Best Pedestal Fans in India 2019: Reviews & Buying Guide

In the hot and humid weather of India, having a ceiling fan, especially during the summers simply does not suffice. The sultriness reaches its peak and tends to drive the life out of the living! Owning an air conditioning unit or a cooler might be a good idea. But with AC comes a hefty electric bill, and cooler isn’t the best solution for persons with arthritis or rheumatism.

If you want to adopt a cost-effective way to stay cool and relaxed, buying a pedestal fan is the way to go. You can carry it around and set it in any direction. You can also put it on the oscillating mode, in case there are a number of heads in the room.

Pedestal fans are classified into two major categories. The ones that come with Remote and those that do not have a remote controller. We have prepared a list of both the types to help you make the final choice.

Best Pedestal Fans in India

Best Pedestal Fans
without remote
Revolutions Per
Minute (RPM)
Blade SweepWarrantyPower ConsumptionBuy Now
Havells Pedestal Fan1350400 mm2 years55 wattsCheck the Price
Usha Pedestal Fan1450400 mm2 years60 wattsCheck the Price
iBell Pedestal Fan1350400 mm1+1 Year55 wattsCheck the Price
Crompton Pedestal Fan1300406 mm1 year50 wattsCheck the Price
ANSIO Pedestal Fan2300400 mm2 years120 wattsCheck the Price
Best Pedestal Fans
with remote
Revolutions Per
Minute (RPM)
Blade SweepWarrantyPower ConsumptionBuy Now
V-Guard Pedestal Fan1350 RPM400 mm1 year55 wattsCheck the Price
Bajaj Pedestal Fan1300 RPM400 mm2 years55 wattsCheck the Price
Gorilla Pedestal Fan1300 RPM400 mm2 years30 wattsCheck the Price

5 Best Pedestal Fan Reviews in India

1. Havells 55-Watts Pedestal FanhavellspedestalfansBeat the summer heat with this white fan by Havells that produces powerful air to make you comfortable during the sultry weather. It has an adjustable height, blades made with high-quality fibre and 3-speed settings. This white Havells looks sleek and works silently in all three speed-settings. It also has a 2 hours timer, in case if you want the fan to go off after you sleep or are using it to dry clothes in the rainy season.

This Havells stand fan is at the top of our list owing to its super-stylish look, brand value, low consumption of energy, and high-performance.

It consumes just 55 watts and operates with an engine speed of 1350 RPM. With this fan’s low power consumption and timer setting, you can enjoy a high-performing fan without having to pay a hefty electricity bill.

Brand and Warranty

Havells is a known brand to all in India. It manufactures reliable electrical appliances for optimum durability. This stand fan by Havells has a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. In case of any complaint, you can visit the nearest service centre.

Basic Features

  • Power consumption 55 watts; sweep 400mm
  • Airflow delivery rate is 72 CMM
  • Three-speed settings
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Smooth and even air delivery
  • Aerodynamically designed blades
  • It has 1350 RPM
  • Timer 2 hours


  • Brand value
  • energy efficient
  • 2 years warranty
  • Sleek & stylish design
  • Good after-sale service
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Smooth functioning
  • Durable


  • Assembling might take time

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2. Usha 60-Watts Pedestal FanushapedestalfansThe Usha Maxx Air is a stunner in pure white. It is yet another pedestal fan that is durable, reliable, and gives an excellent performance. This fan is easy to assemble and has aerodynamic blades for silent operation. This Maxx Air model by Usha is a value-for-money product that comes with motor overheat protection.

It ranks 2nd on our list of the best stand fans in India because of its RPM rate. It is 1450 and along with a powerful copper motor it that is very effective for the weather conditions in India. However, it lags by one position as it is slightly heavier to carry, weighing 15.5 Kgs. However, you get an added benefit with this stand fan as you can tilt its head and adjust its height to your liking.

It consumes 60 watts, which is a little more than the consumption of Havells fan. And its airflow delivery rate is 67 CMM, which is slightly lower than our first product on this list.

Brand and Warranty

Usha is a popular brand that has been making good-quality electrical appliances for many years. The Usha Maxx Air has 2 years of brand warranty, which you can claim in any of their service centres.

Basic Features

  • Ari Delivery 67cmm; Sweep is 400mm
  • The RPM is 1450
  • Oil reservoir lubrication for more durability
  • Auto-protect motor in the case of thermal overload
  • Smooth swinging and uniform dispersal of air
  • The blade and body are made of premium quality plastic
  • It has 3-speed airspeed settings
  • Height adjusting and head tilting mechanism


  • Silent motor
  • Good build quality
  • Head tilting mechanism
  • 2 years warranty
  • Generates comfortable breeze


  • Weighs slightly heavier
  • No timer

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3. iBell 55-Watts Pedestal FanibellpedestalfansThe iBell Chrome 10 fan is the best budget buy on our list. The easy-to-maintain black colour will blend in with the interiors of your home seamlessly. It helps you bear the summer heat by keeping the house well-ventilated and breezy. With an RPM of 1350, it is a must buy if you are on a budget.

In our opinion, this stand fan is among one of the best in India and ranks 3rd on this list. It has 5 blades made of high-quality plastic for powerful air and moderately quiet functioning. It also has 2 hours timer, tilting knob, adjustable height, and 3-speed settings so that you can adjust the air output to your liking.

The total weight of the iBell Chrome 10 pedestal fan is just 5.6 kgs, which makes it super-easy for you to carry it around. This fan consumes 55 watts of power for operation and its air dispersal is even and is perfect for a medium-size room. This fan works at 1350 RPM with a 406 mm sweep.

Brand and Warranty

iBell is a fast-growing Indian brand that came into existence in the year 2007. It is not as well-reputed as Usha or Havells, but it sure makes products that are at par with the electrical appliances of other brands. The warranty duration on this pedestal fan is 2 years.

Note: The actual warranty period is one year. You will get the additional year of warranty only after free registration. For registering, call on the toll-free number 1800 833 8331.

Basic Features

  • RPM is 1350; sweep is 406 mm
  • 2 hours timer
  • It consumes 55 watts to operate
  • 1+1 year warranty duration
  • The build material is plastic
  • Metal grill with power-coating


  • Value-for-money
  • Works with minimal noise
  • Five blades produce strong wind
  • Extended warranty period
  • Timer function
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Tilting and height adjusting mechanism


  • The base material can be better
  • Poor after-sale service
  • No inbuilt heat overload protection

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4. Crompton 50-Watts Pedestal FanCromptonpedestalfansCrompton is known for manufacturing high-speed fans and other electrical appliances of outstanding quality. The Hilfo 400 Pedestal Fan in white is sleek, produces powerful wind that is bound to relax you in the humid weather. This pedestal fan is made of plastic and has an adjustable height up to 4.5 inches.

It rules the 4th position owing to its superb performance, high-quality build, and brand value. It also has a smart look that will enhance the decor of your interiors with its presence.

This fan has three blades with a sweep of 400 mm and a motor speed up to 1300 RPM for high-speed wind. The oscillation mechanism functions smoothly and has extensive angular coverage. This Crompton Hiflo fan consumes only 50 watts to operate.

Brand and Warranty

Crompton needs no introduction. It has been in function from before the independence in India. This fan is priced reasonably and has a 1-year warranty on it.

Basic Features

  • Minimum air delivery is 70 CMR
  • Plastic body with three blades
  • Adjustable height up to 4.5 inches
  • Oscillation control via push and pull knob
  • 3-speed settings
  • The motor speed is 1300 RPM


  • High-speed wind
  • budget-friendly price
  • Low power consumption
  • Brand value


  • No timer
  • Lacks tilting mechanism
  • No thermal overload protection
  • Slightly noisy at the highest speed setting

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5. ANSIO 120-Watts Pedestal FanANSIOpedestalfansThis high-speed fan from Ansio is yet another great product on this list. There are three blades made of ABS plastic that rotates at a super-fast speed to generate a breeze to cool you down. There are three-speed settings and head tilting mechanism. The height is adjustable and has a 2-hour timer setting.

It is an efficient pedestal fan that is superb for indoor usage. We are placing it on the 5th position as there isn’t much brand value that you can associate with Ansio. However, this one is equipped with all the necessary features to make your summer comfortable.

There are three-speed settings of this fan by Ansio. The RPM at the lowest speed is 1750. At medium speed, it is 2000; while the highest speed has an RPM of 2300. It consumes 120 watts to generate a strong wind to make you comfortable even on the hottest of days.

Brand and Warranty

Ansio has been into the business since 2014 and isn’t a well-known brand yet. However, it has been performing well in the market. This pedestal fan by Ansio has a warranty of 2 years, which is valid from the date of purchase.

Basic Features

  • 2300 RPM; 400mm Sweep
  • Three-speed settings
  • Consumes 120 watts to operate
  • Build of ABS plastic
  • The power cable is 1.8 meters long
  • Adjustable height and tilting mechanism
  • Two years warranty on the fan
  • two-hour timer setting


  • Produces high-speed wind
  • The cord is long, which gives it movability
  • Build quality is good
  • It has timer


  • Brand value is lacking
  • Might add to the electricity bill
  • Poor after-sale service

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Best Pedestal Fans with Remote Controller

Remote pedestal fans are the best bet for those looking for some respite from the extreme weather conditions in India without having to burn a hole in the pocket. Remote pedestal fans stand on height adjusting stick that can be placed anywhere in the room according to the spot you require the wind to be blown at. Adding to the modern features, pedestal fans now come with battery-operated remote devices to help you adjust the direction, speed, and mode of the air. Here are a few top remote pedestal fans available in India:

1. V-Guard 55-Watts Pedestal FanV-GuardpedestalfansIt is a sleek pedestal fan with a remote and timer to keep you cool during extreme summers. V-Guard is the most trusted brand when it comes to electrical household appliances in India. Finesta remote pedestal fan stands up to the brand value with its 400mm sweep and high efficiency.

The Finesta remote pedestal fan takes up the first place on our list due to its energy efficiency and motorized oscillation that allows equal distribution of air to every corner of the room. 

It comes with three different speed settings, including a neutral, sleep, and a normal mode. It also has a timer to provide comfort to the consumer according to their requirements. The powerful copper winding motor ensures smooth and synchronous functioning of the fan. The remote control allows you to change all the modes and necessities from within a distance without having you to get up every single time. The high-powered motor ensures uniform air dispersal at 1350 RPM. 

The sleek build of the pedestal fan along with the eye-catchy yellow-black add on makes for added decor to your living room. The height of the pedestal is appropriate for a person to enjoy a cool breeze on the face. 

Brand and Warranty

This V-Guard pedestal fan has numerous positive reviews on Its build quality, along with other features is outstanding. It has a standard 1-year warranty, which is effective from the date you purchase this fan.

Basic Features

  • Power consumption: 55 Watts; Sweep: 400mm
  • Motor size: 509mm X 148mm X 538 mm
  • Inbuilt thermal load protector
  • Three different mode settings
  • 120 spoke grill guard
  • 1-year warranty
  • Motor speed: 1350 rpm
  • Timer: 7.5 hours


  • Lightweight
  • Silent motor 
  • Smooth functioning
  • Stylish build
  • Energy efficient


  • No wheels to ease moving around
  • No auto shut on/off function on the remote

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2. Bajaj 55-Watts Pedestal FanbajajpedestalfansWeighing around just 7.5kgs, this remote pedestal fan from Bajaj is a smart choice for extreme summers. It has a super light build, and excellent competence makes it one of our top choices for the best pedestal fans in India. However, it drops down to the second position due to its relatively slower motor speed compared to the Finesta. 

Bajaj being a leading fan brand in India, there are no second thoughts about its reliability, durability, and efficiency. This sleek pedestal fan comes with a remote and a control panel on the mount. To improve the air dispersion with little to no noise, Bajaj has replaced the blades with acrylic ones.

The motor is well regulated up to the speed of 1300 rpm, and it consumes about 55 Watts of electricity. Not only is the fan affordable, but it is also low on maintenance. Additionally, it does come with a timer and mode option that allows you to control the kind of environment you want to stay in.

Brand and Warranty

You can trust the reliability of Bajaj fans as it has been manufacturing durable and worthy products for decades in India. The 2 years warranty on this will bring you enough peace of mind for a long period of time.

Basic Features

  • Acrylic blades for high speed-performance
  • Power consumption: 55 Watts
  • Motor Speed: 1300rpm
  • 2 years warranty
  • Control panel with LED light and timer


  • Super lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Silent function
  • Timer and changeable modes
  • Can work on an inverter


  • A bit expensive
  • Manual switch on/off every time power goes off and on

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3. Gorilla 30-Watts Pedestal FanGorillapedestalfansA product of Atomberg Industries, Gorilla pedestal fan has been considered as India’s most efficient BLDC pedestal fan. Their three-blade technology and the smart BLDC motor consumes only 30 Watts of power while delivering 28% more air compared to ceiling fans. No wonder this product is on our list. Despite that, Gorilla pedestal fans take up the third space simply because of its brand value. It is no surprise that it affects customer service, especially after the product is sold. 

The build is sturdy with a metal mount, and a wide base made up of ABS. The fan has a control panel with an LED display light and a timer that works up to 6 hours. Even though it consumes less power, the performance is brilliant.

The motor speed (1300rpm) is quite powerful, and the output air is about 96cmm. It does have a boost mode for times during extremely hot weather. The swing mode and speed can be controlled by the remote device. 

Brand and Warranty

Gorilla isn’t a very famous brand, but it is making significant progress in building its goodwill. It produces durable electrical appliances, and that is why we have placed this pedestal fan on this list. This fan comes with 2 years of on-site warranty.

Basic Features

  • High performance and smart BLDC motor
  • Power Consumption: 30 Watts
  • Motor speed: 1300 rpm
  • 30% more output
  • Manual control panel with LED light and timer (1-6 hrs)
  • 2 years warranty


  • Highly energy efficient
  • More output than ceiling fans
  • Sturdy build
  • Powerful performance
  • Silent function
  • Changeable modes/settings and timer


  • High-priced
  • Poor after-sale service
  • Brand value

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Pedestal Fan Buying Guide:

Now that you have gone through the list of the top pedestal fans available, you should now have an understanding of the important aspects that separate a good pedestal fan from an average one. Those are Pricing, Design, Blade Build Material, Remote accessibility, and Modes of operation.

In this buying guide, we will be delving deep into each of these aspects and figure out why are the above-mentioned aspects are the most important to consider while buying a pedestal fan.

1. Pricing:

It is no wonder that the first major important factor of a fan is its pricing. Most of the pedestal fans are budget friendly by nature. But still, there are a few fans which are humongously charged which provide no real value in reality.

You have to understand that bigger and more accessories that come with the fan, the more expensive the fan is going to be. Your budget should be dependent on your preferences, priorities and comfort.

2. Size of the fan:

This again is no surprise right? A pedestal fan is usually the bigger sized fan of all the fans available (excluding a cooler).

Size of the fan you would be picking is dependent on the room where you would be placing this fan.This is the usual problem among many Indians.

Imagine you have a really small room and opt for a really big sized fan just because it was in your budget. This would end up ruining the ergonomics of the fan. You will have a high powered machine that interrupts your daily life flow.

For bigger rooms, choose a heavy duty big sized fan and for smaller rooms, choose something that is appropriate to the room.

3. Air delivery/Air throw:

I guess now we get to parts where you are not that familiar. Fear not, I shall walk you through. Air throw of a fan refers to the ability of the fan to deliver air. How much distance can the fan give out air?

Majority of the high end fans have a good air throw depending on their motor power and height of the fan. Depending on the size of your room and how windy you need the air to be, pick the appropriate fan.

4. Speed and Modes of operation:

Now let’s get to the important part. Speed of the fan. You have to understand that speed alone isn’t the main contributing factor for cool air. Any pedestal fans circulates air within a room to the room . For cooling effect, don’t place the fan in one corner. Place it in front of an open window or a door.

A typical pedestal fan comes in 3 modes of operation. Slow, breezy and windy. You usually should have about 3 or 4 speed options too.

Most new age pedestal fans come with advanced and more options for air which are good, but not necessary if you ask me. But you are breeze and draft conscious, go for a fan that has more modes and speed options.

5. Blade Material:

Ok this is an important part. The blade material decides the how much of energy efficient, powerful air throw and standard of the pedestal fan. Typically the blades of a pedestal fan are either steel or plastic. While steel blades have their own benefit, they are soon fading out of fashion.

Steel blades are durable, if maintained with paint and regular cleaning, they do not rust easily and can deliver fresh air. They tend to have longer life periods than a plastic blade.

Plastic blades are light in weight, they do not rust, and do not put a lot of pressure on the motor and are highly energy efficient.

Asking our expert recommendation? We say go for the plastic/fiber blades. They are good and are energy efficient.

6. Timers and Remote Control:

This is an additional accessorized newbie to pedestal fans. Timers enable you to predetermine when the fan will shut down.

This feature is of great use during the summer nights when the middle of the night may get chilly. Set the timer to a predetermined setting and then poof. Sleep well. It will shut down by itself.

Remotes are relatively new phenomenon in Pedestal fans. They are handy in controlling the speed, mode of operation, swing, timer and other power options of the pedestal fan. Not all fans come with a remote control option but for greater ergonomics and usability, pick a fan with a remote control.

7. Design:

We have placed this to the last because this maybe the last thing should look but, it is an important part. Aesthetics play an important role in picking a pedestal fan as you would be placing this fan in a largely visible area,

Modern pedestal fans come in a wide range of designs and shapes. But bigger and better designed models can prove expensive.

Depending on your budget, room aesthetics, choose a design of your liking. But at the same time, do not compromise on the performance and the build quality of the fan for a good design.

Benefits of a pedestal fan compared to other model fans:

I’m not straight out saying that the pedestal fan is the greatest there is (because we all know the Star Wars franchise is the greatest there is). But there are certain factors that differentiate a pedestal fan placing it top of the cooling fan-chain. Let us look at the facts that contribute to the same.

  • They are eco friendly:

Pedestal fans do not emit any Carbon Fluorocarbons (CFC). They are just fans with a power to rotate fast and deliver cool air. Hence all in all, you are actually contributing towards the betterment of the society and the environment.

  • They are cost effective:

Pedestal fans are cost effective. The top quality of pedestal fan does not cost you as much as a mid or an entry level tower fan or an air cooler and never as near as an air conditioner. They give you the same amount of air throw and with proper ventilation, they provide you with the same amount of cool air and wind as a typical air cooler.

You are, anywho , would be buying a single fan that would run along for at least a generation. Yes that’s how long a typical Pedestal Fan lives. That brings us to the next point.

  • They have longer life than typical.

How many of you have come across those gigantic metal pedestal fans in those Indian function halls? A big pedestal fan is enough to fan about half the room. They are also really old looking because they ARE OLD.

You’ve seen most of the companies listed above give about 3 or 2 years of warranty for the fan. But these fans outlive their warranty periods, and then some more. A really good quality pedestal fan can survive even 10 years of usage.

It all breaks down to how well of a product you pick my friend.

  • Portable:

They may seem or look gigantic but are actually pretty much easily portable devices. You can place one in your living room, pick it up and place it in the bedroom for the night.

  • Simple to use:

It’s no wonder. The functionality and operation of a pedestal fan is all the same like a table fan. Apart from the usual functionalities, a few high end pedestal fans even come with a remote control functionality. All the easier to control the fan.

  • Superior Air throw

Pedestal fans have a greater blade sweep and thus are capable for throwing air to greater lengths. Typical table fans may have good air throw but won’t have enough blade sweep to reach bigger rooms.

A pedestal fan, on the other hand, has the ability to reach farthest corners of even a small room. This superior air throw is attributed to another major aspect of the fan. That is…

  • Powerful motor:

You must have figured this one out by now. A pedestal fan’s top ally is its incredibly powerful motor.

A pedestal fan is expected to reach farthest corners of rooms and for this to happen, the blades of the fan have to spin faster. For the blades to spin faster, they need an incredibly powerful motor. You might wonder that this would result in more energy consumption and a fatter electricity bill. But actually, you’re in luck. Because….

  • Pedestal fans are energy efficient:

True that they come with powerful motors, but compared to the average tower fan or an air cooler or an air conditioner for that matter, Pedestal fans are incredibly energy efficient. They burn almost the same amount of electricity as a ceiling fan or a high end table fan. This makes it a pretty easy inclusion into your budgeted electricity bill.

  • Easily cleanable grills and structure:

The grills of the pedestal fan are easily cleanable. Sharing an almost similar anatomy with that of a table fan, the pedestal fan grills are removable to clean. But since most of these grills are made out of steel or other iron based metals, it is advised to clean them with a non wet cloth. It may result in rusting.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

1. How do you adjust a pedestal fan?

Pedestal Fans come with a self adjusting screws that need to be picked out. This will allow you to pull the rod within with the rod to adjust the height to your preferred required height.

2. What is the best way to clean pedestal fan blades?

The most simple way to clean the blades of a pedestal fan is to remove the grill, (using the snaps provided to the sides of the grill). Take a dry cloth and clean it. If there is sticky dust or dirt elements to the blades (steel or otherwise), use cleaning liquid or vinegar instead. Don’t wipe them with water. It may rust the steel blades.

3. What should I look for when buying a pedestal fan?

Before buying a pedestal fan, make sure that the build quality, sweep parameters, speed control, blades and rods are of good quality. Look for additional amenities such as remote etc., that will add to your comfort of using a pedestal fan.

4. Which is better tower fan or pedestal fan?

Both Pedestal and tower fans have the main objective. Room wide air circulation of a higher level.  By default pedestal, fans have a superior air throw capability than a typical tower fan.
Pedestal fans have big blades and larger motors that aid in the improved air flow. But then, the improved air flow does not guarantee cool air.
A tower fan has smaller blades but then it has more accessories such as temperature control, remote control etc., and also, the air output is cooler than a pedestal fan.

5. Do pedestal fans use much electricity?

Not exactly. In fact, the the power consumed by a table fan and a pedestal fans are almost the same.
A study by Bijili Bachao has found out that on various different speeds, a table fan and a pedestal fan on an average, consume about 50-55 watts of power.

6. Does pedestal fan consume more power than a ceiling fan?

Yes and No. Pedestal fans consume less energy than that of a ceiling fan only when compared to standard quality.
But then this again is dependent on the star rating of the fan. 5 star rated fans from the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rating consume about 40 or even 45 watts of power while standard quality pedestal fans consume 55 watts.

7. How to get cool air from pedestal fans?

In order to get cool air from a pedestal fan, you can either place it near an open window or place a wet cloth (not wrung out) on the fan grill. (make sure that the cloth does not get stuck inside the fan’s blades). These small tricks may help you get cool air from pedestal fans.


All the products that we have listed are amazing. Each has its pros and cons, but all the pedestal fans are efficient and perform well. We hope we have helped you make up your mind. But if you haven’t, we would suggest you the Havells 55-Watts Pedestal Fan. It is a good product that will surely come within your budget. However, in case you want a fan with a remote controller, you can either go for V-Guard 55-Watts pedestal fan or the trustable and reliable Bajaj 55-Watts pedestal fan.

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