeatersFeaturesBuy Now
Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watt Room HeaterSuperior heating element, 1000 watts power, Nickel chrome plated reflector,
Corrugated reflecting surface
Check the Price
Orpat OEH-1220 2000-watt Fan HeaterThermal cut off feature, Long life heating element, safety mesh grill,
Non sagging and cool touch body.
Check the Price
Havells Calido Gold 20000W Fan Heater PTC fam room heater, 2 adjustable knob settings, white and gold colour design. Check the Price
Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-watt Fan Heater Fall protection switch, Thermostat, Highly portable room heater. Check the Price
Morphy Richards OFR 09 200-watt Room Heater9 fin oil filled radiator, Adjustable thermostat settings, Castor wheels. Check the Price
Eveready QH800-watt Room HeaterHeating indicator, ISI certified standards, Safety tip on switch cut off, Twin quartz tubes. Check the Price
Havells OFR 9-Fin 2500 Watt PTC Fan HeaterPTC heater with fan, castor wheels, No depletion of oxygen,
Overheat protection mechanism, Cord storage and rear safety cover.
Check the Price
Lasko 754200 Ceramic HeaterThermostat controller, Personalized ceramic heater, Compact and lightweight design. Check the Price

Top 8 Best Room Heaters Reviews in India 2019

1. Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watt Room Heater

Bajaj Flashy 1000-Watt Room Heater

Bajaj flashy room heater is the best room heater for winters as it comes with superior heating element in a compact and stylish design. This wonderful heater comprises of nickel chrome plated reflector which is corrosion resistance, increases surface hardness and for decoration.

The heating element of this device is very efficient in spreading the warmness in multiple directions and A corrugated reflecting surface on the heater helps to transfer the heat evenly in the entire room. For this reason, it has become our top priority from the list of best room heaters in India 2019.

The working of room heater is that when you switch on the power supply, heating element or rod takes some time to produce heat by utilizing 1000 watts of energy and spreads warmness by reaching each and every corner. If you want to shift the heater to other locations, first you need to switch off the power button. Let it be cooled for some time so that you can take it to other room easily without causing burns. And yes, it comes with a flexible stand at the bottom for strong support.

You will surely love the product for its amazing functionalities and features to bring hotness in a small or medium sized rooms. Yes, the manufacturer comes with a warranty of 2-years for the convenience of users and get it repaired for free of cost.

To conclude, Bajaj flashy room heater has got outstanding performance for the price it offers. What made so special about this product is the use of nickel chrome plated reflector which increases the lifespan of the device. The major disadvantage of this heater is that generates noise while working. You don’t find any of the caster we wheel or handle to help users for handling safely.

Amazing Features of Bajaj Room Heater

  • Superior heating element.
  • 2 years warranty services.
  • 1000 watts of power supply.
  • Nickel chrome plated reflector.
  • A corrugated reflecting surface.
  • Comes in a compact and stylish design.

Things we hate

  • Produces some noise.
  • Doesn’t feature castor wheels.

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2. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-watt Fan Heater (White)

Are you looking for room heater that perfectly matches for small or medium sized rooms, then Orpat fan heater makes an ideal choice. This Orpat fan room heater comes in a non-sagging, cool touch body and very stylish design that attracts most of the consumers. For this reason, it has become one of the top priority in the list of best room heaters India.

This wonderful room heater comes with 2 heat settings-1000 watts and 2000 watts that can be adjusted using a tuner switch on the top as per the indoor requirement. If the outside weather is too cool switch to 2000 w mode and 1000 w in normal room conditions.

It also incorporates thermal cut-off feature to interrupt power supply when exceeds the specific temperature. You can reset the thermal settings manually or some comes with automatic option to ensures the room remains heated throughout the day and night.

To make the device work in small rooms, simply plug-in the power cord to the supply. It utilizes 15A of current to blowout the hotness in a room of size 250 sq.ft. The cool touch exterior design makes comfortable for the users to touch and conveniently stored in a safe place when not in use. Built-in handle helps to move freely from one location to another while operating.

It is a must have device especially in winter season as the heating element in this device ensures wide spreading so that you don’t need to sit close to the heater. The heater is available in white colour and do come with 1-year warranty.

Wrapping up, the performance of Orpat heater is too good. And there’re very good reviews and ratings for this product as it has excellent features to provide heat quickly. Besides, there’re few drawbacks like the fan produces lot of noise when working continuously for hours and its design is not capable of supporting heat for large rooms. Other than that, it’s totally a good one to buy.

If your main intention is to spread warmness in every corner of the room, then go with the Orpat Radiant Heater from the same brand which comes at very low prices, yet delivers outstanding performance that matches with the consumer requirements.

Amazing Features of Orpat Fan Heater

  • Thermal cut off feature.
  • Long life heating element.
  • Features a safety mesh grill.
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty.
  • Non sagging and cool touch body.
  • 2 heat setting knobs (1000 W & 2000 W).
  • Suitable for small and medium sized rooms. 

Things we hate

  • Not ideal for large rooms.
  • Fan produces lot of noise.
  • Spread warmness in one direction. 

3. Havells Calido Gold 20000W  Fan Heater (White & Gold)

If you are looking for an affordable, safe and comfortable heating then Havells fan heater should be your top priority. Havells is considered as a trustworthy brand in the room heater segment with their quality products and good customer service record. It is one of the best room heater in India and a highly recommended one if you are on high budget range.

Compared to others, it has a very unique design with white & gold colour combination that best suits to heat in small rooms. With the futuristic design, it looks great and the heater works well for small to medium sized rooms.

When you look at the device, there is a large grill on the front side of the heater to dissipate heat throughout the room. And to spread the warmness comfortably in a room it utilizes 2000 watts of power. Further, this robust heating device comes with PTC heater, fan and safety features for smooth functioning of the device. There’re 2 knobs on the heater which helps you to adjust the temperature and power easily.

To make a final thought, the performance of Havells room heater is good and acceptable. Though it utilizes more power, can spread the heat to a great extent. The major disadvantage of using this product is that not suitable to heat big rooms and the length of power cord is small which makes difficult to move. And important thing is that the manufacturer didn’t mention about the warranty details.

Amazing Features of Havells Fan Heater

  • PTC fan room heater.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Needs 2000 W of power.
  • 2 adjustable knob settings.
  • Comes in a white and gold colour design. 

Things we hate

  • Not for big rooms.
  • Small power cord length.
  • No information on warranty. 

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4. Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-watt Fan Heater (Black)

Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-Watt Fan Heater

Next one in the list is Usha Fan Heater. It is really amazing and efficient home appliance that provides much needed comfort inside the house during winter season. This wonderful device is highly portable, easy to use and absolutely safe for children. For this reason, we’ve given number 4 in the list of best room heaters available right now in India.

With the adjustable 2 heating positions, you can set the thermostat to the desired temperature by operating at low, medium and high heat modes. The presence of fan gives extreme comfort and generates refreshing air circulation in a room or hall.

The built-in safety features like fall protection switch, tip over switch and overheat protection ensures the safe operation and heater will shut down automatically if it is overheated.

If the room is warmer than the thermosetting, the heater will turn off the device. Due to its portable and versatile nature, efficiently warms up the room by placing under the desk or any other location. Make sure the device is away from children’s reach and 2-3 feet apart from other electronic appliances.

Overall, the Usha room heater is my personal favourite and the best room heater 2019 out there in the market. The build quality is great, comes with fall protection switch, thermostat, and 2 heat settings that makes the device more comfortable to use. As the device is operating at high power source, reduces the humidity levels in a room which results in dry eyes and nasal blockage.

All the features and functionalities of Usha Fan Heater (3112 PTC) are similar to the above-mentioned model. The reason for listing in this article is because of the flexibility to use for small, medium and large rooms as it utilizes power of 1200-2000 watts which is good enough to bring hotness in a room.

Amazing Features of Usha Fan Heater

  • Fall protection switch.
  • Features a thermostat.
  • Thermal cut out option.
  • Power supply is 1000-1800 W.
  • Highly portable room heater.
  • Adjustable 2 heating positions. 

Things we hate

  • Chances of overheating.
  • Possibility of electrical shocks 

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5. Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-watt Room Heater (Grey/Black)

Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator (Grey)

When it comes to the ultra-stylish design and performance, nothing can match with Morphy Richards Oil filled radiator. It has got safety and power saving options. For this reason, we’ve given number 5 in the list of finest room heaters that’re available now in the market.

In contrast with other space heaters, it perfectly balances the electric loads and selects the appropriate voltages in case of power failures.  Furthermore, it comes with 9 radiator fins that will keep the room temperature warm during the harsh winter seasons.

On the front side, there’re 2 tuners one for heat setting and other to operate in 3 different modes. There is a power LED indicator light which blinks when the device is turned on/off, or when damage occurs. It has got 4-castor wheels (2-front and 2-back) to move the devices freely from one room to another.

The safety thermal cut off option will automatically switch off when it reaches to a maximum temperature range and thereby protects against the thermal overheating. Moreover, it effectively heats up the room without any damages using 2000 watts power supply.

The manufacturer offers 2-years warranty on the product from the date of purchase which minimizes the repairing costs for consumers.

On the whole, the performance of Morphy Richards oil filled radiator is good and best suits to bring hotness in small and medium sized rooms.  Its design is very unique compared to others in the list and working operation is quite different too. The major disadvantage of this product is that it doesn’t feature a fan which cannot spread the hotness at every hook and nook of the room.

Amazing Features of Morphy Oil Filled Radiator

  • 9 fin oil filled radiator.
  • 2000 W of power supply.
  • A power selection knob.
  • 2 years of backup warranty.
  • Adjustable thermostat setting.
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility. 

Things we hate

  • Doesn’t feature a fan.
  • Not a budget-friendly room heater 

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6. Eveready QH800-watt Room Heater

Eveready QH800 800-Watt Room Heater (Black)

Next one in the list is from the brand Eveready. It is a reputed brand that designs quality home and kitchen appliances like steam iron, air purifier, mixer, grinder etc. Eveready Room Heater is one among them. This wonderful device consumes very less power than other models, yet spreads extreme hotness in room due to the presence of 2 quartz tubes.

When you purchase this Eveready product, you get a room heater, user-friendly manual and a warranty card. Follow the instructions given in the manual and set up accordingly in your desired location.

Moreover, it has come with dual heat settings to operate the heater at low, medium and high modes. The safety tip on the switch turns off the power immediately when there is a power loss or overflow. Easy to carry design helps you shift to other rooms easily. Also, there is a handle at the back to hold properly while shifting.

Power indicator on front side of the panel will let you know whether the device is turned on/off. Next to the indicator, you will see a tuner which has heat settings to set according to your indoor climatic conditions. To perform this heating operation, it just utilizes 800 watts of power.

Further, the manufacturer comes with a 1-year of onsite warranty. If you find the product to be damaged or defective, replace with new one within the specified time from the date of purchase.

The performance of Eveready room heater is good and great choice for people who live in small rooms or areas. It is the best budget room heater that can lasts longer when used continuously with uninterrupted power supply. Easy to clean and easy to use. There is no doubt in considering as the best for the money you’re paying for.

The only thing we didn’t like about the product is the use of poor plastic material for the body. Due to this poor quality nature, the lifespan of the room heater diminishes, and there’re chances of melting when turn to high heating mode. So, it’s better to keep children away from the room heater and other electronic appliances too.

Amazing Features of Eveready Room Heater

  • 800 W of power.
  • Heating indicator.
  • ISI certified standards.
  • 1-year of onsite warranty.
  • Very easy to carry design.
  • Safety tip on switch cut off.
  • Budget friendly room heater.
  • Features a twin quartz tubes. 

Things we hate

  • Body is made with plastic material 

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7. Havells OFR 9-Fin 2500 Watt PTC Fan Heater (Black)

Havells OFR - 9Fin 2500-Watt PTC Fan Heater

Havells fan heater is for those who’re looking for fast and efficient heating. It has all the features similar to Morphy Richards like castor wheels, thermostatic heat, and some safety features. This one is very strong and noiseless. Hence, it has become number 7 in the list of best heaters that’re in great demand now.

The robust heating mechanism comprises of PTC heater with fan to spread warmness by reaching every corner. Further, it has come with overheat protection and tilt over switch for defending against the power issues and accidental damages.

There is a cord storage facility at the back for easy accessing and come with a rare safety cover for easy portability. There is no depletion of oxygen which means the room is completely dry and hot.

With the help of overheat protection, you can prevent the device from system failures, shocks, and other issues. The thermostatic heat control has 3 settings- 800/1200/2000 watts. 800w to operate for small rooms, 1200w for medium and 2000 w for large rooms. You can simply leave the device overnight without any worries.

To conclude, the performance of Havells Fan heater is good as it has excellent features for heating the room to your desired level. It best suits for the family members of all age groups and especially children too.

The minor drawback of this wonderful room heater is that it is suitable to use only in closed rooms. For instance, if you use keep the door open, there is no point in expecting warmness as you may experience chillness or cool breezes from outside. Other than that, it’s totally a good one to buy.

Amazing Features of Havells Room Heater

  • Rear safety cover
  • PTC heater with fan.
  • Includes castor wheels.
  • Expensive room heater.
  • No depletion of oxygen.
  • Thermostat heat controller.
  • Overheat protection mechanism.
  • Cord storage and rear safety cover. 

Things we hate

  • Suitable only for closed rooms 

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8. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater With Adjustable Thermostat

Lasko room heater is best for heating small spaces or rooms. It works very quickly and effectively. The body comes in a compact and lightweight design; hence it can be stored easily on a desk or under the table.

Compared to other heaters, this ceramic heater is a type of space heater device that uses PTC to generate the heat. It has two advantages over blowers – more durability and lesser energy consumption.

This ceramic space heater is very efficient as it produces good amount of heat and the powerful fan circulates the warm air in a room quickly. There’re 2 tuners and LED light indicator on the top of the panel for smooth operating of heater in the desired temperature settings.

For safety operating, a tip over switch is must for space heaters which you don’t find in this Lasko ceramic heater. And the manufacturer didn’t mention any of the warranty details too.

Wrapping up, the performance of Lasko ceramic heater is good and acceptable. It comes with lot of features at affordable prices. It comes without a digital display, and tip over switch which is a must have feature to protect from power displays. Due to the continuous operation in a room, it produces more unbearable noise which most of the users don’t like.

Amazing Features of Lasko Heater

  • Thermostat controller option.
  • Small device yet heats well.
  • Personalized ceramic heater.
  • Compact and lightweight design. 

Things we hate

  • Produces noise.
  • No warranty information.
  • You don’t find digital display, tip over sensor. 

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How to Choose the Right Room Heater for your Home?

There’re more number of room heaters and all of them are not efficient in spreading warmness equally in a room- small, medium and large. It’s important for an individual to decide which room heater is suitable for his room or indoor climatic conditions. So, to ease up the tings, we’ve illustrated the room heater types, room size, noise levels, energy efficient and many other smart features in this section. Check it out!

1. Types of Room Heaters

Room heaters or space heaters are available bulk in the market which varies in size, design, cost, features and many other functionalities. But, mainly they’re categorized based on the heating technology incorporated in the device. Given below types are the top class models that most of them wish for. Check it out!

  • Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are also known as ceramic heaters, convection heaters, and blower room heaters. It is a device that uses fan to circulate hot or warm air over a heating element in a room. The hot air is created by the conversion of electrical energy into heat. These’re inexpensive devices, better coverage distance, and safe for children.

Most of the fan heaters gets hands on power setting to control the amount of power released in a room. Using the thermostat switches and remote sensors, you can turn on/off when it has reached the desired ambient temperature. They do not require lot of space and yet there’re few drawbacks like more power consumption and high noise interference.


Safe for children.

Very economical to buy.

Provides instant heating.


Utilizes more power.

Interference of noise.

  • Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are also called as quartz or radiant room heaters. This is the cheapest model room heater which can spread warmness to the small and closed rooms. It doesn’t come with fans so as to blow the hot air in the entire room. Yet, the radiations of this heating device is directly absorbed by the skin and clothes.

Some of the latest IR room heaters do come with Nichrome heating wires (made of ceramic or mica) and a wire guard to prevent form wire clutters and other heating issues. Still, there’re some disadvantages like it take more time to heat the device and spread warmness even in a small room. Keep it away from the children’s reach as they cause skin burns, rashes and irritations.


Consumes less power.

Features infrared technology.

Suitable only for small rooms.

Functions smoothly and silently.


Not for big-sized rooms.

Keep away from children.

Instant heating is not possible. 

  • Oil Filled Heaters

Oil heaters have seen a tremendous growth in the recent times due to the efficiency and heating performance. It is a heating device in which oil is poured to make the device function properly and in good condition. Further, the oil filler acts as a heat reservoir and also the device is specially designed to warm up the large rooms with minimal noise. The only downside of this oil filled room heaters is that it is bit expensive to buy and also take bit more time to warm the room than other room heater types.


Low noise levels.

Highly efficient room heaters.

Spread warmness to large spaces.


Takes more time to heat.

Too expensive to purchase.

2. Size of the Room

You must take size of the room into count as it will let you decide the right one. Because once you know the room size, you can choose the room heater that fits your lifestyle. If you’re living in a small room, then infrared room heaters are for you and fan heaters, oil filled heaters for big rooms. To calculate the size of room, relate wattage of room heater with respect to coverage area. It means the more power it delivers, covers maximum distance.

If you know the number of watts offered by the room heater, dividing by 10 gives the approximate value of room size in square feet. For instance, a 2000 watt room heater is expected to warm a room of size 200 sq.ft (2000/10= 200).

3. Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency of a room heater is expressed as the amount of power utilized by the room heater for performing a specific operation. The power or electricity consumed by a room heater depends on its particular wattage specifications. Hence, it is important to look for energy ratings before buying a room heater for homes.

The room with high wattage consumes more power and costs bit higher. Fan heaters generally consume a considerable amount of electricity, followed by infrared and finally oil-filled which consume the least. This needs to be kept in mind so that you are not left surprised at your high electricity bills at the end of the month.

4. Noise Levels

As we completely love to stay warm I winters, certainly we don’t like to stay in a noisy room. Using the room heaters do produce lot of noise due to the presence of fan and continuous operation. So, make you get the heaters that generates noise of acceptable range. Of all the 3 types, Infrared and oil-filled heaters produce lesser noise than fan heaters. However, new technologies today are making even blowers noise-free to a certain extent.

5. Portability

Decide yourself whether you want to use for a single room or multiple rooms. Because some of the room heaters come with castor wheels to move freely of any direction in a room. Fan and radiant heaters are good enough to lift and move freely because of the simple, lightweight design than oil filled room heaters.

6. Price and Warranty

Price and warranty information of room heaters should be the least priority. Because the one you like or with more features may come at expensive rates and you need to invest more on it to bring warmness in your home. You may also go with the basic models that comes at chap rates, yet offers outstanding performance and match with the user’s interest.

7. Smart and Safety Features

You have gone through some of the important features till now. Here, in this section we’ve explained smart and safety features of room heaters like automatic on/off switch in case of overheating, thermal touch sensors that switch off the machine by itself if someone touches its protective grill and a heat-free insulated body that will help you in choosing the best of the best. Let’s discuss each in detail now!

  • Protective Handgrip

You may feel uncomfortable in moving the heaters from living room to bedrooms, dining etc. To make things easier for you, most of the room heaters do come with a layer on the surface called protective handgrip (light weighted) which allows the users to move the device effortlessly without causing burns. It is a must have feature in room heating devices.

  • Heat Settings

The room heaters do come with different heat settings to adjust according to the room temperature. You can set the temperature in 3 modes- low, medium, and high by altering the wattage. When you don’t find it useful, simply turn of the heat settings by pressing gently on a button.

  • Auto-on/off

The auto on/off feature in heaters will automatically turn on when you want to perform the heating operation and switch to off mode when the temperature reaches to threshold level or just in case of overheating.

  • Timer

Timer option on this heating device operates continuously and sends information auto on/off when you went out. It in turn saves the energy charges.

  • Remote Control

Some of the branded models features remote controller so as to operate the functionalities with an ease. You can monitor the room heaters at a distance as it incorporates wireless technology and also comes at affordable prices too.

  • Power Cord

Look for a device that has a power cord of length 70-inches. This longer power cord option will give more flexible options by avoiding small obstacles like coaches, furnitures, and other electronic devices. For safety reasons, heaters should always be placed on floors.

Tips for using Room Heaters

Given below are some of the important tips and precautions that everyone must follow while installing, and when run the device. Thereby, it helps to improve the performance and lasts longer…

  • Do not place room heaters in an enclosed room or area.
  • Never use room heaters for drying clothes, cooking food etc.
  • Check for the availability of space in a room to use regularly.
  • Make sure you turn off the room heaters when you leave the room.
  • Keep the heaters away from other electronic appliances and from pets, children’s reach.
  • When you find it defective, replace it with new one instead of wasting money on repairs.
  • The extension cord you use should support the room heaters. If it cannot handle the power supply, gets overheated.
  • When you set up the device for the first time, please do follow the instructions and warning labels given in the user-friendly manual.
  • Before you switch on the device, check whether the device is in good working condition. Else, visit the nearest service center to get it repaired. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is room heater safe to use? 

Room heaters are absolutely safe to use because they’ve come with smart options like timer, auto-on/off, remote control, heat settings and protective handgrip for the convenience of users while operating. 

2. Do room heaters consume lot of electricity? 

Nope. Space or room heaters do not consume more power. They vary from brand to brand and depends on several other factors like room size, heating type, build design, smart features and the room heater type. 

3. Do room heaters release carbon monoxide gas? 

No. Room heaters do not produce carbon monoxide gas in a room or hall. Carbon monoxide gas is released only when the fuel is burnt and here it uses electrical energy to power up the heating element and then spread heat. 

4. What is the working of room heaters? 

A room heater is an electrical device that converts electrical energy into heat. It comprises of a heating rod which blowouts the warmness when device is turned on. During this process, the hotness in a room spread to hook and nook of the room and makes you comfortable. If the device gets excess heat, it will turn off automatically for smooth functioning.  

5. Which room heater is safe for babies? 

Heaters like fan-based electric and radiators reduces the amount of moisture present in the air. So, most of the heaters aren’t pretty good to use for babies unless they come with adjustable thermostat settings, overheat protection and tip over control switch. In the given list of best room heaters, Bajaj Flashy Room Heater is the best choice for babies or children as it comes with adjustable heat settings- low, medium high, and nickel chrome reflector.


What have you decided so far? Brand Vs Price? Heating Element Vs Room Size? Type Vs Features?

Of all room heaters, we’ve picked Bajaj Flashy Room Heater is our top pick  due to the superior heating element that utilizes 1000 watts of power supply. It comes in a compact and stylish design along with highlighted features like Nickel chrome plated reflector, corrugated reflecting surface to spread the warmness in the entire room. The Bajaj room heater reviews and ratings are good and comes at affordable prices too.

If you’ve doubts regarding room heaters or using any of the above-mentioned model, share with us in the comment section given below. We’re happy to clarify your doubts.

2 thoughts on “Top 8 Best Room Heaters to Buy in India: 2019 Reviews”

  1. Thanks for detailed text on Room Heaters. I still have one question.
    Can i know which room heater burs oxygen and heard it is not safe. please clarify on this.

    • Recent studies show that heaters do not affect the level of oxygen in a room because the heater works using the electric current that converts into heat energy. But, of all the room heater types, infrared model is not safe to use because the heating element emits harmful radiations which warms people resulting in skin burns, rashes and irritations and objects than warming the air.

      So, it’s better to avoid IR heaters and start using the modern heaters with Nichrome heating element that overcomes all the heat related issues. It is made of high-resistance and durable materials to supply the heat evenly and enhances the lifespan.

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