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Best Pregnancy Pillows in India: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. Especially as she advanced into 3rd trimester, back pain and sore muscles becomes more common.

Pregnancy pillows are the perfect solution to overcome these issues – as they provide enough support and comfort required for your body. They are available in different sizes and shapes to cater unique requirements of pregnant woman’s body.

For purchasing the right one that suits your requirements, we recommend consider the below factors…

Size of the Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are available in small standard pillow size to U-shaped ones that support both front and back. Choosing among them depends on how much support you need and how much space you can accommodate on bed.

  • Larger ones – suitable if you have enough space and require maximum support
  • Smaller ones – still suitable enough if you just want support to your back

Style and Shape

Pregnancy pillows are designed in different shapes and style to contour according to a pregnancy woman’s body needs. U-shaped pillows are perfect for supporting back, abdomen and hips. If you want to support only a specific part of your body (like stomach or back), then wedge pillows are better choice. However, if you sleep on sides or like to switch sides during sleep, then U-shaped pillows are perfect.

Fill Material

Memory foam, high-density foam, poly-fiber and microbeads are some of the popular options. Memory foam provide more support than any others. But this material can also create hot environment – which can be an issue for pregnant women. If you are worried about the heat, then choose a cotton cover instead of polyester.

High-density foam is mostly found in wedge pillows. If you are looking for firmness, then this is the right choice. Microbeads can be conforming but they are mostly found in small pregnancy pillows. Poly-fiber is often found in full-body pillows and provides a pliable experience.

Note: If you want soft experience, then go for full body pillows. However, if you want firmness, then purchase a wedge pillow.

For further information on how to choose a pregnancy pillow, we recommend reading our “BUYING GUIDE”. Apart from that, we also shortlisted Top 7 pregnancy pillows in India.

7 Best Pregnancy Pillows in India

ProductsShapeFilling WeightBuy Now
Coozly Pregnancy PillowC-ShapePregnoCare HQ fiber filling3kgCheck On Amazon
Tishnagi Pregnancy PillowFull length large pillowMicrofiber filling1.4 kgCheck On Amazon
Momsyard Pregnancy PillowC-Shapepoly fibers3.5kgCheck On Amazon
Cloth Fusion Pregnancy PillowU-Shapepolyester filling3.5kgCheck On Amazon
Angel Mommy Pregnancy PillowU-ShapeMicrofiber filling2.7kgCheck On Amazon
Mothersyard Pregnancy Time Pregnancy PillowC-shapeMicrofiber filling1 KGCheck On Amazon
Bedding King Pregnancy PillowFull Length Large PillowBall Fiber Filling485gmsCheck On Amazon

Best Pregnancy Pillows

1. Coozly Pregnancy Pillow

Coozly Pregnancy PillowConsidered and suggested as one of the best brands for pregnancy pillows, this Coozly pregnancy pillow is lightweight, and extremely comfortable to lie on. A reason why Coozly pregnancy pillows tops our list of ‘Best Pregnancy Pillows’.

The best part about this pregnancy pillow is that its suitable for persons who weight 65Kgs and above. A feature that is not so easy to get in this shape and size.

Talking of which, it’s a C-shaped pillow, and offers your back, belly and leg the support that it so needs during pregnancy. It helps heal your backaches, joint aches, supports your leg, and is super comfortable to sit and read on.

Coozly pregnancy pillows contain high quality PregnoCare HQ fiber filling that keeps you safe and away from any type of chemical.

Some other benefits of HQ fillings that we found out are:

  • Gives a smooth feel when you lie on it
  • The fiber filling is hypoallergenic
  • The fiber is non reflexive and causes null pressure when you drop your body on it

Coozly pregnancy pillow comes with 100% NEWD cotton stretch cover, that can be removed and put-on without much effort.

Also, cotton is a breathable material, and is able adjust to your body temperature, unlike other materials that retain heat, causing discomfort.

Weight – 3kg

Warranty – Not specified

Overall, one of the best products to own especially when you love to have a soft and smooth feeling while sleeping.

Additional Features:

  • The whole package contains:
  • 1 LYTE Pillow
  • 1 Zippered Cotton Cover
  • 50% off Coupon for Buying Extra Cover
  • Multiple designs available for you to choose from
  • Can be machine washed


  • Best for plus size women
  • Organic filling
  • Can be used post pregnancy


  • If you are buying a light colored Coozly, then they might stain soon

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Tishnagi Designer Pregnancy Pillow 

Tishnagi Designer Pregnancy Pillow 

Tishnagi designer pregnancy pillow is the next best one that comes in an affordable price range. 

It is a king-size and long side length pregnancy pillow, and so it gives full-body support. It assures correct spinal alignment and orthopedic support when slept on your back or side. 

This one is a 100% cotton pillow with microfiber filling for soft and medium firmness. So, it is highly breathable, and also adjusts as per your sleeping position. 

For better relief and comfort, you can place it on the side, stomach, and in between the legs. 

It is 54 inches long and 18 inches wide, and serves as a sleeping and neck pillow. So you can place it horizontally or vertically.

You can also use it while sleeping, watching TV, and reading. Also, it serves as the best protective pillow for newborns and kids.

Some other benefits of the Tishnagi designer pregnancy pillow are:

  • As the microfiber filling is hypoallergenic, you are safe from allergies. 
  • The pillow is resistant to dust and mites, and so it is hygienic and damage-free.

Weight – 1.4 kg

Warranty – Not specified

Overall, it is one of the best pregnancy pillows that gives soothing comfort to your whole body.

Additional Features:

  • Fluffy pillow 
  • As this rectangular pillow is 54*18 (Length*Width) inches in size, it is well-suitable for anyone. 
  • The cover comes in multiple colors. 
  • The thread count of the pillow is 210, and so it is a better-quality fabric with a finer texture. 
  • It is easy to clean and maintain as it is machine-washable with cold or warm wash on a regular cycle. 


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Relief from backache and body pains
  • You can sleep for more time. 
  • Affordable price range 


  • No warranty 
  • You have to adjust it properly when using it as a neck pillow.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Momsyard Pregnancy Pillow

Momsyard Pregnancy PillowMomsyard knows exactly what a mom-to-be needs, and hence is capable of offering quality maternity products in the market.

The best part about using Momsyard pregnancy pillows is that you would no more have to use multiple pillows to keep yourself comfortable while sleeping.

This is a full-body C-shaped pillow, that supports all the body parts that are constantly stressed, like your back, hips, knees, neck and head.

Just like Coozly and MomToBe, even Momsyard pregnancy pillows are filled with poly fibers, that are light, and allow air to pass through them freely, that keeps the pillow spongy for a long time, no matter the pressure.

Few other benefits that we noticed were:

  • Poly fiber filling is adjustable so you will not have feel uncomfortable while sleeping.
  • It is a hypoallergenic pillow which keeps you safe from allergic reactions.
  • The pillow easily adapts to your body’s shape keeping you relaxed while you are lying on it.

The cover of Momsyard pregnancy pillow is made of velvet, that makes it extremely soft, keeps you warm, and gives the pillow a luxurious look.

Velvet is also aesthetically beautiful, giving you royal feeling as you lie on it reading your book, or watching TV, or simply resting.

Weight: 3.5kg

Warranty: Not specified

Overall, one of the bets pregnancy pillows that literally snuggles around you, making you fall sleep faster.

Additional Features:

  • Comes with zipped pillow cover that can be easily removed and washed.
  • Has an extra-long midsection that is perfect for back and tummy support.
  • Can be machine washed.


  • Prevents sciatica and lower back-pain.
  • Can be used post pregnancy to support and nurse your baby.


  • Too wide for petite women.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Cloth Fusion Pregnancy Pillow

Cloth Fusion Pregnancy PillowCloth Fusion pregnancy pillow is an absolute delight to have, especially because of its unique and ergonomical design.

This super soft pillow is in fact designed to follow the shape of your pregnancy, as your tummy increases by each passing month.

Cloth Fusion is different from the first three pillows in terms of shape. It is full body U-shaped pillow, long enough to support you from head to toe.

The pillow has polyester filling, which we think is the best in terms of being comfortable and light weight. The other benefit of polyester is that it has strong fiber that does not wear down easily, thus increasing the durability of the product.

Some more add on benefits of Cloth Fusion pregnancy pillow are:

  • Provides a perfect balance between comfort and support for your belly, hips, legs and back.
  • You can also use it as a back rest when you want to sit on your bed.
  • It’s a multi-place use pillow so you can position it on bed, sofa and even on the floor.
  • The filling is hypoallergenic, keeping you away from unnecessary sneezes and other allergies.

Cloth Fusion pregnancy pillow is stuffed inside a cotton cover that comes with a zipper, making it easy to remove and wash.

Also, the pillow is doubly stitched, so you can put your entire weight, on it, fold it the way you want, and it will still show no sign of wear and tear.

Weight: 3.5kg

Warranty: Not-specified

Overall one of the best items to own for all those looking for a durable and long standing pregnancy pillow, which can even be used post pregnancy during nursing and feeding your baby.

Additional Features:

  • Replaces the need for up to 5 pillows as it supports your head, neck, spine, belly, back, hips and legs.
  • Can be machine washed.


  • Approved by doctors.
  • Customer Review:
    very useful for my pregnant wife..myself a doctor..was difficult to find her a solution to sleep the right way due to pain..the pillow is such a help for her..thanks a lot”


  • A bit highly priced

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Angel Mommy Pregnancy Pillow

Angel Mommy Pregnancy PillowThe first thing that we noticed about Angel Mommy is that it is a lumbar pillow, which means its specifically designed ergonomic orthopedic pillow made of firm foam or fiber.

Angel Mommy pillow is the right combination of fluffiness and light weight, the two most important features that you should be looking at while buying a pregnancy pillow.

It is a full body U-shaped pillow just like Cloth Fusion, but what is unique is its two contoured legs, a design suggested by doctors, that provides utmost comfort to pregnant women.

The filling is similar to all the other pregnancy pillows that we have listed here – microfiber, which makes it easy to carry and also gives you a soft cushiony feel.

Some other benefits that we did like to highlight:

  • The pillow helps you to lie on your side as prescribed by Gynecs.
  • It keeps your head, tummy legs and back stay in an aligned position to help you sleep in peace.
  • Angel Mommy is neither too hard nor too soft, thus providing the perfect support.

What makes this pregnancy pillow an even more reliable product is its 100% cotton zippered cover.

Cotton can be washed easily, it does not rash your skin, and is breathable, thus giving you the comfort when you are sleeping or resting on the pillow.

Weight: 2.7kg

Warranty: Not-specified

Overall a long standing pillow, that has been designed by doctors, so is guaranteed to provide best comfort to its user.

Additional Features:

  • Pillow will retain its shape no matter how many times you use it.
  • Is available at a promotional price.
  • Can be machine washed.


  • Value for money.
  • Gives good support to your growing belly.


  • The cover is too thin feels like a sand paper.

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Mothersyard™Pregnancy Pillow

Mothersyard™Pregnancy Pillow

Mothersyard™ has been highly user-rated because of its quality pregnancy and maternity supplies. 

Our next best C-shaped pregnancy pillow of this brand gives you 100% comfort and good sleep throughout the night. 

With an ergonomic design, it follows a natural body shape, and so you can have better support for your arms, head, neck, hips, stomach, back, and feet. So, it avoids your investment in multiple pillows that you use otherwise. 

You can use this pillow when sleeping, working on your laptop, reading, and watching TV. So, it makes your pregnancy time more comfortable and enjoyable. 

It is a pure cotton pillow with microfiber filling, and so you feel softer. 

Some other highlighted benefits of Mothersyard™ pregnancy pillow are:

  • Because of its C-shape, you can have various configurations when used on a sofa, couch, bed, or floor. 
  • It can be folded into a wedge pillow for back support and elevation. 
  • As it uses a hypoallergenic material, pregnant women with sensitive skin and allergies can also use it. 
  • The classic greenish cotton cover has double sewing stitches so that the thread does not become loose or split. 
  • The cover uses smooth-run quality zippers that do not break.  
  • It is a very good aid for people with injuries and physiotherapy.
  • Better relief from congestion, sciatica, hip and ankle pain, congestion, bad postures, and fibromyalgia. 

Weight – 1 kg

Warranty – Not specified

Overall, this good-quality pillow is soft, comfortable, and durable. It is highly recommended as it is useful for pregnant ladies, newborns, kids, athletes, and people undergoing physiotherapy. It also serves as the best pillow to get pain relief from several physical health disorders.

Additional Features:

  • Full body support 
  • The recommended age is 18 months and up 
  • It can be used post-pregnancy.
  • It is machine-washable. 


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Highly useful for kids and adults
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Great blood circulation
  • Hassle-free and machine-washable pillow
  • Good-quality cotton cover with zippers
  • You can replace the use of multiple pillows. 
  • Nice packaging bag


  • The cover’s color shreds after washing. 
  • Pillow quality could have been much better. 

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Bedding King Pregnancy Pillow

Bedding King Pregnancy PillowBedding King is a large pillow, that is the first thing that we noticed. Which also means that this pillow will keep your body in the right position when you are sleeping.

It is also a super soft pillow, that you will love to hold and wrap around your leg, giving your legs the much deserved rest during your pregnancy time.

Bedding King is a full length large pillow rectangle in shape, that can support your leg, tummy, and head when you are sleeping on your side.

The pregnancy pillow is filled with ball fiber, which makes it extra soft and extra firm both at the same time.

Some more benefits to note were:

  • The pillow provides perfect support and helps align your head and spine while you are lying on your side.
  • The fiber ball filling makes Bedding King a lightweight pillow that can be easily carried around.

Weight: 485gms

Warranty: No specified

Overall, a soft and comfortable pregnancy pillow. The microfiber balls helpthe pillow to retain its shape no matter how roughly you use it.

Additional Features:

  • It is a body pillow that may look like a pillow cover but is not.
  • The ball fiber may retain moisture so place the pillow under the sun to fluff it.


  • A light weight pillow.
  • Fluffs easily.


  • Doesn’t come with cover.

Buy Now From Amazon

Do Pregnancy Pillows Work

The main reason to buy a pregnancy pillow is comfort. And when it comes to comfort the first question that pop-up us is – Are these pregnancy pillows actually that comfortable? Do they really work?

The answer to that depends on several factors like:

  • Size of your baby bump
  • The make of the pillow
  • The stage of your pregnancy

When we were going through the product reviews, we found out that pregnant women really found the pillows helpful, allowing them to sleep longer.

That been said, let us look further on why do you really need a pregnancy pillow.

What makes a pregnancy pillow good

1. For Support

The main reason why you want a pregnancy pillow is obviously to feel nice and cozy, but it is also important for the pillow to provide enough support to your hips and the bump, otherwise there is no meaning of having a pillow.

To learn more we recommend you to check the reviews provided by other moms-to-be.

2. A Removable Cover

Hygiene is a very important factor to consider, especially during pregnancy. To stay clean you need to wash the pregnancy pillow cover every once in a while.

Hence, look for a pregnancy pillow that is either easy to wash or comes with a detachable cover, that can be maintained. Mostly cotton cover is the best option among all.

3. Should be Hypoallergenic

Many pregnant women suffer from nasal congestion. Hence what you do not need is a pillow causing further allergies.

We strongly recommend poly fiber filled pillow, as they are mostly hypoallergenic.

4. Needs to be Durable

Pregnancy pillows are costly, and hence you would want them to sustain your pregnancy period and beyond.

Therefore, durability of the pillow is important. To ensure that the pregnancy pillow is long standing check its filling. That is what keeps it stern and soft for a longer time.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

Well! It is not that pregnancy pillows only help you to sleep tight, there are other benefits of owning such a pillow too, like:

1. Comfort from body aches and pains

As your weight increases, it puts a lot of pressure on your back, legs and hips. So, it is crucial to keep these body parts in a way that they are able to rest well.

A pregnancy pillow is shaped to provide the utmost comfort to these body parts, and ensure that they are comforted while you sleep.

2. Enhances your blood circulation

When you sleep on your side, it also promotes blood circulation. Something that is highly recommended during pregnancy.

Because, your pregnancy pillow is extra soft, it cushions you well. Which means that no matter how big your baby bump is, you will be able to sleep on your side comfortably.

3. Helps you to sleep for longer hours

Many health concerns arise when you are sleep deprived, and the threat is even more when you are pregnant.

A pillow is your key to good rest, and the more you rest the longer you will be able to sleep.

4. Can be used even after delivery

Pregnancy pillow helps you stay comfortable during pregnancy, and also when your baby is in your arms.

Post pregnancy you can use the pillow as a backrest when you are feeding your baby, or make your baby sleep in between. Your child will learn how to latch properly that ways.

The Right Time to Start Using Pregnancy Pillow

Though there really is no right time to use a pregnancy pillow, but there are weeks during pregnancy time, when you may find using these pillows more beneficial.

Typically, the time you reach your 20th week is when you start feeling the most restless, and heavy. Around 20th week is when the womb starts to grow to accommodate the baby, which is why you feel heavy.

This is the time when you want to reach out to a pillow that snuggles you within it, giving you utmost comfort. So, we say go for a pregnancy pillow

But, if you ask us otherwise, it is best to get your pregnancy pillow in the beginning, as this will allow you to get accustomed to sleeping within these shaped pillows. You will not feel the discomfort later.

The Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows

The different shapes and sizes are what bifurcate pregnancy pillows in types. You should always know the type to ascertain which shape of pillow suits your sleeping style.

Here is a list of the different types pf pregnancy pillows, along with a ‘How to Use’ guide.

1. Wedge Pillow

The other name of wedge pillow is maternity cushion. It is the smallest of all pregnancy pillows, and can be used post pregnancy as well.

There are two types of wedge pillows found in the market:

  • Round
  • Triangular

How to Use:

You can put it under your tummy or behind the back to provide the necessary support. These pillows are mostly helpful when you are sleeping on your tummy or side-ways.

You can also use the wedge pillow as a standard pillow. It helps in reliving heartburn and reflux as it raises your head above your average body height.

2. Full-length Pillow

These are long pillows, and cushion your complete body. It is good for supporting your arms, legs and tummy.

But, this type of pillow cannot support your back. Just like wedge pillows, full-length pregnancy pillows also are of two types:

  • Straight
  • Flexible

How to Use:

Full-length pillows are made for you to hug and cuddle with them. Unlike the other types, you will not be able to place them under your tummy or behind your back.

But you can wrap your arms and legs around it, and place your tummy in the center to get the maximum comfort.

3. Total Body Pillow

These are the most sort after, and the best pregnancy pillows to have. They are usually five to six feet long, and capable of covering women of any height.

They are the best options to have during your second trimester, as that is the time when the pressure grows on your spine, hip and back. These, pillows are meant to cover and cushion those areas well.

There are two types of total body pillows:

4. C-shaped

As the name so the shape. These pillows look like the letter ‘C’ and provides support to the head, tummy, legs and your back.

How to Use:

The pillow is best suited to those who sleep in a riding position. You can place your head on the top of the pillow, and slide your back in a curve like structure.

5. U-shaped

The U-shaped pillows are meant for those who prefer sleeping on their back, but cannot due to pregnancy.

This shape supports your complete body, including the tummy and your back.

How to Use:

Just like C-shaped pillows, you need to place your head on the top of pillow, and slide the rest of the body into it.

You can also wrap your legs around one of the sides and sleep in peace.

How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Pillow

Here are the basics, that would assist you in judging the quality of your pregnancy pillow. Look at these important features, and be a smart buyer:

1. Know the Fill

What makes your pregnancy pillow a comfortable bed assistant is the filling inside of it. Hence you need to be vigilant about the product’s description to know about the filling fiber.

These are the different types of materials used to fill pregnancy pillows:

  • Polyester Fiber

One of the most popular types of filling, the polyester fiber is soft and provides good support to your body. You can even change the degree of firmness by altering the quantity of fiber.

Polyester fiber are durable, and easy to wash and handle. They usually last for two years or even longer.

  • Styrofoam Ball Filling

These are cheaper fillings, compared to the others. They are tiny white balls, ones that you will usually find in your bean bags.

Pregnancy pillows when filled with this material are lighter. They trap air within them, which helps in making the pillow adapt to your body’s contours.

But, we will not recommend these fillings for longer sleeping hours.

  • Microbeads Filling

These are finer shaped balls, and extremely lightweight. They almost feel like sands.

Microbeads make your pillow softer and smoother. You can easily move around your pillow that has this filling.

  • Memory Foam Filling

These types of foams are firmer and easily take the shape of your body when you sleep on them.Memory foams are great in reducing your body aches.

  • Therapeutic Filling

These pillows are highly recommended by pregnancy experts. The pillow is made of water present inside the polyester pouch, with floating memory foam over the water bag.

These types of fillings provide great support to your head and is comfortable for those suffering from neck pain.

2. Fluffiness Matters

Yes, the fluffier the pillow the more you going to love snuggling and sleeping on and with it.

A fluffy pillow provides better cushioning and is also long lasting. Having a fluffy pregnancy pillow also means that fresh air is able to pass through it.

In contrast, a lifeless pillow will not be able to trap air within, and hence will not be comfortable either.

3. Noise and Smell of the Pillow

You might not care about this feature while buying your pregnancy pillow, but it is an important one.

Some pillows make a very awkward noise when you sleep on them, and move around, disturbing your sleep, especially if you are a light-sleeper.

Most of the times the noise is caused due to the type of filling. Pregnancy pillows filled with Styrofoam make more noise, and hence should be avoided.

4. Pillow Should Suit Your Body Type

The selection of your pregnancy pillow should also depend on your body’s type, and your sleeping position.

This is how you should be choosing your pregnancy pillow:

  • Plus-Size Women – C-shaped pillows are best for women on the heavier side. The design will allow you to fit in perfectly inside these pillows.
  • Petite Women – Total petite pillows, something like Bedding King mentioned in our list would be the best for thin women. Though they can even go for C-shaped and U-shaped pillows.
  • Pillow for those who sleep on the sides – Any type of total-body pillow is best for those who prefer sleeping on their sides.
  • Pillow for back sleepers – Any pillow that provides good support will be the best for back sleepers. Typically, U-Shaped pillow will support your back.
  • Pillow for women pregnant with twins – We highly recommend U-shaped pillows for women who are pregnant with twins, as they provide more space for a larger tummy.

5. Look for Hypoallergenic Pillows

Hypoallergenic pillows are best for women who suffer from dust allergies. They are also good for all other women, because pregnancy makes women more sensitive and prone to allergies.

Pillows that are hypoallergenic will keep you safe during pregnancy, and protect your baby too, when you use them post pregnancy.

How to Wash Pregnancy Pillows?

You should always look for pregnancy pillows that can be machine washed. As that is the ideal way to stay clean, and requires less effort.

Things to Remember:

  • Always wash pillow covers on commercial size washer and dryer to protect them from wear and tear.
  • Put the machine on delicate or relevant cycle as per your washing machine that is meant for subtle wash.
  • While drying the pillow throw a sneaker or tennis ball wrapped in a pillow case, in your dryer to help the pillow stay in shape
  • Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed, not otherwise.
  • Do not iron the pillow cover.
  • Do not dry clean your pregnancy pillow covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most comfortable pregnancy pillow?

After doing a lot of research, we found U-shaped pillows as the most comfortable, as they are full-body pillows, support your back, and are soothing during body pains.

2. When should I start using the pregnancy pillow?

Typically, women need pregnancy pillows when they reach the 20th week. But if you ask us we would say it’s better to start early, as that would help you to get accustomed to the pillow.

3. Are maternity pillows good for back pain?

Absolutely. During your pregnancy you back is the body part that suffers the most. Having a pregnancy pillow supports your back, especially the U-shaped and C-shaped pillows.

4. What to look for when buying pregnancy pillows?

The most important features are the shape, the filling – polyester, foams, fiber balls, and the material of the cover.
We have discussed about it in our article ‘7 Best Pregnancy Pillows’. Read on to learn more.

5. How do pregnancy pillows work?

Pregnancy pillows support your body, and helps you to sleep well. The filling in the pillow takes the shape of your body contour easily, providing you with maximum comfort.

6. Can pregnancy pillows be washed?

Yes, pregnancy pillows can be washed. Most of them have the option of machine wash. Especially the best pregnancy pillows that we have listed in this article.
Go through our article to learn more about how to wash pregnancy pillows.


Pregnancy pillows are indeed a blessing for all would-be mothers. They help and heal you during your times of stress and pain.

A pregnancy pillows helps you to align your body in the doctor recommended position, so that you get the desired amount of rest. So, it is very important to look for a pillow according to your body size, and also one that supports your growing tummy.

We at Homezene, after doing a lot of research concluded that U-shaped pillows are the best.

You also need to consider is the cover. We feel cotton covers are the best as they are skin friendly, and easy to maintain.

Hence, after looking from all the perspectives we recommend Angel Mommy Pregnancy Pillow It comes with 100% cotton cover, is filled with microfiber that is soft and light, and can be machine washed.

However, if you have used a pregnancy pillow and think otherwise, then do let us know, as that ways you will help others too.

Also if you have any pregnancy pillow related question, then ask us, and we will be happy to look it up for you.

Stay healthy, stay fit, and keep smiling!

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  1. Pregnancy pillows not only enable women to sleep in a comfortable position, but also in a position that is best for the unborn child. Consider your normal sleeping position. This may be on your stomach, your side or your back. Once you are noticeably pregnant, many believe sleeping on your stomach to be taboo! You will put too much pressure on the developing child.

    Pregnancy pillows are not solely for sleeping and can be used when you are relaxing, watching TV or reading – or even having a snooze. Their fundamental purpose is to support your growing baby – your bump. In the early stages of pregnancy, you won’t need any special form of support. However, once your baby grows, you will know yourself when some form of support is needed – particularly in bed. Thanks Admin

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